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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on bounty-gate, Sean Payton, Bill Parcells, and the Celtics

Mar 27, 2012|

Jackie Mac reacts to Sean Payton's press conference and the potential that Bill Parcells will be the Saints interim head coach. Jackie also touches on the Celtics.

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Butler and ID 37 W -- EI a lot to talk about with you today. Celtics winners last night organism basketball Jack McMullen joining us on the AT&T hot line -- TT four GL TE. With speed that the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Organism host Jacki I get your reaction to the one year suspension for Sean -- the way this entire thing. You came down to feel like that was a represented a penalty for what went on -- with the states about negate these last couple years. You know. I don't -- representative what went on without any day because I think we know we have evidence that tells us that. Similar things went on with and other teams but the reason that I'm paying them got that year suspension. It's pretty pretty obvious at that point. And it's because he kept quiet about it they went to -- They told him. You have to stop doing that. They you know multiple times and he ignored them and he said it's under control and you know you can't it's respect. The National Football League and its commissioner in that regard you can't so I think that you're suspension was more. It's like -- right excellent not to -- the crime it's the cover up to get everybody here that. And and I think that indicates that I didn't get to Benjamin you know what the press conference this morning. I just what do you collect. I'm so sorry. -- made a lapse in judgment I did something delicate. Log in and I look back on now. What airline that I didn't see it we don't know remarks. Where we're not humility didn't see any of it. And you know not what -- don't they -- if you're gonna go and try to appeal that suspension on Monday. I I can tell you now forget it. Yeah and you know also a lot of that whose talk a little bootable possibly leaving his options open it to me after what he did and how hard the NFL came down and the thought of fox or anybody NFL network putting this -- an analyst. I don't feel right and they should keep this guy with some football will be our year. I couldn't agree more Lu Ann and I think -- that you know he was talking about we just respected the product of the and the product. -- -- the football player you say clearly the learned a thing from their -- I thought. Expressed confidence they need it and it was very -- and it it you know like I like John Peyton on that Pelham. I thought he -- -- You know the guy that you could look up to and think that you know he was. And I got routine but I just I got I didn't like doing hand them out at all today that Iraq. Do you think the next person hailing the saints is going to be old friend Bill Parcells -- When that becomes thinner that is something I love that idea. Why I'm here and did I call a couple people had no part of -- makes fade along. But that before Parcells the -- I think yet -- counter -- -- -- I I'm pretty umbilical aren't doing that a long -- but I think once again in the room. All they get it is Islam I don't really really good football team. I can happen in the other thing is you know I'm open Pete Carmichael -- you would expect job. The EC. And great football guy and I'm glad to see it on you know -- well at camp. But from what I understand and I -- -- -- wanna do it you just want Colin played he's not interrupted in interest in the united Internet coach -- does it feel ready yet. So once I heard that -- all purpose shall bring it on an -- -- ball. And to wrap of the par Celtics were talking about him Jackie how surprised were part that he was an eight named in the hall of fame. At the time of the Super Bowl because to me if you're talking about guys who have done it in a different spot and meant a lot of the game nobody. Is his worthy is Bill Parcells for the national football -- whole thing. I was really surprised and you know I I was really surprised he he does have very good credentials. But he's also somebody that the media has always love is cultivate the media with that. You know how I approach but somehow you've got the tough guy approach and in a quiet moment reputation in the corner you feel like department -- -- -- I thought he was brilliant in the waiting -- the media itself. You know I thought that that would help -- -- strategy and I am very great surprise I do think you will. Lineup in the hall saint. I eat eat it didn't get time. Project that's not what the first place tied for first place Boston Celtics and you -- division right you know listen I've been as changed as far as like the future and what it holds for the steam down the stretch in the playoff but. I got tired I get this team eight ton of credit and a time to admire them -- the weight with the injuries in the way of equal there and playing lately. He's got a -- get it out athletic but agreed to LA tonight on the circuit you look at it as well. Well what's the big deal you -- -- about five -- but with all the circumstances the current and it keeps happening. Mean -- go down now it just it just let it never ending every time and eight it'll take a step forward. Something it's like something all the other bad is it credible to me what people -- -- in here oh I like I like big guns can. And I do think ever Garnett was delayed for a little out our personal issue came back and -- he came back and I always put it on him when I seeded team galvanized the late and -- know it when it when you talk about how locker room either when they get picked on. So -- UG and the topic all the problem -- They've -- to eggnog and Philadelphia. And it'll come down to a tiebreak it and again. I know has missed out three games and ankle injury and ankle injuries kind of track record here for Ray Allen -- -- are you hearing this is. Is -- significant is this a big concern yourself expand. Well I think it's I would say it can be an ongoing concern. It's probably content and I hit it to instructional stuff that need to be sick. It's not gonna get -- obviously not gonna have time to do that that he's -- so you know race. Rick and did that she can if you can get out