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Tim Tebow is a Jet, what's next for Mark Sanchez?

Mar 22, 2012|

Mut and Lou kick off the show talking about the newest member of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow. Mike and Lou discuss how the Jets almost screwed up the trade, what will happen with Mark Sanchez, and why Tebow wanted to go to the Jets

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I gotta admit I was very concerned yesterday. About 4435. O'clock in the afternoon wife bought our. Excitement and jets Tebow was gonna end because of the jet the matter what Mike and Bob says -- Didn't read the contract marketer they had to pay the Broncos money is part -- a purely that it's absolutely shocked -- It's that it's there -- this is great but that there will only useful and pick up all the five we have an off like this team talk to the jets this is. Why not let's do it. In this poll. Which -- both vibrant. Do you read his contract right obviously he traded the player's contract you all about -- What are we witnessed their park all that again. Between it out there wow admittedly it's weak then told the media -- text that immediately the New York -- needed the guys on the jet beat -- text five minutes after the two week confirming that trade with done. That the league office called that look we gotta get this breed is going to be some dollars a ball you know that right they didn't know that. Mean I scroll what you get and iTunes -- you make a purchase our scroll through don't read the fine print via. Wanna read the fine print and Tim Tebow trade yeah I don't want a look at that Mike and -- slept cola you just at the but Gregory -- it terms conditions croak out a mockery in terms of vision but I agree. -- -- -- But they had to get it done right ones that work came out they had he wasn't sure they had to get a but cellblock in Jacksonville gets back involved. I thought there was a chance to get up in Jacksonville I thought there was a real chance that he goes to Jacksonville competes with Gabbert sells tickets because not based. That's still like them that it's killed us today via the most common sense plan expire I agree with you it was articulate but there was a moment yesterday afternoon when the jets completely Olympic there was this thing up ports that while. Is this a brilliant move over just that stupid. Because it indictment publicly announced that it works in Peyton Manning. The whole thing is gonna blow up now we're actually gonna make a trait for Tim Tebow then it just pretend liquid read contract and blow that up let go to Jacksonville. All to send a message to Mark Sanchez. You know that quick look at us we're traveler trying to acquire quarterbacks a hall of fame stature and of I don't know what you wanna call -- Tebow stature. Well that helped to motivate this guy that -- now there are just idiots they just didn't read contract but -- had to get it done and never looked so bad publicly. You know that it trying to capture you know the back page of the times the daily news. Have been a negative way to like in the metro Atlanta what I think felt group with the Jacksonville. -- is sitting at a press conference having it listen attend bombed woody Johnson and and a Rex Ryan. Explain that yet we screwed this thing up and we sell would you wanna make the deal that would have been worth the price of admission together and eventually gets done. And you find out last night and today that this thing went down differently. That he thought it might and I I said yesterday on the year you know would always be nice enough to go to Tim Tebow and say -- and you get the site where you want ago. And you get to decide. What team you wanna play for in the end is out of chapter report this morning on ESP and it sounds like that's what went down here. If you compare and contrast the two offers that the two teams -- clearly Jacksonville's offer was better Jackson was offering a fourth round pick there was fire. And Denver's fourth round pick you based that on the value chart. Even throwing in. He's sixth round pick if he gets included in the deal they jaguars were offering more and draft pick compensation they also offering. Three million dollars in the five million dollars that was in question on -- contract. Compared to 2.5 three million that the jets were offering so clearly Jackson was offer was better and every -- and how well how come he wound up in New York. Tim Tebow had a preference to wind up there this particular case is much she loved the city of Jacksonville. What do you -- community. And the reason that he felt more wanted by the coaching staff in New York more want to by the -- office and he felt the opportunity in New York with the jets organization. Was better if that opportunity existed within the -- wars organization he would have wound up there because the offer was better from Jacksonville with Tim Tebow got to sit down. Think about it ponderous and ultimately in the end. Decided that was a situation that suited him better in the Broncos worked with him to get that deal done. Well Jim and John Elway investigates. Really shame on him. -- Woodrow you know I'd rather have Jacksonville's pick premise of the pro articulate for