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Bobby Valentine calls the Boston Media 'Lazy, Irresponsible' when reporting rumors.. is he right

Mar 26, 2012|

Bobby Valentine had some pointed words for the media concerning the rumors that he already had developed a rift with GM Ben Cherington, using the words 'lazy' and 'irresponsible'. Does Bobby have a point, or is he just try to deflect away from the actual story? We discuss.

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As the Red Sox applying. It's still surmount. Reverberations from a Bobby V because apparently before the game here today Michael. He got called reports that he was engaged in a power struggle. -- general manager -- cherry pink quote lazy. Journalism. He dismissed any notion that the two were at all. I think it's an easy story to write that has no. Validity. -- OK okay beyond that beyond the fact that Bobby V is repairing. The local media which will endear him. To fans even more. Because we always know it's easy to blame the media that's an easy that's an easy story right blame the media. Beyond that -- and you do it's the -- this camera is the curators are the ones that are in the media even bringing this stuff up the music are the writers are the ones that. And usually write down a little bit but now. No not anymore but beyond that nobody's read on the middle anymore that's okay. Everybody's got everybody's got to tell like a slant to the story. There is no such thing is that your objectivity. In any type of journalism that you find in America or the world -- that the rant for a different day you're right what -- it but. Beyond that beyond that why isn't an easy story is -- an easy story to write what makes it an easy story here. If it's an easy story to write. Well. When you're going that direction. If your reporter. If you think it's obvious to you outside the organization. There might be a rift between Bobby V invention Arrington. When you pursue it is it lazy to pursue it where is it lazy and I may agree with him on this is it lazy to throw it out here from one side without getting. Bobby -- side of the story. Or somebody tells you scouts you know you. He Bobby V is gripping the Red Sox he's ripping -- You've got one sided story should you go back and say. Do Valentine before you wrote the story. Is it true that you've got a problem here -- -- you know what he's gonna tell you put. Isn't doing your due diligence. Go back to the other side and say this is what I'm hearing elsewhere. How do you respond to said absolutely I could have written it on December the thirty you kidding me. On December the third the one thing you couldn't write and this is again some -- -- I believe shall McCallum was a beat writer for Comcast was the first -- we can -- with. What -- the one that wrote that scouts outside the organization claimed that Bobby hold them. That he wanted to Iglesias to be the starting shortstop and that the the front office wanted him to spend more time. Down to the mightily export. There -- customs and Garnett. It is it lazy because that's something that you don't wanna hear. That's not lazy at all or is it lazy because you didn't have an opportunity to respond may be an easy way of doing it. And I -- it's not just economic out of anybody anybody who has this story. You have the story and you go oh dude you go to charity and you go to Valentine and you say. This is what I'm hearing from my sources. Do you have any response. If they say no comment or they say that's ridiculous. Or they say yeah actually that's true I do feel that way you've got something I don't it is only quibble is that. I think I would think that he didn't have a chance to respond to a before it went different. But I believe the source was outside of the organ I got it right so. If that's the case then Bobby should either deny that he talked to anybody outside the organization or any skeletons and that's -- Why would I be talking to scouts also the organization about internal stuff that's going on Wednesday it happens all the time course it happens all the pharmacist -- -- -- you China. Get bare feet you're trying to sell your angle your your position August. And you do it through other baseball people. Think. -- can't hit -- good and hit a -- right now but that's okay but think of what he's going to do. The save our pitchers specially out of the game. -- the what did I do believe that's going on here and often isn't that a rift that may be a real stretch to say that. You know they're having major conflicts right out of the gate. -- slightly different genders. Internet Jerry did and and Valentine yeah sure of course Bobby's got a two year deal. Bobby right now is on a honeymoon. Out of this team breaks out poorly out of the gate. In the fingers are gonna start pointing back at Bobby that he was incapable. Of curing the problem that existed at the end of life seems. If they get off to a terrific start different story so Bobbie may be looking at saying. A little worried about Mike Avila said at shortstop this kid can stop everything and right now I'm worried about my pitching. I need to stop everything and keep everything in front of us as much as possible because my pitching may not be good enough right now to get a soft at the start that we want specially. Against the schedule we face in the first one. They have different agendas for another reason to this is why I guess he says it's an easy story. And sometimes it the easy story is the right story that