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Dale and Kirk Discuss the Enigma That is Bobby V

Mar 25, 2012|

Again, Bobby V has puzzled Dale with his handling of the squeeze play the other night vs the Yanks. Why did he do that? Valentine has done some rather puzzling things during Spring Training and it can sometimes be a challenge to understand his logic. Minihane says so far he doesn't think Bobby has done anything too outlandish, but people just like talking about Bobby.

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Nobody everybody's been asking me what -- difference between -- you. I wouldn't you're never gonna -- that out that you had on them bicycle like guarantee -- Terry Francona now and ESPN broadcaster talking to Bobby Valentine. Abner -- Valentine. -- just think and that that the relationship between bench Harrington and Bobby Valentine. May not be quite as rosy. As initially thought I mean. Get the -- Iglesias thing where where Bobby Valentine reportedly reportedly told scouts from other organizations he wants Iglesias Jose Iglesias to. -- opening day starting shortstop as opposed to -- Bayless. You got -- hold Daniel Bard conversion from the bullpen to the starting rotation. MIA overstating it when I say Bobby doesn't seem to be completely onboard with -- conversion would seem thrilled so far. And you sort of wondered even when he hired them. If bench Harrington was completely on board with the hiring of Bobby Valentine or was that I mean they did the whole. Round of interviews and MI showed -- much are you got a new crusher he hired him yeah. Well that's that you were the exact point is that most people think this was Larry Lucchino is higher. -- Lucchino foisted Valentine on bench Harrington who's. The -- a rookie general manager first time in the big chair in the in Major League Baseball the boss says on. I don't care much about those guys I want to bring Valentine and -- in -- probably gonna deal. I don't think the sky and well. I mean you've already got apparent conflicts now. This bench Harrington actually choose the roster as we believed general managers -- Yes we think so -- feel it is it -- I mean we thank the bench Harrington is gonna say okay here's your 25 men. Ego Bobby its opening day in Detroit here's your roster. Now I'm not gonna tell you how to make gotcha line -- card but these are the players this is the pool you'd have to pick from here they are. What I think Iglesias is in Pawtucket on opening day in Detroit. Well listen I think. Penalties in -- either for -- almost never. Even when it's successful in harmonious most the time it -- -- most we just saw a couple months ago. That's usually how it ends in theater exceptions like spell check in -- wants. But the Bobby Valentine he told some scouts. Girl allegedly that he wants gracious to be starting shortstop. -- -- Mac. He just saying he thinks Iglesias has -- I think it's been a little overblown. I think people want Valentine. To be this crazy wild outspoken guy and he says something it's sort of for sort of outside the normal reciprocal and people go nuts okay thanks a gracious better shortstop that immigration -- pocket. In the -- -- is starting shortstop about ten knocking on the plane from Florida. The Detroit pretty sure well. The yeah the Yankees game the other night that was strange. It's the the top of the ninth inning. You're down by Iran. You've got runners at second and third with one out. And Abner Doubleday Valentine decides we're gonna suicide squeeze in the tying run. As -- step let's see if this kid can bear down and get a base kitten and what this thing you know. At that point Joseph general. We're not here you know where area where we're just gonna get on the bus and just head on home went up and play the tenth inning. I understand it's kind of unwritten rules but unwritten rules a pre season grapefruit league baseball is. Don't suicide squeeze in the ninth inning to get the tying run in and -- think that this spirit securities. I don't think suicide squeeze -- with runners at first and second one out. Was very courteous -- now I also think that when Peter Abraham I think reported there were twelve pitchers on the traveling roster for the Yankees. -- twelve pitchers. -- -- -- I can promise you that what happened was the Yankees -- which seven -- great guys they were gonna bring right so here here's the list of twelve. We know it'll it'll be in that group so that you've got a roster -- they submit these things a day or two at a time you know we're not exactly sure we're gonna bring. Joseph Girardi did not bring four or five guys on a two and a half hour bus ride to Fort Myers. And not played them and then put on the bus and take them to -- hours home share. Now could you pitched the tenth inning probably. The minute the suicide squeeze happened Joseph Girardi said where ceiling. Red Sox fans Connolly that's. Public elected -- -- manager pissing off other managers whether or not it's. Scooter battered -- forever. And then that was its entertaining amateur it's such -- could hide the -- -- but it's entertaining -- and it but I mean. This is what you were gonna get hired this. These are the kind of things -- gonna happen Valentine thinks he's the smartest guy in the room he's always going -- stuff so when you hire Bobby Valentine. And you bring him in you have to be ready for stuff like this and great for my Valentine to say. I think -- should start. You know -- I don't think parts of our team that's who you're bringing new hiring Gene Lamont due tomorrow would be doing my -- up bunting in that spot. I'm not sure there's a manager in Major League based not -- not one win a grapefruit league game her -- -- suicide squeezing in the ninth inning to tie the game. Now you're playing a regular season game you know what. I'm not venture will be a Smart thing in a regular season but it's he would mean it's certainly more in very unusual in. And in this spring training game