a better pick -- -- -- Eat up more money half message yesterday -- he doesn't -- Tim Tebow anything this is a business. Is the way it is just taken a best offer she when I first heard that we talked about -- -- is -- what was the timeline. You know always was. The jets at the times in when you gonna give us your fourth pick better remains good but the jets will give -- five -- you'll realize it read the contract. Connecticut the report or even though what's it realized the jets kind of backed out of this -- -- -- you know what the objects of a deal was better but. We're so deep in this thing with the jets. That we got to get it done with them now. Knows what but apparently that wasn't the case of -- it was after the all the final offers and -- that's the case contention when John Iowa. You -- what's best to -- your bronco fan that's saying today right always got to get the best deal I patriot fan upper old men I am thrilled to -- tip -- Tim Tebow gold there. It it in chapter change -- that's like definitely two more weeks of talk and what Tebow. Prep week and the following week -- -- literally four more weeks of our livestock and what -- I'm OK with that he's in the division now now he's OK with it now it's the worst year. He's a legit story now he's in the division play this guy at least twice a year may be a third time in the post. But the idea that he did go to him ought pastor has sought -- chip -- -- Denver bronco fans today also -- Jacksonville. Stand today. You wish short team had gone a little bit further you know could anything have set this thing up or ends up in Jack -- got yourself back in the race. For Tim Tebow would have been a great landing spot for him. And eventually goes to New York would you have done anything if you Jacksonville. To its way John Elway or was this preference or choice that I'm -- -- to this morning on ESPN. Without all that motivated him. I gotta tell -- I am shocked. That Tim Tebow wanted to go to New York. Floored by that today look I'm thrilled that he wants to go to New York. But for Tim Tebow the better spot no question is Jackson well no no question that you sent me who really watered in the Jacksonville. You know that he meet with these two teams is there any conversation -- all of his agent who really wanted to project with just the owner. You know that it would seem like me an owner to sit there saying we'd be relevant. I did get some -- -- and you know it in this building to fill the seats. And I think he would do that it's Florida sun Tim Tebow in agreement with the coach stepped in front office and they were really on board whereas maybe Rex Ryan in a -- those guys. If you're. So maybe that's what I came down to your talent and coaching staff that really wants me the jets' coaching staff did to Tebow would John Elway did Peyton yes. Just sold them on that it would with the -- -- about to go to Watson as the -- one reason. It has to be the shining little toy there on the sidelines or start whatever it's gonna get the butts in the seats. -- -- -- want any part of a well you know they just -- maybe Rex Ryan talked we know we can talk out of healthy and communication about it. To these guys want -- bad there's -- wait to use me in this office. The jets have a chance to get themselves out of his deal right they screwed it up Jacksonville comes back in the -- he fought they get the thing down. I the jets. Football standpoint and from just an -- overall standpoint. Should've taken -- opportunity to maybe beat. Wait too Smart for themselves and get themselves out -- Tebow. It's not I think this is a bad move the New York Jets -- it's a move that is motivated by the back pages it's a move motivated by eighteen. And a franchise concern much more about the public again. In winning games and the actual wellbeing. Of their football team I think about the teams who go out of their way not to have quarterback controversy. They avoid them at all costs like the plague. You have a quarterback controversy on March 21. The season start for five or six months you've got a quarterback controversy today why would you sign up for that if you're the New York Jets how does that make sense. At any level -- that it currently of cola controversy right now. I don't I don't at all. -- just guaranteed marks intersected near the game two and a half million dollars more guaranteed money. So big guarantee to pretty but it's a pretty nice investment -- interest -- controversy right now. You know I think controversy will come when the jets have done what they've done the last two cup years with a it appeared -- dropped three of four games in a pivotal part of the playoffs. During that period you'll see. This all comes down to -- Mark Sanchez place in depending on how they plan on using Tim Tebow. We said yesterday what if every time they get down -- a five yard -- inches out of the game TiVo's in the game. You know who's gonna get a touchdown. -- Tivo via who's going to be the guy that leads the jets to a victory. It Tebow it -- it just very will be the starting quarterback play all sixteen games finished the year with decent passing numbers eight touchdowns twelve picks. The however delegate said tantamount of the game. It was so I I think it's -- the