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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the game

Apr 1, 2012|

Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the game

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The Celtics an idea express edition continues from the -- -- is the Celtics in the Miami Heat but we saved extra time mojo so we can -- twice as long with a coach because it's his favorite time -- it's brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care -- health care work better we -- say. A million things that the game Friday in what Kevin did and the years that he has happened but of all the things that strike -- different now even from the guy he was when he got yours through four years ago. He would've been so beyond hyped up plaguing -- that he might not have been fish especially early on and yet from the first minute -- Friday it's like that. Kevin Garnett the crazy bouncing off the wall have to take a quarter to himself from the games like that's going to. Humans is that athletic enough and a who knows but yeah I agree to us. He's in a good place now I think it has something to that that he he it was too. Put himself into -- But still played Davis and that's always growth. Are you won nine of ten games that you play without Ray -- going again without him today is there. -- some time soon necessity is the mother of invention or -- this is the mother this turns out what. Do you need to have a shooter in the two guard spot if you have three shooters if you can now. Report five yeah I think it helped. It's of the -- -- Rondo better. What Gordon and Stewart report obviously the ending. In the better defender than Maria I think we all know that the other thing he's doing. Great right now as they recover. I mean. -- they can deliver profits cuts and investment to -- But there'll -- teams -- guard that got away in there and you know force in the make shots and Andy's doing that better world -- you know listen. Our revenue every futurist and -- and I think that -- biography. Trying to play each game went out two of the three guys have been very difficult we've been winning game. But it's hard to do. It is not account for team that went to the finals and lost one absolutely hang over the next year perfectly wouldn't expect. Playing along time in the month made it tunes like Miami. But there has really been no angle. In player very but they also have the luxury of Marco -- know and that sounds great but you know a couple months to rest. It's there it's right after that mine and I think it's it -- who if you know anything. The -- probably helped Miami -- -- are today with their atlases. Of the classic knock out fighter -- -- -- lost thirteen times of the bully beat in the finals. But. Is -- a situation -- with a team with their atlases if you can let your guard down for selected him not all of it. Yeah and and they're gonna hit two. I think you have to go went through the fight when you play Miami. And look at it like your your your fighting and Ali yours sugary -- And understand that -- gonna do it hit. Which you gotta keep hidden back and at some point you can knock him out but it's hard to do. How do you get hit by a Miami what's the easiest way to talk to and Volvo. You know if you wanna give them accurately points -- the ball -- mean numbers wise point for professional -- -- They won't -- -- record is -- off turnovers it's worked there. You know I think you're like when he witches that's unheard. So it's almost guarantee it from the ball over there in the school board but you worried about the destructive. Forces in your locker room with Pearson on the weekends in Kentucky. It is now. Now -- liberal friends now. In other words but no do you. They both have been talking partners as we go to negate -- there's -- rate I had it in my final four about the lord. You know what you didn't have to pointed out I didn't feature war but not your way -- the pool. But to always yet gentry out their religious throws that to make the Boston I'll -- -- when it. In -- view it as a head coach at the Celtics the Miami Heat it's next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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