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Danny Ainge: We would absolutely consider drafting Austin Rivers

Mar 29, 2012|

We spoke to Danny about the current state of the C's after a big win over Utah, KG's motivation, plus whether or not they would draft Doc's kid, Duke Guard Austin Rivers.

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-- motivated. You know. No I don't call me old he'll call me. -- Whether. -- motivational tape we must -- human home -- in basketball. And life on thirty solved. Think somebody on the degree no head hair beautiful area. Where there. No comment home. Among just a inducement motivated. -- Of that. I KJ. Does self motivated and also sounds a little bit missed an Alley. Doesn't like the fact I think that people have called him as he says old lover. Weathered. -- -- the -- count on -- must've missed that somewhere. But because -- but it sounds like he's a below little pissed off some of that stuff when it motivates. He's playing great. He's doing everything they need him to do right now he's playing like them you know he's a lot younger than. That old old or or weathered. -- description that the people throwing a temper our weekly get together. With a president of basketball operations of the Celtics -- agent brought to you by a arrest. Restoration specialist call 877461. 1111 or heiress serve dot com in by SB -- dependable no nonsense life insurance. At a price you can -- would call 888 get -- a -- or visit SP allied dot com again. We're going -- I don't know if you did you heroes yet KG stuff after the game last night. I read about it -- -- base fired up which is kind of good it's almost like he's -- he's lashing out at -- those that the first half of the season thought that maybe he was done the whatever probably grouping for you guys right. Out if that's a like it'd be just called moral -- go and that's going to be easy. I'm trying to figure out a little weird -- guy is half air California the wet hair. An analyst at -- -- and probably some of the same guys who were covering you when you're down there. Yeah they're very well could be at an even not even sure he knows that means decades he has. Is he always look at some way to be motivated and I mean hey it looks that. Seventeen years that guy has found a way to be motivated and stay motivated night in and night out that's. Why she's so special. I love that I'd love that for entertainment purposes last night the guys that you ended up trading. To bring KG. And neither guy seem to forget. That they were part of the transaction. Well hey everybody always wants to you -- that's the that's what I mean Wiki is that -- -- and he found it that way maybe in. But you know he doesn't every night he does I mean I think -- motivation. For a halt same player in the top ten and so many categories. You know to play it back to back in Charlotte but he does. He's got great character integrity. And his legacy is growing in my mind me. He's not just as good a player right now as he has been about the time in his career but. What he's doing right now is is the main thing. And I've been much more impressive Kevin Garnett not and that's hard to do because he was pretty impressive before. And talking about Al Jefferson if the roles if you had to deal with the current rules you probably wouldn't have been in position to draft the Mikey did. Because. He went straight from high school to the pros and I gotta wait a year so I spent a year playing college basketball are going to Europe and then coming into the league. Has he become the player. That you thought he would be -- when you drafted him and when you some as early years as a Celtic. Yeah Al that a good player. You know I think Al lost a couple of years of crucial development with injuries. And but you know Al is playing well this year in he struggled last night early in the game that he could see in the third quarter. You know he took over the game and had fourteen points in the third quarter that team back in it. He can still score he can still rebound. And down a terrific player. Let me ask about Austin rivers who obviously announce this past week and he'll be out for the NBA draft dodged that question. Com about the possibility of coaching his scan of the projections in the first round. Could possibly putting him down and an area where you could take this guy -- -- you're not gonna tell me the interest or whether he would do word don't have interest but. Him as a player or whatever it's too early to get involved in all the apple published in this. If he got to the point where you felt that he was the best guy in the board. Would that can stick with the consideration of whether you take it may not have anything to do with the fact that his father is the coach of that team. Sure we have to consider everything when -- when you make which is like. You know but. Because dot perhaps it's good relationship we would certainly pockets through. I mean the biggest question is is in the best player on the board and I think that. You know what whatever top shelf. Obviously plays a big way and adopt note the straps really well and watch it should play the last few years. -- -- concealed all of the kids this year. I -- I'm not looking at it in that. If doc wanted a muted the yes that they're saying now known now we we don't like him whatever the -- -- trying to get is you can do it in Peewee basketball or Little League. Because the kids are always on the team that their father coaches this is the pros this is much different this is gonna be a kid and underage. Adult who's gonna be out with a professional team do you see any problems arising there. -- any key with any father coaching news -- at the -- level. Well listen you know of course there's possible problems. But I think it totally depends on the people. And I think that that is what's or coached and the -- Is the determining factors. Everything it can't think of any example that was trying to think of some. Where a father. Coached his son a -- Any you some of the examples that you could have now I can have you know Dunleavy could have coached his son. John Lucas when -- -- coach and for awhile you think of any successful examples of a father coaching -- on in the pros. Well I don't think there's ever bad bad so happens that there's never been so so. I