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Jermaine O'Neal talks about his tenure with the Celtics

Mar 23, 2012|

Jermaine O Neal joins Mut and Merloni in an attempt to let fans hear his side of the story on his time in Boston. Jermaine denies ever wanting to go to the Heat.

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A lot difference beacon of the Celtic team Jermaine O'Neal departed theme the last couple years -- Doug for the years to have surgery on his left wrist and Jermaine joining us on the eighteenth the hot -- on this Friday Jermaine Mike and -- are you. Critic here in Europe where duel well appreciate the time on our on this Friday as. You're gonna wrap up your two year span with this the Celtic team and I wonder when you signed here if -- expected it to be this. I caught a frustrating run may be help lies for you with the Celtics -- in the east at two years that this team. They know nobody ever expect you know you're injured and I'm sure nobody wants to be injured and and two periods of years and it's not like us who were in I don't need to regenerate and three decision -- In the union and had to fight back we're here to get back -- the -- in the currencies and then. And also play all it's a bit there are worked out and got summoned to. Blocker and believe what we want a certain position where are critical -- he's been I think that's probably the most disappointing part. About this right now. Ireland know to do the job. And for the first in my -- a little additions. Paul -- was there at the bit about last year in Miami any play seven games have a good year you come here with all those expectations but. Doesn't what sixteen years now in this league do you ever look back now with this type of injury and start thinking about -- -- think about whether you wanna continue to play in this game. Well not that double. You know -- -- decisions. -- got a map to make it pretty soon and I think one. You're moving forward because there's an injury that invests the biggest Internet concern about family is that he -- you and -- surgery blood pressure and also known. Looking -- you know Christmas -- a -- with a wrist and only -- 33 I think you know people. Insider that in -- sales of musical and I'm going to -- a lot of a lot of minutes of the gains. And wanna be able to live look you know. Do a certain way for physically the way you've got a government you know some kids. Mister red round and wanna be of some -- They operate. As a you know and and and not be -- will be will be down. That I can look up to those expectations if my kids. I don't I -- speak for all Celtic -- speak for myself and say that there was a frustration for me. About a week ago when there's report that came out Jermaine you hadn't played you try to come back from the injury. That maybe you wanna bio and that you may couldn't play for the Celtics to your help but that you wanted to be bought out by this team and go to Miami presumably to win. A championship MI questioned the time was will be helping at the play for Miami. Like -- plays for the Celtics was that report troop. Well you know I think. In this is this is not fit to print journal and I've been around this this this port for a long time. And I think -- you hear the word rumor. And don't sequels are good as you know our car was. You know how little bitter -- you became so because they're dispersed into questions it was totally not true. Premier Danny Ainge never had a conversation. About how we never talked about in general but the seriousness of -- injury. I went through almost you know this process started. Perhaps it's -- to Dallas. And and it will be that makes a competing and that's with -- of the doctors and I've been doing with just. This emotional feel of what three weeks so there was no way between that time. And street bailout at all was little comical because it came out right when the -- don't know about so and so with -- betrayed. Also didn't some talk about these papers and he'll need some you know some some -- talk about the radio. You know our didn't. This is mostly incurred. Have to deal with the situation who you know with a group bone fusion. You know not being able Garfinkel can not believe it's true it's carpet on the war. And -- and Danny -- means a lot. I don't people understand our personal relationship and how will always feel good if not only because these are mean. Give me an opportunity plans to -- with all of the businesses and Internet security -- -- which he sent me as a person. -- a -- player in this process that you understood how emotional were swimming in it because it was mostly Thompson's arms patient. And you know we never talked about. You know obviously looked the as a basketball player we talked about disputing groups who make -- decisions -- Certainly in the -- conversation I think people understand. It he'll never. You are an example to the general of the real competition angles when I'm seeing -- went -- to you to talk you about. What you should do that you should have surgery right away and you should think about quality of life. And developers are not sit and great to -- -- that was pretty good I Karabakh. What forced to -- -- Brett -- -- got back from him. The break I don't know the with a hand specialist. And when he when he told the intensity. You mean could it be beach and the most you know because basketball has been -- and it -- been so Olson goes along but eight years old. And I don't