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Curt Schilling responds to Josh Beckett's criticism that he's not around the team to know what's going on.

Mar 30, 2012|

Schilling criticized the Bobby Valentine regime on Tuesday, Beckett responded on the Big Show on Thursday, and Big Schill's response to Beckett and Holley's criticisms of his comments came on today's Big Show.

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That's where it's like it's hard for me I work with them last year. I know him a little bit failure I was around him -- you also a game once. But like -- I like a lot. I thought that the managers that manage the met that I was not a big fan out. Whereas now going to be a different manager I don't think there's anything different at all. And I don't think that that is it is going to be conducive to doing well I think it. There's a lot of things I think that are happening. From not just from his perspective but when you talk to these guys and -- the pocket of some of these guys. I I don't think this is going well -- a ticket to Baghdad quicker than I expected. Got a comment made by Curt Schilling couple days gone -- -- -- shell and allowed of people have been talking about it here over the last 44. 48. Hour show joining us live right now on the phone line. Is -- and car her child. So this. Worse and worse and worse every day Jacoby Ellsbury and number one -- my parents -- just. So now what got to hope and it's not a broken foot. Yeah you you hope it's not a broken foot is that what you say you aren't going to take you know leading today at the I don't think I don't think it's series. Our men are larger and I'm -- on hold my breath and abroad okay. I but -- always thought this was going to be easy -- into the media stuff you thought you thought that we and it really easy in the OJ as a ball player had a really tough and difficult. You might stick it up big here over the last two days. This is far harder than anything I ever did on the field I knew that going in -- Better keep that they break it Dallas that was what my biggest criticisms of the view cart as and I hear the guy when he played. Would rip the media would be all over the media and now you have become one of us you don't want that we would -- Well -- it's late right Koreans who say that but in -- -- I guess I mean you know here's the thing though Michael that differences. But I had problems with people that didn't have integrity that didn't they didn't trust and I think -- that they felt. Didn't respect the players to sport or the job or respect the power of the pen that they -- it. For example. I don't know because remember John Simon and in New York compel the story about packed tonight getting in a -- because I was a two -- a lot of guys Mac and I do remember. And that was also the conversations on crime and hurt you and my -- locker where we -- getting back on each other point doctor sports. He did every day or -- It was a normal routine -- speaker during the course but it very. The turned into a new article that we have the answer questions about a code in order from the group. Did you record spoke with Doug -- belly Pedro Gomez with Bart Showalter are solid guy right and doing anything like -- not true. David Stern of the style piece of about eight or ninth minute and literally twenty that the Paper and I were in the video room walking through beauty all -- get a -- Fortunately we got along we worked so when when I didn't. Audition with the media for me it was always about. The lack of integrity that I thought that they were doing their jobless. Played again and Bobby Valentine and the match I played against the -- are good friends on the -- quite topical guide our Knoll. What they were saying and what it meant and what played out. And when I have to -- and got on the -- between now and some of the conversations are similar. -- you believe a lot of the same things all of this thing. Barbara -- good business but this this is this is where I think it is. Completely unfair and unreasonable. As you know as I said to -- You know I feel about Terry Francona -- my favorite guys on the planet he taught me I hell of a lot about a lot of things. So I I wish she was still the manager here he's not in that we we have to move blocked so. But what that said. I think it's unreasonable to say a guy. Is not gonna do well before he manages a single game and. The thing Michael I don't care what you think -- and read all my opinion. My opinion I believe I don't believe he was like the higher but -- not doing -- -- -- giving opinions -- open door other candidates. It would have come in here and have been a better at that could mean to the red -- that's my opinion not to give my opinion they're not gonna do. Okay but it's based -- OK you don't think the guy's gonna be a good manager it's march it's almost April and managed to get the big leagues yet. That's based. But here they are based on our typical let's let -- -- -- the whole minute and became. InterGroup and because I think any job in professional sports. Has changed in the last one here and then the manager of a Major League Baseball team I think they have less impact on the -- -- -- -- game play every -- that any manager any coaching sports but the Charlton apparently an opinion has changed dramatically from ads and those strategy guy he. Being a counselor. Called us and parents agree -- your players are great appeal -- there. Kill in minutes a game on the program that to me that's relevant. Well but I don't think that's probably that's still part of the job now I know and didn't. So -- the eight the underrated part of the job and we were talking about this yesterday Glenn and I were talking -- disaster. Underrated part of the job is what you described and that made me that maybe 6570%. Of it but I think it's important and. That's and indeed percent of its probable big league bench because in the in this day and age you are -- a -- can -- The coach -- -- -- -- bench coach to be your strategy is to be your -- and answer to consult where it. Good did it in my opinion and amateurish job in this and it is. Keep in 90% of it is how you'll meet the interior -- players. Part of that could be that you're dealing with high priced players as you know with guaranteed contract. How do you go to an aging Gonzales who's in the small. And try to change up what he's still. We weep first you don't as a manager did you -- -- -- consulting you you to -- in particular coaches