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Bruins analyst Andy Brickley talks about the team and the NHL

Mar 21, 2012|

Andy Brickley talked about the Bruins turn around the last two games, and how the Maple Leafs continue to struggle

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DNC's weekly conversation with -- -- Brinkley brought to you by Norfolk power equipment right now Norfolk power equipment has 0% the united 0% financing and all -- detractors. There's a corporate power on route one -- rent the Maru won a two and Berle told Rhode Island on line -- -- for power dot com. And by -- Chevrolet and rein them. The first place in the last place you'll need to shop for new or use Chevrolet and by south pizza. You're gonna carry out why not pick up the biggest precious tastiest pizza around sell pizza. Now that's a slice of -- -- -- thoroughly enjoying and number Utah picked this morning. The top of the book pro athletes in retirement. And what that's all about then record so we would do that Kenya that not the other day when thought was put Hispanic in Toronto. He was an opportunity to talk about -- topics you don't get to talk about argued because of the breakneck pace in the post game so. Yeah that -- critical analogy that we would try to touch on the other night so enjoyed the conversation and glad to be part of it. X -- out let's talk a little bit just for one brief moment about Toronto just because they're so bad and so ugly. I mean gore -- act was sitting beside me in the in the studio there at the garden shaking his head at how bad they are defensively. I'm beginning to wonder whether Brian Burke is going to be able to fix this. You you know -- He took over the job it was basically what most GM's base and that for a five year plan based on personal tech team that you want a bill that -- -- you go out and I know the people that cultural closely the debate which they -- they just. Routing the deal to be me for the -- situation what he was able to supply Boston what -- with that organization. Some try to make a good argument we'll try to make about what. Is fixable -- there's gonna happen in labor and not so sure they tried to coaching change they -- -- to turn over personnel. That if you only watched the -- played the early to say -- this not fixable because that is the team that is it all total intimidation. By the Bruins they just can't match up physically emotionally mentally. Any that still what just do not match up well. They actually end and you brought up the point in and gore brought it up the other night they looked intimidated by the Bruins they look afraid. Yeah that's not. That that's not a that they can explore on the reputation. The you know you're Thomas Eric who's that guy that should not people. Mile Lucci just keep we saw that would Montreal Canadian beautiful. But with a new coach new lease on life and new opportunity for guys it was all be scratch he made that mistake and you know it's a guy his sides and 63 to twenty sides try to take on -- chip that's not a -- decision and Tibet ending. I'm not sure what it's just they haven't male -- -- that rose films and just a bit -- Eight Turco. Got new. Colors new -- hands bricks so I assumed that everything changes now he'll be OK he's gonna have to play down the stretch right Thomas is in a play every game. Do you think he's gonna who. Improve on that that -- disastrous first -- and in the Bruins uniform. Broadcaster Gerry plain and simple. I mean that's the only solution you have right now you really don't have any other option in goal. A -- obviously still hurt would open still hurt you don't really have anybody other Marty Turco who by all. Probability would have to play the -- is gonna -- in place streak into less than four days. What are the goals of this trip will be to -- to thomas' work -- article on it well we'll just have to wait seat but. Port portly when he talked about the road trip the biggest goals to continue to play the way it played the last two games. And when they get old on Monday after the three game road trip will be matched up schedules Ottawa. You -- -- combat with. At least mean pain but ideally increase your points lead on Ottawa in the division. That now or make that your quote essential these. The other problem was I watched the team during the four game losing streak and I thought they were doomed and then I saw them flip a switch against the flyers and play a much. Tougher nosed brand Tim Thomas looked like Tim Thomas again I don't want to overstate the Toronto -- because I just think Toronto isn't a good match for the against the Bruins. One of the biggest things was putting the defense pairs differently putting Chara back with Seidenberg they seemed to wanna stay away from that I wonder why. Yes well. You know what do you go to with daily guests. You know you wanna do it now regularly to get under and he intra meeting do you want to do it under five -- remaining. It's easy for them to pick up where they left off in a post he's relaxed -- that all intelligent players -- re -- each other well they just. You know