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Who's at fault: Bobby V or Joe Girardi?

Mar 23, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss the Sox Yankees spring training game and the fallout from Bobby V's decision to go for a suicide squeeze to tie the game.

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Well there's always spring training right I guess games canned and a day. A four -- title over the last baseball -- was the all star game Bud Selig is -- in Milwaukee Bud Selig right 'cause the last baseball time that I can remember act and title last night's 44 Yankee Red Sox time. They're four mired in a big deal. It back the pay a lot. I love Bobby Valentine. Late in the squeeze play down to tie the game 4482. Guys on one out at a base it wins the game. But he cares about nicer you know care about final score in spring training. Try some wacky stuff you know you wanna get angry about this April -- -- first Saturday afternoon or on fox against the Yankees. That date and get after me that your pit stop that he laid -- a squeeze play. Left a runner on base and tied the game four for their in the ninth inning but it spring trading in a kick angry about this back I -- love like remember. A time we've had a guy around here Red Sox manager that would just say you know what. The latest squeeze down here let's get a tie game let's place extra innings. Fitness trend she would guys can do have spin move to other things. It's not an easy pitch and soon as we can do. Then -- it could baseball. -- Actually shown us what we can do except there were no extra innings last night because regarding ran out of -- -- go to Boston won all the set up tucked up the spring training. It's. I don't mind him squeezing as a metric I'd like to see David Ortiz go first to third that's. This team is gonna played different style of baseball and I think it's gonna play out I think they're gonna you go to a -- -- -- this team win. You know the -- play the way they're gonna play and I think he's teaching his team that there's other ways to score when you face. In a team that Campo or you're facing hot. Rotation maybe -- in time they get their Big Three facing Justin Verlander. Pagelets you know -- all the everybody in baseball right now we're gonna pick run. We're gonna double steal we're gonna squeeze. It's in the back of their mind even if you don't -- is still a consideration. But spring training diet is the -- to happen I started -- of the Comcast last night and it's it's yard is got to beat best. Just because yeah it's okay basic you guys when we go home they don't care if you win -- lose in spring training it's. Everybody get their work you know let's just get out of here and you squeezed to get that extra inning game. -- -- go to my gut you know I just used three pitches last couple innings were up for nothing and I had a guy on the bullpen ahead and just to -- bullpen session -- I'm probably not gonna use one in the throat today. I -- you would have far ride back to Tampa. We get a split squad game tomorrow. And then -- -- -- And you know you get Garrett was going to be back in their beds and what 1:32 -- -- morning up at 6630. Get that appeal to get ready for a split squad game. I I understand his frustration when it came -- listed on the game's over. I kind of laughed that I heard Bobby's comments after the game. And a bit realist and I laughed even more -- hysterical. I. At a Bobby be just -- as wrecked those great. When I have to warm up my pitchers trying to make the team come and tight game. Against the Yankees and maybe help only team in serious man. Speakers. Now very curious. Listen I -- you know advocates that that that the things authorities that they -- their offensive but I would love to be -- fly -- -- -- -- bus -- home -- -- I would love to be to ask Joseph Girardi when they thought about. Exactly there's probably a little bit of that -- my hobby why didn't you got its and I didn't bring it straight according to -- Abraham a gamble by Peter. Abraham story on -- in the Boston Globe today we got six other pitchers available. On the Yankees travel roster they threw one in the bullpen and it's 60 -- six guys available a fight to take in the bullpen -- -- -- six guys beacon play. One more inning the fans there -- lobbed it. Bobby Valentine obviously had a guy up trying to warm up. Like apple that power play why got to be stick in the mud like going to be if it up very courteous if Joseph -- Joseph used what five guys that I'm gonna in this in what one guy and a bowl and six other available according to the roster I -- I find that extremely hard belief. And Joseph Girardi did do that I'd have to be the first protocol months -- would you do when. Why you bringing while. Pitchers who spring training game. It doesn't happen the body to be perfectly honest with -- I think seven was assistant to the list. -- the original list. Seven that's what you know normally brings precious spartans returning honest articles for and oh by the way the got a sport to stock. Was a late scratch because his wife when the labor so now. You know for example elected if if a guy like Lester couldn't start and I'll -- like okay what I don't have another guy -- -- near the giggles for five those count on today. Awarded to a spring training the dual -- a stretch out some guys maybe in -- open and try to get through this game somehow to what got a couple extra bodies developed starter anymore. Never in my entire life heard of the -- bring twelve pitchers. To a spring training game especially when you start cold for five this time of year you tell me -- can while the traveling roster while they have that many guys listen to those guys didn't make the travel. We get what I'm saying is that might -- of confusion. Maybe that list was seven that's more like it started ghost for. And then maybe somebody else goes a couple. That I got five guys to get me through the next four innings three innings. Usually keep water few extra guys. Encased as extreme and you keep water -- you don't keep 777. Guys. Does this guy I think I think was pretty fun out and it -- was all -- rail and on this dot. I liked the way the -- regrets experts -- gonna love the way they play this game sounds like it really sounds like I said I never said anything other than that. They're gonna love the way he plays the game. They're gonna -- the ball in the dirt in the basement is gonna take second if. -- you hear about did you see David Ortiz rubble from first the third at last night every spring training London. That was it Red Sox fan that was awesome and yet they made fun -- dog may file a slide. The -- I was embarrassing your worries that got to work -- that because those like Major League came up. Half which short of that thing. Eventually they're gonna make a play like that during the season's gonna help them. Win baseball games and that aggressive nature Valentine is showing in the -- in grapefruit league. I love that part of it. I love