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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on resigning with the Patriots, the 2012 season, and the Super Bowl

Mar 27, 2012|

Patriots WR Deion Branch joins Mut and Merloni to talk about resigning with the Patriots, the competition at the WR position, and the bitter end to the 2011 season.

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A lot of wide receivers in the fall including one of their own Deion Branch found out about a week ago. Signs for a one year deal be back with the patriots the -- is great to a during the season ever patriot Mondays -- tracked him down there the off season. And he joins on the AT&T hot line Deon Butler Luke congrats on one year deal with the team a front. What I adore -- ideal man must be good to get back here I know a lot of people maybe expecting -- return. I know you felt the obamas because the patriot again. -- brave men I think. You know order it is it is important that -- -- thank folks had to say it is very mutual. We you know what -- this happen and and another thing I am in my cute -- and had commitment that is so well as much in the organization. Was there ever thought. A plane some where else do. Not I didn't have that I mean I -- -- wondered aloud at a creeped into my mind. Them a beat saying I want to make sure there Kyra hatred whatever that come about what is. So you sort out Prius and so who knows. That month old epic you know -- -- coats in the in the sort out -- they are disabling. How quickly after the season those conversations starlet -- at a city help but think about the -- did ever get to the point where. If you and your agent talked to other teams that took visits to other teams of four resigning here. You're not -- become space and we would we we could -- -- -- So I'll I'll say that I mean it didn't it and then looked away at covenant financial man. You know where we we would -- pace and from the -- commander feeble and create the and then into the port that is. You know it trade transit organization that the do. That a lot of -- could have covered it well. You know -- get straight now -- with. Erica all the different things so I don't want the people should have been right about Baghdad good go ahead. It was there was always that we we have great pain in my that would make sure we get. Well the patriots and that he died in -- pre the first couple of days but after that there weren't a lot of guys a lot of those guys are wide receivers available at the right articulate and wide receivers in camp a lot of competition there deal. And then bring that -- it you know it and that's what are about. You know there's. Competition that always. Is always good that thank -- you know gorgeous this year it will be very excited to see. What we look at all. What what makes treatment group looked like it makes -- and there are you know very excited. You get started with a couple weeks and I'll see your program. I think got everything start that have been the Motorola the Betty kept it. We talked about as we get on the offense the -- Josh McDaniels now -- -- full season do you expect Josh to. To do some different things offensively and install some some new things and this offense once the training camp and passing can't start. -- a word you know is government would actually -- quite -- are sort of be around would do Leo if he couldn't pay that we. Actress in -- debate that we wouldn't Astaro. And I'm pretty sure that those -- -- little we -- damage to attract older and try to get debate that was a pretty strong better offense will try to make -- about it. -- I'm excited Q what would. You know what what should get credit card or monetary in this. This year that -- with -- Would yield a -- Lloyd the -- played against him now for a few years he comes here and talk about the allies love Joshua Davis wants to be part of this offense. Getting erection with him. I'm not that I -- other yeah I mean I'm all outside of Obama you know great -- cool guy. You know they could try to Wear. In and then he -- to have more board I mean other than that -- they would never adopt the play with so is that opportunity. Thank. It is respect horrible side. Babies. Don't retreat to bring elected its Internet -- good. Ochocinco back to he restructures and -- how much. What should take a difference of of having a full offseason can really help him -- MB of a big difference -- of. Are they -- -- -- -- because we -- what -- that I don't have a clue would. You know wishes. Portrayed debate that he's got to do sort of be pretty new to me. It is going to be -- all via an assembly and I think you know wished originally and those guys. Which on the pace said that sort of let everybody -- pretty much going to be open -- We're talking -- Deion Branch for couple of minutes. Have you been able to watch any part or the entire Super Bowl as of yet. Match I mean is bit compete. Checked out you know but -- that that is is -- is behind us. And it that was you know try to move on twelve it will put -- -- Hello how long did it today. You know our order great yeah. -- coming right up the game you had to think about a little bit for a week at duke. Everything went out of the game I think ultimately it will -- maybe a week and any you know credible fall in topic today is week. We have rabbit and that we all know that. The guard with the bar has -- -- and the good and one that day and that's what happens whether it be over to see the game play out forcible. You know. Which would play a little bit yeah we all wish that but it didn't act and they want. It yet slow. Electric testing memory on your little because we always talked about how you and -- Brady always on the same page but it looked like in that symbols double plays after the Wes Welker drop in net final drive to look like. I'll tell you gonna sit -- field do you look like you're gonna keep going through the middle of the field was this a miscommunication there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I inside everybody can look at things. It's