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Monday, March 19th Whiner Line

Mar 19, 2012|

Tebow to the Patriots? What are you smoking, because you must be high!

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Views -- views expressed. Pressed the my -- these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. That's discretionary yeah. -- Now it's -- -- your life. As a dependable I mean it's absolutely terrible didn't perform like that. Compatible and now I don't care. William why and whether it's a high school team my junior college game are college team much less than an about team. When you turn a ball over five times. Four interceptions. One for a touchdown viewing can beat anybody I just talked about but WEEI. Whiner line -- -- four interceptions for touchdowns this year and how might be an NFL record helps that got six games in 55. I -- we've still got six games reply no telling what might happen dial 7793535. All I know is we need -- Our perceptions and who fumbled once. One interception return for a touchdown. Three others were and are and it'd be aware they score a point that's all I know whiner line that was in disgraceful. Performance in my opinion. We threw that game we gave it away we gave them a break in game. In my opinion that sun and now why didn't playoffs we'll talk about playoffs you kidding me playoffs. I just hope we can win a game that WB. -- -- But here's your whiner line it's powered by AT&T WEEI live it's available to you rifle -- your android and Blackberry device brought to you by. Eighteen -- AT&T four GL TE speeds up to ten times faster then three GAT team. Marie things possible aren't -- let's. -- -- I don't know what I've made an avenue get angry that -- -- have acted out I'd like global warming haven't paid. And Chicago at eighty degrees over the weekend like three days in the world whatever. If this global warming help me I'm fine him eighty degrees in Chicago and march. I really am -- You know I. Why not. I'm -- planet has fever has now -- -- actually initiative in creating the Internet and different. The Bob Hope and a half game deficit I'm gonna hit the ball that great and then. Not have picked up but I bet they don't like the great. And on -- back. Don't you worry. You know bring it back to forget things and suitably Kelly alliance the only games I noticed that night we've got them on now. That must kill Mikey he must really be upset the fact that we have always NCAA games that -- keep it on the -- and -- -- he's awake yet. Do this for five -- shows weight and usually this morning capacity that he's awake right now on obviously -- stays -- might lose -- he -- to date which doesn't really sort of get a public 2 AM tonight action for some reason I think Mike he probably has had some experience. Of those dollars. -- -- Where it's a pretty good but Ryan I don't know and Adam. I had gotten back anymore. And LaSorda finally Bob Bryan that is destined hairdo on today didn't have that ESPN do it every -- in the perfect place. Bob Ryan DR. God. -- that. They have a great not a good way. I love yeah. Of course catalog can be great because that's -- -- So how badly they are looking you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- good but we're told that it's been. I don't come out look probably. Game will be okay they've got. We pick me. Is that still the -- and and without a doubt that the whole thing was the parliament was talking about summer defense when some time with. While not all time leader like I -- a contaminant I didn't have any. Hey Rick Pitino knew that these veterans are paperwork did. They got at the end bounce back twenty if not a bit that might not want to do you know. And you know what he used to joke about then he used to joke about it when it was -- 34 or five years after the fact. But now twenty years later and I think you really has some often bring up the -- -- probably. Well it was well into March Madness AKK the one publication of College Board -- corner of the pan cool going to be in the well. -- going to be we think -- I support that the chemical output before a -- And -- about idea the but the reason you watch and games is checked a few bracket we use it what's the games do you get you brackets in front. Gets to line yet did you have at Harvard in the final four I. I'm looking at -- bracket I gotta say I aides tell you bill I've lost the a couple of -- that was chaotic side anyway -- not a problem. About Lehigh over -- of -- -- brought it -- that was a great game -- you Leo I've been. The Denver Broncos would -- you know we want things. I don't vote can do it put dating and that would. Have brought. Decision. That's how you have to -- from the doorway you cool. And this message. Review now -- now. -- -- While Peyton Manning didn't officially have a television special but he really did have a television special because when he announced it waterlogged coverage. -- -- -- Are you able well I have airport take me -- -- we've got down on one game and then. It can vote could Jacksonville so -- been -- during -- college football. And the message enough that nothing. So what my goal all these. You there's probably had a -- -- bay quarterback. People -- all make you know. Predicting that it might -- loan program. There's only bad. And message. Kind of forgot that I actually process and this can't figure they'll. -- -- -- -- -- hope that apple bought. Have caught. Can't make out what. Have been cut -- -- I think it's great but large populated by and then. They ended -- you know nobody can can go out there is no longer -- doing pretty good group but don't know what. And this message poses. He's supposedly dating he denied it. -- evil -- he was dating her 820. Katy Perry afterwards Katy Perry. Now it was he denied they were just friends and Steve on earlier posts to change their hair color -- -- area. About Lewis -- like -- apps. She's also a member of the god squad. Katy Perry. All of those things. Out for justice she's part of the -- and she's like. -- -- -- -- -- He's to be requires you just. Pastors -- is that it doesn't -- out of wherever she footloose. So it's an acquired that the -- and it's showed over the credentials required okay. Yeah one of the patent. Well anyway it -- at the rocky mountain way. That this. -- -- Sped up I have pick tactic that they have. There have been no bid by. And that takes it all while round note while the hit the brown note. Because that message off to shutter aperture or sudden it's a certain note that the accordion he did it twice affects the record. -- -- -- -- in an instant messages when it's a plot that never happens America guerrilla and never happens there. The car via base it knows it put out our ability don't want -- and he got outside. Well. And that -- I bet you better do so -- -- Boeing right now to -- Alex Smith back. -- -- Account -- -- I don't is not. But we're not -- not. I don't go about getting. Are you -- the hill and the message. Well look like the Broncos finally got some of the complete quarterback -- did find a way to do it. Many are on in people's body. And -- My. Yeah. What could have happened in the big bad that the book review what they have Bob on -- -- -- of -- I think develop folk -- And if that -- you do love Tivo and the animals on board. -- -- -- Don't care what the big argument that would depict their big government very good people -- -- Action and -- Michael. I'm it decrypt -- but I had a heart attack. They'd have keyboards and its quarterback yes I didn't know. -- -- -- -- -- Can't figure and that he's won -- -- biblical put up quite well supported against it to fit more people love him. Whatever people -- it is forming. I accept the offer paid. And that -- wanna point out you Kansas City and that -- have a great record last year. Did put the. -- -- Only blemish on Green -- record so. Just a terrible. -- I don't know. Not a good one and terrible -- so therefore for. -- president -- people lawfully when you see people. Am -- -- him to -- that was just -- what I I don't. And battle those and that -- -- as the baby outside of marriage. -- Version of voters look at the city after a lot from the guys have put them about change -- the Cam Newton probably. Article Waterloo. -- But Bob Bob Bob -- mode without regret. -- -- But up the policies that people. And not know what. Go to. -- it's like -- Yeah I meant -- but yeah I don't then. And that that'll be next month. I'll go away from a mile from tomorrow -- one right now as you're whiner line powered by AT&T apparently now with four G three G had done. But of course they did CS four GL TE speeds up to ten times faster. Then three G.

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