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Looking at the future of the New York Jets

Mar 21, 2012|

Ryder and Chris Price are talking about what the Tim Tebow trade means for Mark Sanchez and the future of Tebow and the Jets organization.

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Back here on the planet Mikey show. Christopher price on side myself John -- up until 10 o'clock and will get into paid man in low because -- haven't talked here about. They've Manning says that all unfolded the other day -- would Denver. Considered talk with the saints about the saints body -- Tim -- now what's interesting -- chapters tweeting out here -- but that does Tim Tebow. Is being allowed to pick the team he wants to go to he picks the trade jets -- Jacksonville Douglas and no pun intended needed to it is it's it's fascinating to watch -- probably the rest of sports world -- sick of it at this point but. It is to see this whole thing play out and in a it's just been public hasn't been passing -- that this whole week has been unbelievable I do pay demanding that the thing is just jettisoned. The jets so clearly so often. Operate with their heart is supposed to there. Is that and -- bomber and the ownership I think it's I think it's accommodation. Or anything I think the ownership sees Tebow. As a marquee name to sell tickets in the got to re clean the back pages in New York but I think the same time. You look at their history and you -- -- -- -- -- -- let's go get him you know there's there's let's give this contract on the -- the names who exactly they love the names you know in it's just it's a different environment it's it's the new York and it -- to different markets this differently doing things -- -- You don't the teen years in his backyard. Operate with a head as opposed the -- more right and now Denver's saying you'll do the Trinidad's best for the franchise the answer jaguars. So when -- at the back and forth continues here. All right let's get back to some of phone calls here's Greg in the -- Greg. I don't have a guy that pretty energetic thanks Greg were great thank you. I had a couple of things out -- although it cited climatic. Sports violence is anywhere media. On one side you have probably a couple years ago some -- in order today that selection you guys might be -- -- And that might have been critical marker pick. Out what we have today distorted seeing it there. This sort we have go down that. Is -- sister and I mean it is part of the deemed too like we said before that did there's going to be. It's unique in May be the only of the sport to compares -- hockey but it's you'd need that there's going to be an acceptable level of violence. When you're talking about the sport of football. And now it what point is that acceptable level of violence cross over into what we're talking about now bounties and intent to -- well Ann and Greg. I don't think this is anything new what's going on now meaning. All right the other night was pretty good actually ESP into the story of Jim McMahon and his concussion -- -- -- -- beside Chris. Right now even going back to the sixties and seventies. -- the players -- of this size it's more of they don't human beings evolving changes to the size and the speed of some of these players these current players out there. And you know -- performance enhancing substances are disputing the waiver combination of both probably. But. And that's a whole other issue. There's always been problems of the concussions is just now that science is up to date and the medical teams are up to date and before a lot of times it was team doctors. Where they had a -- who wisely changed that Chris and Greg -- -- forest team doctors -- you know you fall my finger here are your -- at that guy back in the game -- now did they can have their and it's you know NFL -- -- -- change it you gotta change because the game -- changed so dramatically since you know he -- the last twenty -- so -- -- -- I'm not a real hockey. I picked up last year or maybe or commercial -- It seems like it's a lot of floppy. And it should not served there. European soccer anymore there are some pretty good guys aren't they're over in basketball. Or shoot some of the -- -- -- again. And the NBA they're trying to limit that they added they said you're gonna come up with a ruled this season haven't done it yet in hockey the other part of minister was just the centers for call Greg uses the same as football where. -- before. And you know if you -- active. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having this Steele has a lot of that seem to seem versatility of the DB EB interesting -- New England but I think the signing of Sodini in the presence of guys like Kyle Love. Perhaps the return of Gerard Warren that by precluding assigning your new again then more so if they get him on the -- the problem exactly -- I think it would come down to money and I think we saw him do that last year when he basically signed. A flood of veteran defense of -- and kind of sifted through complain who couldn't play. You know I I think they're doing a little bit of that now with the wide receivers with Stallworth and Gonzales and right and all those guys. But I just think -- I think that. I don't know with -- goal to -- considering the guys that they have to now on the guys who know the system could be backlog warning. I don't know -- can -- would necessarily be future for the teams here speaking of knowing the system not knowing the system Ochocinco. And probably destined. To show up and cut eventually is that the situation with a group of outside wide receivers wide outs that the house. Now. I think it's going to make it very difficult for Chad Ochocinco to meet this team. Going for 2012 I just the only media accepts a salary cut which would be probably veteran minimum just over million dollars. But he's gonna have to -- he's gonna compositional battle Palestinians as as well as in -- throw him into this mix as well. The number pressure's gonna bring -- -- a guy who's in his mid thirties who has. Be positive -- at this point mr. Basil on a positive -- to cinco when it comes to what he could offer the preacher to what kind of value he can bring. But I think those two guys when you throw the rest him into the -- with this team has. I think it's an ethernet and wide receivers and a contract. Indy could get -- till what's Welker -- his dealer to bring back Deion Branch. Can attempt wide receivers on this team going into corners for work at the team before the draft. But a lot of guys there they have a lot of pass catchers on this team. Going forward and so it's gonna be interesting to see. We talked about -- kind of sifted through those defensive -- last year I think they're gonna have to go through that process this through with this group went -- -- well when you think about it the tight ends who they have been. Gronkowski and Hernandez and then of course Welker is a given you would take -- definitely given on this team you'd think. As so. How much how much room and how much bases there -- and a when it when I mentioned is wide receivers almost including guys like Matthew Slater -- -- -- -- -- -- would definitely depth guys and yet we're talking but the fifth in the six guys on the roster at this point yet those guys -- -- you know special teams and others -- there. Here's -- in Providence -- Guys I didn't let -- -- you don't. Probably excited about what the pacers have done so far -- as far as offense -- defense concerns. I agree with Chris there are a lot of different person out players I think if you look at the defense and they've played last year I think. -- kind of found a way -- Again the defense -- ball really buy in which that would tech that Cheney ever changing difference between the 3443. Out of the bad guy or non you know. Yes I am I am right I do agree it was it was interesting I talked. Two -- this that's a story am writing I just haven't got -- all the free agent was a talk to getting Greg cosell out of the common producer for a little films. Who has really spends more time watching deemed filmed in media anyone out there in the any civilian -- -- anyway it he talked about the difference between the three for the fourth three. In a little bit of that the changes back and forth. Were a little bit overblown he said the over the course your because you had guys like Rob Ninkovich who could you don't stand up or. Operate with a scene in the dirt which me that a little bit more difficult when you talk about a fourth reversed a 34. Don't necessarily look at the guys who have opinions on the -- look at the guys where there playing in those gaps -- I agree I hope they bring back. Relax Andre Carter to use like you were player last year before yeah he got hurt so -- hope that -- could bring -- -- -- I think that -- that would do it. I think it. -- -- I know I I I I agree with you -- JK I think they -- and I think both sides have expressed a willingness to make that happen I think of put it this way if Andre Carter is going to play in the NFL this year few dozen retired he's -- -- beautiful this year. It's gonna be knowing. Yeah and you also told me before the last time you run as well -- that the team he had the surgery done by the team. So -- there is there's a real level of trust -- like as a before before the projected there's a feeling that. He had such a positive experience your last year with the patriots. He would accept. Bigger force than Mark Anderson on that defense because I think he could do more. And than Anderson.

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