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Brad Marchand, Bruins Forward

Mar 28, 2012|

Marchand makes his weekly appearance on the Mut and Merloni Show and discusses the team's three-game winning streak, Zdeno Chara's 1000th game, and his relationship with his teammates.

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-- Jack Edwards on the call Brad marsh out its 26 goal of the year Brad joins us here on the program brought do you buy bread and smoke shop -- Ford and F. W web. I'd Georgia -- a quick math here Brad only 833. Games to go to get that thousand game marked the way -- did last night. You said he. A superior bicker about -- -- Leo and they'll be -- citizens but that area could be. You guys gave him. -- great -- a hotel three night hotel stay at any hotel wants to go rule in the world ought to put on the spot here is -- you're given that gift Steele is the answer right answer I was gonna ask -- let me answer the question Lou. Where where would you go for three nights anywhere in the world -- -- Yeah where would you ago. I think I or it will go through. -- -- -- -- -- I got to go to Italy why would you I agree to come from Italian of course but let's let's talk a butcher -- team here now you guys that they can for the music. You guys won three straight -- first time at 41 gains of five of the last six. If you get erupt there we turn a lot about the fatigue it's almost seems -- casket little second wind here now. Delaware. You know we haven't played. The rate by. We've -- that's there and then we really mean it took the right side of so sure about and indeed new printer that's our Q what they are pretty good enough so there's a missionary. Oh but he famously or -- It what what exactly was is there one thing a lot of people point the other physical play that's how you guys are maybe. The depth the scoring that you get the production from the -- third fourth -- was -- one thing register. Just overall plane -- team. I think. Although since we. You know our third fourth -- Played very very rewarding now intercept -- not been. Look favoritism rate notes we can do it and very hard or check in roots go back show respect that. Very sound overall game. You mentioned the eighty physical game I thought the game changed it rich -- back with a team just has a different look he's playing with you guys sub -- on that line. What is that -- get a guy like him back on this roster. I figured it's. Bout with a lot of little worm. Hole. It's Trevor throat all the different parts lineup in the year ago it has -- who. Spiritual players. -- very well Turkey Iraq Syria and some stretch and again -- sort of -- so we really missed some very popular back. What are some differences you know we of heavily on that line. With viewers in Bergeron is a post Kevin Sagan on that line. Though. It -- It was a lot of beautiful very very still players have. There where Xperia roots are are the then it more this year. You know the media. You're under age. It's too little bit more the president will put more processor -- appropriate place. You mentioned the -- -- good time -- to start -- play into the playoffs you'll start a couple of weeks did anyone have to say anything that anyone in that locker -- step up and talk about the idea of trying to play your best hockey. Heading into the defense you're Stanley Cup. Leo we know. We don't primary or Paper talks in. Leotard who voted just you know we have to. We will make if there's a quote out of separate raw and if you're not field where you are feeling or without. You know usually a feel pretty -- the -- If that situation so it sort of make sure that you know it's sort of that's a sort of it's there and being yourself you have to do it. Oral secure more we hear that you moved around a bunch differ lines -- trying to personalize secular times what's that he's still in that third line right now. Those guys eventually lighten it up and it seems -- your best when you don't realize what slighted Celtics everyone's contributing -- that their -- particularly he's been on fire. Gather there really are in our favorite to all of you know it's -- different -- -- proven and recover their group threatened me bloody your arms. Just realized they go out there. You would be useful for allies and and every time -- united says there's services. That score and also as a discrete problems receivers. You guys -- a great trip last year a road trip long road trip put a bunch of wins together that seem to BAA galvanizing moment Brad I wondered this West Coast trip you. You win two out of three. But it it felt like the guys looked like that Bruins team again does it help that on a trip like that does it help to keep you focused for playoff front. Yeah we. You know any because they go to road trip -- played a limited. It's victory even. We set for -- lot of America