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Wednesday, March 28th Whiner Line

Mar 28, 2012|

Angelo is allowed to procreate? Plus Herbert the Pervert and more.

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My view as an excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox -- This is discretionary box. -- And now -- -- your time. 181. -- And now the you're not very. And WEEI. Lorry near line. Oh well. News. And -- are now. Dial 6177793535. And. There -- -- and we. Zero where the whiner line and oh yeah and it's. Only. I don't think hey. -- -- it's. Job. WEEI. Whiner line that's. Pretty good program and bloody York -- pitching coach for the units buddy but not decided. Yet show it now oh but you. Is that a is backed out of the pain that that first used the term bloody start to describe Tim Tebow body from L. That character but it for -- Did it give credit to. Your. Liking -- of the studio like last night at I don't. There as well but again down. It posters in here now callers that were in the on that. The joy -- ever came here and Andy through -- out of the Rome. And I said to Mike is off the exit through right. Here is. A gentleman because of a woman here now beat writer -- personal work with as a as the visitors -- year ago. In the email well -- Caitlin. She's gonna -- run that machine and it's so so it took rights. Eatery. Statements of writers but George from Cambridge and you know he's telling us it took it and imagine that -- -- listeners Antigua. And stuff surprising to get the car it would just but it was an innocent misunderstand elves are pleased. Some keys relative. It was a well planned -- and try to -- -- you Wallace this figure this out here about ideal kind of -- -- Uses some garlic -- he's got -- -- torture chambers and I'm -- a -- That the human events and I think you've got -- -- that if you haven't become deeply -- game teaching pride among the dollar -- charities. -- an all purpose of steel used car. I don't want to understand that these clusters are coming in here to stay -- -- can accuse him that you know what happened. -- to run on track about him hard drive back patio season like me get some -- ago tell the truth patio. Looking for two hours. Shellfish left sixty pounds of lobster you guys give it to George a survey of the. That's all our our listeners native enjoyed a lot of power. By AT&T and regular I love that about Iraq. Under rent or bought part of my game to 54 GL TTE speeds up to ten times for us to the three G. AT&T rethink possible on any. Deliveries police take -- all these -- it's true that I have been accosted you don't they already talked about how well. -- know what that that a ticket to see the bad. I think I thought we medical school all the crap at the end of last year I don't want red dog. Starts have a -- that they'll all this garbage can get better go back and -- caught. And now it was dollar for dollar pound for pound to a very optimistic errors extremely -- you know it's just a problem now is 23 million vs three million embassy the problem is you can't say -- thing. -- anymore in this town. In which you being somewhat objective without people's it is -- Gordon negative. To write your last night what -- any writer is negative. He's not sure it is just bringing out some possible I get my negative possibilities. Yeah. We had that. Correct get up draw whatever your car has been -- don't -- -- because at a coal based sweetheart -- -- primary. On a couple of cold. And -- -- I was get a that was junker John practical. You know we really give both him and -- -- want to admit one night listener night and will be stealing keys a lot of thought. George's slot while many will be John recently yeah we have but one is one airline we all. Applicable to -- And it -- the fact that these. There. Back then I'm -- spent stayed back. To the point of the -- now. And Medicare issues downloads and out. Bruins that she's -- a loan applications downloaded a lot of things. And TV show on. That I can't find -- I've been fiddling around with this thing. And it lets your Smartphone there it's like -- -- the ball. -- -- Thought the heard -- used in Marshawn Lynch -- gonna be some sort of wet food film together what that would have been called. The good the bad to get -- and applaud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and what can my own business and bad -- again Red Sox locker room but the good spot and the people. About -- from Latvia. I thought that that would -- problem. And the message what is the what does the hundredth anniversary event. -- February 24 -- morning. It anyway getting -- since February many April pouring money yet just remember 41 for swimming out if we're showing event images they just think -- also good starts -- are -- -- -- bad reaction at Fenway. They got off to a bad start they may want -- to manage the amateurs glad 42 when he's gonna get a good reaction no matter what it does develop a source. -- Is a moron seriously saying that he quit on their editor spring training. Not only it would work the best. Was the public beta for Garnett Ray Allen when Bill Walton. Bird -- that the pretty good -- championship. The Colbert are the apple wants pre game look at -- at right now he was right. Particular. And -- message. -- -- commitments that they play one game. Big O. Killings at the credit. It could be heard yelling at I broke right back. And message post that word likeable affable for rival whom -- verbally just -- -- between the problems super he did do that. -- Ali I I think your point and I kind of civil Curt -- at the very. There aren't America. Good cop and but we have to go like. Remember it right here and it was double blow it -- -- As a guaranteed million dollar contract and a week later as about the big picture anymore because that would. -- Good happening but god golf ball could this mean they'll let me. Well. It was gum balls as some balls are afraid so. Do we I don't see how does he deal with -- -- using golf is a chance to bash his -- Bradley of course -- expert. -- Here let. Put we put up with the proper fact that it's. Attack. The. They apologized editing. He did yes. Well I think that Arctic I haven't hit as drop the requirement that these LP. I I have a Democrat and an -- that I'm a bad bad about it I felt -- -- that they -- dressed up. Backdrop climate that accurate but it -- ball. And I think what they Wear. And they're gonna Wear shorts and tops with sleeves now you know this is ruins the whole thing on some eighty -- this -- -- self righteous Reno have myself -- -- -- came -- with -- yeah I made embodying. Who clearly doesn't understand the game how it's supposed to play -- dormant. There's