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Daniel Bard, Sox P, on whether he'll be a starter or a reliever to start the year

Mar 22, 2012|

Red Sox pitcher Daniel Bard talk about his spring training so far and whether or not he still considers himself a starter. He also touches on the differences between Bobby Valentine and Terry Francona.

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Final -- -- and -- ID 37 WEEI two weeks and today the Red Sox opened up their 2012 campaign on the road. Against Detroit joining us on the AT&T hotline from Florida couple weeks ago spring training. Red Sox pitcher Daniel Bard Dan -- little power you. Oh OK I don't. All right to you to keep it warm for you look at 75 degrees so I know our notes like down there but -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- They do -- -- there early and return it to a lot about the transition you know of mainly that wind up stretch repeat delivery velocity throughout your starts I think that's the won't be so far it. That it is that -- -- and forming in no area. Pretty comfortable where I'm. Public the walks -- -- for a -- couple. I'm felt the same time wore on our -- about getting outs walking guys and I think it's changed that. A lot more aggressive mindset and it just came out -- delivers her a couple of hitters there and -- on -- -- a little bit of trouble -- Overall you know where I'm not. The following spring and ask her a whole lot more real physically. Sort of responded that the -- its culturally well. You know delivery -- become a lot. -- really. Game and -- men on and so. There around -- -- it. Thought that mental part of it that preparation -- kind of build up to that number I guess was four days early in spring when you guys weren't. -- too many innings in a start now that every fifth day how has that gone back after being. In the bullpen and try to be prepared every day maybe go up their pitch. It's meant there was a whole lot less stressful. Is being a look at a relaxed on the other four days earlier this -- ON you know pretty good deal worked out and gonna have it and -- enjoy the rest the day or. -- you know I love it elderly could do it every game mentality such that that play different but I appreciate both sides. You know I've always vote of pitches those first few outings in a ball there one day just enough of a curveball fastball just to kind of work on whatever you feel you need to work on and and now you rip apart camp were now it's more of -- in our start in some hitters output. That last start then and Bobby -- talked but I thought you when he threw one change or will you still in that mode of you know I get things -- to work -- fastball command sliders at the reason why that change it wasn't mixed in more. Well I mean I think in my purse or trio outing at -- a lot of changeup. With that intent and Eric actually felt pretty good about our own pitching depth that -- my fastball slider where we're behind that should be so. Kind of went into the plot on just some I don't know what they talked about that. Think you know I got it out -- slider there that are made my money the last three years and not. I'm not 100%. Out there knows it's its own into the -- And but you are right it don't matter what changed a bit but it was -- -- -- -- -- -- ready are kind of what the -- on this. Really want to that was about all in the -- and use the slider the way it's. Know they'll do. You prepare very now Daniel troubled months to be a starting pitcher he could to take us back to that offseason conversation or conversations that you had. You know with the Red Sox your agent and kind of -- conduit there was that are request situation of the Red Sox tell you at at the end of the whole thing we're gonna have you as a starting pitcher in spring training this year. Basically when. Not hurt you know Wakefield situation up in the air -- is -- Lackey. Just you know decided that you can have surgery. It was pretty clear that there were some opening opening their rotation and I don't know whether or not apples and Beckett I'm a bit the all the all the rest are my agent curse. Now as if you know because all of more than willing to start opening are they need their. -- I think our ball and at the time. It looked a little deeper and then -- it up out conduct the and even after -- -- I elected to say okay you know we're interminable that was Orton wouldn't look so I. They stuck -- that -- that they know we're really just as the starting a real shot in orchard Erden. It would happen so. To destroy their. Do you think four outings in spring training is enough of a shot or five outings this spring training is enough of a shot or is this something that. If you really wanna commit to it you've got to give April you've got to give may and June currency we're. Yeah well you know I'm not that's a little do their jobs by any means. I think it's not. How good or bad their decision. I think first am I really set -- than they paid the earning him. Well we talked about you know potential what -- all going to be. Is that you know we're behind you -- percent and that's who wanna work. The same time. Don't know what other what other needs smarter guys with that -- are open and saying that. The other thing was. -- going to be there. All night earlier opened an older -- going to be an update. On churn out. Out throughout and go -- -- -- a look -- start -- and it would. Yeah I hate that about it. I actually hated start start the puts you in the sixth. It's just part of coming. But I didn't love it but I -- totally understood you know if it is -- -- its start time to it as should help in training or you'll get a certain number of -- Played well. Anyways but you know he said that -- would be updated them and we're going to throw them. Mean that was so all of those little notebook on the radar as a lot of we're we're contributing factors that led to -- but overall. You know keep saying what are a good body a bit you know. As I go there. To some reports locally appear that you know maybe. You might be out of that mix -- maybe it is a sinister brought people say he's more we throw at any pitcher. If if something like that was to happen what does that will light now for you mean is that something that you feel you smoothing over expected a bullpen and do what role. You know it it's our duty even. Talk about are now given that Wellemeyer is still only don't start