WEEI>On Demand>>The Potential Final 4 Matchup Between Pitino and Calipari, Tiger Woods' Whacky Day, and the Latest Awful Blow Dealt to the Celts - All Part of the Sports Sunday Open With Dale and Kirk

The Potential Final 4 Matchup Between Pitino and Calipari, Tiger Woods' Whacky Day, and the Latest Awful Blow Dealt to the Celts - All Part of the Sports Sunday Open With Dale and Kirk

Mar 25, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane kick off their Sunday a.m. gig discussing the NCAA tourney and the Final 4, Tiger Woods playing incredibly well yesterday despite shanking a shot due to a scream, and Mickael Pietrus' frightening head injury on Friday night.

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You have to go on the radio now I -- -- -- complete by -- minute him laugh before they kick ever. I was solid -- it's unfortunately that's the thing I can cheer the boys and girls but. It's not a I wanna continue to. This on a regular -- for the podcast analysis for the podcast good morning this sport Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold -- minute hand and -- so much stuff out there right Tony and how to start I don't know where to Begin I will say this and about the time we get the knicks out of town of Bruce knicks come into town. We got to move that building around. Shuffle things get things going here I'm NCAA basketball is on its way out. It doesn't say much for me as a human being in fact -- actually ashamed that. I was rooting against Syracuse just to see how many people who would make miserable round here that's the sad part that I have to -- It was bad you follow on Twitter last night during the game and all the Syracuse won just obnoxious swap in the lose it is such -- driven. Syracuse world you want them to lose that help the same I have no love for Ohio State or or dislike their completely relevant. I was rooting against your public percent welcome -- misery. He might be that we've started -- missiles on the border becomes whether it's right but I have been dragged down to that level where I'm actually rooting against stop. Just to see how miserable it makes people. I will say and the NCAA basketball tournament as one of those things it's it's kind of like Muzak at times. Like in the early. Rounder to. Its -- in the background which -- not really paying attention. Mean every once on your your eyeballs it's seared by the Baylor uniforms but you know it just it's just sort of on. And when you get to this stage we whittling down from the leading to the final four. Kind of watch more and more of it has been fun it's been determined that a -- of funding as a great matchup she could have Tina tell apart went to help our team. The final four to be fantastic and a great great job by pitino and Louisville team nobody. Two months ago a month ago thought he could take this team is -- there are the final four probes. -- the other day is a great college basketball coach failures Celtic but as a college basketball coach as good as I have to admit. Against my better judgment I find myself rooting for Kentucky just like in season -- -- yet. Have to see I just wanna see the two of them when. And peace too emotional roller coaster for Tina the united -- did -- comments before the fourth game. I'll be devastated if we lose but personal level. I'll be thrilled for Billy Donovan. Should he owns. And themselves and our seven and a lifetime against Billy Donovan can't beat him I originally -- Billy Donovan obviously if agree history together. He's -- a lot of and a lot of mixed emotion goes against cal pars he just wants to beat analyst -- an effect he could beat him by fifty -- -- you might wanna do. -- mean -- think that people believe him he says that's stuff. He still believe that I mean. I think he's pretty much convinced himself that most of the crap that comes out from between his lips his goal. Of the -- is convinced himself that. Got a direct pipeline. Not to the truth is used car sales and go he's a great basketball he has a great basketball coach we won't spend a whole lot of time today talking college basketball but it was just here. It was fun for them. -- for that group of people and I understand that and in Boston it's probably smaller than it is in many others but for that group of people. Who just live and die college basketball it's great for them to have a regional finals here in -- and ask you this this morning I know I'd open up the sports page of the globe right. Basketball is played in Boston were those games played Orlando Wichita or Spokane will be on page seat when -- Absolutely and by the way if you watch on TV you wouldn't be able to tell the difference be running any of those Arenas. But today the globe splashed over the front page about the fall out. Just because the games -- played here yes. I am no other yes I mean there were regularly. And I I equate that somewhat to -- that gigantic special section. Both the globe and herald. Put out just before the Boston Marathon. Nobody except the participants in the marathon read this troop. I mean that nobody reads it except the yen and look there's a great big bunch of faltering early running. So they all buy it to take it home with him wherever they're going back to. And that's that's all good -- I had no issues with her just because I don't read it doesn't mean that you know it shouldn't be written that's fine. It's like it's like the people who. Whitman when NASCAR comes to allow him. Local papers feel an obligation to make a big -- lot of the local papers. The PME not local but you know announcing the new the New England. Area globe and herald will do a lot of stuff about NASCAR. The rest of the year they'll ignore it completely I mean they'll run a little story on you know seat. Or about Daytona our guests like that but that's a good Deutsche Bank comes in these days to get the golf coverage in the morning normally wouldn't you know must tigers now play your currency golf and -- -- Economists were got it right got a Bible also admit as I'm sit here on a bottle -- up I had a lot of TV time. This weekend but one I was I was watching tiger yesterday I'll be into it today to -- no question about he's the one needle mover in golf people like Mickelson people like these other guys McIlroy. The tiger today he's in the mix he's going to be ratings will be up three times faster. I've opposed by golfers were. Not a little a lot from Madonna on the whole thing about you know camera clicks and it just you know throws off your equilibrium for the next five holes. What's a little different yesterday tiger on the fifteenth hole any in his ease ease in his downswing via. And there's -- scream behind him there's like 4050 yards away but a woman screamed. All just found out the little kids say and in a lady yelled an announcement. And I flinched and headed out of bounds. -- woman has since been drowned by. That's a narrow one dollar and I don't know what initially when I heard it and and on the telecast ever made exactly a larger all you you know it's somebody once they hear the voice. And that when you heard what the story wise. You know she's that a concession stand fifty yards away. Per child paints. Goes down on the ground -- -- not