critical. It's like what we've been -- war. But. But. And -- met him. Earlier this you know the Bobby Valentine also serves as these -- safety saved it and yes. Something else bodyguard -- public safety director. -- Anticipation that it purchased clothes aren't there it is declaring at some -- urgency to getting -- No I got a call from -- is out I tell you to snow emergency. -- players live there you know what that going to be -- -- -- -- Rex Ryan called all the seasons -- they're gonna give Bobbie I think Bobby gets off to a slow start robo baby robot called all the battles the Red Sox Nation and apologize and -- -- Area now this page that. But again at any given back to the community garden you know what no he got paid forty director community and the new guy on the job this much. -- -- there's a trend here. This is Bill Belichick -- calling on behalf of the patriots know -- Mercury -- at the built. We do not provide flying car. Bill ought to know if you'd. This is not kindergarten debt blog apps don't work and beyond. And -- Ask bill that. This could have -- I've criticized bill -- -- I could see -- a public safety -- tell you call from Bill Clinton which schools are canceled -- book club. Motivation is the chemistry on the. It NFL. -- -- review every -- over. They don't spend another couple over and yes I will put the book because of the border. They already benefited from these. Four people wide all -- all over -- -- won't help. Every thought they had done at every ball all by being people they did quarterback. Beaten -- people who. And it's going. And good news I think for fans because word funny gonna get all of these calls correct -- most of correct. Bad news for fox and CBS. Because you don't all of those for fifteen games hopefully -- it has dried out you don't suck and they're thinking about -- for May have more meetings in May and I think this makes a lot of sense. Players -- going IR. Before we do so if you get hurt and we won like a lot of guys doing bludgeoning them Jamaal Charles those guys they're very they're they're going to be eligible to come back later in the season as good if there if they are able. So I think that's in it and that elbow -- -- only trading deadline back to weekend instead of weeks that too Smart and a lot of sense to. A big show and hope I never did have a parent -- don't do that today. I'm gonna become -- yeah. Yeah yeah. Who ever would kill someone to look good wouldn't take it you. Couldn't. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Posing a question is -- wife actually Debbie having a baby and they are the dogs actually haven't that are just. Love his voice is currently in the partner. -- -- sound like Daffy Duck is supposed to get out of it all right. -- -- Like I -- that I've -- column Mega Millions don't know what I mean it would be involved. -- dream so it can't control. And that apartment that didn't hit last night. That's my head so it's or 500 million Suzanne Wyndham hotel units room leaving. All I don't. All I -- is Frank McCourt did everything wrong and he hit the lottery that's all I know I know. Maybe they -- -- I have thought that I have to get that break it. Oh hell yeah. Did it could be -- A couple of good. And I watched the previous a special Fenway Park and the only thing that I can whine about her personal to me now because I -- I wanna watch the if you wanted to get the token they give him. I watched I watched PBS every once at all. I will tell you that this -- is right I don't like a mine Mike Barnicle who was a fan and was columnist for the legal popping in there once or whatever or. Saying something about. Why he became he would Howard Bryant suddenly became the voice of Red Sox Nation yes it's one hour special. Couldn't find a bunch -- other people through a hundred years so among many more still aren't sure who understand or had an experience of that ballpark that could related. Mike Barnicle and Howard -- after occupy the entire. Only reason you watch -- you wanna commend until the GBH people. Structure. Our -- lazy journalism sharply master 8000 or different beat Mauresmo at David's voice was Paper and I thought it was interesting that. They break down the fact that the Red Sox. Wouldn't bring in -- player. Who didn't have white skin and then in the next install and other -- and like black and that's exactly yet but didn't end and then then. We're sitting here praising John yucky for all the want to have it both ways are exactly things like I did it just don't see greens still alive -- -- Policy was it was the first. They've -- data hurt you at work today -- proton pack with a cop. I got forward or excessively -- both. Who -- inflated ego. And that message. That's five John -- -- minority report on the ice sheets for is definitely. Gets hyphenated worked super inflated. And things. Why can't I can't keep -- out the -- at a -- -- -- that the war by that -- I have had about about a lot. -- haven't been able to watch out. And the message to -- who -- fretted that. I think beats back this week rising speech on Sunday at some ground to twelve noon. -- But right now I don't have. My pick out my daddy. Okay. There's. Yeah I. They have the body and I have not -- been picked that you don't feed. I want that either. -- But I've got a good. That the end. Went it is that he can bet -- -- -- When I came -- it felt like the old days yeah. Maybe power -- although. Have a crowd. But -- -- hit and bit but came to. They're. There. -- Michael a year ago was down in that artists. Uncle owns he's into it is that 2000 dollars and Mikey Mikey doesn't know Mikey should know what. -- the -- -- located. It's the black pros. Now. It's the the district have a fabulous thunderbird at -- blues artist collaborate with. A very popular big yeah its. I can't act in here on this have a lot of friends here it's Boston it's my ears at the mighty mighty boss tones that this is -- and you we'll go ahead army YouTube. -- -- -- -- -- operative Kyoto part of president and convert them happy advocate. I've -- apparent murder he -- your legs like 87 years old right now. He -- guitar which is usually it's yours and -- also -- he's. That's. All right guys I couldn't tell it like nobody -- and -- you get a modern pop music 1970s. And us -- I paid attention right. I order a cold as it was right. Goalie and he's got to get involved in order -- the well I'll definitely outgoing and active and involved and all movie. And walk -- Yeah. And the mess that is why don't like cars they don't ask if it's instantly forgettable LCDs. And -- the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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