is. He knows been sharing in and his first. Managerial hire do not want him not to not to say that bench Jared to think she's a bad manager I don't think. -- things Bobby's a bad man. What he knows he's been around for a long time Bobby downtown apartment around for a long time he knows. That this was not. Sharing tunes call exclusively. So they have different agendas of course because if if it'd been like. Leo. In Terry Francona. Where Theo interviews that guy. He hires them if -- -- guy he's behind him all the way. Act creates a different dynamic. What you have here now. Below -- -- they both -- a win and they both want what's best for the Red Sox. But. Ultimately he was not the first choice of the tournament. So yeah it's different -- now at least slightly different. Picture I want up bush was short German ones out -- big picture is a little different but. If you go Google micro here. Yeah they have the same as the body may be looking at that say we gotta gotta get out of the gate quickly he get a better read on his players obviously than anybody else. And even a sit look at and say you know what we are -- good start to get these guys to buy into wanna do. We get off to a bad start April look at that schedule this might be difficult and these guys -- gonna be roll their eyes him. You know they make it if they don't buy into it. And I got problems -- years we have to admit he's doing business a lot different in the way business has been done in the and we knew that we knew that was come right -- You've got to be able to sell it to those players forget selling it to the media forget selling it to the fancy so that the thing -- there's a body no. He's got to show -- to those guys in the clubhouse if you can't sell to those 25 guys. Each group as Italy and very very quickly he won't he won't be around that all. People turn on him in an art -- -- I turn on you at all heartbeat and applying that internal Kerrigan and -- like. Doctor you're never never had the crowd overcrowded and turn on -- and we were like some stability in our life all know what to do. I know it would and you were -- big listeners sports talk radio because -- fit everything in their first press conference. It did that people have been through on the radio and then within a week. He changed -- dollar two years when the one thing that surprises me is Bobby just losses and engages in and by the way you'll be joining -- beginning next Wednesday. Arabic -- each and every Wednesday. He he went on and on. About this subject -- Obviously he wanted to get it out your lazy journalism he wanted to throw that out here which clearly you know it's gonna (%expletive) off but anyone on to say. That he and -- talked a few times. A day the relationship with the cherry to mirrored out of the one he shared with the -- grief. -- and perhaps the beginning of his ten year with the Mets. With former New York GM Steve Phillips always are about a few occasions now rectum and kind of well I would say really ready to -- he actually to pick questions. It's got to be about Bobby and it's always got to be about -- -- -- first of all images to be clear there a couple of definitions of tweak. The first definition tweak Steve Phillips Steve Phillips tweet Bobby Valentine's second definition Steve Phillips tweaked. Brooke Hundley and I got to -- and if there's a got a different you're never got a twin this is gonna be clear what actually like that. Girls I don't think -- and a program. -- as big. Big girls -- girls are always -- so it's like the epic growth like -- do anything in that painted area stadiums that dad's. I picketed at Bagram like theater that -- elected to a big girls in the paint the wanted to still does worry me about this team we're gonna find out as this thing falls. I just the pitching scares the hell army Michael. And I. -- gullible lot that you -- during spring training you can really tell the the idea of what they're doing right now with Bart and I -- get this and understand it. That if you're Bobby -- You're worried about getting out of the gate getting strong -- to make sure you get all of those guys to buy into -- he's probably looking at the bullpen. And saying to himself -- Bart could be terrific starter down the road -- It's ticket launch for awhile chili gets to that point where he transitions. From one inning guy that throws the ball close to 100 miles an hour. As opposed to a guy that we need to go seven innings. Crafty. Maybe that's strike everybody out throw the ball in the mid and lower -- would be crafty to the point. -- economical with his pitches so we get them out of seven -- now let's say that can't be done -- seems to me that changeup is is got potential he seems to be to be right guy who gets wonders can't it. What is it gonna happen in a month two months or even in one season wrap -- okay it may not happen but I'm thinking about this is bar situation. In most cases don't the general -- the general manager made the decision. General manager. Whether a guy is gonna be a starter or closer. Whether guys going to be the bullpen of the rotation now that they let me tell you what six -- collaborative that is not it's not because of what we talked about before. The two year contract is extreme for Bobby Valentine I'm sure he wanted an extra year or maybe two more years of four year deal coming in here. So he give have a little bit of security. For the most part that's the case outside the iconic managers we've lost a couple of in the last couple