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Thursday, March 22nd Whiner Line

Mar 22, 2012|

Dawn of a new NYC whiner line open, plus Tebow on the Jets is comedy gold.

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My view -- excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these two -- received this car. We -- discretion music -- still don't totally Morris and now goes Lauren your line. Gary may have that was a -- And -- you know if you continue to to do that he would suggest you won't observed he should call him an embarrassment. I take it from New -- embarrassment when you go -- -- these engines and now. How -- -- among my original did you drag it should be anywhere near as good as my performance over the -- Sony's ideas they -- -- -- -- don't want to -- design tab and WEEI. Laurel -- -- we don't need you to drink I don't wanna put us I think I'm gonna go away you don't -- call -- a circus dial 6177793535. Again you got the -- tell me how this works USC. You don't -- -- -- -- -- go -- you want of one point oh had done. Now now now don't call me names tell me how this works for the jets tell me right now whiner line. You put Tebow and things just aren't deals at the same time. Then he'd be pretty tough and at all. Really what he's saying you're playing Tebow was a Mac and now on Tebow was so valuable that no -- -- totally forget about three floor of the W we nine did -- couldn't wait to get the Peyton Manning hit a 96 million dollars they had devolve from whiner line I'm. One -- don't call me names. If that you love on the line at the jets could have as many number one pronounces it a little -- I don't know -- -- I think there. I like the egos you know so humble almost say this stuff the more you get out of Denver that's funny that the more you can see that that Elway. Was probably cursing Tim Tebow under his breath for the last year I mean there's no question that stuff now that's -- there we. Can always excited he's. Why don't honest powered by AT&T WEEI love it's available to your iPhone your android your Blackberry devices and -- Albright do you -- AT&T AT&T four GL TE. Speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT. And T rethink possible I didn't -- -- -- You'll -- -- no big bad night my children's probable -- When I had the break don't quit that. If -- determine. Stop stop bottom. He has. You know say its -- out of its vitality. Economic -- though they haven't thought I don't get on the -- You know like. Yet and haven't been saying that -- activities disputed -- but the thing. But that I broke its all about that razor -- profitable but then. We got all about the we want -- -- -- -- undertake -- go -- And it got. The question their personal column going squared. Call it Ortiz. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'd like to hear from rooms where it's -- As a way to answer. TDs and where's the pain keeps things straight -- -- talks about the kids and she is an inch square is now like the guys coming in just found out that was pre determined three weeks ago OK he had no -- -- really hope John -- did hear that now. That's good his tail off for day in the quote it's working great aren't surprised how many time did they cameras but. -- -- -- -- Are you go do whatever -- you know wake up have a -- but what about the progress that. And that is nice. Most people feel that way don't they wouldn't -- the angles be considered home. Cities he wanted to make a big payday what's wrong that his body was Harry did his job they -- the right thing at a profit posted. -- I bought bout time yup and I have a lot of -- I might add and -- The fact that dialogue saying. I thought I don't stop -- -- like that yet he got killed you know it and I think that and more negative spirit that I got. -- -- And you don't worse than Pete Carroll wants. Returned. A comment to which from McCain here. He actually refer to would you advocate our effort I -- the exact time -- -- some -- proposed an idea to Saddam who came up with that which from the cape. I'm telling you this right now. Bobby Valentine will actually respond friend I lost nine. Podcasts or anywhere else. Do you. Don't have put forward by out. There and Hezbollah. That -- part of being levied again today. -- -- -- -- That it -- the war and those people pick up where the -- I can't. And -- -- -- -- -- was -- -- of that person okay humans execute or he's absolutely -- -- horribly you have been. The most Australia by the way I think. And Tebow you know what apple has done what he gators in New York great yen up in this -- -- -- message. So that I hear that they got him -- they had they wanna know what their particular quite yet evidently okay -- -- up -- for the patriots. Just show will always remember films. -- This is. Football. Play. -- and for all of the thing about New Yorkers that there really skeptical they will turn on Tim Tebow he's gonna find life a little bit different. And they just show or want to homes. You know can act if Sheppard also -- broke out -- -- -- -- tougher. To get them through tough times. Okay of the now -- out but we're squat about an hour. But at the fact that a lot of back. Except some. And so Drew Stanton was the backup quarterback with the -- he just signed last week. After they gave the extension to Sanchez -- Roger Stanton and they told them don't -- you're in the number two. And they got 500000. Bucks and what is the interest but it did today called his agent they've got there at the -- Like a happy dip my -- as I. Long way I hurt my patent office at general manager