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Tim Tebow to the Jets May Not be a Bad Football Move in Theory, But it Could Also be a PR Nightmare

Mar 25, 2012|

Dale and Kirk discuss the amazing leaps and bounds the Jets are making for Tim Tebow including flying him in on a private jet, having a huge introduction to the media scheduled for Monday, etc. All this for the backup QB? Probably not the best idea for an already dysfunctional locker room.

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What we got word last week. At the Denver Broncos were trading Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. I actually said that shortly from a football perspective I thought this was a good move by the jets. You've got Tony Sparano was your offensive coordinator a guy who likes the wildcat the jets have on the wildcat. Would Brad Smith running it on a variety of occasions in the past. There might not be a better wildcat quarterback on the planet and Tim Tebow. And for the 6810. Plays a game in which you wanna use the wildcat. You can't find a better got to run it I thought it was a great move by the jets to acquire from a football perspective. Then the wheels started to fall off the wagon. First use and the New York Jets private plane. To go pick up the back up quarterback. Then when the private plane lands at Peterborough airport. You have the ABC channel seven. News helicopter in New York City hovering over Peterborough airport to get to the shot of the backup quarterback stepping off the New York Jets private planes. Then you get word breathlessly. And put this off one. One. We're gonna have the press conference but the backup quarterback. It will be on ESP yen you'll hear it here on Sports Radio I'm sure be everywhere you'll be able to pick it up on your toaster. I mean every place that hasn't electronic function will be carrying the backup quarterbacks press conference tomorrow I think that's accurate. The dumbest thing I've ever seen in my line. The head coach has already said the general manager Mike -- Obama's already set on and Mark Sanchez is our starter. And Tebow was our back up you'd trade group stand and to of the Indianapolis Colts because you did -- -- -- signed him as the pack up and and you -- Tebow. A backup quarterback. Use and the private jet up back up quarterback the news helicopters are hovering get the shot of him stepping off the private jet up back up quarterback. Is gonna have a news conference tomorrow in the field house because you can't news conference in the normal press facility -- law from park. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my where. This is the dumbest thing you've ever excellently done as the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I say this if you're the New York Jets are you flying. Up playbook that your following on how to establish. A full fledged quarterbacking controversy and are you going through steps 1234 and five. What the first -- tell you -- sold -- -- number two. I understand the private -- your fire fight that but there's so much demand for this idea you have to have a press conference this. -- the back up court you have to. We're gonna do what you did Tebow could talk -- house that's what you want but I mean the media is gonna bother jets is going to be hundreds of media they want to talk to keep. -- happen I understand your right you bring a private jet to bring with the patriots. At a private jet to bring back to it Brian Hoyer in probably not he signed his tender I don't think the crowd -- could be wrong I don't think that happened in his knock you press top. Jets -- sold on sanctions -- Indianapolis Colts and the private jet to get Bruce Stanton. And taken Indianapolis Snyder's and they'll have a big huge press conference today as anybody introduce and anybody care doctors and more care about -- Why. Okay help me out here that that that's a different question -- -- that's for college we we are talking. About up back up the -- say as the backup quarterback softly if you're the New York Jets yeah why you'd doing -- Are -- trying. In short you've already got a fractured locker room before he could could Girardi hearing whispers. Sure that's -- you're already hearing stopped although I have to admit that. That was Santonio Holmes. Marty I forget that there's such similar personalities who were were decrying. Could moderating it was Cromartie who was decrying the trading for Tebow and then when they actually part you know he's gonna do some great guy just wins game isn't that. Are you trying to make this not work. Because I promise you that their guys in the locker room locker room or on. I'm starting middle linebacker whose team when I signed my deal they didn't send a private jet for me. -- reality I mean this is 2012 people care about Tebow I don't really -- it's easily go bears you brats. But if -- Mark Sanchez. You have to think I heard. The publishers Amazon with -- Michael the other day. You said such as the quarterback -- keyboard that Sanchez starts in fourth it was twelve interceptions the first four games he's a star week five. As -- is no way that's. -- This is the problem jets are making a business -- here it's a business move first they wanna get some headlines one -- The other team and right now listings -- I think they'd tried to make a splash. I tried to grab the back page of the New York Post instead of worrying about exactly LT exactly right these people necessarily even. The past -- run out while. I think he's the perfect wildcat quarterback again in that regard I ever why gave him credit when they acquired him. That just from a football perspective I thought it was good move. But they're not trying to build football team they're trying to grab the back pages of your problems. It would I think it's a Woody Johnson move my belief on on up note as Woody Johnson said. He passed on a member of woody