years to retirement. Joseph Torre and and -- and the risks we think. We think congress is retired but I'm not sure. Like bill -- sales Jim you Jim Leyland is one of those guys to have Tito. Tito. As much success -- he had the Red Sox if he had said a few years ago. That I want Jonathan Papelbon as a starter. Let's talk about -- but he -- I want him to start. In the organization said I want him as a closers musical who wins he's called. Musical because too because the managers are so. He's a closer look at the managers as the closer or because he organizational I thought you should just -- -- Wants one thing in the manager wants something else. I think 95% of the time the general manager wins -- -- the last minute that's what everybody's talking about it thoroughly thought about the relationship between. Now that's not a -- right that's part of -- like that that's the that's the culture of Major League based -- so unless you're a guy going to the hall of fame. If you're a hall of fame manager most of the time. You can disagree with your general manager but he decides -- guy's gonna be a starter. You wanted to be a closer sorry but don't -- power stroke if there's a power struggle here or let's put. And in different terms. If one party has the upper hand in all of that. Won't that be exposed and we see what they become on opening day and it it won't people be right. Will people be saying if Iglesias ends up in the in a mightily. And if all -- remains as a as a starter. Are people gonna look at this thing and say you know what. I think the front office made -- decision. The Bobby did make that adjustment point. Front office usually. Overwhelmingly. Makes makes the final decision in this case went to suspect it's clear. Bobby Valentine works for bin Jerry to -- big -- in his Bobby Valentine's boss. So mostly it's not a Major League Baseball the Boston wins over the middle manager and and that's what's happened only time it doesn't happen. This pointed out those guys. Whether Jim Leland two rooms. Joseph Torre may be no deal was that category except in this case Michael could be the injury and did not make a choice. A manager so if he's not making the choice of manager he wanna deal -- and Larry Lou can't -- made the call. Nor does possess the power to this -- I think. Bobby is wrong it's a legitimate question among the media right now because of the way all of this is played out the whole process of hiring and the way you played out. It leaves it open now is subjective opinion as to. Who's in charge who alleged that at the clock out and will we see that roster coming north on opening day. It's gonna be viewed as one who was the power whereas the operate this is a little bit different you're right in the past. What's in most cases of -- it was you know to real gruesome as it was a really strong. Manager feel boss that it's got a great -- And in this case I think it's still up in the air and that is why it's just. Or will because I'm. In a position where no -- on -- or five years. It was so obvious when Papelbon spoke to the Boston media today and he was asked instant answering questions. As he said he felt more comfortable. Where he has right now and then pretty much told you why he's more comfortable with our money -- -- gets carried -- money before a lot of money coming it was easier to euthanize got. -- got a guarantee confident. He's got he's got a multi year contract they're right there he's got five years and he knows about where where he's going to be next year in the year after that. He knows that they're gonna have to keep on paying them even if he doesn't show up next here. Because he -- shell sell it to me it was pretty obvious. And they kept on following up to try to see if they can get -- -- more. And maybe they were trying to conceive -- -- something about this place that -- did Garrity did. It's called L article out of France or Russia from a activity were trying to see if -- get a little bit more you know column ignorant column. You know -- -- more peaceful little bit more it's easier to go to work. On a day to day basis know what's at stake for you know -- next 45 years here. I think for me it's. As it's it's made my job will be easier to go out there and perform. Pastime you know -- coming there was a transition period of form there was you know but somewhere. You know I guess he used to guys in the clubhouse and you sit in my surroundings and I think once I was able to do bad things is through -- incidents. The united stuff that's on your that this stop talking don't get out of -- -- -- -- for a public letting you make last year. I didn't go to that 1111 million or twelve or twelfth now. So. You can't do your job right. We can make twelve million dollars a year would -- -- you can't focus on the here -- now because the uncertainty. What's gonna happen after this well million dollars you can go over twelve million -- -- and is down six for two years on the and I can't imagine that conversations that the kitchen table. With Ashley Papelbon. Ashley what do we don't we can only make it twelve million dollars this year after taxes the money really doesn't go that far. And a baseball pitcher. -- 657. Innings a year acute focus will be seventy innings a year. Because I don't know what's gonna happen in 2000. Hell lot you can cut but they are coddled -- their own style they are. Most of them -- a Bolivia. To what's going on for the rest of the world. If your focus like I just can't throw a baseball. Like I