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Mar 23, 2012|

We talk to Jack live from LA as he updates us on the Bruins and their quest to not finish in the 7th seed for the playoffs.

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I'm back here at a big -- org Y holly. Normally our third man in here in the in the studio when we talk a little bit about the -- but. He's out on the West Coast obviously he had a much better broadcast on the team and performance on the priceless things in -- Jack Edwards choices what the hell happened realized. Well you know this to facilitate team that is given the -- problems because of the match -- they're big they're strong and their sticks they're heavy on the boards then if the Bruins can't bring their a game and really move their feet. And they didn't last night they're gonna have problems in the dead. So you know this gives us a view of the Bruins team that is now nine games from the playoffs and -- player cause for worry because this is now the good teams play in the playoffs the voice channels they did last night and oh by the way -- are they fighting for -- -- just to get into the playoffs sharks aren't even on the inside of the structure yet. How are you fit on about the borrowings when they beat Philadelphia and Toronto did you did you read allotted to those victories or did you say. Well we always beat up on Philadelphia recently and always beat up on Toronto so big deal. There's a tendency to put a team -- lost for the role when it plays impressively twice and eroded say well that's behind them and they're done with it. But -- Julian has been reminding everybody to stay reality based and to keep your head really. Where the reality of this team is the reality is they've lost five out of seven so. At a time of the year when style points really don't count for anything no matter what the players may try to say bravely in the dressing room after losses. This is this is a critical time and these next two games against Los Angeles and against Anaheim. Are gonna be a real test and and could be a Bellwether of just -- the Bruins are capable of doing in the playoffs everybody thinks they're gonna bring it up the gear and they well might during the playoffs that you can't count on that you really have to establish a style of play in the mode of play before you get there and the Bruins haven't done it was. Jack fourteenth consecutive game for Tim Thomas when he did not start but obviously Turco was pulled the early in the game. Can they continue to do this and and right now if they put Turco win what are chances of winning those games. Well you might blind the opponents with his new pat I'll tell you that. If if Marty Turco are circles for a hike in the woods and he's worried about get lost. Of the brilliant. Gold -- -- certainly saved his life because I'm I'm pretty sure their -- for us and you could see him in the middle of the night all by himself. He hasn't been great for sure but he is looking sharper and sharper and practice he pretty much had because he was you'd just flat out bad in the game at Tampa Bay Area when he got yanked after. Giving up. Three quick goals. It's. It's an issue. Nobody wants to see Thomas playing every single game and it's pretty much. Except that the Turk goes get a play at least against Anaheim at least that's the generally held belief. That said Thomas has been unbelievably sharp. But yeah if you had if you keep pushing his button at this point and you get to the point where -- four weeks into the playoffs if there are so fortunate to survive that far. And -- now played like thirty out of 41 herself like that. That's a big issue that's a real problem because you're gonna Wear the guy down we saw we're down to go Rask who is in his early twenties when he used. A play enough for the Bruins in 2010. Any blow up so it's you know it's it's a problem you can't put a guy's button as often as they push -- and expecting to play well. For a long long period. You think the Bruins are a lock to make the playoffs. I think there are a lock to make the playoffs because there's a pretty substantial gap. The the eastern conference's. Is. Kind of -- Among several teams that are. Right at the bottom of the the conference structure in the east there's -- some points out of while with the war three point behind the -- kind of the elevators spot so. Whoever finishes second in the northeast probably gonna end up seventh when the winner will probably be a second. -- the Florida turns on a great tradition and passes that team. And then it drops down to Washington which has eight games ago. There -- 81 point ball low with eight games to go data they have eighty point and that really dropped off to Winnipeg. It's this sort of sent if you if you think they're a lock to make the playoffs. Yeah why not. Down the stretch have Marty play half the game. -- the -- you have a well rested Tim Thomas not just put them in for one more game put him -- for four games at worst case scenario is your seven's aliens that's okay we're gonna make the playoffs we think is more important for Tim Thomas to have rest. So Marty. Even if the scores are circus like their laughable seven zip 7393. You're in there. -- kind of the Tim Wakefield thing right you know sometimes he had just go in there are you getting for the Red Sox and and take his beating and and not say anything even if the -- -- for -- and and that's. That's pretty much the idea and if the Bruins get to 93 or 94 points. In the next few games you may just see something like that there isn't a lot of sampling left early nine games ago it looks as if maybe even 89 points could make it in the east but 93 certainly well. And if they get to 93 with a few games to go you -- -- Thomas a get a few games to rest but. You can't take anything for granted you can't ever assume point. And until they get to 93 point. We're not gonna see them reveal their hands. I say I don't think there's much difference between two wins in seven you know I think everybody was looking before at you know how much could you avoid the Rangers. But now look at Pittsburgh in the way they're playing and so. You might go to this game Jack we say it is that we need to avoid bill that we need to avoid definitely. And it becomes a -- it's more important -- that Thomas and Thomas is is rested for the playoffs because without him playing great what chance they have anyone. Bought -- totally valid point and the difference between two and seven this is really an -- you're talking about. Well a seventh game at home and while it's the same opponent you'd be -- example. Yeah it's it's important to have homeless because you do have the ability to match up line. Much better than the visiting team does can you get the last change easily get the last election players before every faceoff. You know that that's