when he can toward not a cute story -- a couple people wrong roach put it that. The back but I -- there are paraded its state threatened. You know they're different though a lot of remember outside. The culture and then they're. Terms of the computer for -- I know this might Terkel Ben's game a long time probably a lot of respect for him when he walked in actress from its levels that you're breaking up the other night. I gotta believe somebody did say some crack a few jokes -- -- Have -- I'm interbrew. Rotating let if they could get. There but there temerity -- and there isn't a matter out. You walked into was the office last year Ted Peters rally it's Edberg Claude -- ominous score twenty goals and you went out there and he did it. You got 26 now did you tell me scored thirty got four more to go here. Naw I didn't I didn't I -- -- Kerio or thought -- look troubled -- such as well. You know I did that -- be motivated vehement. Trying to improve every -- Or right area. Are you goals guy not goals -- in goals on the ice but when you give pre season goals do you say -- wanna be a fifty points scored because you accomplish that last night was that something that. You set out to do this year as a whole. Typical thirty year. Dealers who do different things that. There aren't here this year there giving Joseph Williams. Let's say I think every player go to the dispute that vaulted into order improv artist and you know -- to get better be a better player. Go to Thomas seems like he's gonna flip the switch years the more the Tim Thomas of all the you say it's a different guy in that dressing room what was that a guy that was fatigue that guy now looks like he's gonna get it back together again. Larger. Mergers Genesee and go throughout the hour and very player doesn't. You know even. If you wanna call -- our mention. By the immune -- -- -- -- as the achievement of all we were players who aren't. The only thing period. Great are -- though are you even been it's been on the caller. It's definitely a lot easier for -- so there on his way to wager though. Gregory Campbell amongst others is two in his diary count copy new Brad he's in the Boston Herald all -- Campbell this week. Talked about chirp -- back and forth with you and said you guys have pretty good prank -- On -- back and forth including the idea that he -- York hit legs together. At some point what the -- that'll about. Hit Joliet. Get a good. -- -- -- -- -- -- And we do you know he is -- you accept foreign. In Britain told them they way it eight idiotic last year. But apparently together either of them they're both -- -- It actually was here but I hear about -- -- Those that utilizes. What are right it is. Rabbit -- -- -- Amerigroup of the road. Simply. Wholly different fonts. But I tell about the bear and the gang thing you know you just a very talented -- to commercials you got it all clothing line. There in the gang on night doing the show gets gonna get together what. I guess. There's. I really good yeah it's reduction. It's always. You know the only guys that Karzai -- Gretzky. Always laugh because it can carry -- -- so I it'll be harder to decrease by that'll. Do group video. Look at some of our picture. Did you like doing that is the intro is great decrease of follow up to you guys have fun put those together Brad. That's because there's despite -- do it or is -- by -- it -- come together. -- -- fighting illegal it federal regulators -- is that such a little bit but that's. You know it it's it's brought by the way is that there. -- -- Let's get job on this what do you have in store for Gregory Campbell now that you know that he was the -- that. Soldier pant legs together. I got it they would do that he's he's. I'd like to lately -- with these bright yellow Mercury is very -- -- the and Barrett in -- -- targets so you have here there are we have. That it sounds like he's kicking your ass gonna get him back we'll when he got to retaliate here. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know our permanent -- of. We need to we report next week -- we appreciate it keep kicking ass with up there in the gaggle thought you soon. Bird expert is the best and -- right there at the beginning of it the fought a parent again. They get in this ridiculously good the music. Our conversation with the star -- of the -- Brad Marchand. What do you buy bread and smoke shop the very best tobacco tobacco accessories at the very best prices in Massachusetts. Must be eighteen years of age or older by drug help for visit trouble -- dot com. The other inventory drop health board it's worth the drive you -- chip and by FW web selection expertise solutions we've got it will get a break you'll come back at you said. With what's on tap the big show at 2 o'clock on nine 370. WE yeah.

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