usually -- because I don't know where my next check is coming from. -- million dollars a year up. Are there are now the worst corporate record like Oprah okay. But the comfort level that he was talking about the comfort level is all about the security all about money at all. Comfort it's -- you know we try to make it any working too hard. I feelings -- what that should in some much but it's all -- to be right he's pissed off because the Red Sox were taken a year to a year. They were controlling the situation they were sitting in the piracy. And he was sitting in the other -- you know -- Because of the way Major League Baseball works. You're basically. They don't you for six years they have you know financial control over you for the first six years. Did like. That's the only difference to real -- out at the Boston fans which is the dumbest thing you could have done because. He accomplished a lot here so we could've played the fans. And it could've actually bitch about the organization exactly Eddie could got away with a as the fans with a database -- excise. -- might just like every little Cano Johnny everybody likes. He's still really likes us. In even do that I -- up to bring his bald man in the right and it didn't he can't separate the -- And of the -- we know what would happen of the Red Sox and offered one dollar more than Philadelphia. And they Dennett one day before. The Phillies get a many would say once is great it's great to be back here have all isn't this is home -- the only organization and they drafted me. I won the World Series here on my best friends it in in baseball and in -- on this team in this organization this is where wannabe. Because because it's money money is fueling everything else correct because he got the deal with Philadelphia. Now Boston fans are great folders -- they're not a Smart Sofia fans. And there's no loyalty with the rest of. I would seconds of phone calls your jelly Providence, Rhode Island what's up now. Logged Eliot you know what Papelbon. We're looking at all upon what side you got criticized my job of what was -- I explained that in the area and not the. You look at a job. I'm not surprised. That's that's the difference that's the real world you're living in and -- -- get this phony baloney world. I don't know what. It is the difference -- well there are a lot of people running around wearing his shirts. And it paid like a 10240 bucks more and where your shirt out there. That's the that's the difference they knew they knew they knew it out do they probably won't Wear shirts that talking about the money should not miss something this Ochocinco story over the weekend. We already talked about him restructuring the deal. Was rumored performed now it actually happened. It was a rubber before that these are the structures are shall we now have the coming have a confirmation confirmation. Yet -- where did she suddenly have. A more solid footing within the patriots organization. Because he restructured -- Well if he's still sucks the -- -- are -- past year. How are there any chance they pay the one million when they already have this huge depth chart chart at that position and those. That don't. They got a lot of questions including him he's one of them got a lot of questions at wide receiver. It is our Donte' Stallworth its way to get to last year Erica. -- -- Anthony Gonzales. Even have any catches last year I mean he hasn't and amending -- throughout TSA hasn't done anything so what you would think Brandon Lloyd C affixed here. Are as Dion and and be honest probably back but I don't know I don't know Dion is gonna come back to dig -- on over oceans and yes of course you. And bottling it later on in the season they were playing I want Underwood more than they were playing. Oh just think I -- I -- -- and he's still a Sheila Matthew Slater you medium. Because of specialty but I guess that they look at Ochocinco and say. To an ordinance in this for a month and a just and -- for six months. If we ever picks it up. If he ever gives the confidence going into its second training camp. Written with the patriots maybe they've got -- if he can recapture its -- And I feel that way I don't think that you're gonna happen for. People say why would take this kind. Unless he really wants to be here is picking felt confident that he can go in the open market. And make more than a million dollars to worst I'm going to go promote apps along later season like absolutely so. Why not state the patriots were at least you've got Tom Brady throwing to -- Where you at least feel maybe he'll give you were shot end. Which you feel more confident now with playbook as opposed to going somewhere else right now. Probably not make a million dollar base. They're more confident with the playbook you actually have to read and that the. A battle angle that the of that coal. -- angle of it with their own show how does that make it easier for him to hang around here that shows go to be aired this summer correct. Right a little reality show will come up this summer. How does that give him a better opportunity even though it's taken a two million dollar cut in -- a better opportunity. Of hanging around with -- team. -- have helped with the team helps is helps his bank account though. Helps us with somebody it's a question about that emanate and we're selfish -- -- will they -- make him pay for this. And paid for this this special. But 300 -- my lesson if the patriots -- do the same thing as well. I cut him to make him