Ortiz -- at third I love that bond and I loved India pissed off after the game because he's trying to get every ounce of spring training. Out of his guys it's the exact opposite. What happened last year exact opposite. I got Crawford today joke around and historic rob Bradford asking about spring training this year vs last year. Rob asked the call crop -- -- -- calls that we can do anything al-Qaeda I hired it is great little jab at Terry Francona and spring training last year. I love all this stuff from Valentine and shame on Girardi the pitchers were there. Finished the game game go one more inning in Red Sox had a pitcher up I don't sound like a small thing but these guys are frightened. And -- think of that spirit critics. They played particularly to go to longer. -- -- them that don't belong right yes and you really -- and -- they're planning its. -- things are courteous not holding the door for a woman. And not finishing got a game that's I put that in the same category of non courteous things. Got to hold the door got to -- baseball it is she part of the squeeze play is is that you know the surprise or the personnel or. You know got a guy on third one out and and light it and players up there Jason Repko type if he's ever there'll Jose -- is -- But when that situation arises the radar kind of goes up on the pitcher the catcher may be aware of at third base first base be aware more poorly the pitcher. In the ninth inning. -- The visit was a well executed play yeah but I love -- don't -- Jerry talking about how they surprised them. Of course just tonight during the spring -- -- the -- gonna squeeze with the way to run at second base. -- that their hope that he doesn't squeeze season. Don't like I threw a fastball that -- and this game right now if he takes the out. Immediately our guy and on Twitter of beautiful brings up a good point about this tweet this show at Mott WEEI at the Maloney. -- I was right to keep this for two reasons one. You ask or tell the other manager for just for your team off the field and number two you do hope for the first warmup pitch right. Doesn't Joseph Girardi have at some. Sort of I better tell these guys before get a guy warming up that would play in that hop on the dugout pointing -- his. It's -- -- scouts in the stands or whoever does that let's go go and see -- acted -- that was written and talked him just told him she'd get out of bonds is that we're getting out of here with that idea. Does did not get along already. Yard pass -- and I take good hitting me I take it you're Red Sox and that's a good thing to have Valentine already. Get the abbey in the bottom of Joseph draw that they'd go to second and third one out you'd better run. You wanna see the kids -- -- public you see the -- bared down and get a big. Meaty can a Super Bowl situations -- Policy of -- and it's it's. A lot of the other it then we need extra innings I got it to it and not David Fort Myers editor it would have hours. I would be in my Bennett to. Edit edit it up at 53060. Here's why there's that's. Here's what -- ID code reinstated don't have anymore -- it and and -- Allen. Who took those and make -- as well the field. The best thing. There and Girardi was that it's stereo we're done I'll let you know only way to really cute kids -- out there on -- throughout the coming down. I love coming down kick in the -- argument miss river that I spoke. It's gonna stands up -- coming down allowed them anyways. You bought a big idea guys let's go. -- the trio we don't -- we get a bus tickets at a little giggle a little economic outlook about. In an upcoming -- the only other thing I was thinking I watched that game last night after the fact was did. In Valentine but they are not justice and the smartest guy in the room not just practice this situation. But -- she's so Smart that he knew he want to get the kid you want to get pictures more work and thought we go to extra innings -- the chance for me to get another guy more work. Is that part of his thinking process last night despite a tie the game. I got another extra inning to work on pitchers because -- big deal has been let's get all the pitcher work this year. They didn't do last year in spring training I gotta get my guys active got -- to a certain point they still don't know a lot of cases who's starting who's gonna be in the bullpen. I get this got a little bit of work here how I do that up by winning the game by guaranteeing it time for four he got Smart argument too much credit. The try to go to extra innings to get his guy or pitching -- hippies really compete for that job in the bullpen. He's got the extra pitcher thrown a tenth rated -- and okay if he's really compete for the bullpen patrolman at top of the ninth. You know I think Andy if we won eleven -- great is this -- ballot for a playoff at a spot that bullpen up up oh. Morton's and really compete for a job your bullpen he's not pits in the tenth. It doesn't say occasionally get extras -- yet prevalent then he's throw an eight he's throw in the ninth. You don't keep big guys -- of pitching your bullpen out there for the tenth eleventh inning case we get there. There and battle there's no way. Joseph Girardi brought twelve guys to a day of spring training -- that's the thing we got to figure out what Eddie that's got to figure out next is when -- -- -- beat beat Girardi. -- confused with the Comcast -- for second Joseph Girardi is going to be any position balls and coming down and -- -- to -- 58 here but I love going to be. Beat the what is Girardi how does he respond to this today because he's gonna get up -- he's going to be asked when they go to split squad game where they play my alarm against Tampa right. I could be asked the question you know what did you think about about about not being pissed off walked out of field. That's what I that's what they'd be here next. The Yankees are in a good mood already today because. Back -- of yes. Is saying Joba Chamberlain dislocated his right ankle yesterday Joseph had surgery last night Cashman called -- -- significant. Injury. That Bobby Jenks at this point for them probably needed a good job what happened of that kid if god is significant dislocated ankle. Good job my job. So he's out of the picture I was I was very interest in last night at the spring training game or get both text messages guys and trading but a New York. You're a baseball fan right you watch in that there was so much that came out. Of that entire broadcast and so what's the came out of that game in general I missed the good stuff them wielded here Boston we did because they blacked out the ESPN game locally plot. Terry Francona it's -- beacon before that game last night and -- of -- about Bobby Valentine Edmonton thing to say. The former Red Sox manager it's a very interesting things to say about his experience in Boston and the weeks after the season ended you'll hear -- Kerry had to say not expect.

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