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Curt Schilling, ESPN, on Bobby V, Jose Iglesias, and Daniel Bard

Mar 27, 2012|

Curt Schilling joins Mut and Merloni and explains why he doesn't think Bobby Valentine's managing style won't work in Boston, talks about Jose Iglesisas being sent down to Triple-A, and discusses the way the team has handled Daniel Bard.

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Butler got 37 WE EO we start with a baseball Jose Iglesias will start the Europe the -- it as will Lars Anderson. Spring training almost over the -- for real on Thursday and while the treats as always is to watch Curt Schilling a baseball tonight. -- up the join us here talk all things Red Sox baseball start for good here about nine days how to feel to get back on the set cart get ready for this year baseball. But New York it's the guys there it's a great group group of people I enjoy really enjoy working with and I get to see some players but I didn't play with so. So there's a little bit of that old called out to probably singularly enjoyable it was good cheer on the guys again. Yards yet the night now a group an awful lot of what you said -- I actually like a lot what Bobby Valentine is doing I elected to the playing more aggressively like this does keep people on their toes. It's just that he can't help himself and I think that's gonna get him in trouble with the with the media. And that's where it's like it's hard for me I work with them last year. I know him a little bit failure I was around him at the all star game wants. But like Bobby I'd like a lot. I thought that the manager that managed the -- that I was not a big fan vote was now going to be a different manager I don't think there's anything different at all. And I don't think that that is is going to be conducive to doing well I think it. There's a lot of things I think that are happening. From not just his perspective but when you talk to these guys and that's the pocket of some of these guys. I I don't think this is going well. And I think it's going bad quicker than I expected. What what what what what is it exactly is -- the things he's saying is trickling down to people kind of wondering we're not just on they're told but what. Delighted that can't it will stopping in and you know one of the -- -- technical understanding. That that. -- had great basically managers don't happen no point in front pocket change pitchers as much -- to manage people. I don't think I think the Major League manager has so little to do with wins and losses. More in special consultant just about in any sport it's about managing people because. To look at -- month schedule you're you're you're you're you're interacting with your players on the very different problem very different scale I picked up becomes. The most important -- characteristic of -- manager and and I know that kind of what I thought -- Tony La -- percent to Wasilla the body trying to prove to reinvent the game. And and and I apply I don't think players have ever responded well to that and and that disappointed that I was was that that he's doing a lot of things I feel like right now. That that are forcing his players to to extend their media and involvement. Tips -- questions about him in the situation when the target count and -- to do it to play and it's important to win. He had this argument back and forth Yorker with little about I like the idea that that these players are going to be. On their toes that -- not sure what Bobby's gonna say I do that is a good thing. And I apologize if this comes across front but that's because UP. You can't understand and I don't mean I have a high about it and what not not having played in -- understand that's not a good thing. That's not a good thing that I thought -- because that became its hard enough to play as it is. And counting and played the visiting you have every person has -- that self doubt that they you know would be within their make up. The last thing you want to be a wildcard in this Jamaica as the manager that you stability. That's where when they win win. When you're struggling in and -- you know that was the one of the things -- have Hillary. I think so quote this is what you knew when you're struggling. If you were to order that he didn't who's who's going to be realistic you know what you got to play and I know what's not working out. Doctor tomorrow it and any time you introduce the wild -- the guy's gonna flip over the spread or throw something against the wall work. Active reacted in a particular -- it's not a positive thing and I know what you're saying blasted the team. Wait a -- season ended everybody was looking for change. It and I get that and that and right into it but to me that powerful players that we yes -- was -- -- I think we're not putting it on down the that's not a good years. But that ultimately this earlier this. Huge collapse last year with a 100% on the players. And -- I've heard you talk about this a bit late in the year guys that we took advantage of Terry Francona because they knew he was not going to. -- -- -- publicly isn't it a good thing that now that same group of players who needed an adjustment change to what they were -- now have a guy that -- concerning my go to the -- with what's going on by. I don't think so because I think we can -- doing you don't change and you -- you just do more secretly. But I mean it's. It's hard explained that the challenge for me there were talking about grown men won a popular high school seniors are college freshmen do grown men. And if if if they're content hold themselves accountable. The that it. That it's been doing things properly and not get in trouble now they're -- refer back to what they are. In those guys that that's just and they are being John -- not gonna suddenly hit the pivotal game it's -- what this is all on the -- it's -- and I -- While WR. And and and you know so I in the -- but the managers gonna change. They -- bit. It's it's it's opposite if they get out of the gate in the wedding it's -- being you know -- gonna pay it because they don't. This just adds an entirely new depth and -- to -- to the media post game story which is every bit as much. A part of playing in this market and competing and winning here is that going on the -- -- in the game. When Bobby Valentine walked up the bar a couple weeks back it's -- argue wall lingered -- body in the fifth that was me out of the back and sensible what do you mean you'll live. I went would have been what the hell you talked. Right -- -- that thing -- it like about it is first off if they are all in on Daniel blog it's not five or six starts this spring training it's April it's -- June before you really disciple -- -- You starting pitcher not absolutely hated. The fact that they brought him in in the sixth inning about three starts ago thought that was a good idea of a guy try to transition to a starter. I think this I think this is probably the one the one player is being mismanaged all the hell right now. Because. You know it. I don't have the pitching depth that just kind of put this guy will you feel like he's gonna it's the best. This guy the number for the championship rotation the patient before. You have a leg up on just about everybody in baseball. In the end in the -- from me is that I want him to get into his midseason -- and -- preparation. And so I want him to block parents are thinking like -- started in the -- that it becomes challenging because