a factor. But really what's more important just to make the playoffs to get into the -- and then see what happens because if you start projecting it starts saying well -- the -- fault this way this should be their second round opponent -- gonna blow -- the thing about -- -- a couple of -- it never goes the way -- think it's gonna go and it almost never -- by the -- was that the couple years ago that 5678. Came out of the first round of the -- yeah you know it just -- that leaves or is that it's unbelievable outside sonic get so. Just did it that's that's the main thing in and get to the starting line of the playoffs healthy. But again I don't think you're gonna see that. Until the pros -- in 93 by the way we were brought to trial on the docket sheet situation pending suspension everybody -- gonna get at least. Six games and Chicago only has. What like seven left that thanks so. It's an interesting theory that Chicago wouldn't be too upset if he got suspended for all seven regular season game and he's leading the league in time on ice for game 27 minutes a game forward happen is by -- -- -- -- indicated he might get a vacation that makes an absolutely perfectly rash. For the beginning of the playoffs. And that could actually work in the Blackhawks player. It's amazing how suspensions actually help teams. So glad it happened about Brendan Shanahan knows his sports so wouldn't be something if he says. I'm gonna let you play for. How the rest of the regular season Richards didn't do that you're suspension begins in the playoffs. I don't know if he can do that I would be amazed if he did you that. It would be. It would be a remarkable precedent to set and he's in a typical spot as it is because. He's got about fourteen different factions saying what he should do in this situation and they come up with a punishment that would have. A circus angle -- -- such is that by letting a guy they eligible for the rest of regular season and then and suspended specifically for the playoffs. Could really set a weird a weird Conant president I I don't see that happening but. Well we'll find out color within a few minutes Motorola. I'll tell you would do it Roger Goodell. -- picked up a party for public you might actually reduce -- that I. Michael it's it and trust me sick is we're talking about it dealt with the the whole bulky thing in -- and that gigantic suspensions -- the huge fines in the draft picks and everything and you gotta say this for Roger Goodell. Every single thing that he does is aimed at protecting the integrity. And improving the National Football League and and you can argue. That not every single thing Gary Bettman has done has served that same end and maybe he can argue that but I would argue. Pretty strongly against that any -- lot of different instances. The most recent being this this cock -- realignment that they want to go to where you're turning the NHL and it's tremendous. Semi local rivalries. In Q a generic league where you play the -- -- division upon and then everybody else is the same. Sold abroad would go from playing Philadelphia and the Rangers and Pittsburgh. Four times a year which they do now to just two times -- -- they play the Philadelphia Flyers as often as they play the Colorado have. Every single year is not really good for hockey yours that is -- off the top of the moment filling in the valleys with -- I would I would say -- it says what Roger Goodell does sometimes seems heavy handed -- -- motivation. Absolutely clear -- and you know hockey could use a little of that especially at a time like this for this -- public posturing going on about this collective bargaining agreement is all anybody really wants to get the things sell right now. Sure enough after a stellar records ago I don't know where you come with us to have a valid I don't know -- more question for you Michael brought up to two games that they won and in bulk of those games they got off to good starts got the lead. Early in those games again last night they fall behind you watch them you're there. You shoot the demeanor changed when they fall behind early in games vs what we've seen when they take that lead early. No last night what. I did see from the Bruins was just the lack of moving their feet and brick was excellent that being sensitive to this very early in pointing it out to everybody and as he pointed out it became more apparent to me. Last there was a good test because. Really what Bruins fans. Wanted to see maybe not consciously but subconsciously was for the brought the fall behind a good team and rally to win while they never stopped working and they did get better as the game went along. Between now and the playoffs the Bruins are gonna need to have a comeback victory against some team. That is a quality team in order to show themselves in the shoulder fans that they're going to be able to face that kind of adversity in the playoffs and rally. That the resilience of this team through November and December was astonishing really didn't even matter if people were first. But as you point out -- right now it matters a whole lot and the Bruins have got to change that situation if they wanna present themselves as an elite team. -- a blunt talking about the fact that during the course of the game he said they have no legs here tonight and I'm wondering. Was it a physical thing they had no legs Tuesday traveling across the country and it's been difficult part of the schedule. Or is it they fall behind and then I don't know psychologically they just -- no lights. Well to question I think we're gonna find out more about when they play Los Angeles tomorrow evening. It's. A game that. Is it going to be extraordinarily important for the king and obviously is for the Bruins -- they don't want this to turn into another real slump right at the -- -- of the season. Let's face -- eastern teams haven't ridiculously easy. Compared to the western -- gonna come to travel and eastern teams simply are not used to taking six hour plane trips and played in the next day. -- It's not really an excuse it's not a valid can be used as an excuse. But it might be a reason. The contributed to the loss we'll certainly know against LA -- team that has found its stride. Just the last couple weeks and it's and start to play terrific hockey. And they're battling out Phoenix for their division and a similar situation. With the Bruins could get a high seed to work could end up with a low seed depending on whether they win that division and let's stay out of trouble out in Los Angeles I heard it can be a pretty wild -- and just be careful. Yeah I do I won't worry purple and gold like a promise you that I gonna walk downtown or Mike Green and white he's antagonized. Or not. I -- we'll talk to you showed -- words out of Los Angeles.

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