regular season and you might see but this is -- back -- this -- don't. And -- -- -- line are we gonna love it. Let's get to the -- -- the guys 6177790850. Troll free 8885250850. Tennis at Hartford Europe first on sports on. Hey guys I don't -- ten. I've been I was listening the other day -- Saint -- Friday or Thursday. This show is blocking it bad that you know Bobby Valentine being the star -- it you know what you guys are making -- this star. Immediately. You -- he doesn't have anything to do with this. He's got so c'mon don't talk about -- the line. Why wait a minute. -- want to have you guys not why not why because right call when they would go to the managerial search why I want to be one at bat Bobby Valentine. Why you bottom or not gonna try to exploit -- you can't. Why we got it was one if you wanted -- -- -- -- one. Problem Mueller a Mueller I mean no no I I'm not gonna lie the I I thought it was kind of silly to hire a guy a written major managed in the major leagues and six years. Already ordered we'll put you a lot of. Now now and an unnecessarily Gene Lamont either let me ask you. -- are you happy with how Bobby Valentine's running things this spring. One article slightly more walked. You thought it was -- so you -- suicide squeeze -- in the bottom of the ninth inning with runners at first and second and one out was a good idea. What is really only for. We let me move forward with the -- -- quality but there's market in the situation. We're in a regular -- what it would have been. We've -- fat guy the guy who was at the plate know what I'll I'll I'll blot on a limb and say there will not be a single time this season. Where where that guy's gonna get an opportunity to suicide squeeze in the ninth. Look at it got back and luckily it got the whole idea also a whole lot yet. A great -- publicly. We'll eat what we why it won't look are so great. Why he doesn't have been. Rudy and it -- commented this scene been like revered Terry Francona. What I don't know they haven't started the season yet. -- great start last year didn't think. No no absolutely did not terrible but I don't know what kind of start they're gonna get out with with Bobby Valentine either. All you are you well liked what they want to outlook -- Smart -- they look like well you know what I think. That's this use regular school ain't all. That -- will you will work well a lot. Wait a minute they were auditioning eight. While they worked right he got quite yet Charlie that they that's gonna be the same situation this year. I have I have no idea how they're gonna start the season. I'm -- a better -- that that your standard the F better certainly did last season you're probably right -- of the -- -- out to obtain or whatever -- that's obviously not going to happen but that's. It started out I didn't quite -- yeah. We can't look closely. I have no idea because of Hollywood played after that you're just -- this -- so five of five does that mean that they finish you know today -- on -- hot run like -- did after I can't. You can't do things like that. They weren't that ready and they won't he look forward. -- -- that will -- at -- -- -- Only this year will spot aren't aren't aren't much why -- the Orange -- played in this would be great earnings report. Well let me let me ask your question where they prepared to play baseball where they out of shape in September 2 when the wheels fell off the wagon. They're -- maybe they'd just. Couldn't pitch well. And and maybe it wasn't that they were out of shape park that the chicken and beer thing which we've completely totally overblown in these -- but that's beside the point they just didn't pitch well. So -- it as it wasn't because Terry Francona was -- was a player's manager wasn't because they were out of shape that was a country club they just didn't pitch well. All -- all the issue Larry won't talk about the loan you need it won't look that I haven't -- -- leg around. Format -- the quote you something else when you aren't as well you started with that is well. -- -- let it eat it in that clubhouse. Because we got out on -- primitive Imus. Listened to me that not. -- and that's that's your argument I guess that commitment I will say this Josh collected injuring Gonzales. -- tease -- Pedroia took a limo back. The other day -- in -- to our anger Bobby Valentine made the big B a lot of everybody's going to be on the bus to a -- that I thought I'd be Bobby about your race. That's fine that's the way you do it that's fine -- understand. That so far body down time in spring training to my knowledge has criticized. Our Mo answered I believe Sweeney. In -- -- in and out of desert securities not -- laughter packet that's Youkilis we'll see what happens one of these guys Valentine was -- business or is picked his spots pretty wise. Com I don't think that runners at second and third and one out in the bottom of the ninth inning. Is -- gains situation that the team needs to practice OK out where the Yankees caught by surprise of course they -- Yes absolutely positively why they caught by surprise because there's not another manager in Major League Baseball who would have done that. Tell me what you gain. I mean I love this -- practicing games situation. -- is it really mean. It epic it. Nothing and not that I worked on and nothing matters in in pre season why don't -- and for him to criticize Gerrard after pearl I mean that's the problem might app where afterwards he's gonna he's gonna criticize Joseph dirt and Joseph Girardi I promise you sit in that dugout to argue. -- -- -- Everybody does at that point -- Red Sox players of the game or in Tampa and Joseph Girardi suicide squeezes. In the bottom of the ninth inning to get the tying run inning sent it to the tenth inning these -- -- The Red Sox players that hey I don't blame them you know practicing game situations here. C'mon Bobby let's at least be a little realistic here.

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