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Celtics center Greg Stiemsma with Grande & Max after the win

Mar 30, 2012|

Celtics center Greg Stiemsma with Grande & Max after the win

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I cannot thank you explain what one win for the Celtics -- -- you know what it looks like maximum you would you not see him go -- I think if you're not secret scheme to tell you what with with people follow me around that day when I get the building. A public out there and ask me some questions about -- by that is that not on here it's what great Steve in my back all right helpless. Yeah I got look pretty you're calling topple its federal group supports. Luckily this involves only -- four hour drive from here. Got a great group of people from there I think bought one before we drove up from there. Citizens we gotta gotta give you the whole game. Ever had just -- If children do. As we've watched you this last bit of time you know he wants -- to help these units were coming together. What's the biggest difference in your culprit leveling your pain now analysts say experts all its its. It's a precipitously. Just north every blog and play some minutes perspective minutes. I don't know that mindset is that that's changed that much -- but I just looked -- there. Played with Kevin global -- Kevin you covers a lot about mistakes -- -- -- -- -- -- those guys make people so easy. So low skilled. If I was kind of got to commend him for all the -- movement where I can at times we you messed up with Kevin Love today is. -- look at the button up in his gait phones these couple phone numbers and the put completely. You know you kind of wonder how he doesn't but you know it just plays hard he's got got a knack for the ball that's on -- -- -- How healthy or unhealthy or you right now and companies figures that they have to cut off the -- of I'm I'm getting better tonight with -- as good as I've felt the last couple weeks old. All that might take more than the figure. -- where all the way you might take more about keeping up before his. I've worked too hard to get here in a parking lot this opportunity slip he is hero in this part of the world. Wisconsin facilities -- a great season. Another three or whatnot and thought hey you know grant. I'm trying to figure out before you go I donate it tough if I have a wolf will face up that mount Rushmore. We've we've talked more and talked about it over. What I thought it went to the backside of it I might be more important and insurgents in the earlier I think that's more my style. I -- it literally. I don't want one time they got inaugurated those gonna get a great. Eight point -- average -- stigma.

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