they can just feel for the game don't that they -- success last year in the postseason. The question becomes when you put that together based on the other defenseman available to you what your peers and appeal what's that Google like. In which are Steinberg -- put together yeah okay shut then open its top offensive line a lot of the other war. Village appears look like and I think that's what they were really trying to figure out we get a little bit of it in the Florida swing. When they put Chara Seidenberg together but they were really committed to it when they came home at the flyers and obviously the productive results. -- -- what is your take on and on a trip like this does it is it it's significant. And and howl. The team handles the adversity the the you know that the travails ago on the West Coast time change and all that are you gonna be stand and that much in the same. How tough for these guys can they handle this does is it a test -- team at that point in the season. I'll be looking for how they play relative to the way they -- -- to change -- I could even see that -- Neil at a three point team as they call it in any one of if if not all these games because it played three opponents there bubble teams teams that need these two points. I -- actually. Thought that -- A brawl convince possible playoff team but we all legal to finish ahead -- auto the finish in the top rate. That being said what's gonna apple which it'll say what -- apple -- -- what can happily they have an opportunity to make the postseason you know at the do they get it seemed like Austin in general bill so. If the Bruins play that kept ruled style hockey played the right Kennedy. Played their game plan. If they lose in overtime but it sure though one gold enables scoring game with -- minimize scoring chances. That would be almost satisfactory to me as an analyst and as a Bjorn has approach it and more than anything hardly play how hard they compete. How important is home ice is it a psychological thing I mean do you intend to win the division two and finish ahead of whoever. Is it more psychological does one home game really mean that much. An immediate I think it's more about the opponent the matchups -- in the post season ordered round one round to get in a conference final. You can point to a million examples. Of teams that started the whole place that has engulfed it well just point -- -- at Boston watcher of series and they are still able Stanley Cup so. You'd like to have it I think it's a convenience. I think he would prefer as a player but it's not a make or break. Rich Beverley is gonna make the trip out west with the guys today it indicates to me at least that he's probably closer to returning -- maybe we expected. And may be a little ahead of schedule. Nathan Horton is working out hasn't been cleared to skate is yet. Is a gold no -- point for Horton where you just say you know what at this point it's just not worth it for this year Nathan. I don't eat at a -- and still sometime in the playoffs they'll. You know these athletes so when given the opportunity -- Their ability chewed Nevada alone they've been out -- Becky. -- to some company gained conditioning game both game mentality it's it's pretty rapid. Ticket sometime during the into the regular season that type deal that it's not as -- first round even at latest the second round and I don't think -- and have a problem. Detonate or in -- hockey game and obviously -- that it but heavily epic is the exciting thing. Neat to watch this team gives you more options up front he's personable and play all briefed all positions that they soft on particular situation. Would love to have important. How physical kid EP coming off an injury that academy of effective in its effectiveness on the right so heavily. The totally return right now I think it's really first and foremost in the Bruins might. It'll be interesting to see how upload handles this one properly comes back because. I think based on how he started in his return with the Bruins a lot of people thought will Brian Ralston gonna have hard time staying on the ice when -- returns. But now you're seeing a guy who looks like he's in better physical shape better mental shape at a four point game against Toronto. I'm not sure who has to sit down when when a guy like Beverly comes back. Yep frost is gonna play at their level and great he would have a -- productive litigants. Against Toronto and you could see him incrementally getting better as he got better condition both physically and mentally. And it's great to -- him at all that there -- like situation I think it's a good spot for him given his career. The way he plays the game -- -- we came -- -- it was highly Chris Kelly. You want it -- -- to maintain their level of play are you a ticket to another level he certainly has the skill set to do it. The only try to inject heavily in the airline that you kind of look at that you dropped six. Who becomes a strong guy. I think everybody would look at joint Chiron which is disappointing because he's he's earned his minutes he's become a better