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Tim Tebow is heading to the Big City

Mar 21, 2012|

Ryder and Chris Price debate the reception Tim Tebow will get once he's on the field with the Jets.

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Well it's official just went down during the break. Denver has agreed to trade Tim Tebow seventh round pick to the jets. For their fourth round pick and a sixth round pick as well also the in the original trade -- And it and ends up by going down. As Tebow will be with the New York Jets so we get our question that should be fascinating agency's offices should be fantastic religion or Sanchez feels right now I don't know I ever wrote this feud is great long blog post to be you know one of the rumor first came out of the of the surfers -- mineral today that. You you you go above and young to -- inches fuel. Confident and give -- a comfort level and extend his contract I don't know without the financials were all that -- you -- you keep an extension. In that was a -- look this is your guy will ride with you mean your -- -- -- You're number one you're number one quarterback we're gonna live or die on your shoulder here in the you know we're gonna go to Super Bowl we're gonna -- -- -- but you're our number one in the and you go. -- you bring in the most polarizing athlete unifil has seen in the last. Thirty years yeah. You know in the YouTube may be emanated you've created. A quarterback controversy. Even before the that the draft. You know the seasons to six months away in -- gonna have people going back and forth -- New -- -- this is what the jets want. It's important remember this is what the jets want the jets to be able to re claim the back pages in New York. And be able to reestablish themselves or establish themselves as the number one story in -- forget about building a team forget about you know that whole. You know very bird very specific team building process that's all -- about the wind. They're trying to Celtic it to try to make a big splash in Tebow was able to do -- and I don't think they'd have a problem selling tickets but. I think there is something to back page I also think there is something to. Well we -- clean up this locker room a little bit the image of this locker room and maybe even motivate Mark Sanchez which is ridiculous it -- I have an argument that before you your professional athlete that dead I don't I don't. I don't. He needs and and and they get the new up that you branch -- Schottenheimer out of their yeah so it I don't know if there was disconnect certainly didn't perform well. Under Schottenheimer last season Mark Sanchez. And how much -- to do with Sanchez how much of -- had to do with Schottenheimer last year certainly other receivers did a much running game there -- in New York. And we'll see you know Esperanto with a wildcat down there in Miami and I had Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow going to be in there. A goal line situations well that's the thing I think even if you're looking at this from a practical perspective. You have to expect to Tim Tebow to be. You wildcat quarterback because it's Toronto's history with that it really -- Esperanto but it. Is more dean hitting the restaurant open I mean he was -- co coach of my and they were able to bring it back. I also think the jets have from the wildcat before they -- in the wildcat 2010 -- Brad Smith and had some pretty good success with in the were able to use him in certain situations and certain packages. And they were able to how. A moderate level of success with a I think you're going to see. Some of the similar packages that they had in 2010 -- Brad Smith when he was -- in the wildcat. -- how would Tebow going for -- but just on the surface. It just. In the -- aside. It just doesn't make sense he'd he'd just he'd he'd reeks of even non football guy making a football decision and anything to from a jets team that would worry me the most -- give up a fourth round pick -- and a sixth rounder as well the sixth and seventh not such big deal before that just. As is gonna affect the jets and and if this ended up being TiVo's decision Denver said they were gonna do what's best for them. I guess I don't know we don't know what Jacksonville had to offer this is also -- I -- a little bit skeptical the idea that did there'd be giving him. Shielded they're making it look like you chose the jets. To only be categorized it's formally -- in his arrival in New York I don't know if that's. Call me cynical but I think there might be a little bit about a little bit too far almost like a pat on the back you were unbelievable -- us last year. Wrote us to a playoff victory in the and AFC west of the division now you go make your choice I think it was his choice and pro Olympic Jacksonville you know. I don't know him well enough by -- have talked to guys who spent time that the guy I haven't talked to guys. Who spent time with people that he would willingly throw his arms around -- idea. Of playing in the biggest media market in the National Football League or if you wanna go to Jackson little place that would really these seemingly set up for him. To succeed local hero. You know northern Florida guy coming hole we knew we would seem to need that. Would be an easier time for him in Jacksonville that would be in New York may be welcomed the challenge him. -- -- will find out also find out I'm sure through Twitter and others with some of these other players think about it such as a scintilla. Santonio Holmes or even into audio recording of course well yeah. So that the complete opposites its core Maureen and Tim Tebow if they do with a hard knocks needed -- hard -- -- They have to that lets lock it in right now fury to -- -- is it hard to you have to do digits again this year off -- have to go back to the jets if yours if you are Dutch producer. You have to meet in the -- is stupid enough to probably do it again to open up the doors and a -- open up and don't make it up let's get this the default collier's skip a cellphone they skip. You guys obviously have. Although OPEC oil and on top pick it up first. I -- save. I don't read. With a wide receivers that patriot that the bulk of it though it -- Aviation ought to -- -- And -- -- -- -- -- I urged all work they did against the that the opera on diesel not I didn't say that he's gonna meet the team had Indian golf look how to -- you can't tell you that you call. It the lakers' all -- -- Yeah outlook know that no -- -- you know what that's no. It's the dead that's it that's a fair point I think some of these guys on this roster like this at some of these guys some of these free agents who've been signed. Are not necessarily gonna -- quit this team I think right now in in a best situation best case scenario. I think Stallworth has a better than 5050 shot at making the roster going port. I do what he's not the burden that used to be don't expect him to be dead deep threat I think Lloyd is gonna be that deep threat I think. Stallworth in Deion Branch are. A little bit similar in their approach to be deemed to be don't have the deal of the speed of the quickness that the used to. But they're both very Smart receivers they're both very good route runners they both have a history with Tom Brady so I think that's gonna be more of a toss up Ochocinco. You don't gut feeling right now -- he's not gonna be on this team going forward 2012 but I think it's right now. Yeah I think it's going to be a real good positional battle between Deion Branch and Donte' Stallworth -- -- we -- that stretch the field. It probably still worth that this little bit more men yet -- -- -- I ever had and I wanted to you could verify -- that he didn't want -- after this though. Because you want the space they AF. Because some day. Hopefully but actually he'd have a chance to play your brother triple ball. Why can't you wanted to -- idiocy but I don't think that's why he wanted to stay in the NC I think there's more comfort level in the NC when it comes to opponents -- and also I think comfort level with. John Elway running things there exactly Denver's always been a fan with the enemy and its success later in his career and the other part of it as as well as you know. -- -- or Bob group and a pretty strict there -- maybe you know. I would think the best chance for him to win though would be easier to squad to the -- potential teams that -- I think he's also probably more cope ascetic we have the guys in Denver for a bit of the reason that you mentioned plus the fact that you go to -- situation in Denver. -- playing for a guy and Elway who had in many ways -- a similar career. To meeting as -- not to discount to disrespect -- meeting to Jim Harbaugh didn't. But I think when you look at the career arc of John Elway. It's remarkably similar a lot of ways to what the meaning of the in the fact it always had successfully in his career. As so -- in his mid to late thirties -- data appealed to me well and I think it also -- the AFC that he looks at the NFC the end of -- better than the AFC in -- Italy -- zero BI is -- -- -- and and and also they've got a lot of money under the -- and of course summit that's not taken up by himself but. -- decent defense there maybe these young wide receivers have progressed there's not as many. You know three and outs now when Tim Tebow was here so the defense said doesn't have to work -- -- also part of the out of show after tweeting -- at New York has agreed to pay half. Of the five million compensation back to Denver that was in dispute I love the fact that -- of the meted out to treat. At least publicly agreed to the trade before looking at the contract. That's what the hang up was to me in in that just I I just that blows element that.

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