easier now to be able to cut and let's face it. If you get three million dollars on there. You're not gonna keep him around at all you're gonna go to a different direction -- drop down to a million bucks. He remains what he was all of last season and that is an insurance policy be it because between now. In the time you open up the regular season you had no idea what I was gonna be standing as you just pointed out. You've got a lot of rest and as they're just there's different treatment last year he could afford to be the insurance the insurance policy because of the lockout the late start. They were they were patient with them. They they almost had to keep them on the roster. Because they're built they built their roster with the expectation that he would give them a level of production and ever happen. So he kind of got it kind of -- -- in a -- this year. He can't make the roster as an insurance policy. He's gonna have to predict if he doesn't produce. Then. He's not going to be hanging around Patrick and last year that was capable of producing these rounds were played and have that luxury or people coming up with a concept that. He's now a better as a much better chance. All of him. Sticking with this -- I don't think it changes at all I think he clearly would have been good -- by now. If he said screw you bill would hold on the street knowing. That by -- on the other hand if you get them to lower death. It still doesn't guarantee that he's going to beat this team on opening day and I'm not sure it gives -- better chance to do so other than. I'd be willing to pay a million dollars place. Remember five or six receiver there's certainly can't legitimacy as a three or four. Because he is and three or four anymore well suited best uplift are seamless and -- the -- receive real moment right. That's it if you think he's a number of our receivers then you just -- right now I don't think things have changed -- he's really of difficulty Macon -- this team next. But it wouldn't really make its. Separate. Us resistant. Person can help in Boston. Actually. Worry about something -- powers. If we -- sleazy journalism. You don't -- yeah that's terrific but it's an easy -- -- but has no no validity to. You where you sign the order and -- -- -- And it's a resort to. You can. Besides there's a few days. -- -- little -- any decisions have been made and then there's this. Well its own and again it seems like it's -- you know again. Some guys who -- lazy today they're clever yeah that's a clever journalism. To -- that -- battle to. Some guys alleges some guys are clever how do you distinguish the difference of the -- -- those. Michael you here's what you well let me ask you -- Have you ever heard anybody outside of a reporter. Worthy. Of the where the Dan. At the Columbia Journalism Review have you heard anybody outside of -- peoples say. Wow that's great journalism that body image does anybody ever say. It is fantastic journalism really journalists they had nobody else right. And dirtier than your average reader of the papers and well done story I'm gonna write this I'm gonna write this reporter and say. Well done. No usually what they're writing the editor the reporter the publisher to complain about some things about leaving -- -- really. And really address. The issue. He he he did he took the easy route the easy route is to. Criticize the reporter. The better thing to do is that is to address the question or two are trying to address the question addressed the issue while criticized the report. If if you never said anything to scouts. Outside the organization about it I agree with you unfortunately baseball people. Spent a lot of time at the batting cage and there's a lot of conversations that go back and -- and a lot of times. You've they talk too much and that -- for many years now. I'll but if the report is wrong and many never mentioned that the -- never said it outside the organization you're right that's what he should of addressed. He's just gonna (%expletive) off various writers short covering the team did you beat guys. The big guys were the ones that that came up with the store. So you tell me. If we find out that the rosters put together in the next few days and it comes up that Iglesias starts. In the mightily X. And that barred. Stays in the starting rotation what do you think the reaction will be most of the fans they will look at and say. This is this is coming from -- conservatives got some club here he's the one that made this made this decision I got it easy story here. I got -- I don't think the fans care. The French I don't I don't think the fans care is much is maybe the people covered a team on this issue. Eight and individual care. 90% of them are on Bobby -- side because that is the his position as the position of most people in America forget about Red Sox fans you know. People in New England most people in America. I hate the media are disappointed by the media in the either media members -- don't go as far as they should go or they sensationalize. -- insensitive. On and on so he says there's. He is he has the backing. Has the backing of the fan base and year average American citizen. -- the same people. If this thing doesn't work out will be the ones that will be critical to be blaming. Bobby Valentine for this now working out and it's my opinion. If this thing doesn't work out -- very little to do with you may because of his techniques in his approach to this. You may turn some of those players