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Josh Beckett with the Big Show

Mar 29, 2012|

We spoke to Josh Beckett live from Jet Blue park, and phone issues withstanding, we got some good answers out of Josh concerning last season, their new manager, and he addresses some quotes from Curt Schilling about the team not responding or liking Bobby Valentine.

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All loaded up two down two strikes on my -- news that it's gonna finish in delivers. The message got a curve ball. That's one of the few books he's thrown tonight for a strike. Any fans Mike Higgins who leads the bases loaded. I bet you're the big show blood -- like Michael -- yeah joining us live from Fort Myers, Florida Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett they judge Joseph -- They are yoga I don't know tomorrow how are you doing all right. -- -- -- -- -- Thanks for passed that along to us. Even had a terrific spring so far numbers wise does that mean anything. I don't know. -- is probably only come over at a Pittsburgh so they. Haven't done anything different this spring Josh then previous springs. It is not I think -- -- gotten older I realized the things that I got a pitcher. To be successful out of the gate and in you know I'll definitely try to work on the off speed stuff like Sunday command and -- the just about -- that's about our strength and -- like that he's trying to you know build all that out in the I think sometimes you forget about secondary pitches and its signature force starts in the year. Figure those out that much just literally here and he's not got a lot of ground balls. Yeah terrific 2011. Affect you probably compare it to -- 2007. When you wanna look at the quality starts out there. And yet most people focused on the last two games because of what they all meant those two games against Baltimore. How did you feel when it was all done. I have to respect -- Pittsburgh and you know I don't know the one game against I was in Baltimore it. I gave up to throw inside the park home run here that I think the talent probably the absolutely worst than the other one -- Struggled a little later on. Do you feel let down. That people have overblown. Some of what happened last year that. You know internally what went on -- that team. And yet it seems to be a whole different story you can't turn on ESPN right now. Without people talking about the 2012. Red Sox without bringing up chicken and beer and September. You know not act I try not to worry too much about it you know -- you know people are gonna say what -- what they're gonna say and you know you obviously got to go out there and and and be better since September 2012 and the way we start batters while winning games and people. Remember we had where Clay Buchholz on the station here last year. And he had he said -- John Ferrell. That John Farrell at times intimidated as he -- them a little bit -- helped he's a big guy and is pretty forceful. Anything no disrespect anybody else but you know John -- major pay attention to him did you have that same relationship with John -- where it was a little bit of a John Wayne character who could intimidate you. I got -- exact -- It's for me whereas he was just so organ. And immediate. He he knew what I needed to make me successful. RB we talked about it and then he nature and I had a -- without being overlooked or by a lot of the other stuff. How much have you changed as a pitcher and I want to bring in Jason Varitek as people said this over and over again. That Varitek was like you -- he was the guy that you relied on behind the plate which -- built around a lot longer. You're a lot more polished now than you were before how important was Varitek. And how different it's going to be without them. So like I feel like -- another pitching coach out there Utley. A -- the bigger thing for me with Jason work you know it it it wasn't only shut down and had our pregame meeting -- -- there was. A lot of it was looking listening to account that you know. -- -- approach this guy and then he would give me your input and we former planned that way though are on you know -- he was huge future eight. He just. He really teaching you how to do the things that that that make that he remind you of the things that make you successful. And he forces you to to do those. You know I'm glad we got you on today we don't get a chance to talk to you very often that the ago on Sports Radio the last time you were on Sports Radio was. May be 2006. -- -- this very program before I get to that important to my question and when asked you. Why the six year gap between Sports Radio appearances. Probably are rarely are knotted -- where we don't play no I don't know we're busy talking about you guys so we always have time for. No not much interest -- coming in and governor talk on the radio. I don't know why it's so I think you do wherever wherever -- get out to do some to get something else plans. -- and -- but my question leading up to that was. Remember reading an article from rob Bradford. About a month ago a month and a half ago and -- talking about to talk about a number of topics review. But the one thing was and we debated this on the radio. Was your statement that you know you have different priorities now in your life and we're both fathers so we understand. What it's like when you are you know talking about a son or daughter. How to you balance that now mean. When you word when you weren't a dad him and guess in the baseball was the top priority now that you're dead -- different responsibilities to think about that how do you balance. Being a parent. And taking care of your responsibilities as a baseball player where where does it rank for you now. Well it doesn't matter is -- -- rebel ranks are obviously my daughter the most important thing to make arm -- -- -- and bit edgier questions I don't know I'd never done it for. You know I think for training and really directors it's kind of a program military here and -- European you know you know who I am and got -- trying to learn the ropes because if you just went straight into the seat and you know. It is it's very difficult I think four or some people because you know we're at home plate. Well on the road does and they don't think any road trips and stuff like that those are thicker going to be good there at the top aren't that just you know not -- -- -- hear you don't hear much. I wanted to get more -- of the priorities thing Josh because I can clearly understand where you're coming from. Nobody can criticize anybody for put family first everybody should put family first but