know what are just ignore you -- about. You know -- -- -- -- that's what -- talk and hear people talk about you know how that you know everybody character opinion about it and they never hurt me. No need never heard it from me to never heard from Denny being Denny had beaten the next day I guess that he heard it and we both were kind of blown away. We didn't know where it came. So I think it that it is there I think it. Before people make. Euro promotional. -- -- whatever your arms and work permit. You'll understand this is rare rumors and Nvidia would be quite honest it's percent of those -- are real. So you know you never asked gains very buy -- the. I never talked to any about it never altered -- they're going to go to commerce system or to learn more out. Basketball he called strictly about -- -- -- which we -- and -- reports like that come from. You'll get -- and you are I've never been a player. You know the government has ever been there who. Know who -- who -- -- and you're. Our hard earned -- doors are. You know writers who -- don't put rumors out there almost almost -- Almost it insults and criticism of me I always say Karachi. You know and and -- and that in the next couldn't it couldn't have been at their bounces there's you are that you. What quality allow me to people. Are not granted they're difficult place or another interest in the same division. That's a question germanic that's the frustration is that -- was there a thought was there ever thought that it if you. Or didn't request to -- out of the Celtics have bought you well what would you have gone somewhere else to play this year was that a possibility you going. To a different team actually playing it was the rest gonna shut you down either way. Outlook it was an idiot I was told I need surgery right away. Tutoring after now. I think what you got executing is there are who are completely torn ligament. Last year signature. And they want you to have surgery. Those -- -- -- -- -- -- play well but it is not take. Certain eight -- purpose out would have been able I would have been able to work out. Or do any pain in the summertime which occurred in what was -- -- into Margaret long never commencement season you know obviously could end. And they're not worked out some. So this basically injury that has gotten worse. You know Merrill correct here so if you question no I was never thought about -- -- it was more about. -- -- -- -- -- -- compensation and and. A lot of people in I think I think that aspect of our -- General fans in general public so I think some people understand the and to don't become so that's actually did humans. You know I think you put money for whatever it is it when we can't look -- that -- aptly when he -- never even finished school uniform on the -- You don't have to compete for a championship and they -- not enough people on in the democratic leaders and agreed to go to Dallas. -- -- -- -- You know then you're got a call from all peers Rondo Doc Rivers. No car and a total because there was no thank you a mechanic from our local governments because their recruitment. A winning and winning the championship is all want to do and not finish that are terrible where it's not a -- When that report did come out. Was very backlash Amir as far as like your your teammates did name them kind of computer hey what's up with this is his troop. Well you know the you the issue is that I think the biggest thing that they understand. -- that we live to basically bring together importantly. With -- -- And -- -- didn't superior bloggers and that was never. The currency and an analyst. You know debate you know they understood right away and go -- As far as I don't talk about that that comment they can of the data room and it came out. They never you'll get on a roll I was back in Boston there re -- to try and they're trying to get back on court. So we never had come to go consciously Eric. -- -- Honduran you know and you are -- -- that's I'd say that if you got noted charitable person before. And make decisions in these a decision on a person. You know it is one that nobody you know. Negative scale in the world. You know. -- -- know -- absolutely basket you've you know in concert sounds marriage is nested compensation which is police are lumping everybody. As -- -- as it's clear winner -- focused you know the real story. No -- and the fact of the matter is. I'll talk to whispered. Mark actually. Awful orchestra -- -- against the I don't know north to McIntyre and didn't give back tomorrow as well let me have to wrist com almost tutors. And it has had a -- -- -- a single word. Great to start you got work to -- you know Sloan is not you and then you could have. I've been around this team a lot last couple years are they as currently constituted. They have a chance to make a running your mind Jermaine. Two and an NBA championship this year. I'm a little bit I think you know I've been wanting. No always heard about this team and his own position they are always as far. If they get here they are weakened party shall we found ways to take on the challenge. And you would of course there are superior. It'll be they have it's not -- I think if you want things slowdown. I -- -- scheduled in our plan you know the screens that create this sort of schedule in the -- content to rest. The majority. We lasted -- team like Miami and knocks you off than just wondered what.

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