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What else is in store for this NFL offseason

Mar 21, 2012|

Ryder and Chris Price are talking all things NFL, the Saints, Tim Tebow and the Patriots. With so many hige moves happening it's going to be an entertaining offseason.

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John -- back quickly and four Mikey and happier as always to be joined by Christopher price who does tremendous job covering. The NFL the patriots for W he had a comic fall my Twitter at cape leaguer. And myself and Chris very fond of the cape league of course were thinking about it they would as whether they're a great day for deeply game today to remember to rate the for game. Yeah well perfect boss. Plenty of but news certainly in the NFL and I know we've been extremely busy for a while -- this is a resident at four while we had a nice weaker to. You know one once though once the combine ends. You know that last week of February you know you get a nice little window there before free agency starts and got away spent some time of the -- spent some time friends. So as the -- week and a half. In between the Columbine in the start of free agency and an interest he -- -- and it hasn't stopped ever since it's been great amusement a lot of fun it's given us a lot to write about. You'll -- lot of great story lines wanted to talk about so it's been fun. As does saints today it was so much news -- in -- start I guess saints and and Tebow or headlining the NFL. Picture right now but don't think too harsh just about right. In terms of visa punishments you -- sinking down initially thought that it was going to be a little bit less than it was editor of budgets you know in retrospect it's clear -- Goodell wants to send a message it's clear he wants to let the rest of league know that this culture. He's no longer going to be tolerated in soy think in that aspect I think in a context having makes a lot of sense and anything that moves the team needs. Work commensurate -- is. The penalty because you want you wanna be able to send a message you wanna be able to stop greater -- Carolina Tennessee and I heard someone say. Earlier today that this was comparable to what happened about fifty or so years ago when there was a real culture of gambling in the league and had to suspend -- morning and Alex cares for -- And you had to draw a line that you -- when when when Rumsfeld did it you wanted to effectively send a message to the rest of the league. At this is no longer going to be tolerated in anything that's what Goodell tried to do today well in and again I think it's. Probably the most heinous crime. One in terms of just thinking about people's lives I'd and the likely nothing really came of this -- like yeah. You know just name any court Kurt Warner wasn't you know. Severely severely injured -- apparel is something really dire -- because of this but -- at the same time. We that we think about twenty concussion related lawsuits brought by hundreds of vogue for players against the league right now and that's a big issue and it in terms of just human lives just. What you think about spy gate what you mentioned with the gambling obviously those are punishable only should be. But in terms of something like this where you could be jeopardizing someone's. Future yeah as just a person any other thing too there are -- Kurt talk about this on the -- is that date a lot the you know they they told him to stop. He went to them. And it continued in -- think -- really doubt one of the things that may be the biggest thing to -- good they'll -- August obviously you wanna give clear seat in the control obviously that's a huge concern. But it does -- time. To tell the commissioner one thing and acts another way. He's going to get you in trouble and yet he edited it really wanted to -- -- that's one of the reasons. That the penalty was as some viewers. -- it was almost that aspect of above the law type of thing where were you arrogance yet that's what it is that's the thing for media arrogance really -- open throttle this in the end you know I wonder if I wonder how old this is going to affect the things like that the legacy of the 2019. In his it is going to leave the scene perceived Steen on that legacy a lot of people believe. After the -- it's a spike in the dual one -- three -- fourteen I wonder. The reaction that I'm not saying they're comparable like you said I think it's apples and oranges but I wonder as we get farther away from this. How it's going to be perceived by history well you know its interest -- witnessing his team were aware they've known for -- known for offense yet so -- -- you know bill -- super aggressive deep -- Vilma and sharper were the guys that you remember from that team in terms of their defense of players or at least you know those of the two that come to mind. To me right away. Would that would that team. It it'd. In one aspect I don't think that will be. -- -- The same way I think this is harsher but I don't think it. Because I think people view that the patriots forget an upper hand cheating on an in altering game plans whereas the saints just looks like a bunch shoot. Vicious guys go on out they're trying to attack. Even though I think it affected the defense of Santa -- if they were known for their defense table was the ravens. In the year that they once drugs I don't know that's a good that's a good -- you know and I guess it's because it's Drew Brees and it's viewed more as a not pensive juggernaut that team I don't know of the at least to me. I still look at that Super Bowl win as you know fair and square. In terms of the way they they wanted now would this go on -- was -- at that time an -- look -- -- -- -- vicious hits were going on there with the saints pretty Wright was an aggressive defense that that's that it did the really that the there's there's a lot of things here that Arafat and for me because this is obviously something that's gone on for very long time. I have talked to lot of guys around the league about this both current and former players in a written about this and guys can excuse a lot in the name of