WEEI>On Demand>>Sean Grande talked to Doc Rivers before tonight's game.

Sean Grande talked to Doc Rivers before tonight's game.

Mar 28, 2012|

Sean Grande talked to Doc Rivers before tonight's game.

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Celtics are presented by Alexis continues from the garden it is Celtics and Utah -- Don't know much about the judges your about it or conversation -- -- -- -- -- Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. -- healthcare. Work better and we'll get to chance we'll get to game Monday night Charlie. 8 at 11 o'clock last night it explodes -- espionage Twitter that Magic Johnson the news now part of it's off the Los Angeles Dodgers also which is -- twentieth anniversary the announcement. We have offer users marveled at Magic Johnson the player of the person and the enterprise in your wildest dreams could you have imagined he would be calm. -- policy and -- the icon off the court and he has become. Now it's also it is to me that it's the story is still hasn't been through. But happen in his life. And known him since. In Lansing Michigan and she worries that. -- what he's gone through. There's disagree -- story. But it really is relief -- Arum. Gonna go stick asked him what was well but it -- more than magic story just basically. What he's done. At the basketball. -- -- like real quick forum -- where it which you know in Atlantic. -- basketball camp with Gardner recruited. As stated so magic -- that was. Recruit. Argue differently. Except for a I was like when the trees in the -- hurting recruiting people for the knicks last year but it our -- all right there have not been through many Paul Pierce tight games this year and really the last few years assess teams change in this 45 you run. But in flashback to 20052006. Seeing a guy who could score pretty much whatever he wants to. He might be the most deceptive scorer in this league last. It is amazing watching in the the other -- it look like you're watching film is sort of start to -- coach who watched the -- and left -- or and film and look what he's going to pass it. That in just opened an open more -- dumped in land the ball it's just a professional score that every young player needs to study. Because this -- footwork and it's -- start. It doesn't make your job any easier when you realize they're going to be a lot of these games there have been ready work you know one or two or three these guys are going to be out. To realize the luxury that you have in changes necessarily which one do with voice to be able to fall back on that when things get tough on the fourth game five nights going to be nice thing you know. You know what's more the of the -- you don't know which one has written well you have experience with affluent it'd -- but I think he's been nice are. -- playing well. It's just every night or somebody else's -- support. And that's century. -- we're seeing -- team that I think people in Boston haven't lost a lot -- not on TV very much and people look at the standings they've been hanging with the he voice in the Western Conference all yearlong. The lakers had speaks Bynum and Gasol like in -- I'm not saying that these guys that lakers that they are Bynum Gasol but I. As far as -- team that has speaks three maybe four peaks they can score when they want that time -- Watch yet and therefore. A major entertainment group of school rejects. Bad shots right now but possibly can have a big game. I think dollars -- so maybe two that's going to be. In the league as far as film scored all of them by Cameron. Bigger taller. -- -- and no set -- speakers are -- tighter. But the other two taller and live is always the winner at him today but they're to repeat orders and Tokyo. As a result -- to a third in the NBA. In rebounding. We have spent an -- lot of questions about Austin today it's funny because we've spent. I mean hundreds of hours -- talk about Austin over the years off the -- never really thought it makes sense in this segment because it was a -- part of the NBA world but now that he is we've all the excitement and joining all of us in the NBA for awhile the only question I could think of was this when did you first know. That the day was coming that your son was convenient. I don't know if you ever know you've -- and so. Always give -- incorporated who note that mean I think of selflessness of burgers. And hard work and now. -- which this one and well. On yours. You can see here does it well I hope you're right and -- appearance there with everything they're cute I hope right. So that's so -- medium sized guards flawed but -- and just don't. It was pre existing may use -- That the coach if that's -- to jazz it next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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