in the entitled the tiger was even blaming her although we would like to have the two strokes back. But you know he was he was upset at the moment because they basically kind of glared back in the direction he didn't know at that point what happened either. Point golfers I mean everything has to be just right as I mean. Some kid is standing at the free throw line at the garden with a free throw that can win and an eastern regional. Championship. And don't make Playskool quite -- hit it and then I catch. At this for quite. Road game in India in the post season they'll remember Brady stepping back under center and sort of -- you know -- going. I got a proper pass here that doesn't happen golf is the golf and tennis -- the -- sports. I think it's just because it's the way it's always been that if if they've been doing that yelling and screaming golf. And -- seven ordered that the beaten -- oversee about how they celebrate the one tournament a year where they Holler. Phoenix every year apart they go to Phoenix and and you know you're going to be tough to survive that can't be like that all the time scream and hollering -- do that if you want. All he -- and you have to pristine conditions. And tiger didn't have pristine conditions the pork it paints the mom screams. Tiger got -- one looks just like me looks like -- play and willow -- an album. -- went to. Credible I'll kick it out other than that it would take B two shots to get that far out of -- this. The left via and I at -- yeah left of left. And I loved the shot of the family out posing for the picture on the golf ball as well what you look at the picture you're going to be able to tell. Tiger duck -- this just shy of your pool. There's -- -- on this golf tournaments and one of the pros it's a real -- -- being part of that that X scramble to get the -- and I I wouldn't really -- I'm running after tournament knocking down people. What is the point and Aaron C Davis Love. Up close -- seven army and the treatment might like that means I have to be able to get an up close and personal view of his pro EU wide tax act I mean -- black -- that also talkers for my brother was at. Was that bay hill yesterday he lives just outside of land and was you know. Up one side I mean down the other augment -- so -- there is to be real jerk about it. I don't -- wise so I haven't heard a year and reported back to me you know whether he was on the fifteenth when tiger dock inducted into the pool. Ran there you know what happened that. You'll watch -- watch sports Tiger Woods as it is you know one stroke up now if not -- that -- -- beat three strokes today. Like -- like his chances because five times he's had the lead on Sunday at eight L five times he's one. The old tiger the -- the old tiger will see. Will be the NCA today head to head -- close a -- nationally. It might you know what it might get an area in less if tigers up 67 shots -- having a bad -- won't get. Mediocre game and you get tiger in in about with the McDowell these guys Ernie Els. On down the stretch rings -- really -- yeah you're right -- it might be it might be considerably basketball. If not for bad luck with the Celtics have no luck at all. It's awfully reluctant you know I've never seen anything like this and it's it it. I all I can think back to and I happen to be calling the patriot games the day. The last pre season game. And in the last pre season game they lost Ronnie look pat I Guerin -- and Andre -- all for the season all on the same game. And that moment you knew that the season was so Marco has played -- a single moment of the of the regular season yet but that day unit with the regular season was done. And you just wonder how much can the Celtics overcome. And I mean we're first what you got two guys. We need a nordic. -- part surgery in the same season one in twenty million chance that app and you know then you see Micheal Pietrus I mean that was such a weird I've looked at it. Ten times. And I I know that we don't know enough about the concussion season and what happens. Affected his head doesn't hit the floor. Buddies his head snaps at such a not a huge degree that it causes the brain to push against the skull and cause what they called a closed -- -- Not what's crazy about this team is your write a million things have happened if I told you on liberties march 25 the Celtics who have played 47 games. -- -- at each with a -- 44 Ray Allen to play 41. You know pretty good to see -- be a pretty good shape those three guys have really been the problem tell everybody else everybody else. That's not what to it is big thought well boys can be tough for Garnett to get through this season Ray Allen -- Paul Pierce is going to be topic showed up -- And it's been Gaza to have Peterson's and guys like even rob has been hurt in the two guys -- the hearts and Marquis Daniels. This acute now Weaver Bradley -- -- a crazy season unfortunately it's going to be a lost season for this team but yet in terms of pavlik I can't remember. And eighteen my memory. Is like -- have all this -- happen weird stuff too weird not your basic. -- EC dollars sprained ankle there break a wrist has just been the other night in Philadelphia and and you know he just looked like he'd been through you know from. Again and he just said you know but senator -- like this and you talk about the season they are worried about Pietrus at that point. -- didn't yet have a report on they had seen him you know taken off the court on a stretcher they knew was that the hospital but they didn't know what was going on that point. Or -- -- -- and what what else can happen. How much more can go wrong I don't know what to do now at this point I think -- -- you kind of forward to warn you go in the post season assuming you make it I think they still. Will make it although that's not promised and you going to get the best shot you can do right now to be playing Miami. You're probably not gonna go over your Celtics and you just hope. Like you'll like they have over the years the development effort here at least some important series and think well made -- maybe if this happens -- that. They go down fighting and -- your best anticipated market. -- -- -- -- -- Or Chicago or Chicago although Chicago. They they seem to have as many injury issues is the as the Celtics have via the climbing Derrick Rose what six straight games he's missed now. To got to give them credit people and they they find ways to win and you know what it probably goes back to Tom Thibodeau. Will get -- hundred wins faster than any coach in NBA history. Not gonna help that he be head coach for team -- got Derrick Rose on a button. You've got to give him credit and Andy's doing a heck of a job coaching that team because it doesn't matter who he's got available and we doesn't. -- find a way that you -- a good job in Chicago Miami can play in Eastern Conference finals and short Oklahoma City point play. This spurs in the Western Conference final assault which will be out of the -- to see with Danny does. When the offseason thanks to all start up again amber right now yeah after the Celtics you just hope to make the postseason plays Walter camp for for a.

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