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Bobby Hebert, former NFL QB and talk show host on WWL in New Orleans, talks about the punishments handed down by Commissioner Goodell over bounty-gate

Mar 21, 2012|

Bobby joins Glenn & Michael to discuss the bounty-gate suspensions handed down by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Does this now shift the power in the NFC South? Was Goodell's punishment on the Saints too harsh? Bobby shares his thoughts on this issue.

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I bet you're the big show blood or why Michael Holley a little Orleans saints it's been a disaster is day. They -- find 500000 bucks and that's the best part of that shot patent suspended for entire season. A Mickey Loomis the general managers suspended without pay for the first eight regular season games as Michael pointed out earlier. If you suspended him in the off season or from November on during the scouting season may be. That would be devastating but the first eight games of the regular season probably the quiet period of the year for general manager. On defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Who is no longer with the New Orleans Saints suspended indefinitely. And who knows if he ever gets back in the game again. And oh yeah the world saints did not have their first round draft pick this year the patriots helmet so they lose their second this year. And their second next year while it's only concern. A Bobby Hebert is former quarterback you may remember a more at the New Orleans Saints he works in our sister station WWL. Down there in new -- concentrating on the games and he joins us live right now on the AT&T hotline body you don't first device survived -- Well yeah I know it's I I guess it's. A storm beyond storms. And then not only would come all the -- and we deal and equipment level they haven't tornadoes in the area know it is. Who come into play and I'm almost believe in the Mayan calendar. Okay well. Everybody have you talked to any of the principals involved out of his ruling. No I have not is this have everything has happened so quickly. The daunting then I keep saying. Is that the leader that drew breezes and Sean Payton. They pay attention to beat you know come on from the get ago. And myself in the quarterback position that you might not know exactly did details for Drew Brees -- what was going on. I would holes facility that aside the budget you can't read at night he he he knew what was going on and I think is not so much what the commissioner came down so hard on saint. I don't think it's so much. Actually incentive plan to -- -- players opposite they got that. Gone that direction. You know spoke to a future losses obviously to protect himself. But I think that doubles. To the point where. The commission is so disgusted. The with the hierarchy -- Kind of almost like the Michael big syndrome you know -- guy confronted. With the whole dog fighting scandal and all glad and and it's almost like line -- dead and you know -- data tell you a bunch of things that -- got you back at all but don't you ever lie to me. But it that's the worst thing and I think that's it almost came about. With the hierarchy in this state organization. Just lie and to the commissioner. And and it -- continue this process of denial. And now I hate to say what I know greatly in his personality. And they hand from the get go to come up with that apology. To me that that that I greatly greatly it is the kind of guy. But if you get an a Barroom brawl you get negate what you want in on your side. Because -- that kind of mentality so. To me admire greatly and say that the web evidence that have been overwhelming. And say look if you wanna change it from the coach in NFL. Ever again the you've got to come out and insult. The very sincere in your apology. And acknowledge in this Indian -- you might have a chance to come back now you can see that that suspension indefinite. We know was that the official you got to see a year if not longer but of note that this is not good bit. You know representing and being a founding father of the -- detonation I just feel bad for the payments. And I think the fans -- take their approach you know a lot alike in the Boston area you know kind of blue collar workers. What where when you look at him and I -- my hard earned dollar. You know to go to games to get season tickets or watch it to me. Because this has never happened before I -- -- the fans get together a class action lawsuit just like it's almost that he goes to the role in -- expecting big jacket is saying. At a concert. That also mig Jagger is not available Eleanor -- -- -- my money back. So how can you talk about competitive balance of who want that disable -- ended the year sort of thing is that. Approach almost like. Could basically coach -- Peyton now that's a real fine when you find seven million dollars. And I think that there is 78 million dollars build the best that they you know finding a player for 50000. Ball hard hit on somebody. So though all the defense has taken the approach. Is that listen. What we want the product is still be competitive on the deal likely war. And you know on -- Sean Payton and Drew Brees prosecutors have a good chance of legitimate chance to win this doable. And then just you know -- a penalty just fine and so much that they've basically playing for free. Our are they working for free in that regard for and not so much Internet team. You know what draft picks. An Indian all the -- suspensions. Where all of a sudden double what direction it's just a technical point board considering. You know when you look at what they are right now you got to put him in the top five or six teams as far as potentially. Having a chance to win this global and and the fans are just frustrated I think they getting ripped off by the NFL -- conspiracy theories. And and now I get this thing you don't have really that realistically a snowball chance in hell. A -- to this Kubel -- -- even though they are holes in this -- and we said this before. And I'll like Tom Brady you know Drew Brees is the franchises that are franchise and we say well you almost can walk on water not quite. But I they truly make sure he would have to walk on water. But it for the saints to win and and a lot of fans are telling me go back to -- UT coach Belichick talked about the