Bob and not a pitcher never pitched in the big leagues. And I I played for managers like this who. You know don't -- their pocket about things of that about pitching and then you want to walk away the pitching coach because you know what -- Analytical and wonder about the southern port on pitching and they hit the papers -- from manager to build it doesn't pitch because. Nobody -- can't tell me what it's like that it could make that you might -- put runners on first and third in the seventh that I'm reported Tony. It looked and you need to dial back to be home a million. You know mostly made it to make sure you're the controller or the pitch and blah blah blah but not no not my other coaches can do that plus I think you undermine your pitching coach in. Just staggering place. When you don't allow him to coach -- managers pitchers and implement the biggest thing for -- destructive -- that count out and getting them up and down 567 times I mean. Don't don't let that -- have a spring that I always wanted to have won that seventh inning hundred pitch outing. But former last dark beats the -- that I want to try to pitch count and in my lap I was -- work on a couple things in tune up in the season gets going. As with with about what can happen to accept its spring training as a starting pitcher what I'm doing it like getting ready to put -- -- start on being -- -- that first light up like really taking. I pick in the might bring my money in these remote. -- proteins start but really every day what this is going to reduce during the economic over my video might hitters -- a look at my lineup from the get ready to pitch. These stories about that a spot in the rotation. You mentioned that he still talk to guys over their Kurtz I wonder how much you believe that there's actual. But the power struggle between the manager and the front office of the GM is actually a bad thing or is that overblown right now. I can't tell you. Almost look -- of this and I can't tell you how little players hear about that crap that has nothing to do with what I'm doing. And -- the guide -- -- on the team and there's very few of those. The only concern is getting on the roster and being in the big leagues they don't care about the manager of the GM and who they're arguing about who they're debating about it. They wanna play it one personality and -- -- basically don't but don't care about stuff like that that that's the kind of stuff. -- into being idle chatter in the Red Sox locker room in July because it's it's on the front page of the Paper -- now we know I have to start answering questions. About that after the game that it becomes a problem. Yet that's the thing I think down. This this has happened all the time he is splintering in the camp that there's always discussion between GMs and managers it -- to me. We've never known about it publicly like like maybe we have here now you look at body to be told another -- one thing or another but. The power struggles it's always did the GM looks for the future the man who wants to win right now. And it's not as if it was looking for the right you're not building a winner -- a power struggle. If those two guys are collaborating evidence arguing I -- apparently I was involved in some of those arguments. If they're arguing they're not being productive but -- sick of him being a power struggle. Well hoped I'd have to happen know the direction go to organizations have it happen know the direction than -- and with their their topped -- prospect. And whether they agree to disagree in the world when they walk out of room I have to be on the same page. Because if you have that adopt it as if it truly is the power struggle then you have one of those two guys didn't connect something waiting to happen. Now the big topic today was somebody sent down Jose Iglesias and it was -- starting pitching you want the best guy back there but -- do you feel about that decision you think Dick it was -- Why I think you're looking at a Julio Ordonez until he matures offensively. And I think we've -- don't it was woods' -- -- -- it would been in the hall of fame. And I don't know I haven't seen it cannot sensibly enough to know what beat him if he can hit. 75 to eighty I don't know -- I don't know I'm not I'm not I don't have that the knowledge and on the opera to plug it into understand what what his upside is. If he's not ready -- probably the worst possible thing he can do it started they in the big leagues certainty in the big league. Because you're playing at. The Paper on the him -- -- in your career you have to be mentally strong enough to overcome that and and they know what does it better than I do so. My assumption is that effectively with ready -- years ago offensively he's somewhat there ordered because. This is the kids at school when he gets the big leagues and the way he he's not a guy that problem rocks and -- -- drawing -- walk is a big piece in new. That that's probably an issue. Also I wanna make sure that I got him offensively progressives like I can possibly get him because what -- when he when he -- that basically. -- is going to be -- start out in the big league doubt -- offensive player. You referenced Jon Lester I think he still important this year -- I wonder for a pitching standpoint. You know what's that last thing he's got to do to join that elite group of pitchers in big -- He's got a -- -- and now he's got to walk your people. That the that they have done much a couple of -- and happens to into the soil or. I didn't think that everything is there this guy is it is a popular rotation in any doubt starter. And it can find a way to put his walks and half the guy is going to win twenty point budget every year and so. It's an intimate about -- -- and he's got to get out and have command of the fastball. In the incident and that he can do that then did he becomes but just a slightly shorter -- -- any -- that that he got decked out except that slider in. He's got a couple of the -- to -- never had and he's got he's physically. Everything remotely in the at a proper location number one guy. I just texas' -- shows video game is awesome well direct payment if you actually loves it out that launch go anyways right. Dubai it's the question. Is so excited. I don't know about dogs are about how Hubble launched go for a. Awesome awesome -- in the game it's exceeding expectations -- -- perspective. They went to a topic we would have a great reception at -- and on and on the pin number to a great. What are we see on baseball tonight again. I will be at noon will be watching -- appreciated as always thank you Curt Schilling joins on the eighteenth the hotline ATP forgy LTE with speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. And play baseball I'd do some radio like I couldn't told you Curry's NASA questioned their the end it was just north side and I'm awful you're trying to get a little set up the plague his game. Behind the guys. Thought the gave launched an asset yeah. I -- it as -- enough and after it puts -- -- I noticed well Wednesday night he was not. I wasn't offended by at all an idea what he's trying to say I WDC some like that in -- Islam that. Whose group would do. The slight guitarist they were as mosaic in the news. I hear you say to be off the year not on there it's always -- that's fun it's laid off the -- quick break come back it's your -- calls -- McMullen next hour Deion Branch 1 o'clock.

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