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Jets Play-By-Play announcer Bob Wischusen joined the Big Show

Mar 21, 2012|

Bob Wischusen, Jets play-by-play announcer, joined The Big Show to talk about the trade that landed the Jets Tim Tebow.

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-- you're -- big -- an eventful day in the National Football League and eventful day in new York and in Denver. -- word why Michael Holley. Bob why shoots in the used to intern here at WEEI years ago and believe it or not didn't screw up much. As he's now the radio voice of the New York Jets and he joins us live on the phone right now Bob -- Dario career is going okay. Well I would say it you know anybody that quality amateurism -- Earlier on upwards career arc from there it's funny and look at the -- right now all that's that they have that you're the only ones Canada Arctic. As -- I don't know what. I did tell me what was your reaction when you first heard about the possibility. Of Tim Tebow coming to the jets. My initial reaction was loose on an. It kind of simple and and obviously you know you're certainly bringing -- circus to town by doing it. All right back to me was like 10% of my reaction -- look -- -- because I know how old projects management thinks. And I think they yet and going to amount of criticism for looking at things from headline grabbing prospective. I don't think they were looking at this from headline grabbing perspective and honestly I don't think that they look at really most of our acquisition of my fault for anything on -- all standpoint. They've brought -- -- on -- coordinator. That a -- go to Miami ran the wild cat ran very well. Under the big staple what he -- and they were successful with that and a couple of years ago when Rex Ryan and Brad Smith honesty. They ran it. Wildcat and were successful. And now operate ports -- contractor. They had a chance to bring him. Arguably that's wildcat football player and a leak. Salt if you take all of -- ancillary media. The latter. -- it's gonna hurt Mark Sanchez and confidence are going to fractured her locker room blah -- applying look at it from. Player is great at doing something that the team used to do well and that the offensive coordinator really believe. At first round draft choice you can album. Then where's the downside I would I would it -- I would agree with you if the guy that you were acquiring. Was exactly that he was a specific wildcat. Player can play that position for you. For eight placing gain any did not have the notoriety. That this particular player has because when you bring them to New York. And you put him in a fragile situation -- a fragile quarterback that they had to give an extension till. And and you know wrap their arms around him tell them how much they love -- and we -- already had a split with some of those players. I think you're asking for. Troy archer. Well more accurate and far less fragile than people say it and that's that's one of the big that it it it gets repeated in the media and not come true. I don't know anybody around Mark Sanchez -- it talked about in being fragile it badly you last year he offered all wouldn't advocate your last year. But I think it's -- you become somehow. You know topic eight in this debate and I don't really think that they're all that worried about it -- keep -- -- the contract -- record extinction they gave him. I mean in in in in you know. On guaranteed money and extension that guarantee to -- -- a 186. Billion dollar or the caps. Like giving him that extension -- and do all the top. We guarantees. And and -- your salary players disabled lot of money in your wallet back -- Really all the action and. I'll tell you right now mark entered the quarterback Tim Tebow has about as much chance of taking the job elect remarks at at at Ronnie Brown at taking it. Hey -- hey hey hey hey -- and now wait a minute now -- I have taken this for far too long Bob. You are gonna have my guy Tim Tebow you've -- -- best wildcat quarterback and only he has yet. Think he's a starting quarterback in the league I think he has potential -- -- the jets think. He can compete for the starting job or are they saying he's a backup QB -- for -- -- eight to ten plays a game that's it. I'm saying you're not even back up. Don't think he's back quarterback for the New York now. I would say right now it's in -- put together a depth chart at quarterback but -- probably third string. Mark Sanchez is -- question. Starting quarterback of the team. It's not debatable there will be no quarterback competition there won't be apartment that per cent interceptions and no touchdowns and appreciate them. Every pac paid jetliner on screen that there -- there no quarterback competition -- -- -- Smart pitcher will be the quarterback and can people will look the upon as they -- Valuable. -- -- Let a football play which -- target is all he ever going to be yeah. Are. They have later admitted that did you watch football. Should you cover you cover the judge you went for the jets direct. So you'll war and I know I know and actually I know your college roommate prologue Todd. A -- we Liz let -- Christian Magglio college from anywhere and we get a lot. Are now while he's given us some stories on -- so -- careful. You -- epic game in Denver. Where Tim Tebow. Engineered a brilliant 95 yard drive -- into the game. You saw Tim Tebow lead his team today has the lead people lead -- -- -- AFC west title song -- a playoff game. Against the Steelers. What else does this guy need to do to prove to you Angela and that he is a legitimate quarterback developing player in this week. OK a lot to -- it right now it's here it's irrelevant what he needs to do it approved a -- That is they're starting quarterback in the NFL legitimate up and coming player in the NFL I'm telling you. What did you we're gonna use and I'm telling you the what did you view the acquisition. They are going to have Mark Sanchez the unquestioned starter football scene and then people will be a -- It can keep all looked legitimately starting quarterback in the NFL. That could lead to division titles the -- and an -- fourth round -- really hate to say in -- what it. If you look on the open market and it happened there or not mean tripping over themselves to get -- -- them