are the ones that -- to develop those relationships. And it and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- The thing I've caught on and and and and then. Articulate -- opened a -- in this in the spring are not to deport. I don't know that I'd been involved with teams that tried to do that other players it was apparent when they were -- to change without. A pitcher thinks -- -- and they all polite but there's something there wasn't. -- -- know when you spend your time in the bullpen pitching coaching and you did you know deep psychological parental pitching and pitch count and perplexing. You got to answer coming on the Paper -- -- dropping it you know it's -- -- and Egypt this -- leadership that. I don't dot conducive to getting what you're trying to get an additional court. I don't get some help I'm not a chocolate chocolate I'm not in the clubhouse not what other pitchers so -- -- -- -- experience. By the way that answer he gave was exactly the same Nancy you would've gotten given. If I had asked you the question when you were player about another player correct. The only the only reason I would disagree as it is an unbelievably when I'm so something about Josh Beckett would have to include far more -- -- In the response and he'd probably get a problem all you know they got a YouTube struggle to protect each other. And then you know he's he's actually -- -- and in my opinion a lot of times when you talk about being like just. That things aren't so that more powerful in the things that aren't so good on the dole with the comments that I had made. I would have been I would have been -- Under the collar it in a lot of different ways. I wouldn't spelling out the way Terry Francona was absolutely the perfect guy to do just that and the other thing in regard to your -- -- But I doubt that's my first take on anybody coming after my manager. How many guys. Do you feel. Are are not on the Bobby Valentine program. I don't units and Michael are taught more than one guy in and I also talked with some guys whose name you've been repeating is as. Media members you trust and media members that you you believe. And I heard it not -- from players from more than one member of the media and and again. At the -- debate this is 100%. My opinion based on. Having been down that out before with different people are just don't think a -- it's the right that because I believe it's the world championship caliber ballclub. I believed that anything short of the playoffs and make it run -- the World Series with Pete would be a disappointing season. And I I don't wanna see it or not. The -- in this market it's hard enough to deal to -- to deal without appealed in this market. The managers like I'd practice move all of that stuff over and make it easier for me as a player. I would always look or -- villagers because that was cardinal was always very vocal and I have a lot of stuff. That got me in trouble but I always wanted -- -- don't -- -- -- I want to hold the coats alchemy in the in the run -- accountable and as accountable they were trying to hold me as a player and sometimes I ran off the rails and and -- that things -- have more that you can ask him yet more don't want conference with. This would call me and -- -- show you know really just shut out. They emit but it but but -- -- suggested he understood he understood what we're about and that was five -- look at this record. God's gonna roll their eyes at anybody who's not Tito they had a three years who would be a good fit. I just a I don't know I don't know. And I know when the guy that I know on this team you don't boot the -- going to the world tomorrow they also the world the guys who. Who who get it I don't want to bodily -- who -- just -- -- better about being. It looks and my job is to put your name and a lot of -- you got this job is to win the game. And that's an image if if you don't if -- elsewhere murderer tomorrow hill and you know it's critical when he -- they understand what you do what they've done for the most part about the players executing him in all the managers. And this is true with any sport now I mean you know managers coaches that are as good as their talent Perry couldn't manage -- -- -- the last place -- in Philadelphia. You know it's hard your legacy seven years later in the world championship manager moderates to the county got in on Iraq. And that's that's coming next question theorem that you said you use that you thought they had world championship talent now. I would say guys out in the field they got a hell of an offensive line to score an awful lot of runs. I'm not sure they have with that pitching staff or even that bullpen and if that's the case. You just describe the importance of a manager. And what his role as. Why will it end up being Bobby's fault I -- -- it all goes bad in the pitching staff. Can't do what they need to do -- I saw you described them as the third best pitching rotation. In the American League is which I agree with you I. But to declare they don't win it's not I think you'll have a whole lot what do Bobby gonna world with the Eagles last year at the last what -- In my I don't want it came back with the open and accountable perspective but it was on the player who -- -- -- think he's going to create situations -- The will be detrimental to these guys staying focused over the long -- Well -- knows we know the whole thing are always pastors and it gets bad. And that's where you get the true test of a guy you talked about what he -- a column a psychiatrist psychologist whatever that's gonna be able to keep this group together. When you're losing that's when you need that talent but do you really believe that this pitching rotation. Is strong enough to be a world champion. Well let me ask -- open -- Lester -- Beckett and -- colts win fifteen games would anybody be shocked. I know. So old soldier number four that's -- question -- -- Bartlett and a barb went out and went fourteen and seven would not -- you. May mimic real important maybe -- certainly an article -- why why why. Okay so why -- -- predicting that it's going to go bad that you'd say that the manager doesn't have that much of an influence. And yet you're telling me that they have world caliber talent and yet it's doormat. Because they broke Albert how last year and they -- -- -- as I understood to have the physical out of the pitching good. You're you're there are great statement. They didn't have the backing of a rotation coming into the