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Is boxing poised to make a comeback

Mar 29, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny are talking about what led to the decline in the popularity of boxing and whether it's poised to make a resurgence in the sports world.

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We're back -- welcoming your phone calls talk about it you want it it doesn't matter what sport it is we'll talk about it even if it's up badminton you know we've always been able to handle a little shuttle cock talk late at night. It could be so why I knew we were ego no one ever seems to care about that boxing is a thing isn't alive is a dead we'll talk more boxing later -- in the month of April. As we get ready what to Vegas to cover that fight that'll be awesome. Journal Lenny megs is here and John. The positives and negatives of that. The Red Sox is they get ready to start their season and -- -- one week from today and let me ask you both something while we wait for the millions of phone calls -- committed 617. 7790 rate fifty. Let -- eat -- Italian. What do you know but Tony Azeri. They say great Yankee player he looks that second -- I got a little bit older adults well of information about. Tony Louis area who was really the first. Big name Italian player in the -- -- you because I felt when Jeff came from the same basic area of the country late in the Pacific Coast League. Before going head to the Yankees but here's the keys that here's the things that most people don't know his nickname was -- mop. -- -- Tony push -- up Tony push PO OS HM. Up. Porsche -- Tony Azeri -- instead of play on his Italian accent I don't I couldn't they push I don't know I resent that don't -- that. At but it this came from his an Italian American community. It in -- here's -- did on May 24 1936. Okay. It's the -- against the Yankees. 25 to two was the final score yankees beat the year the Philadelphia athletics. Tony Azeri 170 pound soaking wet and drives in a -- and runs. A record. Eleven runs in one game but here's the killer. It's not that -- obviously his name took a background back seat to. DiMaggio. And many died Americans in her Yankee Yogi Berra Yogi Berra Phil resort there was a home run. In the Pacific as a Pacific Coast League his last year in the minors he played the Salt Lake City -- Listen to this. Porsche -- Hit sixty home runs and knocked in 222. Runs it out -- in one season. In a Pacific closely. -- Salt Lake City. 222. Runs and six people. That I didn't know I didn't either took just now. John unit no no I did not know that take. Eleven learn here in the -- why you looking up Tony with -- -- -- I I just it came to -- -- -- as a nickname was one of the most odd nickname in the history of baseball though you didn't know those not sounds like you got us looked about. Sounds like a Brock you know Porsche club yes and in an area as the kind of but it was not it was is there it's -- now you know the radio listeners know a little bit about Ali Zardari he didn't know you David I've -- -- ago right you also heard Mike Tyson. Singing a song and we're gonna play that again soon I hope that Mike Tyson saw it like to make that my new theme song petty are now. No I just listened to the texture of the importance of he I mean it. You can't win -- it's. Okay. Like when he says that a good defense quite cheap -- that then please seek the death in his twenty patented code. -- Asked. We're returned Josh of the cars on the radio now and use the putting out right Josh. -- Hitler did China midnight to talk to retire from. The Cambridge -- -- to get that embryo here and they're talking boxing and it's not so often we hear boxing radio honest truth. You know to divide the heavy -- I think you know it probably began obviously he stopped fighting. Hello Larry Holmes carried on for a little while after that -- what was wrong with the even when we just heard from Mike Tyson and -- Arrow right at you don't want it got that whose English heavyweight who -- wouldn't fight let but he. Lennox Lewis let -- -- it got started to get bad around there. Then it. Think that we probably thirty years old and -- -- that the -- boxing and you know do you remember my -- Indian about it. There's very entertaining. You know that I think a lot. Deal boxing is to be entertaining at the time whether it. A might tighten ignored Floyd Mayweather or -- -- out well at the I think it people really want according to fighters that they can be entertained by in addition to that skill of the button right. Well you would elected Tyson like best -- to look at Rodman did freaks. But they're pretty good at what they do when you can't take your eyes off from the even though you might not -- -- I mean do Tyson and Tyson's Brady unlikable guy. Is a pretty Smart guy lot smiling people frank and I mean his command out of the English language. When you get him in serious conversation is. A lot better than most after -- -- saying. -- when I I think you know I don't feel and that's the thing about him as though he had all the baggage attached at the rape conviction -- you know of the beating up this person did not a car smashes someone's face and talk about stepping in kids testicles -- -- -- guys that OK okay. Mike Tyson did a really nice example -- might have been -- that in such a lot of the conversation but he's been really good example of of reformed. Prisoners certain time obviously became more spiritual individual lightly incarcerated obviously written books. I think that the in the past couple years into what is reality TV and you know and then did you show -- -- spoken person and I mean certainly had a reputation of being. Mike Tyson and yet -- year but it'll -- the -- -- competitive in the far different individual. Well he might be and we don't know are we again Leo he's not in the in the spotlight as he was a stroke. You don't get every every little tidbit never morsel of information about -- gets arrested we don't hear about it or if he gets arrested. But the problem