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Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner talks Bobby V, 100th Anniversary at Fenway

Mar 27, 2012|

Tom Werner joind D and C this morning and hit on Bobby V saying he's the right guy for the team, talks about plans for 100th anniversary of Fenway and Gerry's Run to Home Base for our troops!

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On May twentieth. Gerry Callahan will once again put his athletic prowess or lack thereof on display for all the world to see at least for New England Boston. Or the fifth I believe it's the -- -- third annual out run walked home based presented by new balance it is scheduled for Sunday may twentieth 2012. Give the details of all that will help promote this with the Tom Warner Tom Warner joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. The chairman of the Boston Red Sox joins us on the -- good morning Tom how are you. Gloria do it very well before we get to blood Jerry embarrassing himself on May twentieth but at Fenway Park and in the run out -- baseball with you if we could and an organizationally. And philosophically. And it seems to me for as long as I've been watching you and the rest of the current Red Sox ownership operate. It seems to me that you do very few things without research and much deliberation and vetting the pluses and minuses. Of which way this thing is going to work out so with that whether personnel batting order fifth starter -- playing shortstop. I suspect it's no accident. When I see the nest and -- and I see much of the promotions about this baseball team. That that Bobby Valentine at least for this spring. Seems to be the dedicated face of this organization is that just a coincidence or an accident or that's something that this organization said this is how we're going to go for with a fresh start Bobby Valentine's space. Well we do we do in the obvious on a great camp here and there. You know we we we have had put 2011. Behind us and I think if we get off to a quick start which we haven't done the last few years and and play winning baseball then. Everything being good order but we're really just focused on trying to get the players' help they get them in shape. Obviously got that that Jon Lester was dominating last night and Josh is pitching today and and how things are things we feel things certain in pretty good order it now. -- Bobby Valentine yesterday called the report that he and bench Arrington might be at odds over a couple of different subjects. Lazy journalism I guess his point was in any good organization. You want counterbalance and point counterpoint it's not your take on that situation what Bobby had to -- And I think I think it was a let overblown it's appropriate for the guys to debate who should make the squad and should be. The starting shortstop that that's helping him and and you know what I think guys are getting along great. The computer over -- -- and their today the captain and I don't see any bruises on either of them they get along really well. Do you remember Tom when Bobby's name first came up bizarre -- -- -- out of the usual suspects she had young guys and they'll swam in. Pete -- and then in and out of the blue comes Bobby Valentine and we all kind of reacted like that that can't be real. But then when you stop a lot of bodies said this might be just the anecdote to win this might be just what this team needs did you have a similar react well. Well I have. Private and with be somewhere along the process and I was at the most people feel when they when they talked again. This guy is one of the smartest guys I've ever and then -- you know it's baseball or business or whatever. He had. Analyses of what he would do if he came in that you know related everything from -- -- my -- -- Carl helped by Carl Crawford hitting Skyler. And we know might be able to help a certain pitcher I -- Well I don't think there's any doubt of all the people that we met this. Bobby was the most intelligent I was really impressed with them and then. I think he's done a great job in the offseason mentality how he does. Starting April 5 that you did I think years I think he's really. That experience and and I think he's done a great training camp. When you oh drove home from that dinner when you go home that night did you wonder. Is he full of it did he just pull one over on May. Well -- the -- what order they'll. It certainly had a good Italian. You didn't go to like Bobby Valentine's restaurant you -- -- know you're. -- at I'm looking for that matter. Is it true that in a particularly trap you set so yeah yeah he says so the only current electorate or anything he says he says with conviction he has a charmer if nothing else the he. He gets he understands how to get a point across and an -- -- I think the part of that. -- -- and I don't know this for a fact and Bobby probably would admit it is to pull some of the heat some hot spotlight off of his players because he can take it he can handle it would do great. Well I don't know -- an answer something that that's a byproduct of his talent looks and the most important thing obviously we we needed change last year. And I think that he's a leader in the end the players have to play -- I think he's a great manager. Now when we ask -- Larry Lucchino this question when we were down in Florida a few weeks ago he was quick to point out that the payroll is where it is the money is being spent. If something needs to be done at a certain point of the season ownership won't hesitate to do. That having been said already by Lucchino. Was there in your estimation Tom Warner a a philosophical sea change this year that we've spent a lot of money we've spent a lot some of the good a lot of bad. That we are going to try to do a different way financially this year even -- the payrolls where it is. Well I wouldn't I wouldn't say it that way we we obviously an enormous amount of money last year. But at least spend money but you know when you go -- you get their talents and Carl Crawford Adrian Gonzales you're not gonna do that every year and I think Larry I'll be code you had the highest payroll we've ever. We certainly think admit that we Nate Allen. Somewhat. Mixed it up but you know that goes with the territory and we have enough money -- -- to make strategic -- during the season. And -- think it's we're where we should be right now. We knew. Dove into this ten years ago when you bought this team which on and -- ten years ago did you think you'd still be here ten years later. Well I would say this that has been remarkable experience for all of us there. I think one thing then that it does keep us energized every day is that. You guys know as well -- where he bought this is an incredibly. Exciting place. Be involved with sports. We've had the pleasure riding on those duck -- two times we want to do with the third time. It just you know you know people come up to me and just say thank you so much or for what you've done that matches -- this. Energize their day in and you know we solid wanna be back to post season we we have the resources and talent to -- went in and were healthy