competition. Aiken really kind of you know well you know as -- -- of battle you know it's like I gonna assume the idea that. When you talk about missing with a means livelihood -- his career with his with his physical nature with his body. Bin I think that starts to cross the line a little bit in the minds of a lot of players and that's where reflects surgical the other thing is. What got done with bill that the punishment here where we we just talked about. Of the owner not the owner but the the GM the coaches. -- news those guys they're still punishment set to come down in this when it comes to the plate this. Particularly guys you know and if I'm Jonathan -- Scott Fujita one of those guys -- and sharper. -- -- -- present the league but but you those guys were still in the league we're still part of the NFL we're still active in the NFL. They could expect some serious some answers suspensions possibly some funds as well no I'm sure and you wonder -- the appeals will go because I'm sure they'll appeal. That as well. The your arrogance is what it can also selfishness. I think when in terms of Gregg Williams and advancement. -- and he was he's been a defensive coordinator he's been around believe former head coach -- The you know looking at it almost for selfish reasons are I wanna have this -- defense in order to have the staunch defense -- -- start paying guys and you know edit and again. No one probably stood up or knows of that it would stood up on the defensive side of the ball and said look this is a writer we don't know that yet doesn't seem like that happen but again I look at impressionable at times. 262728. Year old guys on the defensive side of the ball looking to make some money they'd. Not the wherewithal all right you know what. Can't put themselves in the other players shoes -- -- -- brutally injured this guy idea and they don't think that way it is you keep it in -- can't think that -- it's funny a lot of guys we talk about. The culture of the team in in in how guys. I've talked about this which reverend Christian for a lot about how guys. -- deals with their bodies when there were in the game you don't because looking -- if you can just get me to that second big contract. All forgive everything else the Bristol is like you walk when I'm forty regular walk would have to deal well. At least I will provide for my family so money plays apart net but I think it's more of I think it's more pride thing I mean guys are gonna be you know. Has got to have been sent to -- the departed knock again for a thousand dollars when he bacon you know 345 million dollars a year that's not -- I think it's more of -- former prompting more that you like I don't want Pulte tumbled and anyone else you know well and I think I've figured he had no I definitely the pride issue and I also think it's a macho think two out that he had they also don't wanna be viewed on the sidelines. What you guys you know. You're you're coming up united you know. Really not connect guy on his ass so what are you doing it you know that that type of day or if they even -- -- we've seen that before. Has gone back into the game because they don't wanna be viewed as Windsor. Where guys that don't play or. Christopher prices would -- John Ryder on the planet Mikey show up until I'll be here to midnight Chris -- -- 10617. 7790850123888525. Or fifty tech city 5850 year we get back the calls who's just in the -- just to. And earlier talk about the bounty well. That being -- are hurt somebody. Now is that eagle. At them to get -- programmer advocate and it is our money. Back. A big money to a active quarterbacks. I would -- that just as hard. And only hurt the quarterback might runner. Justin is an interesting question is someone raised this week that maybe we should there of the league as a group as a whole should dual way we have defensive. Incentives if you don't tackles sacks that kind of thing I think here it's a slippery slope when you're talking about stuff like that. But I I I think -- when Israel was taken but I I think at the same time we have to remember there's a big difference between. Going out and trying to put a clean hit on someone. In going out and trying to injure someone that is to say knock someone out or not command of the team -- make sure that -- carted off there there is a difference between the two. All it just it's worse than it that was the point where they're trying to hurt somebody a punishment. Cogent and on pro life people yet. And it's it's funny time when we talk about that funny but I mean it's it's just like -- at this this story has so many levels because it's so intertwined. In the culture of the gain because the culture of the game is such that it's an extremely violent sport. In -- going to be part of what you do was a football player there's going to be acceptable level of violence that you inflict on other people in other people inflict on you. In where is that line where do you draw that line and it did its has okayed this amount of violence is okay when you cross over. That's where real problem. That's it that's great I mean. I don't look at -- and yet how many guys are I've -- people. Well and that's what the NFL is doing right now to -- with the saints try to figure out because they've got to go through so much information. So much film everything out it is concerning these teams in specific players as well you really deal in you look at those games you look at that 2090. In in a much differently now. And you did it's a you know that season because that's season you look at their defense need to take. I was a group playmakers back to those guys are really yield of -- fly the ball on the attack the ball. -- they meet those wide receivers -- and they get after the quarterback and you know their strong tough physical team. Well what we know about them being in what we know about him now is far different. In you look at it in that context a lot more questions are raised -- attacked about the saints legacy there's a bunch of different attacks appear one of them saying. Our -- Katrina story trumps anything else there will be. A great all times to -- story the