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Friday, March 30th Whiner Line

Mar 30, 2012|

Michael's mail pile, Schilling vs Beckett, MOTWU and more.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these -- like ET TE Chris Cox. This -- discretion advised. Lynn Morris and now those -- your line. And Allison in Cambridge has long been a part of program Alison good morning. All right guys who remember its name it and position the company is this really is happening and now I've had to listen. Come from. Doesn't mean immigrant bashing -- it's just not quite as fast -- they could happen is that politically there's word that they would come together and I don't read about the organization breaking wanna go forward that is different kinds of people coming out. Highly inappropriate. -- the presidency Donna rightly has media radio station okay. Those WEEI. One -- -- yeah they have right at this time. 200 million I'm not offended from my name in news again. Dial 7793535. -- It should be paying a big change I don't. That you have to get hard and I feel -- I don't think. He probably. Knows Alice and it's really really contributed to. And accompanying one your love admitted I don't have to excuse not to do this wasn't going to happen -- that happens that the organization. -- liberal government on me when I was incompetent and now. They don't want things and -- Diamondbacks. -- Allison and I we want an indictment. It is important and I would get Alison. Alison how close it out and even get -- from local mosque that's -- I. 66 year agreement with -- Currently she's changed several political view of -- -- of his answer was yes -- -- -- politically I think she suggested ideas and I stuck for -- alone to decide the eighteen team wind of the -- I'm gonna play the best to want to the past week and you make the decision. Simply by touching your project 85850. So really -- his nominee any. Just say this at the time -- think Michael -- this god now. -- And you know nobody else. You can go. And I. You know wouldn't alone. I'm rich. Content that is not popular science's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Excellent -- distortion I narratives -- juggling your second nominee Doug is blind the ally or eat. -- -- -- It's remarkable political robot battle apparently. I'd like to give a little farther out there are many. Alan you are so correct they can go full court. Could triple hot button. -- all the golden hour week -- rational and then pretty. All we could do all this and apparently simple ways to win one. You know what I own my own and don't forget -- -- uncommitted is that. We. Now with talented wholesome football family forms migrants out by both have a at all about who -- and and golden shower that you -- -- for the return of utility loaf of thanks again tomorrow really appreciated that. But actual other Telerate 58 that was the letter 885850. To vote for our -- the pervert text -- letter ready to 85850. Am until we have today's one -- To cast your vote 85858. Or -- Are won or saved all 100 dollar American Express kitco yes and because he's rich -- You'll need to share -- little Honolulu locally are all so. Be eligible for the wind the year glory and reprise. It's a brand new iPad was one year ATC AT&T service. English should know that Michael's in our money team dealing every fifteen minutes of the. Imagine it imagine what my -- would do with. Yeah. What is coming up at my of the LG nitro PG android Smartphone news on our -- just 9990 not only did one out of the weakest power regret the nice well governor -- -- happens display by AT&T sure -- bill. As bad for yellow that's I LT she was pretty acceptance just times faster that the red flag. I didn't LSU we get audio it's. Okay but -- pop on. We're talk about that would let you what that. A big advocate -- And disconnect I'm not sure that's gonna happen and these are special sauce -- -- into the windy. -- And now. I connect it to stop after the Georgia -- caller we don't know now. But at. And -- message that's clever. -- back. -- act act. What it did attack and we act and look at the economic benefit of that out again and -- him. -- out. And message. Wade Boggs -- -- and they did yes drink a lot of beer to out of fried direct order to get before the -- the key to complete work. Well I don't know where credit the but are we gonna run for senator. We've had the ball and there are people that. And get a lot of votes receipt. She's witty in England or other they're not that creative about it. -- well -- -- needs some attention. So perfect what I expect that I not get enough not -- out -- got to start going after America reported -- -- good spot you are such a flawed. And that. April 20 right. That's relief Quadrani hundreds anniversary of the health all the players will -- -- to the -- -- NC the reactor can do now for -- money yet for iPhone and going to be that they're going to be huge day from your uncle -- what I take a -- -- will be there. -- showing up north at pocket get -- -- and demanded that nothing more than a glorified Paper that are. Bunch of million that he had not been gotten and hey Ali good pay you know get up the problem killing a Michael all -- -- My. And message. That's that's that's a nice exchange I thought it was just -- -- for a program. Disgusting. You know it is -- regular alcohol. Well we already be out and -- -- divorce. I gotta constantly. Every. Legal. Right. I all it gives why can't do this on on I TV how I did -- thing. Stand up and start raping and don't tell me how much and that. I would accept that right now he is just small awful on television. Got -- Charles and -- the -- -- -- -- pretty good relative. I am tired of my yeah Adam went in built in these people my act. You make me one bit. What would happen that -- might go. You might be out of a little bit Gordon had an accident. Could promote more can code that -- me about what that. You look at my glass -- my -- my target by apple -- only or. He knows what does all -- -- bit kind of knew about particularly. The place. It's a real man boom boom boom DPP to let you run ball that I couldn't quite pull -- And I. Ask. I take this stuff that -- You know regular bottle are much further if -- they still don't know his name I think. About a excellent. Ben brings up a really good point what does it. You you like Clay Matthews -- think she looks. And I think Charles Barkley. Is Todd any other -- I can say that because of secured by -- man who would only -- -- who came in here. It was pointing out