we will. They said thanked Q after September 2011. And -- you -- -- but they -- -- -- you in August and and what we've done little trick and -- except number. Hey Tom probably -- of these three situations that may or may not go well if you if the chairman of the Boston Red Sox could pick one that just just. Knocks it out of the park to use the baseball analogy would be Carl Crawford returning and contributing the way you expect him to contribute based on the salary and length of contract yes. Bard turning out to be a solid very solid fourth or fifth starter. Or Bailey doesn't miss a beat and picks up right where Papelbon left off which those three wishlists things would you like to have come through the most. -- let the pinnacle and I just said like Carl Crawford the bounced back this guy is so -- talent. He had a miserable here last year and end. He's determined to come back and and it would be very satisfying compete at a world of talent in there and the desire to do it. Who -- like the other two as well until you -- you know I heard you heard this the sparkle which is like -- measles you Wear them. And apart -- I know it's ironic that -- ought to tell us out there the night you ought to do something to recognize that memory to commemorate that moment her. Larry and are we going to be surprised that we going to be blown away by what is in store for. Opening day and or these the hundredth anniversary day for us. April when he -- his heart is -- yeah I hope you'll be. We've got and we're really emotional. Ideas that -- hopefully. Will be very I'm moving you know we've always had always prided ourselves and yeah and how we put on opening gazans and the hundredth anniversary on the twentieth against the Yankees got to be very. Memorable and and you don't let it. Anybody who. Has been to Fenway Park comes -- saying this is an experience really really do -- excited about honoring all year and down. You know -- -- kind of country we're best at Fenway Park it would never get called and I love that expression. Give us a hint to you know come on we we have here. Everyone's list then we need to know what's gonna happen on the twentieth. -- Well. Game. Load a game you wouldn't get me yeah you know I don't wanna I'll -- -- and almost got that. Haven't been there will be throwback uniforms. For the players that day. Yeah that's. Good start we're gonna have some good ideas. You don't throughout the hundred pitch a hundred years ago the first -- rather the first pitch a hundred years ago through the photograph over and -- here it Harrell threw it out and sitting next to him is is his daughter -- Kennedy. So we're not gonna keep that tradition alive a second -- nick Kennedy. -- -- Pretty. Incumbent apart we'll have a great and so Toms is it safe to say the doctor Charles the maestro has not lost his fastball and as -- Los Angeles. It's only getting better it is okay have you heard fans stared at -- the John Williams actually Aaron I know that John composed -- -- I have not heard that. Your side and I know we have to be a hypocrite and a third annual rock locked up home based presented by new -- issues run walk is scheduled for Sunday may twentieth 2012. What do we need to know about it Tom Warner. Well personally -- -- -- coming back -- and listen and there's so many great causes in Boston but you know this is important to us because. And you guys know. That conflict into conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan broke Arab have been really challenging for many of the veterans who come back and there. I think -- The country's kind of overwhelmed by the problem of posttraumatic stress some traumatic brain injury I think we all know that this recent tragedy in Afghanistan. You've got to figure a way to not only and he's -- -- their service. Prepared come back and then come back in and provide them with clinical or counseling women got to use him and is alarmingly Amanda. Posttraumatic stress disorder that we see in these in these veterans they're heroes to me. On the earth to all of us and and I think that we actually -- -- different. The program and I'd look I don't know if you guys have been over the clinic at Mass. General by. We are really changing crew in the lives of hundreds of veterans and it's a very terrifying thing as -- yeah they're just ordinary guys who who -- and it sort of -- -- do their duty and and they come back and and them. Someone can hardly sort of put a sentence together because there's someone -- -- and we're bringing them help -- one of the things that you guys. Now is that it's hard to get in the into the program because there's a stigma attached to look of utter what we're trying to do with -- home and listen this is. This is a welcoming place and we can really help you and their families. This is should be noted it's a third annual run walked to home base if it's Red Sox foundation and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Up putting together this home based program immediate more information we'll find out how -- note Ryan Callahan into the dust. Go to run to home base dot or run to home based dot org. All the information you need and we that they want and it will be a fun day I'm on a twenty -- -- you started Fenway Park you run around Austin is also locked. They not only spanking -- -- soldiers for what they've done but it's going to be I'm. Do I do yeah I do a few of these targets you greet the guys that'll play Italy in Green mile. And a best asset as you want me it's all over your birdies one of the coolest races you will do you leave right outside the park. Everybody's there very upbeat mood -- shoes you leave the park. Actually start off in the park it's couples beat -- Scott Brown spoke. That you and anthem and right and Iran over the bridge to Cambridge along the river. Nice and -- it's unusual distance but it's a good this -- nine K five point something miles. Along the river back over the bridge back to Fenway you come in from left field wall. Which is really cool in the places a lot of people and all the fans wait for and that cheered command. And you walk across home plate he -- soldiers some true fans waiting net com -- -- Scott Brown. As you crossed home plate -- can touch home plate you cross it. And it's yes and -- all the all the soldiers and then in the -- it was like a couple generals -- last it was a that the. As it would in -- I started there. -- Tom thanks for the information at Sunday may twentieth run walked to home base third annual check it out on run to home base dot or Scott Brown back as he is he can run and lucky in banking and and he Yankee -- it. He did people show up I confront issues that just wants to beat him. And he can't so far he hasn't been and -- cuts like you know desperately your raised him and get a run and he is an athlete and I can't even I'm not I've finished like. The next day from Scott Brown. All right Tom enjoy the rest your trip enough portable Seguin to get back to Boston -- and top order with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LT was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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