corruption is port of no new orleans' lower quite accepted them. -- no no morals to be obit crooked minutes I don't know legal system and now we get this talent involved it's. Bring in money as well. In this whole -- the -- and his whole different the way they do things down there. But such a feel good story in such a sympathetic team yet that year I remembered to writing and going down there in 2009 for the patriots things scheme. In the scenes were such a great. Image in I I don't know of any other team at least in my memory that was so intimately connected with the city. In so tied to their fans in so intertwined. -- with that group of supporters than that 2009 saints team in in in that town in I think in in. The wake of that kind of -- we symbolized and we put him up on a pedestal much like the 2001 patriots where we looked at him as a symbol in we forgot the fact that they were pretty good football team. In it's such it's it's such a great team to go back and look at in. What he did on both sides of the ball and where they were seen 2005 and where they got two in 2009. Just that journey that I made with Payton and Brees in the that entire group and what you were able to do. I just wonder what the legacy of that team is Ian -- going forward in the you know what I. The first one of the first things I thought of one -- news came down I do it. It when it first broke retirement not today but when it first came about I was thinking and you know it in terms of suspensions whatever happens you knew that was gonna happen. The fans down there because that's really all pretty much yet and they go to college football but the saints is. And it doctors about the warn it's it ended the saints is what they have down there and that season that. If Drew Brees and his work ethic I was always a huge troop Drew Brees for -- did you Stewart's many years San Diego I'd. That situation down there and it just so happy for that city because the saints were always. A laughing stock you know the Paper bags over -- -- in any of them before. The disaster Hurricane Katrina they were still one of those teams well maybe you know kind of lovable team you know lovable losers -- have been and I I guess I was. I was -- formats season. Outlets that one up against the patriots but against anyone else so I was -- for the saints that season was so happy -- -- at an end for Drew Brees to I don't mention about a guy that you've read all these stories will the guys in there. At the crack and -- doesn't leave till you know late at night and just. Always says the right things seems to carry himself well. It was he -- it was a very easy team to root for. A year in 2009 you'll even setting aside what they went through what that city went through a few years before. It was a very easy team was a very easy franchise to root for that year and it was good to see them have the success that they had. Especially noticeable in a lot of people around you were very happy to see them beat the colts. So I just like this and I just want to Whittle legacies going to be via as -- says they were they inspect then they were you right. -- That city it was -- you've been down there before and you know always a fun city that's for sure I guess just over the history of that city they've had to deal with so much turmoil. And now they have to deal with this now. Yeah yeah I mean it's going to be -- wonder. I wrote about this today for the website when you take out a key part of that franchise when you take got -- key part of a franchise whether it's a superstar whether it's a -- Twitter to GM. Even for a limited time. I think it's it's a precarious life in the NFL you know we saw that mr. with the colts when they routine meaning they have the year that they had. I'm not saying that the saints are gonna go to a fourteen this year. But I think you're going to see a franchise that is really on auto pilot for the season and just looking to go on nine and 70000089910. -- yeah like -- -- I think they're gonna take about a bit of a step back this you because you lose a coach for years. You lose it GM and it's my understanding right now that the GM is going to us. Really he's gonna have to serve that half the season suspension Mickey Loomis talked about. He's gonna have to serve that half a season suspensions starting at the end of the final pulled seasoned team so it's going to be the first eight games the regular season. They don't know with the situation is right now with with Pete and when his suspension would start. But I think when you take a coach out of the mix when you take a coach who was so intimately connected to a quarterback. Out of the mix when you take a GM out of the mix and you take him off the road from that scouting process the bid goes on the college scouting process that goes on through September October November. I think. You are going to see your franchise that is it's really it's going to be. I have to operate on all -- well there is no first round pick that straightaway to pay interest no second round pick this year they lose Carl -- It's important player on that offensive line through free agency Roger Robert Meachem would never really fit too much in their plans but still part of it at -- at the receiver position. If ledger breeze for the franchise tag is that too happy so all of a sudden and I was sympathetic I am certainly not sympathetic. And and towards what happened down there with a bounty system I'm just looking back. That when they won that year and and but certainly did deserve to be punishment -- as a -- what went on with Gregg Williams and in the states that they have they have -- -- on both sides of the ball and -- let me say that I mean offensively defensively they're still one of the more talented teams. In the NFC if not the entire National Football League but at the same time. Like is that when you take those guys out of the mix when you take those fundamental building blocks out of the mix. I think that's going to affect the continuity of the team and I think again you're looking at eighteen it's gonna go 9 into an evening this.

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