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Bayless, Smith, Robertson... it's a Tebow Battle Royale!

Mar 23, 2012|

The opinions about Tebow to the Jets are all strong and heated, so we go over some of the best (hint: no one is touching Stephen A. Smith's Rant). Plus bible-thumper Pat Robertson is mad at the Broncos.

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By no later than mid season. Mark Sanchez will crumble under the pressure of having Tim Tebow waiting in the wings on the jets sideline. And Tim Tebow will give his shot at being the starting quarterback. Thus starting quarterback. Of the New York Jets I think we'll see he's an opportunity. Just the way he's I usually does. Since Florida littlest bit direct credit skip Bayless -- you know we're -- -- take one and the dark -- first for a first take excuse -- So the same concept right the debate was Bayless and it's even see some. Bottom line. I've never seen Stephen -- speechless but Bayless went on for two and a half. Should just talk about immigration and Tim Tebow. I swear to god he was talking about why somebody you know who had already passed the minority. Completed his career -- and it -- I'll. Instead. He's making his case for it's going to be the greatest thing for the New York Jets for Tim Tebow the NFL or. That that -- walk on Stephen A Smith is he does the auction when New York team now this is invading fizzle and every single day. To but -- go he's gets irritated look on his right. And Stephen I couldn't hold back any longer so we'll skip up the rest of the two minutes with painless. -- -- What -- we'll tell you it's. Tim Tebow to me. Is not bad he's got off. And the fact that the New York Jets would break him in the Gotham city. It's not only an exercise in cruelty towards Tim Tebow because my god he's going to be exposed under the bubble and got the city of New York -- bright lights of Broadway and everything like that. Not to meant to Sodom and Gomorrah and I won't go there. What is going to happen is what took me rather the solidifies us. Is the level of ineptitude. A level of futility that the New York Jets of joy have enjoyed for over forty years. This is the reason why they haven't been to the Super Bowl since -- name of took them in 1968. This is the reason why they haven't won anything. This is the reason why they are second -- second tier status and this is the reason why the New York Giants will always be the team in New York. The New York Jets franchise today I'm not -- for ever more I'm not they have always but today. They are an absolute. Joke they are a complete waste of my time because to bring in a similar to -- -- you have told me for goodness you are more -- just did an -- show. Then anything like that it's a sideshow it's a gimmick that's what it is you. And you'll follow with is almost like having Bob that you two would apply what you know what -- -- -- -- I -- obligated not to think about -- god that you -- And the thing that -- respond but the point is he does have about seven million politics you know that that's something to do what I have -- all reality show that has something to do whatever happened a perfume line -- the lot of whatever the case because that's the thing -- -- -- to you that's not the acting ability dancing abilities and ability to insert tables date yet football ability. Out of the quarterback -- Yeah -- thought that these people aren't on. -- get away empire -- assuming you cannot get away with daddy. He is -- did did she yeah. I've last year with fourteen touchdown -- -- these are saddled with say if you're looking at the category that I'm looking at she's twelve and go. -- -- -- -- This is when you. Tim Tebow. As a quarterback out of the football -- -- mean to say that none of the football players specifically. As they throwing quarterback it's a waste of time did you take into account the fact -- was supposed to be protecting once it is that we're supposed to be she knew being in. And nurturing given -- -- And the growth. Clearly that was all boldness now because weed I only -- I -- -- well you're right all don't the second is do throws a couple of income. -- that you're gonna that people clamoring. But Tim Tebow. Mark Sanchez has almost Joseph Montana compared to Tim Tebow that's how I feel about it. So to me it's like this I never in my -- do you got me escape you've got me here. I have never in my wildest -- joke with the Joker look going to face right gotten Obama want his dreams imagine that they would -- the -- -- so does somebody like -- be stupid enough to sit here bring him -- Starting dot. I've never dreamed in my wildest dreams that this bandwidth and the in New York, New York. Instead. That's not a good. I talked to my car it is a complete. Joke. It