in Iran Iraq and the way they worked abatement obviously -- They've had amassed no shame in that okay timetables no Peyton Manning okay that's -- -- this -- I will tell you you know from the -- standpoint. That he felt last year. That they were missing an element that Brad -- is the -- for the provide rather well and if you a game last year when the jets played against the Broncos. And people had ball twelve times in the game. Beat and try. That he sat before. The last drive of the game. And senior seventy total yards offer. All great and procession. Stretch of the game he ever seven yards the production. On the laps dry it's big it's something different with them and they beat the rest of the game and to me that the perfect example. Of why when the chips bring him and they'll be bringing him and I think right reasons. And right like. You will be brought in with no fear of him being the primary runner. When he's in the game went back a lot Specter at bronco game last year and -- the primary ball carrier for the Broncos on any drive. Up until the last one that's currently an amber if you think about it from import perspective -- -- He -- always gonna be most effective when he was going to potentially be cracked the the primary ball carrier when he didn't. Know all the bill. Around Tim Tebow and your whole system that's -- where he gets hurt you're -- at all you practiced. -- -- the primary ball carrier. It's about I I agree with a lot of what you're saying about him table Michael -- put this argument now offer for the whole this whole Nazis. I will say this style I think that your right the jets are looking at it is -- getting any significant wildcat player. The problem is he's the most popular player in the National Football League and there are many people like Michael who believed -- he's a quarterback. And the problem you're going to having you know what the that the jets fan is like. If you watch and share of struggles out of the gate in the first half of the first game. They're gonna start the chants of we want Tebow he's going to be viewed as a quarterback. Anytime that quarterback. Fails they don't get that. If you get if Peyton Manning as your story. You don't get that Tom Brady you started don't get out of there Rodgers as you starter you get that more changes as you start and what's to say. That Rex Ryan if things aren't going well. Stock -- and you're not gonna have a breaking down of your of the the the inner quarter of your team. What I would say to that is. -- you know you can't predict what would happen. And react Georgia what's happening and let me finish. You can't protect. You know how well mark sent to the plate 789 into -- -- -- -- Rex Ryan and Mike and -- perspective not from a fan perspective. And can do whatever they want game more they can be owned or Mark Sanchez and twelve interceptions and touchdowns through the first fourteen see that. Their quarterback Aaron even when the hours over the next two years but not been an important people are number one number two. If Mark Sanchez is hearing it from the fans. Any more next year and ill or hurt this year I'd be surprised and -- you're next he'd been deeply about it and people want Hamachi. And April for reception and no touchdowns we want you to make it boot goes back to New York. -- -- all all the spectators constantly last year for not playing well so I don't think that. Pressure is really gonna get ratcheted up on him from that point. And on top of that if Tony Sparano and -- an appellate Mark Sanchez. After the deal -- consummated does not seem like you others hang up and contractual language but it ends -- being consummated. They sit down and tell him you're the guys are gonna start the worry about it a while much -- -- web site. Oh yeah and I'm asking us masters Bob you're -- you talk about the is that what the jets in. And their commitment to Mark Sanchez and we've heard a lot of things. Primarily from the New York Daily News I think they've talked a lot about some of the internal squabbling some of the doubts of Mark Sanchez what do you think of those reports do the jets pay attention to those anonymous sources I mean what. What's the organizational view of the sniper in the public's -- involving Mark Sanchez. If it weren't -- -- are happy with the overall chemistry breakdown of the -- a hole. So that'll be focal point for them Triton and going toward this season -- borne out in people that was going to be focal point for them. A question or they -- you what that at all or -- you Greg our ports that they weren't happy without Santonio Holmes acted there weren't happy with. How old some of the players you know act. -- Apparently this newspaper reporters -- -- quote on quote unnamed sources but I think the unnamed sources were kind of sent the message loud and clear for management when they guarantee the next two years. Entered a contract that -- at least in the short term going to be their starting quarterback and they keep both acquisition or not gonna change that. Opening date this here mark at the start. Public -- at first half with him. I go out is that it lets sit our it was it was gonna talk to -- and I'm praying and hoping. That this deal goes -- I think it'll be -- verbal -- Let's hope we -- putt great -- India. -- OK about publishers and the ease the play by play guy. For the New York Jets. And -- Don't you want this to happen with this Saturday fund for all of us so he said if if there's zero touchdowns twelve interceptions after the first four games that says that the quarterback. He's about it caught up. He's about to come up in Tebow means you have been and always have out there happens you know what he makes it a good point I think the jets might be looking at it that way in the and you can do -- -- -- why can't -- -- eight for eight or nine plays again. But when the guy happens to be the most popular player in the National Football League in the lot of stuff that goes with -- it's not gonna it will not work and you're right. Those get fans saw the 95 yards at the end of the game and they remember that. And what it's failing miserably in the first or second game they're gonna be calling for eight yards away it's wildcat guy out there. I quick break right back yet.

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