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Bobby Jenks arrested in Florida

Mar 23, 2012|

Mut and Lou read the police report from Bobby Jenk's arrest early Friday morning in Fort Myers.

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I'm very hopeful. He does that mean there's nothing I can do now -- you know be here re having just turned everything akin to be out there there's no timeline on right now I think you that's why I'm certain on the sixth season thirty just two. You know make sure we do everything we can before. You know we do test is so there's no setbacks and you know we're back in day one again. I was Bobby Jenks saying all the right things couple weeks ago Red Sox spring training. -- that comes on the heels of late last night early this morning. An arrest do you lie. In Florida this was in Lee County. We told earlier about this now -- the full police report I read through the entire thing but I'll I'll -- couple set up years to get an idea of what we dealt with -- Bobby Jenks in Florida last general this morning first of all why was he pulled over. -- pulled over because he's driving his white SUV Mercedes suvs. Making -- turn in exited the roadway in an unsafe speed causing the vehicle's weight to ship drastically. The Mercedes driven by Jenks proceeded into the -- turn lane crossing over all three southbound lanes of Cleveland avenue. The Mercedes dedicated travel southbound Cleveland avenue traveling between all all three lanes -- out of that -- Mercedes bowed down drum up to a sidewalk. Where proceeded travel until -- the cold noble art and base of the erratic driving pattern of Mercedes a traffic stop was made. Of the vehicle is all -- wrote in his white SUV. -- approach the vehicle. And deputy. Such -- Asked -- why he may have been all over the wrote quote. Because I took too many also rely -- like talking to Jenks deputies Upton noticed he was shaking uncontrollably. He had a difficult time speaking. At this time requested an EMS's seem to check on -- three possible medical issues going on. Paramedics arrived and found jinx to be good help and not having any type a medical condition. While paramedics were on scene deputy asked -- to be taken anything else what is most to relax yours and -- replied I'm going to be honest with you. I was just leaving babes. Stupid because I hit a car I just had to get out of there so no answer terms it was he drinking he just said I gotta be out with view I would just waving babes. Because I had a car all. -- as you obviously to Toomey Muster elections out of control so then they went debates. And they -- to the bouncer in the -- incident as it white Mercedes drove in the parking lot and struck a parked car. About to make contact with the driver wearing plaid plaid button genes tattoos left arm. It's a typical thing that did jinx is where. -- my tattoos in the -- on that Bobby Jenks will talk of the driver -- and why he was shaking in the driver stated he was on muscle relaxes this point. Brit asked the driver parked his vehicle. -- you call on the cap. With that the issue be then drove into another vehicle a pop up a it -- -- when he pulled into -- partly -- at one vehicle -- -- and about to sort of got the attention and walked -- -- turn -- it's another vehicle. He's -- We get out of the cap relief which is kinda strange that Jimmy Joseph off. So Bobby Jenks just left and then driving down a wrote all over the place muscle relaxes shaking. It's pulled over. So while a neck and get to that the part where he's asked to take it -- Sobriety test year. Dilated pupils and slurred speech according to the report -- -- big animals to relaxes the athletes admit to a field sobriety exercises -- agreed to reform. The expert for the exercises -- there walked into the area would exercise are going to be performed in Jenks turns of the operatives says I'm gonna fail. The guy I'm gonna fail the first exercises they horizontal gays. Couldn't do it as smooth pursuit and Eddie had a pride issues at the Buick thing was actually okay. That it was a walk in turn during the instructions James could not keep his feet he opened oh. He started to walk and stop before the start of the exercise. During that he could not touch did not touch his feel that on several steps. And all of a sudden just decide it when ignited some ballots exercise everything else I can't do it I asked him why he says I'm messed up. At that time they were stopped safety projects placed under arrest for DY. Around the report and away we go some. He was messed up David's big messed up hit two parked car debates. At the third that I braves to want special my guess. And now he's going to be looked as is -- project because you know two years ago. -- amounts adequate drinking cold Turkey really became a big part of my life too much -- went out there drinking too much I gotta stop this stuff fluent. You know now -- -- rehab from the injury is picked up for. It is all called a juniors so -- applies attest to gimmick point 000. Driving under the influence of a lot of -- -- relax lot of -- -- and it was going to lot of issues there with his back but. Bad judgment I mean taken a lot of must -- go -- driving in cars taken off. Not good objects of Mauritius on all the guys OK look he's trying to fight back some issues demons here are just not gonna he's okay but he also got to be responsible few. Tick him off to relax if that back issue I'd get it. You can't just you hop in -- car you know he can't drive in and you've had a couple most of the -- we use the recreational and be honest. Popular car like that and you gotta be care when you do that he's arrested and wealthy at the Red Sox having further statement today. -- Eric is in Connecticut he's on the phone now what's up Eric. They don't matter. Say -- armored truck a little bit about by around trying to troops -- training. You know I've heard a lot of criticism from that of the different shows. Across the network here regarding. What he's doing and and and with the caveat that we understand that the overall picture of spring training means not seeing the results -- not being. There's a lot of back up guys in in the genes. So I understand that but what I think he's doing is instill in a level of competitiveness. And competition with the guys. That's been lacking sort of the last few spring I mean I don't know how many times you decide they don't attempt any instead of calling me game and then nine. -- I can distinctly remember. Jerry just getting a little wave from the dugout. I in the ninth aliens calling the game that's at our whether it's not currently be I just ain't dead. You know it's it's well deserved and and well needed this team. Observed to just bring some competitiveness to the group of guys. This I I agree but I honestly in the ninth inning of a spring training game who you try to get competitive. They -- Rocco or I mean Jason Repko. You know the competitive -- these guys listen the starters are of the game and a fifth sixth their home all this is going on -- probably woke up this morning laugh over. That it video that's what wins and losses. Don't mean anything it's spring and a lot of teams that they try to listen without the win these games and that's part of it's the mentality and I get -- that Medicare short. Winning is important. But really the most important thing is to you guys work. And because -- that's that's evident because the stars don't stick around if winning was important stars would stick around when that. I agree. I'm not discounting now but I think you have a group of guys that are together. And which are doing is you're instilling in this group of guys are saying. They were out here competing you know we will bring you an edge to the -- are bringing attached to the field. And that's got -- Or a sturdy game period of -- Instill something into this group of guys. That's gonna carry over in the regular season rather than the slug date share country club atmosphere that seem to be prevalent. The last three years under Terry Francona. Erica -- like it a lot -- I like a lot of with view of these guys are playing with a chip on the shoulder Ortiz for the third Crawford even talking about today. Isaac and for once he gets out their first third and aggressive nature and I love all of that. There's nothing I don't like there it's all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I never had not come outset I don't like it but I I get the impression you're you're like -- -- -- aggressive quality stretching your minutes earlier -- about you when Schilling -- very similar things to say about our lights aren't allowed Bobby Valentine the manager this baseball team -- -- yet the talker. Yes you're actually right. But I do love that you retired spring training guys coming the next day in the first question is they did we win yesterday. In a way connected -- to pull it out. Important as wanting me as some -- this starters aren't there and even a fifth fourth and how important is. Not important but it is important would still on his guys who want to do some stuff and an -- put that it forget the winning a loss for second. It puts in the back -- -- with Joseph Girardi yankees. This guy might have this in his back pocket during a regular season game and keep that fear there. And forced Girardi and defense maybe down the road to make an adjustment. As a good thing if you're Red Sox fan -- we'll check -- of Florida rob Bradford WEEI dot com the latest on Gentoo and all things Red Sox next.

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