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Kevin Garnett, Celtics F/C, on his future in Boston, Austin Rivers, and the C's

Mar 29, 2012|

KG joins Mut and Lou to talk about his future in Boston, Doc Rivers as a coach, Austin Rivers possibly being drafted by the Celtics, and how he approaches every game.

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Is Kevin Garnett he joins us on the eighteenth -- hot line. KG -- -- thanks for joining us again very well your audio or more pretty fired up after that game last night. We're a little bit low with there are prepared to start again as much energy and to -- the game and great politicians. I don't go to court stuff -- -- who sort of the goal of this goes there. It's just execute a bit fired up people talk about the motivation for you me being. You've heard a few interviews that's but spec gray -- I decorate hear any -- smaller -- air afterwards but. Is that is that that big of a deal for you motivating hear people say that you are getting older. Well those companies reality -- record. So like if there's bigger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The particular progress do overtly or whatever and just always it. Lord be something in Korea have put it. Time. That is the -- -- -- valid effort fell about in almost two of the game and I don't know -- just because people don't preparation. -- which going to talk about that in the you know it's it's -- those about a major political. But more of Portland in an invisible effects so -- -- -- -- About physically Kevin I mean for two loss we talked about this earlier you look at -- as as good as you've looked in terms of being able. Get up and down the court and run and jump you looked like you feel pretty good is that a fair assessment of how you feel right now with a about a month ago. There'll be there'll be one of potable also assessment on Greta look like. So that I have to do reporters quicker. You have the sort of medical startle do you reform it poses different assessment. But that from anybody else obviously -- those plans plus minutes and play installation. Post post game perspective it's in Gulfport. Elements of things that -- me. The that is the -- Barrymore and you go -- lack there of its fiscal Foreman. Like they strong enough look over the vessel and sympathies go left in the game. We salute so. Culmination world. Because that's where the basketball since the break and one of the big move is moving you -- that five. How has that been for you is this is suspended daddy's -- simple you going to that position -- your game has been elevated since that. Certainly an -- in the but it's. We'll be affordable. Seven. Some you have to have a lot more easily -- to -- more say in the -- or physical presences -- -- his body. You know you the last 2% so you don't just blocks out loud or you're. You double talker anyway well I. Don't we'll talk to know that. But not for us well probably more. Football -- you know our sympathy for the -- That I have the ability and ability to local both local. And these days just like Bill Clinton cement blocks of office. Helping him. Oh and I swear some sort of like a proposal for wall. Summaries. Please note well but it it was all over -- -- America the media is a player coach these. Definitely development would be in the position development -- of the killer these tremendously he cares about players' bodies and and also you know all of those things are important. I'd go to -- -- -- as to. Torpedo. Closer to see. There -- so that was just ago post his own source sources -- -- would go -- some of law although. I -- -- -- you know. Well that -- -- that lead to the question how long of a convincing job the -- captain do here KG could you still lead the media asked you what position he plays so we can go on still for this take awhile for for -- Convince you to play in that spot. Well would go root systems and those most like Cuba -- a lot of aren't you over the have a lot of us you know. Mr. felt it was so difficult legacy and -- of children in support of understood that they wanted to go about governor of the problem with the totally -- to put also it's. But dislike him -- the -- like a suitably informed. Here is there sort of beat their Forte so that's what was. You before the season start as early on in the season a lot of people speculating you have really dressed that your -- dated -- don't think about the future but. Has your opinion changed a -- you in your future and and given the way you played here down the stretch and you versatility now playing for even though you don't play like played five it's still been there. Just because that with a when it comes to the game. As -- restrictions and they -- a moment to produce. Yeah acumen in him getting older. Two a picture so that while most it is produce this level of and opposition of the sleep or place them in. And packet. But -- -- loose there's little it people Williams. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- resort the -- sort the world because it's the first note for the two. Of them differ from a craft that was. There's there's about on. -- -- And government. -- that award of these victims a double -- the local level of a combo that look like there was terrible about it. And of imperfect you know some guys have to look like they're. -- an order like certain market -- oh patient and stereo being productive so overcomes on the surface and in the four. Play in the four or law more positive decade to Wear out and stated that though. Britain must have been put before. Forcing subsequently. Those -- of -- -- on the bill and force the gardeners took -- to a more two more. They'll. Know being more flexible and durable. You know -- -- -- before -- because of the bomb maker of you know bubbles as serious self written. And so vote but assume that the dog -- these muted due. To -- watching all of this will lose. Given year freeze in the year and how -- do you think of Doc Rivers how much of that played a role of of of possibly coming back here to Boston next year. But there's no personal part I looked up. Folks come back picture. The movies of fort. A little bit. I don't know problem to convert -- A concern. About it it was tough case. Well when I came -- That it is anymore so that process of aliens in between businesses. But I'll I'll sit that criticism. Of the girl born to do. Mostly Lebanese as their players. Who world -- well star potential our. By the end of the combined play. Plus