a good bet. You know -- lab actually is so different. And there we looked into court or whether it be media. Or moral or. Oh where are our environment they're going to be mistakes across the board. And then you -- up on -- to move forward and you know it was really played we normally will probably hit that we think it is. He knows Sanwa. Wes took some criticism after the game for some fronts on -- to be -- called to drop L we had to sell -- in and did talk about. -- the receivers after the game how did you see that played via. All it was it was a played I like why we all know. Get out of -- you know America would look great -- -- benefited from a make a better approach. I'll. Bet that wouldn't want play in the game -- one played in just a credit card. Bella from in the face Red Cross or by each and every player on the football field goal for anyone to fade away -- record a comment a little -- You know that was -- they made across the board and and everybody could create what they are tired he played at a target that's not right it's not fair and outlook well. You know came as well a lot on one -- ought to play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't count glad that they they make those things -- -- -- triple of the trees and what we're gonna we're gonna end. Bad we didn't do you know wouldn't count out they they may pay cap Latin America. You know. And and that's what have we turned about what they did. So little debate have to look at it as important -- play two way -- -- -- don't just try to. Deal or your thoughts actually -- here's the most calming comments about you know -- -- the comets -- made after the game kind of just emotional after the game digit. There are a bank into the remote you know. Two ago I know. You know you don't feel that way pay a Baghdad. -- grant Carter -- you know write the law. An -- and they came out from producers didn't really mean that. Economic. No. And truck. I don't get -- in the bios. You know I'm entries -- almost. You'll become almost Ochocinco like on your Twitter the iPod -- And you've got out of control your hash tags at the -- to expand on to me is becoming. Like Baretta that's a big alt a these listeners texting us and tweeting us -- helped. That -- instead passed next and other meted out we law that when he sent that letter that the earlier. That day if you're big on to that he probably follow the chaos that happened about a week ago and yet -- a crazy week between the body -- but. Peyton Manning to Denver got a new quarterbacks last backup quarterbacks last I don't know what you -- -- your tip to -- We'll get thoughts and all the stuff was going down about a week ago. Oh don't go -- I wasn't -- to you about a week. But -- -- And in about it. They don't. Try to go to have noted that trigger panic as. The battle -- pay its its best would be as portability and that they're gonna make it out we're gonna make a bid and they got -- with. You know it and about it bad that in about an epic is the kind of crazy. About global about it. You know -- Our collective yeah. These guys. And makes those would hurt so. You know I don't know I don't know would have logo and they do it a bit -- balance -- got an eternity. You know these guys to write it takes some effort to -- would say that it unilaterally -- it'll work in the -- days. And had his way at Lenovo. Well. You went out today a business or pleasure via. Let you be tomorrow will debate tomorrow you know it -- Soviet. I'll have to look traveled player right now. It's gonna say I expect to see you in the world -- on TV over the weekend correct our -- little -- Out that struck me as well with my daughter Brooke is that we Egypt the only -- eventually -- That's OK let's say UK. Mean I've been that evident that I would have been their support. Trust me. There's an idea. This idea got a great. I gave it to your view would Iguodala. -- -- -- I was giving crap all you -- friars beat that all -- deal -- -- big -- Idea. Though. -- -- -- and it helps you ought to put him in -- cell you know I don't know. And -- got a great -- -- -- great -- Saturday. I go celebrate my daughter I'll be glued to become a -- I can't -- You did not called on the way just for the record at no point this year did you say as we -- having these basketball battles off the year don't worry Google's gonna make a run. That -- had no clue or a ball where the wild arms even -- all stop it would work real palpable was like that would not gonna make active trust me. -- I went to the big east tournament. I think that we got a great. If we just played ball like this is great because. There which threw the ball pretty good. That's what -- determine the game in the debate Greg could be two well will would be OK I think most now yeah. If we left and I missed a couple chat and in you don't let guys score the basket and a bit out she. I think most people that list price volume twelve or flip if they're not following you Dion at the operates 84 he's Ochocinco. Like it is tweeting -- After it was this hash -- to get -- response to people followed the young player and. Check that out because hey it out game -- so. And good recruiter to wait a big game as well. A lot of patriot fans glad you're back in the next DI congratulations we'll talk to you what down the road. -- -- our guy patriots won big idea branch on the eighteenth the outlined AT&T forty LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. I got -- we -- he -- conversations off the year Lou will's gonna leave now they're gonna -- we all get our RB he had no clue least during the regular season. We talked over there he had no clue boy that his cardinals gonna make this brought a game lot of crap but that from Ireland you -- remembered. When he threw that never figure remember being a walkabout on and -- Unocal part in the final four. Big show comes to -- 2 o'clock until -- your calls at 6177790850. Toll free 8885250852. Missed it. You're gonna hear next the Bobby Valentine had to say today and Red Sox --

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