is not worthy of an NFL you know until about us a football storyline. But the point is it's the biggest thing going today because the New York Jets have reduced them so themselves the sideshow status and went out where they get from this date poet. They would deserve because they brought this on himself just like I brought this on myself. Oh that is just classically that is -- just an absolute Bertram marks from car dash. Seated there you see somebody dropped a flower on Kim Kardashian. -- that the the red carpet for some of them -- thing. We need good for you act like that. -- adultery and I. -- probably good for our 8 o'clock -- US requesting he wasn't sure all that's right our. Did -- great analyst at Shula I didn't. Log pause there and indeed after the story were that I love -- even at that bottling. You know the evangels -- Pat Roberts -- look at him now this is the most. In this is where. I understand where people get a little bit upset. I'd -- because he comes out. And he -- Tim Tebow you know why he's defending Tim -- audience the religious thing exactly exactly. And gets himself into a little bit of trouble because what he's wishing for is probably not fair to another individual we will give Pat Robertson picked up offered. No because our government actually just looking actually thought the Denver -- awful. In the playoffs and I'll give you an idea but he knows you can't always we'll get to that. It's -- to -- -- last year with fourteen touchdown no one's ever -- with say if you're looking at the category that I'm looking -- she's twelve and know what I'm tied his. Do is let's. He could no himself well I don't know. Just well. Well traveled -- will travel ground I don't know. Well that some somewhere on the -- I was gonna say not a lot of Wear on -- Christopher urged critics. Much too long -- back here to make show it's excellent 77790850. That was -- absolutely phenomenal rant. And the best part about it is if you -- don't see it and invaluable video. Is Stephen and discussed the look he has on his face. -- really can't believe that that Davis is going on for two and a half minutes about this but. It is there's no doubt about the New York is gonna and a whole new element into the Tim Tebow thing. By it is going to be. The biggest three ring circus that we've seen in sports and sometime. Now -- -- the the flip side of that of what is left here in Denver so Pat Robertson. An evangelist. Up there and age. And Tim Tebow obviously near and dear to him probably -- -- on that the TV show. And I critical. Barack did he show I don't think he was semi -- But he part probably appeared on that show because you know let's face it Tim Tebow is a Pat Robertson got the guy might understand that it. At least pass on the war -- forty probably likes it. But listen to his comments. About Tim Tebow and more directed towards the Denver Broncos I'm not sure the Pat Robertson understands. Who Peyton Manning is or exactly who. Of the Denver Broncos played in the playoffs listen. Hold my take on it memo that public relations doesn't bail me out that I think the -- Barack Broncos. Traded him shabbily. You -- seven games he -- him into the playoffs for heaven's sakes let me there was little or nothing team he ran out of them together was spectacular. The latest cemented. Passes and you know when they. When they beat buffalo mean I mean Pittsburgh -- -- it was a tremendous victory and you just ask yourself. Okay so Peyton Manning was a tremendous. MVP quarterback. But. He's been injured. If that injury comes back. Then where will find itself a little quarterback. And in my opinion it would serve them right then. That last line. Our football league football. Mr. Roberts Republican credible reports this whole -- people who -- really come into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. Roberts are treated with respect. I believe. That Peyton Manning is a crushed. Is that the Christian thing to say. To a Christian. Report. Report. Not sure where it somewhere in the ten commandments this is. Misses this is not good this is frowned upon -- that's where. You're cheering and rooting. For your team and you don't even realize that the other guys on your team. They can send Denver Broncos noted that I get Denver Broncos never Broncos traded him shabbily he said well. This on Peyton Manning. And -- African. I've paid phonetic but how about the end with the injury and it serves them. Cool. And you can't. That's that's that's almost rooting. For the other guy to -- to be injured Peyton Manning in his for next surgeries. For neck surgeries notwithstanding. He's a free agent. They're all you have to do is pay your money he'll be on your team and so does the Broncos have a lot of teams going after Peyton Manning. -- about