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Tim Tebow traded to Jets, Sean Payton gets one year suspension

Mar 21, 2012|

Mut and Lou's initial reaction to the news that Tim Tebow is now a Jet and Sean Payton has been suspended for the whole season.

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I have to update what do you want first to what Tebow news or NFL this guy a -- that wants. Intuitive that a fellow Georgia won awards screw Tivo give you go for average after just read that Sean Pate has been suspended for one. Year. Mickey Loomis eight game I have a 500000. Dollar fine. Saints find 500000. Dollars any sector topic in 2012 and 2012. Players I against the company and the it says second round pick in 2012. And 2030. So -- first round that's of that no second second round pick in twelve and while I'm sure he -- second round pick 1213 -- okay. Sean Payton gets a year. From the National. Football League. One year I wanna make gains -- I thought they can't have a good data bank Sean Pate at this rate on year unbelievable so you've -- a -- -- fans who do you think that they'd they'd that he knew. Let's go to a a a whiz Greg Williams. On it and definitely believable I see nothing about Gregg Williams here I'm waiting for chapters next week. I'm waiting for chapter three you do in the Indy pro football toxic Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely. Well so who -- publicity shot patent suspended for a year. The entire year. That is and you think Roger Goodell wanted to send a message. Well I'm stunned very freak thing in the organization doesn't doesn't 122 round pick this year that bust their first round yep. It 20122. On the next year. Registered. -- up the second bomb. Jay Glazer good god repeat portals that the New York Jets penetrate they. Or route. And end. Up. Are. You out of it no leg. -- here we go Rex while. In New York talk radio and the jets and fourth round pick. That is earned him what he ball. That is unbelievable he is going to the New York Jets can slow talk one a a while -- Damascus which one I I picked up still more surprising jump patent. They banks -- for a year I am in much more surprised. Because the NFL. Wait no at a -- had the balls on the jets did put -- a -- a four game suspension. You advocate interim manager. Whatever -- coach. The per year. We promote a -- Dear oh feet and well and stick it it's this -- your -- just holdouts they screw it. He calls himself the commission for a reason the sheriff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coach of this team for the saints. How quick I've got to bet the Carolina Panthers not division like right now log on and that there are. Whenever their odds are -- all reacted to things we come back with Uga side the saint punishments. Sean Payton a year Gregg Williams indefinitely. Tim Tebow is a New York jet. We'll get right fearful calls -- about -- Sean Payton has been suspended for one of the year John Mickey -- the general manager suspended eight games. The saints find 500000 dollars and they've also lost. To a second round draft picks one in this year's draft. One in next year's draft but the big penalty here. 81 year ban for Sean Payton effective April 1 the NFL wanted to send a message in the worst way. And it just did it basically took Sean Payton. -- of the game for a full season. Again just to clarify -- because our graphic says 21 round picks but it is to second round picks correct to -- second round pick one and 2012. One in 2013 students do not have a first round pick this year they've got to suspend they lost to. Second round -- I was told about fifteen minutes ago. And basically that is the penalty right now to also steep fines involved. They'll be other penalties and -- obviously a crazy day here in the NFL. -- -- shaft are basically live odd couple seconds ago much -- 937 WE EIQ humongous NFL stories. Two weeks outside a Major League baseball's opening day you just heard most of the same stuff there. Full year for Sean Payton assistant coach getting six games find dollars draft pick Greg Williams is suspended in definitely. Which I take to mean is that the harshest of -- is because I'm a timetable. On when Gregg Williams is gonna come back assistant coach linebackers coach the -- -- It's six games. And you lose 22 round picks -- play a major statement made today about a National Football League and at the same time chapter broke that Jay Glazer. Breaking that the New York Jets have traded a fourth round pick the Denver Broncos. Quarterback Tim Tebow. And so we're gonna do in the final hour of the show is get your reaction a -- These are two huge stories I'll let you react and -- While the NFL terms of the punishment they handed down. What that means the league and obviously. Bought the jets I'm stunned -- slip that Williams delegates is benefiting TIA year. -- been shot patent for the entire year. Over this whole bounty thing. Obviously he had some plane right enemies at -- big takeaways that those emails yell at that booster port that maybe the booster with Jeff helping add to the pot. There are more emails than that we -- it was what 5000 documents they looked at. And they had to have had some pretty clear cut evidence that knowledge Sean Payton in door -- was knew about it. A pretty good endorsing this could be turned his head the other way that's the take away from a year ban you don't -- a guy for your unless you've got caught him red handed. He's actually start April 1 April 1 before I mean calendar you know it sees that the calendar year -- April 1 April for -- Roger -- definitely drop the -- And that is try to mixes and Yemen Libya bounty again in the NFL. I don't know I just after a slow with steep. That's all I just feel like it's a little it's the you know the sister coach -- six games -- gets a -- year. You know in great waves definitely notes you know -- what they're gonna do with -- most elect it's like a lifetime ban on that guy. -- state now flexing his muscles a little bit -- -- the point across is no question about it you think any team needed -- any head coach of real lot of happen again. Having just about an eight games over gets his rhetoric of or Sean Payton and Greg Quinn suspended for the entire season you'd think it would ever happen again. Ball game to help pay great waves an entire season the recent I wanna go where you're going here saying it's too -- I'd like to find out if -- is that a potential here. They found out more information in this thing. It it was a complicity and it was he apart and it would -- -- if we find out he was an active part of this. He was one of the guys handing out the rewards he was there watching it. Would that might change your opinion about all this -- -- wanna say it's too harsh because my feeling is that game a year. We might find out there's more to the story when it comes through Sean paid from NFL standpoint that's the big stored from a patriots to appoint. All by the way Tim Tebow is a jet. My daughter is an awesome god it's coming to New York but a quick to devastate his joke -- descent between a -- about -- Atlantic coaches that -- It's -- for six games. He was the guy there and that he was gonna take over shut patent. It if if Payton have been suspended for 48 the other tropical it was what he's been suspended for six. Has asked DC good linebacker coach assistant head coach. -- six your head coach out for the entire year -- department draft now is it starts April 1. What do you do offering to -- the -- coach. This I don't one year contract you -- what -- -- -- per year every on the ship that you probably promo from what from within and stay in it. Adam maps it's unbelievable and so we're gonna do here is to get you updated top of the hour John Tim was gonna kind of stuff Italian. -- we come back will just you'll open phones to get your reaction up until 2 o'clock those or -- get right -- 617. 7790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound. WEEI it's a free call the AT&T -- one -- line and available for you 85850. -- reaction to the states. Penalties and Tim Tebow in your division he's in New York jet next -- -- one.

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