it to be industries and for sure but they had gotten into the playoffs. -- could sort of rotation out of three and out starters and -- competitive. Believes that it and it. Any time. But the challenge of of of making pre season predictions is is the only thing that I care about the industry entering. It didn't history turning 120 by a man roster -- they get through -- I don't -- -- -- -- can compete compete Jereme Perry. A good news for your fantasy team -- brief filed a ball often Disney he's finding just took him out for precaution blog reasons walking -- while you would know progress are -- Let me ask you -- how does it how -- how does -- manifest itself but that's not going if he's not going too well and Bobby is the same guy was in New York we're gonna see their lives that. There wins and losses are gonna see that -- Club house disunity. -- ways Mike I think outlook and eighty you're gonna start seeing. It goes. Away I believe can go you're gonna start seeing called -- proud culprits -- don't have a lot to do with what happened on the field. It look like you're getting now I mean they're they're answering questions because of something -- -- -- said. Things don't look good when he -- -- -- doesn't doesn't linger and pastor in Arizona. -- Kansas City. This is a different market and and and well one -- a big -- -- -- strength was going to focus the conversation back you have among your show every week you're you don't give folks the conversation back. -- -- And that was what you're in the -- stand there and not in -- I don't know what is going on on site. -- -- What I'm -- now and that's all I can don't -- The could come out gold 22 when people refer to an end and you don't want to party but it wouldn't be starting. And -- welcome you to the Olympics are a no win -- circled. It's the one -- it is the once you're I have Bobby that in this market. Stuff just becomes larger than life and if he says something about the Leonard if you start but on Nelson now. They're talking about him doing in game interviews while the game is on the way you do the network. But they're talking about do what it often on the ascent as part of that broadcast and that worries me a little bit because I think you're right. In that did that the media we have more media here you've played for smaller markets. A lot of media people his medical running back for the play and -- gonna have to address that after awhile I think Clark let's play you get pissed off but that's. It's tiring it's hard to the schedule as you -- deductible release schedule professional sports. Right up -- hockey and I think it. Anytime you're dealing with crap and there's always a lot of crap peer in that that was in my mind that's one -- to bring and that's why I think I was shocked by the hiring of anything was. The military in in this organization in my opinion is that guy that needs to peace and create even -- old behind the scenes. Motivate. End and he needs to get the most out of his players and welcomed the fact that curry kitten any plane departed he was playing for equality was not. Given what I saw today was nothing short of a miracle. I don't know the dancing thing could happen here well and now we wanna help -- But but I I don't know that there isn't a situation where body wouldn't come out in the Paper. -- player out and in this market that doesn't work and to be clear I'm not I'm not not you're good to. To trying to keep her being married to the players are still believe the last you're not a bullet with a diet articles on the players -- And that there's a lot of a lot of guys -- peace march and opening -- with chips on social. In the end this just to me at -- that this team doesn't need going. I have one more question for -- because now you're critical member of the media here. Terry Francona was asked the question he's a member of the media. How the Red Sox going to do this year quote that's not fair. That's -- have to be careful when I talk about the Red Sox I have to dot my eyes cross my -- But regardless who the manager is they have great players and always have the chance to win a former manager. A -- team who's now a media person you're a former player of the team who's down media person. Do they have to talk about the Red Sox to they have to do what you did. You did not respond surprise you know -- you guys but that's who the next and that's why it is going to always be a whole lot less. Buses over put -- put it OpenId. In -- a lot of people that are going to be -- let's -- you are. Dug deep and think before he says he doesn't mostly react. Which again with orchestra as a manager in its. It's not going to be a news story right I mean you -- Pick up our government and Bobby don't Clemens still have a job pediatric what would be indeed doing -- shot from. Right now you're disoriented I don't want prevalent -- not going to. It really is an uncomfortable store and he's just a few months removed from which makes even more of. They told me -- every time you see a player. They poorly we're doing things differently now in a few episodes we're doing -- that -- Applicable Paper up to me is as a step towards T know it helps you didn't do this or -- running spring training a lot more attention to eat paleness. And we paid attention to detail we just were focused and and we knew we had to get done in spring training. So any time you read -- like got it right feel like that's taken a little bit of a job Yemen and probably yours and but it is one of those things we all have a personal -- that's -- person but -- people and we could get those. -- respond to those letters and console and gives an answer Bob Bobby or Terry hit a parent and wraps them up there. To be fascinated to see how it plays and by the way body will be joining us everyone's gonna start up -- -- You don't got to do. I was gonna say that doesn't suck doesn't. That's also the college career -- -- all the -- I chipped it I'd like Bobby Valentine I exit very nice guy I go along with a -- -- you to -- more and all -- But you know I just just my opinion as a as a former player and as a as a member of the baseball -- now. It is is different and and so that represented sounds like I think the world. What -- would check back with you with check back in with you on May first. Among other things that and then look at what you think I can only watch and you have Curt Schilling right here -- in a car here on the radio on. WE EO.

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