off. -- even if you had Francona here even if you had. -- you have some other manager. If you don't have enough pitching. And you don't have enough that you need to go and beat one of these playoff teams and Wendell -- And guess what that manages not gonna make that much of -- difference. Really as a -- comes down -- and yet there if this team's pitching fails Michael. I guarantee you the same people right now will be the ones that will be critical Bobby Valentine we will be fielding calls here in June and July. This guy's got no clue what he's -- -- this is not working out of its working. And it probably will have something to do with the fact that. -- colts is unable to go out there and do it. All right -- their base I was gonna say par after the -- can't get it done. But they couldn't find a four or five would have been injured Bailey in the lancet is having some difficulty -- back into the bullpen. It's more likely. That that stuff happens. It would have to be hell -- only. The only way the pitching. Only with a pitching which fail. Is if somebody doesn't make ten at ten to twelve starts to be have a -- situation from last year. Where -- can give you a hundred innings you're waiting for a waiting for a waiting form you you last see imminent it in the middle of June and you don't see him. After that you're waiting form that and OK maybe if we have a one game playoff he'll be available. The pitching will feel that way but if you have if you have Lester going out there -- -- You have Beckett. Even now awful Barton are still barred due brought he had those guys going out there making it starts the pitching is not gonna -- what's your feeling a board what would you do if you had started. I would I would do. Because. You as evident by what they've done in the off season. You can find. Big time start the party spent enough money with the starting rotation. That they couldn't go out spend the eighteen to twenty million dollars for an ace of opportunity rotation. Guess what the hell of a time try to find anybody. And most of the guys excuse me all of the guys that they acquired. All come with a wrinkle all come with a fact that they might have had some success at one time. But there injured right now or there's somebody that's like Miller or do -- that's a young kid it's not upside but. You never know what he's going to be able to do it if he's ever gonna be able to do. That's what they've got right now Bart is a god it's already proven that he can do one aspect of it. And he's got the potential because he's -- an additional pitch. To be able to do as a start the problem then I think he's got what is really got nothing to do would board being start. It has to do with how Long Will it take him. Should be a roll -- a reliable starter and it might take a long time it doesn't necessarily happen instantly. We have -- eight -- it doesn't make sense to me because if you know if you're waiting for the got to be reliable starter. You don't think is gonna happen this year you don't have anybody. To replace him with that fits into that category three Q in other in other words can't take part out of the rotation inevitable and say. The replacement for Daniel Bard will be more reliable as the start of the -- would hope. His replacement is not going to be any more reliable than -- and he going to be unless you're gonna tell me that royals Walt is finally gonna say -- Opera took the rest are for -- and wanna come to the American League east before I know what to Rosetta went to pitch in Boston but. How -- with otherwise. If you are going outside the organization you have nobody. In house right now who's gonna -- I think the bright but I think the reason of Bobby keeps on hinting. That he's not a starter. Bobby fears right now that the bullpen is not good enough that it. He might have some issues he's got to -- one of the two in there and it looks like assemblies is going to be there remember. Seven is really want this last year he had David Ortiz campaigning form if you remember that she really wants to start. And it probably has something to do the fact that he's not make an awful lot of money and he's a very valuable data that the so maybe he's looking and saying I -- have one of the two but if I take both the semi some bored out of that bullpen. I'm not comfortable enough with the guys I have -- we're gonna be good enough. And that really cost you -- you know early in the season apple bring you reliable bullpen far more in the first 3045 days so he's probably very concerned about it. I'm what you. I don't think you have a choice you can't find somebody out there that has better upside did Daniel -- has -- as your number four starter UK. And so even if it takes four months five months by June or July or August may be -- start figured out and get it. And economically working six or seven innings without throwing a 140 pitches out there. Then you've got something. But it might be rough out of the gate network that he fears I think he fears that a big fears the other one with a Iglesias I think he fears that pitching. -- it roughed up a little bit early on and he doesn't want an extra out of there so he would like to have Iglesias out there just to keep everything in front of him. And help out their pitching staff as much as possible just again I for the first market. I think he's thinking aspirin a very short term aspirin -- -- rookie very short term quick break right back accurately.

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