effect on Mark Sanchez -- -- you deal with. Always answered questions about -- you left that game good bad ugly whatever it is or this entire team Andy and look at medical you know I play quarterback. You know sometimes that's due to find new. And I'm kind of proud to go to duke we get a red zone 110 of one to five it's Tebow looked up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's it that that is the back I don't think -- Vick right now remarks it is starting quarterback. But his team. It's very easy to say right now today lieutenant Bob said last night. But it just to add up -- today as of today there is a a portion of that jet fan base. The police Tim Tebow should be their quarterback that Sanchez has plateaued. It's Sanchez doesn't work hard and -- he goes the opposite that there is still upside there there are jet Anthony convincing themselves. That 45%. -- completion can be better. Because the guy they have now Sanchez stinks that the problem here it's not putting Tebow behind eight A qualified. NFL franchise quarterback. Your putting him behind. A guy who already being questioned by a's fan base. A guy who he had some small faction New York fans and make sure that McIlroy can back -- banks who want him back back to training camp a year ago. When the bus was how well Mac always playing out of Alabama. Yet they should be the quarterback what's happening of that big wealth. I'll from the south -- it -- Alabama is slightly that you can go over no third quarter of accidents or -- does is elect always agree good manager treats everyone differently Tebow deserved that respect I completely 100%. Agree manager though you said. -- general manager. General manager. Those guys. They can't be emotional. Gotta run their organization the manager or head coach yeah. Now I gotta deal with people need to treat people differently it's just waited in that you two plays with respect. He can't say too much to the media. Bobby -- but as the general manager. You do what's best for the team. Needs to do what's best for the team. Meal if you -- -- Ray Allen a lot of respect for the member of the best thing for the organization do. You actually got to do. At -- judgment what Tebow did last year motivated. And -- a broken broncos' locker in the playoffs I agree football wise leadership wise it's a good -- it. And I don't really know about that the -- quarterly is what is what is she gonna do. You know what what what kind of leadership ball's gonna it's gonna as a backup quarterback. Right now beat -- -- that he came back up. What a what have you seen a back up quarterback. Acted a leadership role a wild cat is Chatham said last night on NASA. A ray Lucas rats leader type of guy when his back dived in. A leader that that that crap doesn't happen that's why immediately. You're gonna have a battle between T ball and Sanchez. -- was gonna god that locker room our boy Herm Edwards addressed that same thing about Tebow as the leader bring in Tim Tebow you know obviously -- keep his Fasano what he's going to bring. His character helped ship. But he we will have the ability to -- because he's not the star quarterback and that that that's the bottom line doesn't this is the guys -- -- -- -- maybe ten snaps in a football game. As was the apply. She would he looked at that yet the ball a senator is a quarterback for the Broncos. I I I -- they played our for the Skype that that was evident. He'd lead -- and lot of the players after a lot of different said the ball solicit I don't know what's going on but I love it as late game we've coverage and get it done. He was the leader of that team. Can you be the leader involved in 1012 plays out the as a back -- quarterback -- while connect I would Brett Smith -- army. Body how do you lead in that role you can't you know he can't do. Is make you starting quarterback look over shoulder urinate on it like every time except that bulletin because he's worried about the guy come in and you're not just because he's a. Wildcat specialty god and say ray Lucas this is not transmit not Ronnie Brown -- on the list to guys who up got light. They spent a sec I'll pick on Bakken that he got a diameter on that wildcat how's that working out right now and this is -- Rican Tebow. As Gary said during a crossover and that guy comes with a unique. Set up fans a fan base that is going to -- Borderline maniacal. The C and at that quarterback spot full I'm not part time the minute Sanchez throws that first play tell you let fans last night LSU he blowing a front Rex Ryan. Write down a funny and -- she was he down -- that pro day. There's a quarterback controversy today -- Today NASDAQ controversy because you bring in a player with the -- -- in the week the popularity. I'm Tim Tebow and in some cases plays against him. I believe they'll play against him and that jets' locker room. From day one and get your reaction now that this thing has become official at 6177790850. To 03888. 5250850. Verizon -- -- WEE guide to free call you can text us. On the eighteenth T text line at 85850. Will get all your phone calls on Tebow in new York and in ninety seconds. Also talk about the other humongous story we saw yesterday Indiana.

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