when you started talking about August and September. Some people that were critical. And I can understand their point is well in that they have to run priorities out -- people right now that probably. I do want to win three jobs some of them were -- only make it 20/20 5000 bucks for their their total income so that they can put food on the table. They get their kids in the college education. When you say something like that. Isn't it a matter of that you've got to figure out a way of balancing it all together and making it work. Absolutely yeah and that's what a slow like I really don't have an -- you can battle went to receive and or had to prioritize things like that. So you know like it's it's going to be a learning process for. Speaking of a learning process. What are your thoughts about your new manager so far. -- -- great you know dominated definitely make history attention to the all thank that's for sure. -- Curt Schilling came on the station. Couple days ago instead. It's not going well so far is going to is going south -- quicker than you thought you're going bad it's going bad he said I was dead direct quote is going bad Bobby Valentine. Curt Schilling. I haven't seen them around this year you do our pitchers. You know he's now what are your pitchers but he's got a tremendous. Our credibility here because he did play with the guys and he's an analyst now lot out of you feel about his comments on Bobby Valentine. Irish that I don't Cinderella sure I didn't know you don't do our pitchers. He's gone to the dark side Josh is over -- -- -- us now. I've watched five I hit I -- sit around here I'd say if somebody knew how much would probably -- a little bit closer to it. Well let me ask you this -- There's one thing about us criticizing you. And you can come up with a legitimate critique about us because we don't necessarily. Know what's going on with the dynamics that -- work with the in the clubhouse. Oh what a guy like. She'll says it. It's gonna carry a lot more credibility we talked about this with Tedy Bruschi. And the Patriot players and how they felt about -- last fall on ESPN he and Rodney Harrison. How do you feel about ex players that you spent time with their in the clubhouse with you on a regular basis and now they're on the dark side -- media baron ESPN and they sit there. Criticizing the team criticizing. You only your performance and they know far more and it Kerry for more credibility than people like I -- -- gladiator for Mota thanks. And you know like if they're not. It's a spark and speaking about helping -- rerun here I guess I haven't seen him around here this year to where he would know that much if you talk to. Well. How would you Iraq how would you say your your conditioning is this year last year he talked about I gained some weight down the stretch. -- conditioning and how do you plan to maintain your conditioning throughout the season. Outfielder right now you know you know we made some changes with. -- listened -- what some of our workouts and stuff like not -- -- straight into -- -- well. What what what. You say the biggest changes banned from last year to this year in terms of work out. I think they're so muscle confusion stuff going on. Armed you know stuff that we just haven't done in the in the past. On you know Michael -- never felt destruct this is coming out spring training. Arm. And you know -- -- do we do you know -- actors -- -- -- he actually said that. We're on -- free spring training are some of that -- not -- on my speaker -- trade itself you know. Before I think that some of Burke. On the stretcher and some of the work -- -- as they paid off well. We're talking to Josh Beckett you're a guy -- pitched over 200 innings a few times in your career how important is it that the top guys in the rotation. Go 200 plus innings. Well depends if you are two -- city and they go like that that's gonna help their team not at all so. You know like you've got to -- about that a little bit you know Victor talking about. You know making you know 78 innings and not burn out your bullpen I think it is that that that definitely he'd -- You know there's a lot together on 200 innings and had. Bad records and because the rule and something you know maybe not so when I hit the open and practice and stuff like. How do you try and it is funny is that I the year you you finished second in the side SEC I think a lot of voters David to him yet forty more innings than you did I think but he had a better post season. And obviously you won -- World Series how do you feel about. Pitch counts and all the things that we're used to hearing now a Major League Baseball that we didn't necessarily here I hear about we are grown up watching baseball. Well it's kind of always been late for me I don't think I ever played wouldn't let it when it looked like bat so. Yeah I'd -- have a you know or reference the other way and what kind of always been that lecturer you're so dominant and pro ball. The ever feel like. -- over the years that that a guy has come to get -- the weather is the manager the pitching coach and you say oh yeah and yet what that. He lost -- -- not out how -- errors are you ever feel like go and went up pitching coach is gonna get two -- managers gonna get you. Yeah you said yourself Manhattan I can complete this game with a how's -- coming on here for ever feel that where -- Yeah yak came up but at Time Warner. You know people -- people basically tell you your job was offered execute pitches and so. The -- -- failure count not all of -- got a bit not very usual the manager the pitching coach this. In maybe at the trigger a little -- Yeah I don't I don't think you've ever seen me you know the yacht or yell at the manager like you know I think. Date they have a pretty good handle on what they're trying to do and and my -- a cigar next he pitches and that but you know that's about far back -- Based on what happened in September how was it important is that we know. It's still a matter of numbers -- -- -- at the end of the season how important based -- last September is getting off to a real good start in April. You know we you know you we definitely gotta give her that we did last -- you know iron and yeah especially at the beginning I know we we we started out a little bit better towards the end of April but. We definitely we -- we gotta do better than duplicate last Paper you know you can't put yourself on that hole and expect. You expect yourself to dig out of it again. You know and I think everybody here knows that regarding. You know player tailed off.

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