integrity of the game. Is what. You know spy gate that you -- when your opponent is trying get that competitive edge integrity is it and that -- cheating. And any coach Belichick is not gonna get -- fall one game. I think -- -- you. That you know assistant with a one game wishes -- and you quit taking that they will look at it realistically of war. Even -- but a whole season that would come about and with the draft picks -- all. That they just taken the approach. That it's unfair and almost saying now this that the jets and the giants. Part of Dallas Cowboys -- commission have come down as part don't -- those organizations. You -- I think you would have if there are we have if you what do you have there were arrogance involved AIE -- the shuttle lot their politics of the point that. They jumped out at me that I totally agree with you is. That this commissioner does not like arrogance that was the situation with the patriots I think I think the commissioner believed that there were other teams. That or positioning cameras and doing a lot of the same practice the patriots -- don't but they want arrogant about it once the memo came out once he basically said -- an office and they all stopped and patriots and screw you. I'm going to do what I ask you this question could you know the people on bull. Isn't normal human behavior that if the commissioner comes in this was a three year investigation. And apparently they lied. Three years ago one year after the investigations started. If you brought in there. And they're saying do you do this bounty program going on where guys get paid to injure other guys aren't shoot just to protect yourself and you team. Archer collected than -- it probably. I mean but the thing is this kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. Little oil when -- showing you evidence it's almost you have to. You know it I guess I don't know does the right word is be Amanda step up and and and and do the right thing. Because you know when when he's trying conspiring to telling everyone looked this is store we have it is not necessarily the truth. The -- vetoed the and it's gonna come back to bite you and I think also again denying. You know Mike Ornstein convicted felon twice he's hanging around the team. And before the Packers game -- you know he's sitting. You know Sean -- an email about you know 5000 dollars made double put in the -- towards knock it out Aaron Rodgers for the game. I mean I want you can't do that Daniel Robles denied a lot of -- let -- look at that email. I can't think is that arrogant I think that's really would ticked off the commissioner. And that's why legacy -- -- -- -- not so hard -- him. Body what did you think the suspension was going to be -- thought -- before games for Sean Payton and I thought Greg Williams would get this indefinite suspension that he'd gotten the team would lose some draft picks. I was surprised by your what did you think was going to be. I thought it would be Paula speculating like like you said. Board game suspension. As the most media have this season. Because in order to find about bouncy when you're dealing with the fans and the -- money invested. In this season ticket holders when you're dealing with them and then. And you want that competitive balance that you wanna send a message. If you wanna be harsh. You also all of the don't want the professional -- -- version almost of the death penalty. Well you heard it seems so much just like you get immediate like even part of NFL anymore. Now now. To -- to agree that all the levers on the balcony and outside a true these these look like Clara -- anything. About that the best and on the last time he'd gotten involved in negotiation but he brought -- on board in 1985. When he bought the key -- John because in the same component Jacksonville. Governor -- The governor of Louisiana gets about well going to Seattle Seahawks. And the reason why go to Saturday I came back home to -- they pay me more you know it to be honest in this event -- that was involved those negotiations. -- -- -- -- And then I'll part of the deal was -- with witnesses say is that look I am you don't negotiate is already denied getting involved. So what I had the contract also 1990 he did not get involved without agreement that would -- got to know. We Mickey -- has -- -- despite beating at the time that he gets at all confident Drew Brees illicit. We need a light at the end of the tunnel. But whatever you have to do. That's not all gonna go away do we need unbelievable positive news and I know we Drew Brees the saints fans feel like they always. You know have a chance and you know Pete Carmichael. Not necessarily polite. You know Sean Payton and Drew -- that relationship but. When you look at it I don't know what you would call quarterback coach. Cole -- -- coordinator Pete Carmichael that's could be crucial. Going forward are we -- -- -- Carmichael and you -- that would -- additionally what kind of leaderboard any -- leader. He got this they may be in now in NFL history. -- announced plans to live here in the -- help. Drew Brees. Got to piece together at Tulane University working out paying for everything and no other quarterback did that and plus he looked throughout the years that he's been here for six seasons. He's like the Ray Lewis. Quarterback leading the chance to get the team fired up and haven't seen Dan Marino John Elway Joseph Montana do that note to readers get. -- essential I guess they -- -- right now Drew Brees and try to get a French -- he has a franchise and I have no doubt the Drew -- going to be there but is there any chance in your opinion -- that. Shot patent -- this year out and this is the end for him in the world is there any chance that he doesn't come back as the head coach of the things. Well yeah no that's a stroke in my that in India after next season might be now I mean who knows. I mean we deeply trying to send. Message at. And an and all of assigned you know you have to move forward then when -- be making moment Sean Payton because but I think. You know support the fan base that they look at them purely from a pool ball since I mean did did these are the greatest days in. And the saints organization the last six years the record breaking and they just look what they've accomplished. I mean to take -- as a remedy is the last time the patriots came to Louisiana Superdome