to you can you tell your friend Michael Smith it is here is looking for this. I think it doesn't tonight an accident at his hairline wasn't good and yet you think partly looks to me in and life in. There are exactly -- -- then I was talking about Barkley who don't want it eight commercial. Should there. Tell Mike I think Michael -- you locked up the bill Michael's. Ago and he's attracted to Michael's. -- -- very little part of a man's body that you want there is into. And -- some a man Troy Anthony in Cambridge. Who cool hooks up prepared did you recognize those that absolutely we'll let him know that right. It -- -- And it. -- ask them how many. You don't want to have a real. So stop talking about -- that he might pick but I. You know -- -- the only area and start the compliments. What. But if you want real rush. So just let -- now. That it's about -- -- -- get a match against them for help and their job spec. You have Michael always mr. and it will -- Charity boxing match and I'm glad I don't know what's done for the current Iranian. Some sort -- -- backed up by the button though all my checking may have been. You know in the Russian. -- -- -- I don't know if it at like that brigade left -- in Russia but it in Russia prostitute hired you'll get. It felt what Tibetan national. Geographic at war with the -- I've grown up in. Boston area all my life and I don't know anybody that's speak -- -- bought an accent that even big input from Charleston under the that that. And that it it's awful have you heard a market give -- example and they are sponsor -- ensure the -- going to be great it's clear they hired somebody from outside the -- Oakland California -- -- yeah we need to Massachusetts -- does not only that but the writer because they -- you -- used once again being all your -- largest power ahead which nobody here ever so this is still we never you know share right. I mean we talk funny it is no question about it -- -- -- agencies out there if you can run out like this get real -- fits somebody with a real -- I don't jolt from Haverhill. Mass yeah usually -- -- won't burn in. Oh what an idiot and decided that local music day should be at the end of march. It's 45 degrees outside Bangkok dot that. That's -- music business should be in the dark days of yes Indy five degrees and then -- got a cold. But as of march. And you know -- national clips I'd and I know I don't know any deal had been wasn't shoe and I asked -- love cleavage. There wouldn't have to score doesn't show called leave it to -- -- And now. All right everybody I -- right now. -- -- what that MLB game yet. And now. 640 ninth and it doesn't it's usually you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By 400. Tickets which increased chance tells her time so are you are are you promising any millions to us like well and yes -- matter of fact I wanna what you -- adjustment look at that -- -- about the good American Margaret good look at Margaret looked at them. You'll see and he wins you'll want to hear it again because you just I'll be like Macintosh and you'll never assume that he'll take his -- from cooler. Go -- some chicken and meets it'll go to saint Thomas started head shop in Montana. Our market that -- and I don't button to activate and we've got to -- everyone thought it -- -- that -- thank you know how to best compromise people today. I have put people back a little tired -- -- That. Apparently complained. That's part of on the ground then you might have put up by people very good job of that upload it definitely important. They've gotten help I definitely do about that -- -- -- -- a bet I bet I did that make it made please -- and that. And that that I guarantee a what are you with a vital lottery ticket he reached in the pocket he was not a ones you already use that up a lot about dad's Joey producing the Angelos frank should. It -- frank is the boss of intercom yeah will be good that the. Could and at that point had some oddball couple. I couldn't get a nasty MacBook Air ball. And shell it was one of or above on -- want to get in the car and I would I would. Wouldn't give anything do anything that's not saying that's not committing -- thing program. Well my golly that's where it all comes out there that's why won't put up check out both feet. Just the potential radio star with the said the business card pot shots. And that is. -- do you want to believe them or you wanna believe me he's not what you want to believe all I -- relatively good order -- Michael that's right you know he's got a gigantic pool I don't believe my friend in our office he's got a gigantic pile of mail. Right now it's called the Wall Street right next week it'll be told of the snake. Is about the same in the. I get made. Weapons equipment and help him. Yeah that might ultimately. And you know I want you get nothing but. I actually work there if you don't want regular basic what. That all the fight it out and walked only. Eight Kate -- Kate called me. -- -- I was at a point. That's what I like it. It. Don't want a power couple months believe I -- peoples. Okay but. It's -- to -- it. No but. I could take up that didn't fit my -- -- it that want to open up an. I hit -- yet. And I think that's right. It's got Robert -- -- you're gonna get the guys from those tree that was good it is. Executive colonial providing. An underwritten wild. Because he's gonna leave it -- it and it's all over the place and. Practice. It. Between you and you. But and the tribute to the man on the way out. How involved saying it. We got it up that easy -- and romantic. Well. -- -- One thought this thing. Well Lou I've been retraining. There it way. -- It is called. Me from Spain but hey mark. What the yeah -- ball is way. This. Crap that. And -- hey hey. And I'm -- it. From the. Okay. We. And -- he. Steve I didn't handle well it's always -- -- of the week ago when it was real close but -- the pervert involved had. All sorry model north chatted about who. Call back you we're gonna try to get -- 6% percentage points to make up you are the man on the -- you can never give thanks to track among movers and I -- receives a 100 dollar American Express that give gift card from AT&T. Eligible for the wider of the year Graham tries to claim your prize said that emailed a wide of the week. WE I -- out while I was feeling the losers -- that said. An email to let's -- address your whiner line it's rescue but AT&T -- LTE speeds up to ten times faster than Prejean.

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