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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola: Red Sox preseason, Peyton Manning, and the Boston Celtics

Mar 25, 2012|

John and Lenny are in on a Sunday afternoon talking baseball, football, and basketball.

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Well ten innings they get that tenth inning. In -- today as opposed to the Yankees games to Bobby Valentine probably gets his wish getting that tenth inning. And although Red Sox called blue jays six to five and tenants and out and Pittman one intended three to be precise for a tie games. Three ties and 1010 and three after that. -- start to the it to the grapefruit league action now. At 500 on the spring but. More notable from this game and of course it is John Ryder and letting -- -- be up until Celtics basketball Celtics taking on the wizards tonight that the Gordon they've finally return home. After this eight game road trip where they go forward for. And Daniel -- today and I don't know feet. Or anything really would distort six innings five bronze Zoller and allowed six hits three walks five strikeouts. Is -- this spring and -- dead. Brutal appearance out of the bullpen seven point 23 on this. Our and again you know it's the period of adjustment for him John so. I -- can only read so much and it's bad but it seems like. Valentine's body language is he wants me in the bullpen. And what conclusions the manager will draw from today's outing might give him a little more. Forced to think that would both say. Yesterday Bart said after the stories working on his breaking ball a little bit more of and is changeup and it is you know the slider slider which was hammered hard the -- 21 instance by Adam win for for a home run that. The witness so. We can get into the red sex notes. First up Mike -- reporting of ESP in Boston that Matt Light is expect a hundred. Yeah oil that's that's been out here obviously it was hinted at by Ian. Bob Kraft last week yes and and he was sound like little surprise that the reporters there were with him. Weren't figuring that out by themselves and that many backed off when you found out like he was coming tales out of school and -- Black apparently that Mets O lineman hasn't been any dialogue. About him just -- -- just like. Proud of the -- mr. damage on the while Expedia and now and but you know comes from and for everybody and that. And -- is pretty good getting his stuff so I'm going to have it. And enlightened had a very good season solid season they're kind of and if he -- -- as the previous one it'll probably be replaced at left tackle you would think by Nate solar but he would also think even. Even a flight wasn't go to retire and still no word whether Brian Waters will be back I would think that. -- those two picks in the first round one of those will be used office the last yeah I'm actually and in pretty good shape. So we'll see where that goes in Europe's oldest and you know. We'll bought report to work with so we'll see it yet so that's interest and certainly in terms of -- in terms of the NFL what a busy week in and I don't think we've been attacked since last week everything going on -- Peyton Manning go to the Broncos you've got body gate with the saints. A flurry of of of moves really depth moves by the patriots this week in of course Tim Tebow being traded to the jets. Incredible -- what a circus which I mean it began -- dignity obviously. Manning. I don't know Malaysia I want to press conference and I tried to handle it with that yet the I'm a little -- profit that it would be to a -- Oden the the had -- -- the owner and in no way I mean Mitt. And they kind of two faced about all this yeah mean. Even do on the season you know that they grimaced when they're when they were only a fake enthusiasm and a winning constantly it was it was terrible both obvious and SA and stand a little bit but anyway getting back to -- I -- handle I would. Great dignity that the press conference and I. He is likable guy he is is electable guy and I know in new England's Tom Brady and Peyton in the colts and a and the pats -- -- by the -- like -- guy in. You know I don't know I mean. With that neck and that's what he plays but my feeling is. That they'll come back healthy because. You wouldn't do this you wouldn't -- this journey no time the game it's after fourteen years who would have. I think he's healthy. He doesn't need mine he's got to get a lot of money out of this -- but a ton of money you know it's not like he he needed that money you know explain -- -- -- the love of the game until well. And elicited do you believe in its potential it's possible lead to the Manning someday one all on an NFL football team. In some reports that so that money could help out there as future. Yeah I love you they could yes addicted to -- few bucks from the five. -- I think they're -- -- day. One who own a team and you know I'm sure not the full 100% out they couldn't even -- -- now. So we can get into the NFL we get into the NBA's well lobbed tough laws for the Celtics on Friday night in view only good news is that. Well Mickael Pietrus really looks like he avoided having a serious injury they're calling it a concussion that -- brutal taken up the -- the stretcher need to think about this team when they've been through this season. And how snake bitten with Chris Wilcox of course him before the season with Jeff Green and then you set what teachers -- just. You know worried about his health overall but it they're saying now it's a concussion. And only expect to miss a couple of games. Right but either win the way about him this team is I mean now it's a