they got their behind what. Belichick and Tom Brady was away waving a white flag gamble but under six minutes and a fourth quarter when -- -- the patriots. -- do that the New York football giants. Just look at this -- that they explain the giant -- as it was does this play its course like about four touchdowns. So we defend that it is this the best of the best in an almost got that. You know that they. In all of belted altar of bomb making globalization on patent that they know their football team and how much you loved football is how good Bellwether -- They know that their big part of that but you can't be so arrogant UK athletic commissioner. You know and I think food NFL would've loved to keep this get this done behind closed doors not out in the public. And then I just think -- then ignored and that's why Politico now also hard on him but all one knows bottom line you can not affecting. Or -- saints fan base. As for what are they paying to see for the 2012 season. How are you gonna now instead -- going forward. That you expect him to pay full price. Purpose season tickets in and out so that good don't they have an argument that its product dictate. -- they get a -- so there's just -- commercial let me ask one more question her body -- you played the game I've talked to guys who played the game who have told me. Is that this -- stuff has been going on for years the commissioner today as part of his. Handing out the discipline. Is asking each one of the NFL teams to certify. In writing. That there is no such bounty program going on within the organization you already mentioned earlier it's hard for you to believe. The journal Brees was not aware of this you've played the position you're in the NFL. UN had to know what was going on one. And true do you think it's going on elsewhere in the National Football League and if so what does the commission to do about that. Well it is definitely going on now they -- -- -- made a major mistake in attitude structured it was to organize. You know again out envelopes and team meetings but no that and everyone has a mentor -- you learned from. If you look -- -- started and they mentality knocking people -- that that's kind of going back at least at the mid eighties the body grind of the -- Glanville syndrome. I mean if you wanna truly do an investigation I don't think they'd be -- arrogant. Rex and Rob Ryan Dallas Cowboys New York Jets. You look at Jeff Fisher Greg -- everyone has a -- -- you learned from. And out to meet as a player that motivated me when they look I'm not out. You know I was gonna show you that no matter how hard you hit me. Doubt gonna stand in the pocket and might sound ignorant and stupid but that's out a little like a man to man united breaks spirit you're not gonna break my will. I can remember a play house with the falcons at the time. Going to get so Buddy -- the cardinals. You know ran a scrambled got outside Jabil -- they're immune cell that got out of -- There's about eight yard run and Buddy Ryan screaming like. You know that it knocked the crap I just told you don't let him get outside and and I just pop up and I am pop up in buddy's face diplomat but it's all you got bring it on and on -- the -- -- But I -- wanna let him know all the certain. So I'm not a whole school YA tittle of Billy Kilmer kind of mentality. -- just hang in there are probably the wrong on that to talk to about that because I always thought it was like us a lot of guitar and not mean -- we try to do this in the Gator quarterback. I Bobby -- good luck down there are no laws can be fascinating to see how this thing up plays out down there and I can understand other people and want -- not real happy tonight. Talking not real hot because they thought we had a great opportunity to not only hostess global next season but to be in it. You're right that -- -- -- Bobby could talk video all right -- Nancy. And does a long long -- With images from a disaster for justice not happen. I -- a division I understand what happened so you know first round -- sector rampant. This year. C division with the Panthers falcons and Buccaneers. Still with with the moves of the Buccaneers have made in free agency. The falcons were a good team master but they lost -- -- things twice. Panthers exciting dynamic talent and Cam Newton to dig up some holes. The saints still not the favorite to win the division is threat especially -- bedroom dream already players are gonna get suspended him. We don't know that that's the next shoe to fall he we don't know -- -- got to understand Tony players don't suspend opportunities guys that they're gonna sky -- And it hasn't along and that's correct that he'll come after -- -- and suspended a fuel pump. I think it's a leverage America I said this weeks ago so I'm not saying it just today Michael you may remember we talked about this I do not believe the commissioner. Once that Super Bowl to be played with a normal saints is the home team. Because the two weeks would be spent talking about -- gate and how you can actually advance on him when a Super Bowl. We in you do things. And skirt the years the rules you go against the rules of the National Football -- The other problem they have is and he he brought Bobby brought this up the signatures to Drew Brees has been through this before with a franchise tag. He vowed never to do it again because you don't get hurt. In that in the when he had the franchise deal. He's not gonna do that again remember it was difficult for -- Miami wouldn't pick a copy down to one team which is the war. Miami didn't think he was healthy enough for a mistake that all had a pretty big. Didn't think he was self help -- in the plight so he may hold down they may have to give the big bucks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no doubt about it they've -- What happens if if this is just the tip of the expert. If we find out that it's happening at the 1215 different franchise has on you and I think yeah it's not that the -- -- he brought a great point. -- more organized down. So what you wanna do stuff like that -- got a governor Kevin Brown you can't pass out sheets. Like you're running year old little you know for entertainment only had around the -- -- its threat -- Gore got an -- your partner and I were on. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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