hey that. Okay very good quarterback they've won those tricks. Most in the NFL the last three. Boy that that doesn't sound like more basic birds play I don't know what does. Certainly don't. We spent a lot of the season in first place in fact more days in first place and in the years since 95 -- Come on guys that this could be more obvious than anything else you have -- well the reason. He had -- Tim -- I would pray -- -- people make great plays with his acting. And that message. That most men like to do a lot of things. Are those like his footwork. They don't welcome that a patient but -- so little piece of advice. You might wanna record number you have that's not you know higher OK you don't want didn't -- -- And -- and should. It. -- -- -- -- What can people expect a city that outlook it was written cracked the first time you -- wreck happened to -- -- And people got to take back -- -- any particular -- gave up. Oh my goodness what a way to partner -- And that. That he's pitches and get up to do I don't think I cannot eat through a there was no hesitation would. And it can grow it would. That can block it says. Open now. I had had just. And I went you can move him up to Maine -- is OK is still fun. Like riot funny he is formulation -- Give back to the basics and Andy I don't know if you support this I think mob moved just come out with the new utility -- That was like his -- Think it was that good he's going to be mad at -- funny giant class commercial Lou goes -- I became known as utility -- that until Mott knot in my -- -- -- Go back to the utility. -- -- And liberal roots. And they get start that can I give you one better. Why does he come up with the another song with utility low and hall between the hours of -- now -- -- is better to do with it. -- grants to the net from the Arctic that. Mark had said that if people are two of the greatest quarterback play. I -- up -- the work are your statement right -- -- -- parent I can't believe we decide. -- -- -- Thank them. And now. So much I mean this I was so disappointed when I heard that. That the word out last night on his fake Twitter account that he was going to Jacksonville that would have been disasters as so clearly got a commitment and they've got -- I don't they would like six there were talking about earlier last night for a 1520 minutes home -- -- -- schmuck. -- -- -- -- In vehicle in -- mark it's a great quarterback. Rex Ryan had the they did it come -- -- body of people are. I'm mark both of -- -- to get the ball but it did bad. Inaccurate. Talk. What do our dead fans and they. Don't want. All that happened. Spent a lot of bought the jets fan what that's about can we are. Aren't kind of -- it's -- that a lot OK they don't out pink truck they had. Bob -- I don't. -- our athletic body big New York there are. -- I thought that. And you gotta let you know if you mailed it that's exactly what happens to Yemen and the patriots fan but. They gonna take everything chapter and verse about the New York Jets last week Green clothing do you have. Pop concert had little work. We wanted to open up -- it's horrible -- -- did well predictably came up. All of that's my main building at the hope that someday Mexico. And all the power can get along with. Everybody -- -- heavily. Equipment helped get pride quote. What are you up. But don't -- if -- Cost is really did them praised the commission did you see any of that stuff really. How he feels about that second wild card -- days. And my -- -- squeeze bottle. Of the big nobody. -- -- How barbecue at this point. We have not walked straight. Topic didn't know what I'm. And with it was -- -- And -- -- -- -- -- At Belmont and right ready. -- I had written. -- -- the pain. And didn't pick up. -- hello. Prepared. And on my. -- -- and it helped pinprick I don't. How I got a while you're acting. Very nice shot he has a live performance but -- is very good as best one and it's actually that was very -- other way it is good to see all the out of -- command from the NCAA tournament are out here it's great to welcome you spending your money now does spend it got you guys -- have to -- -- -- you can -- Boston Garden instruct the real way. Dealing with here is failure to communicate. Football coach told the players watched film not. I know these -- -- -- laughable but I didn't know they had film or well. And as that storm audio. Not -- what's what's on what gives you don't video award -- the audio now. -- -- -- -- -- the vertical. Well I don't wake up change in the NFL and joining me but what goes straight. Quite a bit himself a -- they don't. Affect what you think about Peyton Manning's decision to become what Denver bronco. Apparently at all. But not what. These broad form. And it went wanna pop that people talk they've got to -- But I've always appreciate the good -- Parker. Among other -- I'm just wondering -- that people Webber started. What people like what people like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill bill would. I don't quite know what we're gonna -- The problem but I know. Wide open there probably what we're up from quote have a code of code what they always vote but bond market report but want. Want them valid but there are. All are daydreaming all creditors. Will have more on real work including don't -- -- by the Cincinnati. In our career possible. And after a father of the bride part two. -- I don't know why analyzed powered by AT&T AT&T former GLC. East leads up to ten times faster than three GE T -- -- -- --

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