Tim Tebow and treating him shabbily with. An opportunity to get a four time MVP. And you think he gives you a really good chance. Of getting to a Super Bowl winning an old angry with my opinion I would disagree a little right to what got to me was the end but this line right there it would serve them -- it right. It was an. Pat Robertson -- It's not like you could. -- go find itself a little Cordoba. And in my opinion it would serve warm right. That's but that's. That's not about the you're right that's not Gregg Williams right right OK but that's not -- It just said is not right if your religious man the table that's that stop it. It's either Tivo isn't about isn't that -- -- -- that you argued that. I go back to the phone calls this is Tommy's at -- Gregory it's. -- they don't good to show linkage now. One topic a couple of points and Carl Crawford. Two ports -- what make it to the rights such. Cheryl flew in right field instead -- -- only thinks we will share more calls. I'm in right field -- figure strong enough -- to play there. I don't see it. I don't know -- I don't think he's -- I don't think -- -- right fielder. An end -- playing 81 games very -- and that was a situation where he didn't wanna do it because he was accustomed to playing in that you remember that that was what that was. And the the other ordered tournament so it's a dual sticks you know let's accept -- -- a lot of money in this state should be. Portland to all of the reason I say this because. You have a guy like Jacoby Ellsbury is currently not gonna get to first base a lot he's going to be our first base a lot and what that's gonna do the pictures of the there have to deliver the ball quickly to the plate which means that he's going to be getting primarily fastball. Also with a runner -- Well honestly gonna bet that that's. That that would have been a moment. As you can finish as wanna point out to you you can't finish yes you -- Yankee game and can't you can't finish that is what it wrote this in here. If Jacoby Ellsbury makes the last out of the fifth -- And then Carl Crawford. Comes up with nobody on base now what I mean that that whole thing of Kobe's gotta get -- -- and then I had a little bit Estes. And I'm making you're gonna at least you're gonna have that opportunity one apparently because it's your you know you it's good to have that opportunity in -- speed at first base. There's no there's no. -- a -- -- from a coaching standpoint -- that -- 20 is that a lot has to -- we will get our first base a lot there's going to be a huge hole now you -- for -- and covering. First base holding my pictures are going to be nervous who's gonna get primary fastballs and now there's a bigger hole between first and. Gotta gotta -- ever -- I've heard a lot I've heard from -- I've heard -- theory before but let me ask you that you think that happens right now with Dustin Pedroia. And sending you said it's gonna happen with Crawford then that happen with Pedroia right now. But that's what. Happens to it what it to feel colloquial circuit he would go to. Asked him opposite field which sort of typical that's why what book proper want to ban to all ought to be a rocket scientist to figure out you know out of a rocket scientist to know that nobody else that you all. Tommy had a rocket scientist to figure out that Dustin Pedroia is a better hitter -- Carl Crawford. -- -- he's a better hitter than Carl Crawford he's a better tool better than Carl Crawford. He's a better baseball player call corporately at all and an end and give you one more he's going to get on base for more than Carl Crawford. People can talk about the disrupt it how he can disrupt. Guys disrupt pictures. Would Carl Crawford gets on based on -- we know looking to percentages the on base percentages. The Dustin Pedroia is gonna get on more often. Then Carl Crawford is and guess who's behind. Guys that can drive -- home. The success this. Really wanna I don't. What are you pay 142 -- -- event dedicated to everything that the that he needs right now cause is uncomfortable thing gladly give Augusta during the good fastball better. Yes he's agreed to fastball so he can see -- explorer and -- occurred -- tickets are worried about -- -- -- OK so he's a great. Great lawyer if all those things are happening with Jacoby Ellsbury on base. As Tom was -- -- -- go through this and that's gonna happen pitchers are going to be concerned and went Pedroia -- in that situation. I don't understand why you catering for a Tito didn't last year moved him down on the order and that obviously pissed them off. I would say that what what can Bobby V do if they get off to a good start just amateurish and number two hitter right out of the gate the plane while. -- Crawford was back three