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Danny Ainge on the Big Show

Mar 22, 2012|

We check in with Danny Ainge for our weekly segment and find out why no moves were made at the trading deadline.

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-- let's check it would Danny is because a couple of crucial games coming up. A Milwaukee tonight than they've got Philadelphia two teams that they're in a fight for right now for playoff position. Now we weekly get together -- -- is brought to you by ERS -- restoration specialists call 8774611111. Or -- or serve dot com. And by SP -- dependable no nonsense like insurance at a price that you can live with call 888 get SB alike. Where visit SP allied dot com and by your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers in the complete -- of Mercedes-Benz. Form attic all wheel drive vehicles visit in the USA dot com to schedule a test drive today mr. Joseph you today. -- doing pretty well I got that we -- -- here every week. Last week your replacement he was good critic. I can't open. Really good. Question in my. I think I've got on a potential the same two people were asked him Doc Rivers the questions that he gave brilliantly as a matter aggregate. At at and that a fact that the editor and interviewed on the docks it about you guys that's really sad that he'd just say the only great. Insightful question you've never said that about. -- love it. What effect did say at the 81 -- one more often -- -- sleeper -- that's why. What's a couple of days. Fritz about how come how close that government can deal last week. It. All. -- Douglas told us got put in its course as a back. Better not be answered those questions. -- I think that you know we we work harder this trade that morning few weeks than ever before and just. Really felt like it was an important time and but. And there was three or four -- on the table -- very close but ultimately. Nothing was good enough. For -- you know in some cases. That the prices too -- for other teams and so there was there was a lot of discussion that. Obviously no guilt. Deals that you're attempting to make what is they have dramatically. Changed. The look of your team. We we had all kinds of deals and we had. Field that would have dramatically changed our team and we had -- Well I mean what did you Madison change in the short term. And we had deals that what -- you know given us a little bit of an extra boost for the -- now. -- -- -- This is typical rather I think we may have bastions question for a camera we're two separate. It seems to me it. Kind of difficult to make a deal in today's NBA just because of you know people trying to prepare for free agency or the contracts just don't match up is it hard to make a trade. It is because you know right now the way it sort of structure in the NBA I mean there's at this time a year are especially in this lockout shortened season. The you know you about twenty to 22 teams that are almost that are preparing more for next here and they are now. And and that makes it that makes it challenging. It to do anything for now please saw it at this trade deadline there was a lot of discussion has said not barking but with many teams -- not that nature it. And the treatment were made work you know working sacrificed in one -- a little bit -- future to help bolster their team. Right now and there were teams. There were some feels good to have you guys still try to figure it out but there was only one real lop sided. PR effort still can't figure it out the well the lakers right the lakers there's no -- not that one but no clear cut winner. No because like with the lakers feel -- when it's that some of the most and that's the hand would deal -- their work. -- I know what everybody was trying to accomplish and so. I think they really weren't. Good deals for both teams and what their goals work but there was just one trade that happened that I. If I decide I still don't -- it. I -- thing you need right away is big bodies. Have you found that. -- -- -- Well we're getting close we think that we're will be out by tomorrow. And you know and then we'll keep looking to see. -- -- available you know a little bit of a clarification. It has announced by a lot of media the only requirement from tiny standpoint right now at the players on the current NBA roster. Right now that player has to be waived by tomorrow at midnight. But any player that's not on in India roster can be added in. You know be ready for the playoffs anytime after that there's not deadlines only played like current NB -- rosters. They can't be -- a month from now where we get to Buick tomorrow if you could pick them up on your roster. After the people -- thrown out -- Friday is deadline that you guys had to have somebody on your roster by Friday so that's not true. Yeah I wonder if you think there's a psychological letdown from the players. Immediately after the trading deadlines some guys they don't admitted that they've you're thinking about the trading deadline and once it passes and and they know they don't have to move -- don't have that. Talk to the wife and kids about switching schools and all that stuff. That they kind of relax a bit do you think that was the case with you guys because right after the deadline. You played well one game Sacramento was just abysmal but you played good too pretty -- games. You know it it's just -- I think that you know all the people that work there when there were named as. Possible trade and the one that was was the most was -- And and you know raid last year I was two years ago remember his name was mentioned a lot and he went on the air right after. The trade deadline with and everybody expected it to be released and then -- had 26. -- and I was the only one -- really making shots and playing great. I don't think you know I communicate with our players pretty regularly and I know that. That they. You know there's always the possibility. Of something happening. With certain players but I think that. That's not the case I think that you know we've been up and down all year we've had great games we've had that -- And I'm not so sure about Atlanta we played hard we didn't really make should the ball well a publicly extremely hard defensively. And down. So I don't really think that there's in correlation there. Looking at the standings are looking at what it all means winning the division and certainly getting a as high CDs you possibly can. How important are these back to back games at Milwaukee and that at Philadelphia. What are important. In the -- is we're trying to. State districts for playoff spot with a team we're trying to catch -- the going to be very difficult