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Barry Melrose, ESPN, on the Bruins and the McQuaid hit

Mar 30, 2012|

Barry Melrose talks about where the Bruins currently rank in the Eastern Conference and gave his feelings on the McQuaid hit.

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Well you know again when it happens to you. You also have to -- honest about it and I think again. He came off the bench he was going hard and made maybe it was a little bit reckless. But there's no doubt in my mind that it wasn't intentional. You know. Them Quaid back just turned at the last second. And you know put himself in a bit of a vulnerable position. But still you know what type but I agree with the referees call it was a reckless. Of a reckless hit that deserve probably five when you look back at the replay in the had to make that decision was a tough one but. Certain. Wasn't content danger by the player in my. Claude Julien after the game last night talking about the Tamara hit on Adam equate not -- 937 WEE I've talked about the game and about that hit and star of all of ESPN's hockey coverage Barry Melrose joins us. On the ATP hotline -- saw that play. Reports are today they'll be no and more discipline for sure Mara what do you think of that decision if it comes -- Shanahan the NHL. I agree that I think I just look north Clark -- group. But am I think. It was a charge picking up the pension charge I think get so if equate it just kept going around the net. Jamar what it is finished on -- it would have been any problem but he's on at the last moment and it's sort of forced samarra two to knock him into the board shall I don't think morrow look in from behind. I think that is a situation is -- East Coast to. And the turning sort of created that they get so I'd like to call it double the five minute major about it probably should be game misconduct which wasn't and I -- that they shouldn't be any action by Italy. Very sickness before you don't often comes up above like the players their responsibility knowing where they are on the ice so -- responsibility of of being -- protect himself and at -- hit. Well look what kind of response we think the players actually bear and -- when it comes down decisions of of suspension is enough. While it's happening now and in scene and all the time in his. Players know that that you're not allowed anybody can be aren't so. You're seeing players spend all the time and and at their back to the player. They know that it declare finishes his jacket going to be a major penalty and and banned. You're gonna go on a power plays and that he doesn't you're gonna keep -- so it's really put. That the rules really put the -- in the top position. And -- occupy a position because we don't want attorney game meant to. A bunch of no hitters night after night after night. Because -- brutal like. But but right now we're trying to protect player -- at all cost. And and we're getting situation like to equate it last night so I did that this this looked up period NHL because. We got to protect players it will all your questions and and things happening with the players are Smart and and they know that that they're untouchable in their backs to player and they're using that now protect themselves so it's it to really period right now itself. You said -- players are trying to protect themselves let the player like last night to Merrill lays the hip very do you feel like right now the way the league is. Officiated some of these hits that. You've got to be more responsible. For your actions on the ice that if you archer -- and you skate from senator isolate hit like that that. You've got to be aware of what position these guys Iran and now as a skater and a hitter you bear a big part of this responsibilities a player. -- out the -- on how -- -- because he was I gonna angle Quaid options and behind the net. It -- -- what a couple of great behind the net which. Comerica dot who's gonna do it just been a good the squeeze off and -- may be a good yet. But that there's -- by the -- created here. Soul you know. That was split second decision that was split second. Happening it stopped when you're gonna start tomorrow and and and that spin happened that quick. It's very top all the sudden I think now is back in the current did not back in the is this is just an illegal it is as popular pit. -- very not to do all that split second and that's sort of what we're demanding of the players and I would amounting out of the referee to make their calls are. There are -- too much about the Stanley Cup paying over the beginning of the season but what we saw from this team. Say a market -- to the last couple -- that played better but a month ago. Since January 1 really is that really the hang over that mentally mental toughness to get through NHL season. Naw I think it's a case where they are struggling as a team I think -- trying to play well. And you know they had a couple injuries you feel his court and at the top that's been bought -- you know who they still want -- problem last year which was amazing but you know that's that's thirty -- without power -- -- -- lineup -- and they've got other guys hurt and and you know they've got guys that haven't that the years this year they had last year so you know that there's a lot of the teams in the Eastern Conference at the plant. The Rangers aren't that blasters are now it's for what their rosters are now. Really what does that blasters are now. So we know -- they're Florida certainly has much better. And who are -- just I'm so and cured he's much better so you know I think Bob's playing better competition this year and disaster also. Doctor Barry Melrose of ESP and -- take us inside that the coaching box for a second. Yeah as a coach did you do anything differently this final couple weeks of the -- you tried to do anything to prepare your team. For the playoff -- Well I think independent. If you got to play out sparked clenched. If you if you. You know where you -- pianist and a clenched. Then you start resting players start monitoring your lineup. Obviously practices the last -- been very easy. -- you're just trying to maintain strength you're not trying to build and -- -- certainly