weeks four weeks into the season maybe sooner than that. We -- not gonna put him in the number two spot. I don't care Dustin Pedroia gets off to a slow start up Bob -- -- Here's a Josh in a car here at a picture on WB yeah. They got Gloria and I don't understand where all these people are calling and then in and trying to X. You're but it clearly just -- Absolutely -- it urged the united -- really again I can't get I'm giving a player you know warmup session. Especially when the twenty million dollar a year player you know I'll Crawford need it heat up and -- You don't understand that even member of the team and you can't Wear -- it. Didn't deserve to be in for Carol and and that guy had the audacity. And and and and the gumption to come out and and that he had -- -- make it -- well and the lobby for -- -- to -- actual. Well he belongs on the line up and duplicate that carried away from it but. It certainly doesn't belong to be in the top five. In in that lineup unless he starts -- nowadays are on base percentage last year was under under 300 correct. 300 Barbara why would they put it he doesn't agree on base percentage even in Tampa but it wasn't that bad now -- Alice that was around. In my opinion there could be. Immeasurable. Ability of clarity either succeed mountain -- that are her are. Hyper competitive that are different you know about it most certainly different -- Tampa Bay and Kansas City and Baltimore you know it's it's a very very. That a microscope party all the time and it can you don't get it and you don't have that India you don't have it in your blood. -- not gonna succeed here in it it's really not an -- On call -- for big guy it's it's more of and an inability to really you know pull the boot straps and it's cops came in and persevering and getting through written. You have to beat him down revenues and fired motivate them like we're talking about Kobe got the ball that fodder to all that can -- In a burst of fire BQD that you the competitor and he's got it. How -- got. But I listen he's terrific player he's not a step. I get a stiff seasons no doubt about it but he's not a staff. But I think him putting -- all on himself what a lot of fans are doing is the Red Sox have to go when -- You have to go make sure he -- way to hold -- Is it paid a 142. Million dollars. It's his job -- started going to produce and distraught I'm not running on of that yeah it is his job. To go and reduced. He wants me and number two spot it's easy getting on -- percentage of about 36378. Got their start hitting people got. I maintain that call property is gonna be a naive that's it's sad that they're very very try and you didn't that it can. You can't. Now that's at that word and -- it was network used and why Seattle for seems to be a bit -- so -- -- making pride we don't. He's not causing problem yeah it really doesn't benefit I don't think he's got a pretty divisive guys and keep it here. Problem why I don't think it's huge -- -- I think there were problems with that team Rebecca for yeah I don't. Good. -- it. In. The it guy. Okay and we did your shirt as a distraction like almost clubhouse Crawford responsible for the that would grumbling about you know my car. Hold on how how -- Carl Crawford play into the chicken of the year and -- Obviously -- a different example. That. And here's here's another reason I don't like the analogy to. Because we know what happened those guys came out and admit it. We did some things during the game that we should have been doing it on hand we're sorry let's move on. You don't know when Carl Crawford is normal. Know that don't know what it's like in the club allegedly used so as we know what what that word that designates as devastating disease to write that a lot of people deal with. And families are dealing with but I. Yeah -- get a kick out of Crawford as as a player yet I'm critical of his performance right I'm not gonna say. His attitude is wearing down I'd -- I didn't hear any of that now. I heard none of that much different convert. I'd never heard any player publicly or privately sit there and say you know he's a bad guy or he -- or he's a -- I urged the opposite. Works his ass -- if anything. He's one of those guys that putting too much on his shoulders right now that it that he has trouble handling. What they give given him under 42 million dollars that's why I said earlier in the program each call enjoy 142 million -- got it. You beat -- at the table. You'll want it like a black -- you 142 million dollar you know pile of cash they get. Now just go up there enjoyed it again mistress and -- it but no like I think that's unfair when people start throwing that that. A ninety seconds right back to reform.

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