their rate of perfection itself. You know you have to push through it very well that probably Smart right down in the little time delay he'll. I need you don't need to light -- secret shot curled around the screen. I'm not sure the super concerned. I I still think there. The death knell for the team would Wilcox sat at the -- because he -- to really start and play well you get some big men up front and that's so I think it down the stretch -- -- in her. -- what is the ceiling what what exactly is Avery Bradley. In your opinion. Well I think it's a really good question. I'm gonna say the work in progress site and -- gamer clearly really feeling defensive intensity the defense and energy. And it would fork in it caller five inches taller than you know problem may be -- -- -- But I do have concerns about that he cannot handle the ball. -- not handle the ball and I don't know look at this late stage of her career. You can learn to handle the ball in the NBA level. So that's my secret to people talk about a -- I'm just more concerned. -- ball handling skills you can't be a point guard he can handle the ball. So I don't you know he's in not to be classic -- I didn't shoot the ball really well not to speak solidity that question. And -- give up on them but I just see some very basic fundamental things there. That he he just wonder. And can anybody he themselves to be an NBA ball handlers at this late stage of your career at an audience here. In that debate that I think a lot of I I tablet listeners and maybe you know because you've been around the team is Doc Rivers Jacqui. Wanna coach's son at the next level is Austin declared last night he's gonna go -- of the NBA draft the -- Oh I think if you ask them would you like to coach your son or not be -- it unequivocally be yet. Cooking -- the better than anybody. Anyway whatever code the -- can tell you that again attitude young -- -- eighty plow it -- like you know you coaching kid you'll see the -- And other people who look out here -- -- -- your good -- your -- -- -- all you have to look at it objectively. But you only see the possibility. You can possibility that other coaches bill. So. I think it could work I have no doubt that it couldn't and you know like I like it -- -- guys before -- mock drafts that you see. If they kick. If they picked off the river protectorate like how people think back to life and he's not really ready I wish. What I really what you're Vietnam backed alternative here on that could give him. And and the -- policy I don't know what dot which is contaminants and I will when I see him. But that can mean -- made the -- and let nobody declare either first round pick but they -- lottery pick. On the on on the mock draft and I think. The issue we're talking about I'm sure that the father is that the coach in the book goes on that team know in the back of the plane in the bus and business you know Austin rivers at his father and some things are said may be about Doc Rivers and back on that plane or in practice that maybe you would enjoy I think to be interesting especially. If he's in the back quote there John Rondo I'm sure you know what that relationship. Right right I worry so much about that because like I think. And doctor regularly and often have been on the usual from the beginning to think that was targeted for the NBA no life at the cemetery great. That's how good he was in fact. I doc told -- one year ago. I've got them out of Indonesia now the one that really good adopting it. Seventh grade and they want to play -- he said I don't like it site. You know -- predict you'll keep them but I think it is that can make India well you know exactly what you're talking about -- -- and all of back to the seventh grade having that kind of at all. Okay so I think their relationship has already been different ought to be coached by so many different people. -- father have been involved but. You know be integrated into the independent thinker he did not want Jeremiah -- that the transfer from Georgetown. Any you know he did anyway so he can get there aren't thinking they're all mind. I think dog which is what I'm not that would only down a little bit. I -- pretty cocky kid which the docket. You know the academy of humility really -- I think kinda their youth through. Both they're both -- Operative grown up in the public eye with its father -- part of the public -- and so I think we're at it might be bigger deal. Was another father son combination I don't see. It in a problem last really -- last I think you'll be higher on not a river than any other rookie in that regard I -- and we know it toward free art -- On the projections say is a mid first round got -- -- that part of the get him with the first pick the last one I about the Easter -- -- the Amare Stoudemire injury. Vienna a an MRI. He might be out for the regular season if he isn't he can't come back to we just draw a line to -- idea the -- can be a fun at pesky team in the first couple rounds of the post season. You might have to draw -- -- to them being in the postseason look at this Indy you know Milwaukee consent trade that played pretty well they beat the -- last night or the other night. Bought it under my -- director regular season I don't think the -- make the play never mind be in -- first round opponent for somebody I don't think they even make the play out. It became really because they. You know that part of the three guys on the floor together Anthony Lane and got mired would fit but what can -- -- a wonderful job. With there'd be as good matchup you know I don't he -- now that everybody up at half court they're trapping more they're playing with. A lot more defensive energy and he really had been playing well -- -- in fact -- myself for that that amount timing it's a shame really because. Would have been playing pretty hard. Jack appreciate the time is always a -- week we'll talk to next week. Enjoying -- McNulty SPN joining us on the ATP outline and is always Jacqui. Brought to you by Toyota of Nashua who asked you to give them a try before you buy during their march mania sales event and by south pizza. Get a carry out wanna pick up the biggest pressure is tasty pizza around south pizza. Now that's a slice will get a break get your phone calls Deion Branch to join us live -- 1 o'clock.

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