being care or not tying or go practice. But you know that spot to appeal they can't pull up or down you know that it would be a good time they get -- -- players wrap skirts and I -- cursor speed up. Perhaps that mentally and physically. But obviously if you stop fighting decline in the standings. I'm trying to almighty stink like that you don't play right the end and then that's tough to do because. You're gonna goal you know from the seventh. -- -- -- -- and and start to play tops out -- is later on eleven so. You know holy ghost Internet media. Just the basic -- that fire to you know trying to because. They're they're not gonna be able -- you guys arrest and not be able. Take here are some guys are beat up so this stay in this great great time to be. A team like Boston may -- at some breathing room or they're gonna be because they can. They inserted take care that it right now -- teams like Pittsburgh failure played for a port five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rich Beverley is a guy that's come back now joined this team is -- in discussion first line second line effects Tyler Sagan. Where would you want Tyler signal on aligned with Patrice Bergeron or David great you. You'd probably -- great but you don't Bergeron at such a good -- -- player. It's sort of a unique activities in defense of player but he great opera where also saw you know I I think shaken with. With -- with Ian -- it's not like. Great keys may be a little better offensively and Bergeron -- spurs can't -- got to play -- lot of openings to -- parks and and -- so. You know I think. You know if you want power with power than maybe seeing it would be better with great you but I I don't think that. Ticket numbers are going to be hurt which airport vote -- government platelet. You talk about the the virtues of Bergeron is offensive but sediment. You think he's in consideration Purcell. I got to thank you what the I think there's some some great. Jobs out there we've I Callahan an unbelievable New York we've got backers and Saint Louis Streep. That's who do -- get it every year in Detroit. But -- -- Bergeron night in night out. You know -- is as good as any of those guys so you are use certainly think that. Anybody that watches are would have Bergeron with tech group. No we talked before actually about the Bruins start what can they repeat we think maybe at times just yet this year they look like deeper team but. You get out early Easter covers looks a lot different this year who is the best team in your eyes going in the post season Eastern Conference. Well I. Before idea that -- plate yeah obviously that is that Pittsburgh. But. The -- Rangers are playing good. They're they're playing hard. They're not sent it to work but there are you currently sort -- they're opening it so good. It also. I would I would still say Pittsburgh at seven games -- -- Pittsburgh to beat the Rangers. But -- -- is great. It'll boxing greats -- or is playing well possible. In -- played awful first round that Ryan Miller hired a firecracker and they're playing good -- -- -- -- you know no -- -- he's -- He -- in the like the eastern division steps. It earlier this -- is -- back to back but the New York around. What does that set up be double Pittsburgh and I agree with you -- but the idea that we're gonna get Pittsburg Philly. In the first round I have a hard time calling. A better potential first round match up in the eastern conference -- what we might get out of 45 this year. While it might have on almost as good in the Western Conference was natural Chicago or natural Detroit -- the job in both conferences. He ought to has to change that that we're gonna lose one or best teams in the east. In the first round but -- -- that's the rules and everybody everybody's got to abide by the rules and we just don't you know we're -- lap of the Southeast Division. A few years ago and call them so at least in having -- don't forget. Two teams who want static upside of that division three years so. It'll -- division. System right now on and you've got to have her reward awaiting your what Florida has -- without getting in the Western Conference. -- always -- talking hockey with the have a great weekend. Gary your daycare is Barry Melrose of ESPN who is the star their hockey coverage joins us. On the ATP hotline eighteenth -- four GL TE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible the -- not quite set a pilot made a little early to get a cup prediction from him. But I'm sure people are thinking about awareness is Bruins team Nixon. What the Rangers play the way they are you agree to dust and with best in the Eastern Conference UI amigo predictions -- -- -- -- Right now going into the post season -- Bruins had off. Beat up the -- at -- Rangers Pittsburgh right now our. Two top teams in the east. I don't you know anybody. Across the nation NHL wherever it is HL dot com read anything if you -- predict team commodities are probably the Pittsburgh New York. You have to see it that way quick update for you on Dennis Seidenberg and on Adam Quaid Dennis Seidenberg. According to not go full time of NASA and has an affection he's okay luckily caught in time like cup by stake at stitched up and affected as we talked about he's listed as day to day. Other report of seeing here on Twitter is that Adam -- As I got swollen -- today from -- cut but no in caution. I'm not seeing it does anybody test but Dan roach reporting for WBZ. No concussion -- Quaid I. Swollen shut and he's a boxer rocky had an -- and a couple times right go back and looked so that could be. On an issue for -- and out of it's an issue of those if you're just -- a couple games that that's still not flaunted the mullets they Ernie concedes some point that's all good 617779. 0858. Still free 8885250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI to free call it -- that's. On the eighteenth T text line at 85850. I'm gonna come back and you're gonna hear we're gonna let you hear from a very bitter. Bitter or Redskins quarterback named Donovan McNabb some of the comments he had to say. About the potential next quarterback of the Redskins RG three keep it here.

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