perfect bet. Road trip was perfect metaphor for the for the team I think John in the sense that there was some nights when they want I've received that they were. You know they looked like they had some hope. And then. Elbows the most important game standing twice -- -- with a six is right and they weren't even in it. Com they were headed but ended then third quarter Philly just explode it doesn't mean yeah. -- and Ray Allen couldn't shoot again he said to many of both want -- kind tonight's. Still a great shooter I know that but. That's something amiss is this is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many minutes is that sure the rotation because these games your import and meaningful like Atlanta on Monday night a -- the those are brutalized the Sacramento loss at that was the worst of it you could see the second I'd go back to back in Denver afford you know even we did. Them going forward for I think I'd take foreign four on this eight game out road trip I think I'd take 500 yes Friday night. I shorthanded no Ray Allen and teachers goes out so then it's really patchwork at that point Philadelphia was rested second at the back to back. For the Celtics after a solid win the night before against of Milwaukee team that on six and borrow that bet that bench is still. Has sent well this many injuries they had to army who lose their own nail -- -- and play that much. Patriots now in the he's been out before and you know and that Daniels hasn't really nice style any help at all I mean that you know in in reflection he -- -- comeback but. Maybe this game you felt that from now I only felt that by private society can help a little more than current. And that hasn't happened so it's been a struggling city -- I'm -- I'm sure -- can't wait for it it you know and and and build -- you know -- team the way it should be built in terms of and all the team -- they would like a full season preseason all happens it's been a massive benefit the league overall John we talked about this one night about. Too many you know line twelve by 89 games are. End. And for the Celtics has been taking him messy and I don't have high hopes for them in -- April. Yeah I think they've made if they get out of that seven seed naked if they get into the succeed or even before it up if they when the Atlantic Division I Casilla. Winning the first round yes -- you know and then with. Take on either Miami or Chicago -- the -- -- ending a little bit tougher of course let's get to some phone calls bill isn't mauled at a bill. Big guys or go to school I mean it quickly on the Celtics what I like about. This game is that they give effort every night. They've been pretty -- audio on it but also lack. Well you know I don't quite agree rebel army I'm convinced then. You know I think for the most -- yes roots here they're very professional but this -- you know may be right but maybe that some might that was so bad and I'm not given enough credit to the other team. But -- -- and again with the injuries and not having a full bench. So they have had their problems but -- -- -- -- -- that well an argument the F. Yet some nights the effort isn't there we've seen that before I I think it. You know one a little more scoring out Rondo the other night by Raj on -- up and down at times we know that I think after the trade deadline really picked it but depending on the game situation to. Kevin Garnett to me. Should give more praise he's had a very very good season one of his best seasons as a -- We have PF but in in like -- -- Saint Augustine got it together for the rest of the -- yeah yeah. -- -- they have been great -- grade I mean that pistons in almost averaging nineteen now -- is that of the season you know are considerably below that. And KG's it's been you know it double double machine the reality you wonder can they keep you know Paul Peters is averaging about 35 minutes a game that Ray Allen is right around there. Kevin Garnett at 31 minutes a game in the article it. -- -- A couple of days up and be back in the city is -- But I wanted to talk about any -- Very alike. Both of them. What. Well by the both both of these guys. That. -- now has the smoke while I -- not similar I think off the field. But in their votes to you know. To what -- are hard workers I think team players also handled themselves well the media that's for sure there well schooled there yup no question about that you're talking about two of the all time Britain great. I think part of Manning wanted to come back. The other part of it is either wanna -- -- out you know like that. What happened in Indianapolis in his career is done purely the waited -- finish there may go out like that right producer wrist John -- even being worse than if come back fails and so will I still don't seed Denver as a I ice could see him winning the AFC west yeah I I can't see him winning the AFC no -- by the time if they Gooden have to win the AFC west -- best roster because general how the other teams -- going to be. A lot of people think the you know -- the saints obviously with their proms and how many great. Frisco San Cisco loves it looks like it you know hot team and and apply it jackets are gonna drop off that much did -- make mistake -- not going to -- Francisco and and going to Denver. Well I mean that's let a lot of people -- gonna think if five Denver is formed four and down and San Cisco says seven and one of our biggest break your customer field for like 6177790850. Toll free 8885250. If you can text us as well. At 85850. John in -- Europe next. Of that review and we'll get back those calls right after this break.

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