minutes in the game and the effect of there are. -- -- porpoises and more are. Travel and other -- with a list of things are difficult -- was so different supplies for. The civil war and peace to round but it won't be treated like Pollard or piece of the board. You know lord in this game has been depleted both sides of the -- of leaders. It's it's just terrible -- You know it's all over the place and to choose but this isn't too little dispute over the future. And and so was split could more scared about the in those players leave and the more effective more from the their position but. But in -- Pretend the -- as much when you're -- And which on the backboard which in due course which used to be able to do. And double on a losing game more of a -- -- -- things to where see -- So. We'll go home. I also reduces the very or. Into. Toward. Let -- game. -- competitive -- just over. Greatest terrorist in the world -- console game of basketball. An upgrade to cable quote so well. While some some some answers. Because. -- Just around this change. And hopefully you know quarter to play those. Dissipate because it makes. Speaking of enjoyment. Do you enjoy it more when you go up against a guy like Al Jefferson who is considered a a younger. Up and comer in the league seem like you go or you were in that matchup last night Kevin. America every matchup at all warfare that would look over disrespect both player explosives daughter especially the person on the roster. -- this especially a person in the rotation. You know I see your opponent as there are you -- -- -- -- respect the game so must there. -- definitely established markets where. To put the same level of compared to. Them and most experts. I've played well enough. He compared to a in the same conversation. Plus a lot there's a lot others go what sort of play everybody else special them to -- it some more. But little stood in the world batch of things such problems -- -- -- A lot of guys player what country you know -- borders but -- -- and so -- -- -- somewhere. Players can -- ordered its players bring you their various players to choose. You know -- -- resources supporters in those a lot of below us because. Here. A lot in the awards in the -- of the game Watson. And again they call these days so a lot has changed so. Don't well we're from from sesame gaming get ready for the all of -- difficult -- in the -- you know. So volatile lost it's a great post player put those pharmaceutical such. They syllable of Austin rivers on ducks kid literally practiced a little bit declared for the NBA draft. A -- -- so you think that would work out if someone like Doc Rivers were a coach's son. A difficult. Would that be you think the dynamic of that of having you playing with Doc Rivers hit. -- assistance from the doctors or or doctors supposedly this coach. That and the -- it was a lose their coats collect the bodies who coached. Very good coach and teach video. Decay over some sort of most of western used to Tuesday. That gave me -- ability -- the digital home schooled who. Welcome to the pro. It took you here. Well let's say Doc Rivers has followed in the fiscal suppose though it does stimulate but he -- a very difficult coast plentiful. -- -- civil. He is one of the best motivated. -- these different boards who challenging. Involved in the almost instantly couple critical. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Valuable -- successful positions to be. Successful. -- settle that he's got off. I don't know with us lies about -- -- him as our vehicle was players. Vehicles. With little -- so we'll say this but also lose. Belt grown -- respect and everything -- the -- postal. Well that's of course the obvious -- works in this movie losses. But whatever he's been to stores craft. It looks goes about the first minute excuse. Thought like -- it is. First thought about it for. The -- daughter. Most parents who is legitimate squad. -- -- -- -- -- of the total he has forward at a book backlog of predicted that both sides of the ball was. -- mobile. News scares people spoke he should it is possible that what is it should rises. Public to have an assault on self like you know this to vote because. It is -- into. It is and see you see it in his and resourceful and storms so. And I always -- -- Q school so special out of all of -- -- in the lives of kids. And this does this have to -- the fight. It is. Excuse will be one of the who's will be one of the best to go to to play another game is. He's just felt like I can't put sort of -- -- -- to works too well actually there's a lot about. When you look at this space here work so -- -- images -- what the -- resting his loss it. In this story as New York City in the -- player that plays well it's you know get so by the shot the lights on the court. And you pitching itself is less somebody's party and work in this country cutie but -- -- -- from the got to. Get so well. Place that in -- velvety. Always said that the field of tortoise -- that probably one of the focuses. Because. I think he useful to look easier as of the vaccine doses. And that relationship skills and so or so ago. Because of maturity with that was in able to say you know sometimes -- don't think -- right. In other communal subsequently. The -- thought these dogs -- I think that we don't perceive to -- a great. You insert its possibilities they called it. Kevin -- and about a month ago here in the season appreciate you gracious time here today we'll talk you down the road. Written in Iraq. That is Kevin Garnett to Boston Celtics he joins us here. On the AT&T hot line at the AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. They are -- little bit of a sentimental Kevin Garnett. In that conversation we've had more of these terrible I can really listen to him talk hours early hours. Is that instant cash. -- in order for you barely scratched the surface in terms of where you eat your constrained by the time you have I can't imagine as a reporter on this team. The stuff to get to talk with Garnett about when it comes to basketball because -- -- Passion about the get a feeling like big become rescission go beyond basketball talk more about life. With -- You know it and just the way he talks a vehicle so much deeper than basketball. Some ridiculous and all -- thought were way back double get a break we'll come back Digisette for the big show. I don't forget Josh Beckett threw 35 with Glenn and Mike.

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