Jonathan is that we passed on Peyton Manning but we went to get Tim Tebow apparently. Yeah. And obviously. That's a bunch of -- but you know. This is what they wanted they needed to steal this BBC the giants this is a giants town in new York and he tried to make a splash about -- Just fans I talk to in the singled to FAA and was of France SA. Overwhelming response from jets fancy that excited about it. It's complicates things it to screw Sanchez who I think was I -- -- a great quarterback anyways but now what do you do with this. I have to admit as the patriots fan right I loved its share are now watching this from afar. Dexter has been a good. State police escort for the backup catcher it's good points there it's a decent point although you know we didn't exactly send a private jet for a minute helicopter hovering over the jet. They were just trying to get into Fenway Park in rush hour and there was only one way to do that so about it it's a valid point on your part. You know that they did. Have a state did it at a state police escort he actually wrote in the backseat. Obese state policeman's talk a little nausea that perspective wise but while -- get the uniform on -- Agassi -- -- in the pan it's it's a little Dell Ireland out of your order right if you're if you're patriots and you look at the rest of the -- We talked about maybe a little bit last week. If you ask me to rank the teams. Buffalo's second right -- it's a distant second. Miami third in the jets -- It's like they're doing everything they can do to ensure. Complete -- -- which all four right. As I said I -- I'm for I'm for chaos as long as it doesn't ball my team if George Steinbrenner. Circa 1986. On the jets. Today he would treat the cut but I mean that's the kind of knew that -- wired Eminem would have right fired art director brought -- Barbara expects six times but that's the kind of moved -- -- -- mean it just seems like a panic move. For a team that seems like it's -- the coaches in the bad spot. Atom bombs at bats by how we -- how to get some ballots and it's Jews out bring in Tim Tebow. It's certainly didn't go like just they're trying to get. May ignore you get recognition -- hole went from game to win a championship you get recognition and -- it's crazy it. That's Joseph name -- saying that this stuff is crazy -- -- me ask you this -- the patriots. Treat for Tebow last week I would say yes I was a work user press conference a -- There is. Possibly. It would abandon normal press conference it would have been in that in the the Dana Farber field house. I aid if if they had a you know what I'm not and I'll take that back you know -- no -- bill if Bill Belichick acquired Tim Tebow no. And availability session. Well in the locker room I mean days they have they have a chance to talk to when -- think there would not see a full fledged full blown press conference. At that sports center runs live which is what they're gonna do tomorrow. Of course I'm sure I'm I'm sure that this radios -- Asia policy which has been there at that seeks amounts. At gunpoint. I've -- perhaps you know with a a a fully loaded pistol at his back perhaps he'll be there and I can't imagine what that it does. And there's a great little tidbit I think it was on dads in this morning pair he. Report for Mark Sanchez. You know every everything that's happening is is going against them now we find out. It apparently Tebow is looking to rent a house at trump national. Where Mark Sanchez lives that now is going to be your neighbor -- parts. They -- at the news that the news bands you know in the neighborhood -- -- that their their parking on your lawn so that they can get a shot of Tim Tebow coming out of his house. The goal of the game to back up yet. What's gonna be strange where you know. After game Sanchez gonna talk to immediately like Brady does. You know come out and people -- and that's going to happen that's stuff -- in New York is going to be inevitable. It's that there's no quarterback situation like this I can remember Ebbers is different -- because it's just it's just different food is better than keep its quirky it's bizarre. In about the jet yeah there are similarities parallel with a back up here and the fans were clamoring for him play. And then they're they're in that regard there's some similarities Doug Flutie could play quarter Tim Tebow. It'll -- quarter right right that's that's that's the big difference but it's just going to be. It's gonna be bizarre situation yes he helped the jets will be some wildcat packages but that benefit the Gibson is not worth all of us not for the simple they'll offer that this was not absolute worst thing they could do. Outside of the wildcat packages the 6810 plays a game that will be on the field where I think you'll be effective doing it it. Everything else. You've got to step away from the vehicle that you were Jacksonville. No problem or I mean even though you've got a former first round pick him. -- the controversy quote unquote wouldn't be quite as big a deal here. If you're the Miami Dolphins human really have a quarterback that anybody cares all that much about regimen there everything's fine. If there if you're the New York Jets. You've just insure that you're gonna get the back page of the New York Post. I'm telling Santonio Holmes will be taking hostages before the season is over well you know. Six is a better quarterback that I think we all agree that I think Sanchez's flawed but it -- proposal -- they go in neighboring Tebow and analysts at your realistically this guy's not that. Or quarterback who's not that good point for the backup who's better still young under contract. It's -- puppets shattered he's pissed off but he's not start. A guess I -- -- as the voice of reason. You got issues and maybe it is the stupidest sports that might be pleased with the.

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