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Thurs. March 29th Whiner Line

Mar 29, 2012|

Phone issues abound, Alexander Hamilton, Michael's mail, Angelo's kid, Frank's phone and more.

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Music music music -- and pressed the -- like these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox -- Yeah. Discretionary -- Morris. And now you know you weren't here -- Her in the car next here on a regular -- you're -- -- -- And now. Madeline who logged -- you said something regarding Pedro -- that was put her Grozny by her and she still cannot debate you can make something out of nothing. That's that's how idiotic I was just don't let people don't know again until you lose I want your love yeah. But -- disrespect -- -- don't we get along on an -- -- playground on the field doesn't even learning. Dial 779353. But yeah. My card out and Palestinians. And apologized again. And I'm trying to make it. And I didn't make any. It. -- -- stupid -- that blitzer. And it's. Only gives. Them. Remember. I'm Mikey. Sorry speaking of making stupid stuff. I don't go to Leo I'm fine -- -- like current model weathered to look at whether whether I don't rhetoric might get out of us. Little bit wet there you know what I do think of Mikey out of look at of depth I do think of weather when you realize that -- like that did you bring Bill Murray after eighteen holes ago from wizard. Enjoyed it -- it's powered by AT&T WEEI live it's available on your iPhone or android. You Blackberry device brought to you but AT&T. AT&T four GL TE we get speeds up to ten times faster. The three GAT and T. Rethink possible aren't Andy let's organized. I ask Michael -- I got -- couldn't. I thank you well you can change. One which is probably bet you'll ever hear you talk about every bit. That includes -- okay involved absolutely I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How do you know it's an arm around Oakland can it was an -- dale -- probably gone to give us to today's on this it's not a government argued it -- -- bit -- that's a pile of mail. On all these does that affect I hope you don't -- I opened a portable does the other day it said congratulations I never like -- me anyway good luck with the duke it to crimes ago. You reckon no -- Does it. And here's what you -- Scioscia all that note is. It. It's gigantic pile of mail just. Access media educate that -- skeptics -- I've decades and involved at -- early he said yeah yeah 'cause. And -- Absolutely and ask that you initially you know you really does when they hired me since. Nine. Not just -- Since you apparently taken Paper cut and putting -- -- glitter. You know you look -- upon your your time. Exit graduate and then you'll never have another you know you don't like that in that event. You know -- -- -- -- -- But anybody. And that's not allowed to be free love -- before this is me at all. -- ballots that went and got an open anybody. But a big help yeah I'd like I want to -- bought back about 100. A this is not going well -- We'd be delighted -- that's critical to what they ever did I can't pick -- -- -- a probable big. Bet on that the public about the great depth about it -- outrage that they are part of it. Miami Steve -- -- things. All right it's higher education of the sunlight that -- yeah. -- judges see that should be my you know my line. All right sit there's no sunlight let it. What should be thinking about the man next you know I left I have been -- great. It jumped into my -- there on earth I'm not forget about my teammates -- -- -- -- -- -- that that's probably not -- how it will call him. -- -- And it would agree that we don't want him to not great. Have to -- that -- out again. I could be really I would I would bet I would I would better than what I'm an adult because -- -- -- I'm not. Don't know what and I cut and I don't get how did. What we don't know how incredible could our Greg Anderson. All -- But. Why -- my problem I predict that. It stop debate and exactly I can't cut it as part of our. -- great it's great. That is a great people it. -- -- but. Gloria. I don't have a drug but I had code that actually after the Super Bowl and maybe waited too. Abbott -- back -- great that there are -- We look at who aren't true and probably aren't K okay. What we have got back on the field. And -- message. History. Or three isn't. Hi I'm Alexander Hamilton and father of modern banking. And I helped build -- Ernie Boch junior everything you know not only do we -- -- for them. Company here but -- remote device talking about Art -- Alexander. Hamilton Alexander. Hamilton Alexander. At Logan -- -- And that. It's aging guy plays to our commercial with the good things that he's right now is in him since the glory or persons make sure you -- believe -- the -- -- banking. He lost the -- he got shot. It's right next ball. -- -- part that really speaks to me the what about interest rates at the. Back at Clinton Obama and I can tell. That would look like we had a couple of good that the demand. But the problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't opinion. And I'll pick -- I. And so we get this straight now. So CEO. Ends up going to Chicago right you get Chris carver nobody's got a bad L ball so now he's got to have surgery. And then you still have to give somebody else back up to Chicago right now if you -- about a vote. Attacked him I. -- -- -- you'll hold that thought we need to compensate hopefully do it -- don't have. Available. They all they wanted to make -- they're confident they have now. You have all been tape -- video from -- -- -- active created great power -- you know move. Paul by our corporate really that bad that they don't billable they can pin drop your -- handing out. What do all right headings he talks have been -- put their -- all of base that won't be there. And it really is you talk about a joke in years from now it'll be viewed as it. Nobody trees were were were taken down how much oxygen was wasted. In those two week period where we were actually talking about. Maybe Matt Garza. Template that. Castro. Ours -- Legitimate prospect -- -- -- -- scurrilous and Michelle noticed that the tactics such strap themselves announced that the accent changes. McCready Russian -- as a you know god has now that Russia has not -- -- -- question Davis picked Shane this every time now he's the guy's a rush is trying to hide his his charities to the Washington and trying to hide your stupid excuse Russia I was rushing into Russia whiner line -- you. -- -- This is very important aspect of the Obama done enough but the golf ball and without -- And -- And the message. IC today and I would guess what. You think there was no chance to do -- a you know like in the Nixon Watergate -- that was just beside him on purpose is a -- -- -- -- yet you know it's interesting you bring that up because of its and we did ask tough questions. That's what kind of always all -- denied no no -- the carrier I don't judge -- was great worker is subject to -- -- -- that -- Big picture though you've got the -- interview on the way we got -- whenever -- that the media. Good ball the ball -- got. And I and I and I felt -- can pick -- Crystal clear. -- it quite short wait salary -- whether it's all sort of pulling third. -- -- and that's why can't argue that either the guy just said he's absolutely right I think there might have been someone the other Edward -- we had a deserve the current text -- with -- -- -- actually what's that there aren't as a game going on down there and the stadium -- full maybe a lot of people using cell -- and that's what. Ferraro Sasha and Karen I copious I don't believe that help them from. Boy it just wanna get back at her back I'd ask him in no way that the and it. Yeah well you're. Out. It's just and that that may be getting old put my memory is still there I don't remember the interview from 235. But I thought what they're kind of guy that certainly get this trade -- important for the best Obama doesn't work. I hit the ball well and -- -- You want. To -- where I -- side. Better reception. Good guided group that Betancourt black you know background probably -- -- -- And that message. I don't think he ever went to manulife yeah I'm that's an eyebrow just finally. About -- it's going to be our a lot of went -- actually got built. Like I had a ball basketball about it. And so strap is a good point it's frustrating what you have to do something between now Wednesday to clear about it. But Karla Adam in our work cut that it had not knowing anything about -- basically pitchers would go with an idea. If you -- work that would don't know what Vietnam this guy. Forget about everything everybody that you could who has called aerial trick that you want if you combat that you like to -- it -- -- -- had a three. And that you have to have Mikey from Adam from Charles -- says he can out -- no no doubt in my mind he said I can work. Josh Beckett in the -- and doing watch. How that's whatever it. I have -- to figure out I don't know how you feel about this I think people are forgotten how good he was like does -- it would -- he didn't he finished lot of decisions. Got Beckett has bodyguards -- -- it had been good credit. Don't object to it took -- And that's. -- more people pick up on that. A big no I don't know -- are back where bulk of that quote made that comment and that -- believe so there's no way of bad. You'd have somebody. Like my interview with -- expected benefit. Good idea but beware of bandit and tell -- don't mind you know -- then there. And business -- is business and. It's not that we can make an arrangement. Josh Beckett get his help on the pregnant blob there LB off. And -- and I was at the frank always gets reception we could try that -- time. I don't -- Ali patriarch MI RY you know probably a web page. Depth of my. Right. -- hit a button and you guys are not that bad. I didn't. Hold back home. I've -- -- got a decade ago could create big goal. Alex the -- I've -- I've read and but you know I'm -- not like I've got. I just about trying to plan a little article which did not like that -- I like our program like this every day. Why can't we give them back gets voted -- do this every single day I'd like this. If they don't. -- can't explain. Many of the word -- been like training. How -- A -- that out because school. And the moon moon. From them because. You have to prove they. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The key. Number I know -- I don't know about that. Now -- what was accuracy. -- And I think -- -- it's not -- well that is little quiet -- there. That it might consider gravity -- -- that they do these rep Patrick I don't want -- -- Did not and what he thought well that's why I'm. And again. I've had done so far on the -- not program it's a program. I'm doing well yeah I was the number -- under one number -- -- thirty. About 33. OK gotta give and take how did you upper east as Lenny Clarke once said that's like throwing a deck chair. -- actually that's a problem Mikey. Enjoy wider line it's art but AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE we get speeds up to and times faster than flurry GAT and T and everything possible.

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