until I'm. So I'm told otherwise. You know I got to beat all my belt but -- accustomed -- doing because O'Connor. -- back and forth and not sure. It's not a good good mindset at the end you know it it does come cases where it's about civil and then. Now it is acceptable it is done -- -- most of that article you know right now. Still. Both starter and I than anything else what everyone else -- there -- A youth who relates to the media congress and -- had but we're a week ago Bobby came up and asked if it if you were all in it was that. Was that surprise you would all that that point in in spring training the manager kind of double checked to see where you word terms of your head and starting right now. A little bit. -- I mean I just because they're trying to fermenter as the temperature in them an individual players at the same time. That same first meeting with an unpopular I tried to make it clear off -- that mentally and physically out. 100% committed to to this all changed and now they look and let them a certain zone yet still at -- but -- automated you know very clear so. I don't know that think before that you know that one rough outing so you know trying to go out and continued to to get got -- -- -- You guys and conversations and since -- last outing in a movie before and Lisa you said you're making your next art has there been any. Conversation at all but since there are no. In terms of the spring training he got a new manager here -- I wonder how it's. How it's been different you know from what Terry Francona didn't spring training to what you get now with Bobby Valentine down there for -- They're bent and little things different you know Bobby big guns on. Implement do a lot of you know bunt -- answers and -- at all since. Better yet he's trying to get a look at players and figure out who can who can do what out on the field group and -- put up. You know picked you know -- stricker second community which they're comfortable doing that -- -- -- out there. Make a student gains that -- essentially don't matter so. You know we didn't shoot much I don't think Hedo. It kind of looked good out there and play. You know try to make sure we're ready ready to go out there for. Are we like kind of duty what goes on so that's that's really been ill or a big difference that no -- Yeah I know you guys love that and now I know they don't be standing around and look at their roster because Bobby sometimes and the some his post game press coverage gives us a little bit more information that Terry but he speaks his mind a little bit more you guys here's some of those things he could say the media. It back. I don't know I don't know I can say much how that let. It's it's doubtful at different you know he give you guys look watered down answer Murton I think for -- -- so. Usually good thing. Could you would kind of force -- media. Come up with their own stories and look nobody needs -- opponent my and so they can be you know it. Every sit down tonight it's reminded you seen him yet has been rock. There -- I got a tech at the strongest ordering actually say and barely -- it be looked so. Who descended on the up and. I asked about not about that just but the pitching coach -- gay guys got a guy and and Bob -- been around a long time and it seems like the response publicly from a lot of pitchers have been that we liked this guy like his approach. How has that been different from what you guys been used to and ever pitching coached him. You are are from our first impressions -- of the great. In. Got a very simple message. On pitchers. You know restrictions. Are bigger and be athletic out there and compete. At Duke -- well. You're gonna have a lot of success as a pitcher and ultimately didn't change anything can recruit me. Except like we're -- much but on the -- which is simple direction Q article about is that so. Little things like that when he just doesn't go out there and you know try to kick some -- -- the simple. -- out there and compete. They last a premier Daniel just one of these two great picks your day went five and where were you as far as when you left that game the velocity did you still feel strong. Showed great. That was so it's one thing -- very that you -- people. Yeah I honestly. Not not saying that to gut it out or running up front -- -- -- it -- that. Belichick got stronger. It -- really settled and there are doing so. -- that in my next Burton on that it just means something about myself that. So physically and analyze that go deep and not going to be this year. And alas what -- -- to point out that you got to give your teammates little bit crap here that the local Boston Herald today a survey of your teammates. Ask who had a nasty is pitch. On the team and anyone is got a clue about baseball knows it's Daniel Bard's fastball that's the hardest pitch to hit nasty habit -- it. On the entire roster but Lester is Cotter and Claes changeup. -- ball maybe a little bit ahead according to the -- regain what's up and that you were three. I think it matter -- that -- -- all the best in my own set up beat. I you know -- I I think I've voted her look better. Going to devote myself but. Not -- there. You're you're you're out or there'll really get -- out -- But overall they're. Opened them to the easy is it to be pretty good but -- -- on a lot of watch. Sure I've been a big robbery nightly beat get ready for this one and -- be amount Ellis put a yanks think sentences the big -- out -- Red -- I have -- They handled that very -- time. Arctic -- -- Daniel Bard Red Sox. -- a pitcher now starter for now pitcher will seek. He's on the AT&T hotline at the eighteen T four TLP eat with speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible very interesting conversation with a guy that clearly. Is still prepared to be a starter -- but. Well I heard a little bit of maybe questioned why Bobby Valentine went up -- the middle picturing -- said you still all in. Well they had a conversation I guess less than a month ago where they. Sat down and well they've figured well balanced I walked up that morning -- a warning. Might not be a starting pitcher but -- always get cut doctor Daniel Bard. -- joining us it was the trickled out. A camp yesterday and what about a Valentine might be thinking it. About this Red Sox team verses what is actually going on or hit some of that ninety seconds.

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