is that the decline of boxing had not even as much to do with. The lack of potential stars but the way they go about being stars in the filthy this of the game that gets them there. Nobody likes that you know he likes Don king and nobody trusts to which campus. -- without. You know -- -- Obviously -- amateur is still win it that's where you know boxing did that it appears that -- The guy and got them like the content without adequate if it Notre Dame I think -- the -- now that. He's the golden quote champion fighter and it's just to Eleanor argue that the band that he had been dedicated the box. In other it's certainly a lot again -- Amateur Boxing Friday -- -- that was pretty entertaining. You know I had a -- out literally gone anywhere at that don't know that there is that. That you know might tighten up. I was sure it's stagnant you know this there are many great fights and I can't say -- mall anymore but usually and a heavyweights. You'll get two guys that just to lean on each have their pick out a check -- could throw was well. You know the the entire concept of Paper view has eliminated gigantic audience for boxing because there's not a lot of people and spent 4959. Dollars. -- watch a fight between a couple of steps. In the old days ABC they had week you know they had it. The pretty gigantic event going to be -- well there are coming into what they just have been right. All right well that what else but right but it needed that they don't have those fight right at the box has spread to belong in between the fights that apparently thought a lot when he was -- And there was no better Eric to meet when it came -- everybody being plugged in. And -- touch with the the realm of boxing was when you are obvious yet Ali Frazier but then here comes George Foreman George Foreman eat up Joseph Frazier like was it. A round or two rounds he. I'll -- them into the earth and just -- of like a nail and then here comes Al lead against Foreman. What a huge matchup that was an and it was just very exciting and we don't by the way Paper view you'd wait till the film came out you listen on the radio of the that you go watch the film a movie theater. That's like yeah Manny Pacquiao to me and -- back yet about flooded out the privilege that he'd buy an hour in he's the electric guy itself that he would look so let's. Yeah I got real heavy hander heavy into. He couldn't -- can equipment taken Sugar Ray Robinson. News daily that I. Never thought -- brought I mean if you just look a bark boxing history sees a lot of pleasure and promises a lot bigger. You know when Mitch or Guerrero was -- pound best -- -- -- reroute assuming he was playing. Basketball. For the for Marcus -- in the Harlem magicians. As a as a guest. Even on the court and actually played with the magicians and I summit high school auditorium crowd around Sugar Ray. Was unbelievable -- -- choppy -- -- one of the great several the other. Problem is too is there's no great American fighters that I Floyd Mayweather right -- decides Mayweather there's no one yet you just talked about you know that -- -- and -- -- every heavyweight division and that's 56 guys you mentioned a conversation that we are recognized. As American heavyweight. It would just sort of chicken and egg thing which came first the the the kind of erosion of boxing as a thing. Or the or the fighters not being as. Our routers magnetic I think if I can't -- without I didn't -- while. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what you get is. You know always divisions in you don't know you can't follow can't follow. Star Bobby New Hampshire next planet Mikey show but. Hey Mike -- I don't it. I had done that pop and score -- on not doing much -- -- up -- I'm. -- the airport itself but yeah -- you know I think grade KG -- year at least that Leo how to cap from so. I don't see why not sign him again the cool what created doubt that better than you think this year. Well you know yeah I really thought about who's going to be event immediate expert for -- it is coming off season. Yes caddie you know here's the problem for me I gotta admit this. I do not go beyond the playoffs when I think about it via an uncle I think in futures while -- to a season going on same with baseball. I don't like to do that. Think about locate 24213. You know I don't know -- think about 2.2 while right now. I do I think dead when it comes to this offseason. Bobbie I take that. It all depends what the years for these guys you know if was Kevin Garnett ago two years that would go three now when it comes to free agents out there. There's some -- once but the problem is the restricted free agents so they gonna make a decision and -- it'll overpay for a guy like Roy Hibbert who's a restricted freeagent. It. They get a save some of this money so they can use a -- -- potential trade or saved some of this money. -- it was not bad contracts another two years from now they can make a push for Kevin Love or something like that. -- -- I think this team Bobby has about seven to ten. Different ideas and plants in place yeah in what direction they're gonna we're pretty apparent as we talk about that like after June will want to bore interest at that time ally it's like. If it's all such speculative stuff at this point times like what kind of futures are not commodities. In -- for next year in economy. I'm gonna talk about what their chances are this year as as constituted right now. In the playoffs against -- their opposition to live in the -- was brought up with Garnett quite a bit because he's been talking about it and hinting that he might retirees doesn't know exactly what he's gonna do next season. I think a lot depends how the season goes this -- if there were one and done. And that's not the -- around -- prosperity that especially if they wind up Chicago or Miami. He may have enough you know but yeah -- he gets stale. Our command a pretty good salary Elsinore on the open market sure I should call -- appreciate it.

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