player. But Beverly about a play that girl and went heavily LT and played well there's no match right now given Netflix and their careers or. It's good to that it's good to have those decisions as challenging as they are. But that would be but I expect a. And they'll missed. The -- nothing game were. Second in the getting it at high on their -- and sit up Jillian is -- -- -- laughing fits really couldn't catch their breath that kind of things don't happen not not quite like Diaw and and Jerry no not quite the same opera. Well we got us talking about -- You just don't have the but. I was just trying to make a point -- that broadcast. Not to be humor certainly but just -- nobody vaulting coach. A coach -- -- this brutal organization and demanded that they play defense first and be committed to as practical protect the Alps and that's where it all starts and -- -- way to be able to play that way you know you wanna play more -- game is. If you want only is you wanna be true hockey player be regional -- be committed to defense personnel sell the had to make that shell first. Once you've established that they need try to leave all your office and try to create more goal scoring and that. In conjunction with what you issue relic in -- have been able to do what they brought in new players they've drafted and developed. Now you have that plays to create their profits while there's a decent. That was put out try to make about quote Italy but -- difficult guys -- -- you know it's difficult to get up on it and talked about. Subjects in. In a complete action with complete ought to complete sentences given these. I'm gonna say this with you 'cause I said yesterday. And I I I know on the can be accused of overstating for the sake of making a point not that it will ever happen. But it beat Pittsburgh Penguins nominee for the master ten wins the trophy. Anybody who's ever won -- before should give theirs back. That is take complete joke that the Pittsburgh hockey writers have nominated Matt -- for the Masterson trophy. Yes Leo. -- need chew. Compliment this guy at all given the way I've seen this -- game and -- -- was -- -- -- early. That being said. You know when you. When he cracked down he'd try to change culture -- but they use examples of players that the -- -- thinking differently because we need to protect the athletes on the -- I guess we got to give them what to believe cities cities he's altered his team would not -- get some attention. The state that perhaps learned that he wants a predator edit change. I'll give him that credit and that's all it given we're talking about a guy who was suspended. For the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year. For being a dirty player. Until you know when we have our downtime on the road trips you don't have are on but we get together talks lot of hockey I can assure you that coach -- does not even commit to coach. Well have a safe flight out to -- San Jose I'll talk to tomorrow -- -- is that the way what courses you set -- to play you get enough to where let me guess Riviera. The complete opposite field -- we go to -- -- they like -- courses that not a lot of people play that little while it is spectacular so. A little trip over the mountain to -- -- Do any players play golf flight coming in in baseball starting pitchers all can bring their clubs. -- no such -- I book the put it on the brought -- organization of the coaching staff but it's it's amazing nobody practices they operate the middle of the day whatever -- a in the warm climate. Funny how that works out -- All right Rick have a safe trip. Say that is an S and hockey analyst -- Brinkley joining us. Well take quick break we'll get back to the calls that you -- 6177790850. And in the Texas as what's the master control before. I've read the did the description yesterday it is for -- am I'm paraphrasing I don't have in front perseverance. Sportsmanship. And dedication to hockey. And each team as a nominee hit eight it Johnny boy Tripp is the Bruins nominee. And and in his case what they're talking about your perseverance sportsmanship -- slightly -- for like guys who come back from something like Phil Kessel won the master -- when he came back from cancer. You know. Battled cancer came back made a return to the NHL. He was a worthy nominee and they were the matter -- came back from that sore elbow now that -- quality and that he ended Marc Savard out the rear wind don't know what how much that elbow hurt them out. Now or close act one the master control freak coming back from you know knee surgeries. And things like that. And I understand it may be subjective. What how you determine. Sorry as long as the -- sportsmanship is still in the description -- cookies never eligible mine so he is the nominee. For Pittsburgh. Each team dominates the player so he won't win but he is dot com now -- like invited to the banquet and I don't and I hope. 6177790850. Troll free 8885250858. It's DNC Jerry's here -- for -- he'll be back on Monday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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