don't know that that have been any successful or unsuccessful. But it but it eats so that's what I hear what a dynamic at the dynamics are different and you know it's it's it's a strange one and I know don't actually get peppered with -- question between now. And the draft over and over and over again and there's no possible way I think for him to answer it to be fair that's why wanted to throw a few that would what would you. Behest of -- about it because I you know doc. And I don't know how well you know you know lost them but just that you're gonna have to deal with that those dynamics throughout the season something that nobody -- ever had to deal with before. Well quite honestly -- would be co discussions. That will probably happen internally. A week before the draft these guys will probably talk about between now and the draft and you'll be will be tell us why that might not have any. Pairing there any merit at all by you can have -- of that. Let us know what happens in that meeting and and and thanks I appreciate Danielle orders very thing that is. That has happened in the NCAA tournament so far that is. Changed your opinion. Whether it's negative or positive about some of the players who going to be available here coming up in the draft. Not really I mean there's there are some. I'm aware that there are some guys that are rated very high in the draft. There's. Didn't have great tournaments. That really has no bearing on what my assessment of them in the because most of the guys that were drafting in the draft high up the draft are based on potential anyway. And it I don't think anything has changed what it feels that of their potential. And I think that there have been a couple of guys that. Have got my attention a little bit that I had seen play a we we are aware of them that that you know they will. -- more evaluation. I how heavily do you weigh that do you weigh. A guy a being able to step up and consecutive games against the whether it's -- North Carolina or Kansas. You know some of the top programs in the country how how heavily do you way to. I I don't put much weight on it I I the whole body of work you you can't. These kids is taking guiding you know stepped up a couple of games and in and stepped out of the box became something special in that -- too many times. I'm there their whole life without all have considered what's latest with the -- preachers. He still has. Concussion symptoms and until he's asymptomatic. You know no headaches in the sensitivity to light she will. We wanted to be able to test and so believes implement all sorts testing once he becomes symptomatic and he's not there yet although he's improving each day. I don't price not fair to ask you this but not the first time on something like this because in this situation these are soul. A dependable you really can't tell him we've seen guys that you think you're going to be gone for two weeks and then there on for an entire season -- -- whatever you have. Any ball park I -- to figure and Whitney could compact it is our possibility. He could miss the rest of the season in the post season. You know heaven forbid. You know where we're not thinking that way at all it means. There's not a whole lot we can deal mean if we find that information now -- after it you know reacting look at someone has that the leaders something. Right now. I think that he'll be I mean if I don't see how that would happen I mean it. He is getting better each stage and I anticipate. You know which in the week that he will start being tested in -- practice and and I don't know how long that process goes either that's that's sort of the depends also. The testing process that we're not at a rusty getting back as much as we just you know want him to come back in and be healthy and nobody is coming back and I think that we'll know more here in the next 45 days a. To tell about Avery Bradley in terms of what he's become and what you thought he would come when you're drafted him out of Texas. Well Avery has just improved all year you know with opportunity see as his confidence has grown. He's played he's playing better when he he really has it -- -- -- And but he's handled the ball against pressure. -- you know getting -- into our offense but she's rise to more as a true. You run the floor and you know playing -- the ball he's an unbelievable cutter. -- shoot the ball extremely well over the last two months. This percentages are excellent from the outside. And you know what his defense I mean you know we always knew that he could defend at a very high level in the day so. He's he's becoming the player that we hope that he would have. About a way. I just I just got a tweet from the great Paul -- who I'm sure you know very well does a good job cover -- we think he was what hit hit hit he rushed for earth if you tell me that. Rick Berry played for his father in law. In the ABA I'm sure his father in -- told not to shoot so much didn't probably didn't register. -- Well yeah I'm sure that what I'm sure that well well Rick Perry was a good player or whoever coached and so it but that. You know I just when you Rick Perry's first they are they in the popped into my mind was pistol Pete in college. You know played for his -- pressed meritage. And you know I think I'd guess I don't know the history roll that successful are on -- let me. Obviously Pete was the most prolific scorer in the NCAA history. And. In baseball would get the -- people -- -- the text line is coming up with with a million premiere but I'll get those ports on this but I bet you wouldn't want to know in and you guy active about doing when a coaches on which. You know I think -- against some sort it would be easier than others as far as like the whole chemistry at the -- I mean that's exactly coaching in my front and other personalities in the what buttons to push -- You know the question is at the rest of the team respond. What sort of players -- -- in the locker room. I think all those things of these factors. I did a good stuff we'll talk to you next week have a good one. Our regulators that the any change quick break right back at jet you're the big show about a life. If you're wondering why you -- loss the other night Indiana today already lewis' fault you'll hear from.

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