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Austin Rivers on possibly being drafted by the Celtics and playing for his father Doc Rivers

Mar 30, 2012|

Austin Rivers joined Dennis and Callahan and talked to them about leaving Duke early for the NBA Draft, playing for his Dad and who would win in one on one: Doc or Austin?

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Okay joining us on the AT&T outlined AT&T Ford GL TE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible man we've been talking about the last couple of days Austin rivers joins us good morning -- -- -- John and Jerry in Boston how are yeah. I'm no good at excellent let's just a procedural question do you think spend more time to date in the classroom and with your nose in the books or in the gym lifting weights and shoot basketball's. This -- Pretty close of I'll go back -- What do you do between now and draft day what do you do to get -- Well basically 01 off by the at a key bill -- do just keep oh work it out go to school to work it out and get better as dead. They basically. This weekend. Go to do that aged. -- made it. You know they'll do what he does. Have to in order to get ready for work basically industry get better that way it will work out Corrado. Be able to kill all -- all. If you we're convinced. What are you hearing in terms of where they think you might be slot as anybody whispering in your -- top ten or top 515. I do think that the overall possibilities are well in Israel though it'll kick -- projected at a good place former have. Then went -- everybody's told the caption -- -- and a it be from another top ten top fifteen latest public so. From what I've heard it's pretty good and got to keep getting better and proving -- right. Your answer your dad's a regular on our program we talked to a -- almost every week we spoke with -- yesterday and he made. It very very clear that if you were available when the Celtics were already depict. He'd love to have you on the team and coach's son would you like to play for year old man Austin. I mean that always he would be and adjusting going to do I mean like that I don't think anybody. -- so disagreed organizations. -- I think it'll happen probably. Speakers hopefully or earlier -- -- If that was -- -- -- I would love to probable to play trying to organize this Namibia. Or injury so I would be great to -- different. So the -- -- just yesterday just like. You've never played -- when he was broadcasting did he coach you or your brother Jeremiah. But I know about -- as whenever. I'm not suggesting. Oh it's been a combination of indignity. Of being a father that about -- coach should still -- eggs are very hard to do. And you know -- aren't gonna let us under way if you wanna be that father -- always you know being very year. Push us everything you know it is so let us do we wanted to do and it's turned out well I think all -- -- -- -- -- He's always you don't give advice and he has coached off the court but he never -- just try to purposely told us. You you've been heading to the NBA and in your whole life he says to us you've grown up and an NBA family man and in locker rooms do you feel NBA ready at nineteen. Are do other artists this is the dream that I had to chase it my whole life and I've been working towards this. -- -- -- photo Israeli Arabs and would go you know by going because you -- think. You know I can go higher I didn't beat top fifty -- -- going to the first officer of know what to do personal life should check out -- they already do this now all of -- though it on the -- and it all that but it is so a lot of players that have been early and I really do feel like I am ready and available at. There's going to be a lot of challenges and obstacles -- -- to overcome in this state about to improve to get better albeit. That excites them. And I do take a rated. Austin your dad told us yesterday without actually using the words it was always about being one and done would you agree with them where where you always at least leaning toward a pretty much picturing the fact it'll be one year duke and then into the draft. Of -- that you that don't you don't earlier in the back here at best that's just never bid you know loaded this year -- I really try to put aside those. Rumors always just thought you would you are what you'd better do everything it can't help duke waited. We had a great game that we are overall had a great season waited -- -- surely be edited a better way. I'll but. You know that the that was at a global I think it's you know you'd think about the what it does to what suited best sucker play -- be taken too much so I just. Put that aside aside at an altitude present themselves then I'll talk to -- into his best but. It I was a big blow yet to receive it and brush their -- you know on a display to be awarded at a distinct at the wrong mindset. You you you set your previous answer their things that you wanna improve on things you wanna get better rats specifically -- what do you think needs work most in your game. Are what they -- -- they keep improving strength which the you know get in the way you are a lot yet a lot bigger I got to continue to do that -- one. There were two. Walked the first of -- that you can prove that there every error that I mean that's a the thing but I got a keyboard overall aspect but -- of the moment -- -- -- who wanted to get stronger and this improving armed. Partly because the ghost just being aware help side I'm really get on the ball defender and that -- -- pretty quick and a lot of movement to get. Just being you know those things is beyond you know -- learning. Think Adam on the outside. How did knock him down that game winning three against North Carolina that changed things for you did that. Did did you life changed dramatically -- god knows the whole world watched it stood up cheered lot of booed whenever and it had a real impact. On basketball fans everywhere. Yeah I mean it is it was an amazing moment and mean not just from me before -- -- You know that was a big win for us so all and as far as individually for me. -- jump started. About two days before that. I really started to play well. You know prior to that he would -- a part of those. You know do the -- you are actually lost -- play well and I played good all season and it. Got things going well but I had a couple ups and downs and then. Prior to that game to use for them a discount a -- game -- a -- to go he can be going and then after that North Carolina game. It really just sit Markoff is really got up. And I sort of -- they can do in the cause we'll do it -- -- -- played my game of confidence and having fun it'd just really worked up from. Did you abuse you've obviously scrimmage with the Celtics correct. I've never personally scrimmage with them a -- to see them scrimmage in. Got like