sell -- at home resting like they were last. When probably the most embarrassing game of the use when we actually have a back to back or side. Although we although a top floating -- in the states to gains but. They're important game and would only 21 -- You know overall can you knowing that they're they're jammed again. We've been despite weeks left in the season at 21 games that's gonna be a lot so. You -- know we're gonna have good -- good some bad ones but these are all important for. There are I wish we had you on on last week we had this discussion. What was some of the callers and it was hard. Regarding NCAA tournament and it happens every year during the turn -- their college basketball people and their pro basketball people and there are many people who. Who say I yeah I love both and I think you are one of those people you played. College basketball has some big moment for the tournament you have some big moments in your pro career. Do you think -- do you think that's the case you find that when you go around the country that there's some people say I just love college basketball on the pros don't play any defense in the their -- people who say. All of the pro game the college game is too slow do you see do you see that division happening. Well all you have to do is look at the players. That Adam Morrison that Jimmer Fredette goes as an average thirty point -- at arc and scored in the MBA. Anybody that says there's no decent in the NBA has no idea what they're talking. It that's the first thing that's the first credibility lost right there. I'm hopeful canes -- nothing like March Madness the atmosphere. You know that liver -- gains. Those it is so exciting and one of the game tonight Boston Garden. It's a very exciting. -- the year and you open NBA playoffs that we too it's just different. -- in BA playoffs are intense. And so it's hard to compare -- BA regular season games right now -- -- -- -- Term -- -- hard to compare those that if you compare India playoffs with college for upsetting the NBA playoffs are more tense they're more. You know that is it's a longer. Highs and highs and lows and I think it's more exciting this one and done. Well those NBA haters don't want to say there's no defense being played Tuesday -- -- understood in the game or -- -- the last two minutes of but an NBA game while most games are already. The decided when there's two minutes remaining in the get about a way when you go the garden tonight. You may not recognize that failure of the right bill there are no banners up there for all those great does Celtics championships and no -- de force it on the don't get confused okay. Can you figure out where do have a question for you got time now for the no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SB ally. The no nonsense life insurance company this week's question comes from Paul -- of Quincy. While Paul wants to know have you talked to Kevin Garnett about returning to the Celtics next year or is he leaning toward -- or questions. It's a very question and that the answer is no not. Not specifically I think chairman and I have. Talk about. Sort of what its future might be but -- We haven't sat down and talked about it specific plans and and the reason we haven't gone into great detail and I'm not sure he knows. And now we're we're just trying to do the best we can this year east trying to play it out and I'm not ensure that you would have to answer. At this stage of what he plans to do this future here. And Kevin has he's playing great entry -- guys he's trying to -- played a few years. Yeah if he's playing well -- and we talked we talked to couple weeks ago. About how he has more rebounds in his career than Shaq brought up this -- milestone I'd get in a milestone but the -- it now does this mean. -- only guy in NBA history you know 20000 points 101000 rebounds 5000 this system and that's that's pretty impressive. No it's unbelievable. And the other thing I mean record Portugal for a bit -- assists and rebounds. Our shocking because the kind of player he is that the thing that's amazing at this point because he's not see. Dominant scorer he's never been a guy that stands -- he scored in the Lee keys. And yet is just he's consistent points every quarter you know 56 points every quarter and and that's. You know about liking baseball player because he does the ankle about the statistical milestones. Kevin is a great defender. And and that is even more credible -- -- to statistics he's accumulated. To be recognized as one of the top defenders in the league as well. So you really haven't talked -- them about it but you probably have a good feel with where he wants to be next year is a possibility. That he'd wanna play -- of the year and not play here. In -- -- I think that any I wouldn't close the door. -- possibilities of KG and I. In I think that that's a possibility of returning about the possibility which aren't hostility obviously all of those things. And I think it's the gunners in the Kevin will weigh every option use. He waited to become a free agent and you know what I hear about plans for -- With his teammates that'll that'll I don't know what you gonna do. Federer if he retires it would just it would be for a -- -- reasons that I was and that's a few days ago. You watched Kevin Garnett run you you what do you seven footers run you can usually tell they're starting to breakdown he's not he he he looks the same to me it -- -- thing about -- Any of it sometimes with Tim Duncan they'd look. This they have been here cubicle just fewer minutes but he can be effective. You stolen. A before you go. Ryan Hollins beating us. We're talking to Ryan right now to get Brian beard you know Ryan had a chance to work out this summer we're all in KG. And Ryan. Where is highly recommended by them during Nazis and a contract with Cleveland but he was a guy that they respect. The guys that they'd like to think that he would be good for the thirteenth so. Just before of them all you I was on the phone with. His people and try and if we can make that happen. While watching -- back with his people and screw of these people and get it all worked out OK all right I was such as next week. -- irony about the crisis that Paul lynch -- -- electric moment or 100 dollar question to forget. The sports authorities in no nonsense question of the week -- presented by SBL either no nonsense life insurance company. Submit your question for dating agent SP -- dot com slash basketball weekly winners will receive a 100 dollar gift certificate to sports authority. Answer -- -- dot com slash basketball for your chance to win.

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