shocked up for the players and I was a lot younger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've never run the floor with Rondo and tried to cover on the run with a. No I don't think a good so I know I've played well while Garnett played one hole pierce. But I never -- ever scrimmage in London. Would you be interest to be here with Kevin Garnett said yesterday about the possibility -- Austin rivers joining the Celtics. And -- but take a listen this is KG yesterday on you Austin. Always said that this vehicle tour to see that -- you want to focus. Because. I think he is sort of -- easier -- of the vaccine doses. And that relationship skills and some parts of the -- Because of maturity with that was in able to say you know sometimes you don't think coach right. In other communal substantively thesis -- the in the thought these dogs though I think that we don't seem to be a great thing. You think your dad would be more inclined to be tougher on you cause your his kid and he has -- anybody -- think that he's going easy on you or easier on you because the U -- his son. Lendl and all my dad is my whole life -- and -- -- immediately Shia and I wouldn't want. Myself on and neither would anybody on the team that was the beauty case. Like at says you know it -- -- -- -- have been the rich -- it does. Who want to treat me like anybody else in the you know our best to not want to be -- -- video. Out of we'll let you know assist us. I guess the way he coaches are recalled is -- -- guard better. Every Bradley or any other player and -- team on -- -- -- me well I don't want anything handed to me and never have my whole life. And that the mature and accept their responsibility that one of the things you. You know look forward to what you what you decide to go pros you know those type of favorite players -- it'll play -- -- girl. Give us an example Austin over time that may be you crossed the line and -- had to put you back in your place that he. It did any of -- ever about yelling at the -- maybe tuck them back to a coach fighting during the game something like that really set him off. Actually. -- -- can't we have the perfect. On the what I mean every every kid has not doubt RC yeah Angel there is. I'm going to envelopes and think of -- give -- -- I know -- got in trouble once those younger I was like maybe seventh grade. And integrated them a little but those rude little. -- -- her brother guy and a little like a little -- -- -- a fight is do you ever mean. He's got got some skated. It was a lot older and so -- on a little brother and I was there and do anything about it and do other -- grade seven grade. -- ago by the one of my anatomy. Is that if anybody ever touches your Brothers you make sure you let them you know. Still ago only be Omaha among but -- only Agrium. And ever since then -- -- similar -- The germ I -- that you forget that. Maybe over the day you didn't have my back to optimize the big -- arguably -- -- honest -- -- Spencer and I believe he used to go probably -- rumor but. My -- will let that happen again. A final question for me and this is what I asked -- dead yesterday if if your dad spent a -- 68. Weeks get in shape treadmill run and shoot and get and try to get the best basketball she possibly can. And you two played one on one to 21. What will be the final score who would win. Went for the ones you. I went -- and I might -- -- a little -- still also -- -- just investors here and there I know how to win definitely. It would equals at least you -- give Betty he would still be beaten if a lot of side -- So update you could probably get a couple baskets. But I -- How old were you when you could beat him. I think like this one getting in ninth grade when our maturity get my athletically socially and that's what started the trying to take over. As -- -- beating the world war. You're too young to remember him as a player correct. I don't remember him the players at all I was remembering coaching broadcasting that's kind of been. My whole career. Everybody's coach and you allowed in locker room you win them when he. You know hasn't pregame or arm halftime speech against -- of. -- younger it was different younger to get older. I really was never just like. The past two years and urban institute. You don't bother me to I want to be like those guys so bad -- be they want to. Released. Go in there and seek -- it does give me so angry just -- so you know being the site. You have a dream that you've always wanted that's a party -- is gonna -- right too much as it is almost acute. And that are there. What I was like in middle school. I would just wait to those pregame and post game speech is done and that I go ahead and theft -- players and sit there and you know how -- always excited to see remotely got a little -- model. Boston are clearly you're great athlete but from our -- agency Mikey a very nice young man as well best of luck in the upcoming draft. And I hope you end up where you ever yet one indelible we'll talk you don't the last question I asked you not really going to class today -- if it. I go to class you know or finish up -- ball and then maybe one day eventually. Finish up here he's going back to summer school in the summer so -- so. Did. Go to class and get in the books. Sheer luck Austin thanks for the conversation the pleasure talking via. Thanks often -- over for Dennis and Callahan on AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE you know what his answer was essentially disable it -- it. I score a few but he certainly beat me and ducks it if -- to shoot horse I can -- dismal fifty year old African music is one of the top players in the country. In this election because ask the ninth grade ninth grade ninth grade and it's true lament I think doc would admit that your kids athletic as hell. I mean he can do is go around them -- got the you know he's he moves like little athlete you know would be a bit surprised -- this career pans out reasons good NBA player -- -- in an NBA coach an analyst NBA coach is this is for -- this parallel there's fathers there's not a no no yeah and -- and -- that you're you grow up in an NBA locker room obviously in -- play -- understood broadcast you're used to it he is not in on you always wonder if these nineteen year old kids are ready -- I don't know physically he's ready but mentally he's he's got to go play on an NBA game and in September pre season game. And not be the least bit intimidating thing Jimmer Fredette walked into his first training camp and we'll have the same kind of attitude -- the -- -- -- butter plant Coby you know looks up and Kobe Bryant almighty god yeah -- been look at it as like Kobe and KG -- you know LeBron. For most of or half his life in and it it's not a big deal that will pick a timeout buzzer -- next.

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