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Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald talks Patriots and NFL

Mar 19, 2012|

@RapSheet joined Dale and Ryan to discuss the Patriots weekend additions and the best move, so far, in the early NFL free agency time period.

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Boston Herald has been very lucky to have the services of Ian Rapoport is their NFL in New England Patriots beat reporter. I say had because beginning April 1 you'll be taking his talents to the NFL network. But right now Ian who you can follow act. -- rap sheet on Twitter joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible good morning -- Quite an introduction. -- are out with a commercial plug in the middle of a two it's -- sort of went on and funded net. Let's talk about first the -- story that you broke already this morning the signing of Daniel -- to a free agent contract. That would seem to be a opposition of riches for the patriots that suddenly gotten richer. Yeah really funny because. The sooners got personal cleared the jokes are coming in -- You know and got the patriots finally addressed the type of position. Could do so -- their -- it's. -- Tibetan and pro last year they just got better. I think it. You know they -- tried to do this last year to drafting tighter and lease net. And you know they really tried to get a third -- and the guys come in and blocked. And just basically be like Alge Crumpler was two years ago but that didn't work out. You know that is another draft he got it brought -- eating quite work out so they had to be had to put -- sold her on the field. And on the field taken off the field in the economy that. A third tight end tackle there and -- -- they don't have to do that. Article three Aaron Hernandez got to be basically what here eight years which is receive. Let's talk a little bit about the at trickle down effect Nate sold her head had to be used as that says that eligible receiver third tight end. I think he's going to be in the starting offensive line anyway and it's probably something that they would prefer to have happen in in the first place. Yeah you know I think -- -- will be tried to get. I think he'll be their starting left tackle next year and -- Ballmer will be the starting right. And Matt Light will be either elsewhere or retired. I think we're tired. You know he's he's weighing that decision right now he is and -- -- mom and give an interview. It's suitable and -- that we want to do. But he definitely thinking about retirement. -- are glad -- even think about it and our. And then the other picture kind of brought him back on -- yeah I -- I think. He'd probably play is is last year was the patriots -- -- is give my opinion. And he played great doing it so I think we're all all all. I may -- bit out of the loop but I've been kind of enmeshed in college basketball of late but are they even pursuing. At all I have any just in the law firm and it's not. What is the running back situation and they -- and they did they have serious reservations about religious because of those couple fumbles or not. They are pursuing law firm under talks with him right now on the has been the case for the past. Baltimore then more than a week under good leadership -- bringing them back the problem is priced so we're gonna pay. Four million dollars a year over there for years poor. You know by -- yes she is starting running back you know the other patriot running back this kind of a role player. Is so that they four million dollars and you know they're gonna -- taken. -- I had to go to my gut I think he comes back to the patriot after he visited the dangle this weekend. He's got at least one more visit and haven't quite been able to figure out the team. My gut is that market China comes back it's been a little software running backs. I think -- big picture again. Is it is that other team possibly the jets. I -- it could be. I wouldn't think so. I would get it get probably draft -- running back. The the patriots have already signed one member to help out their safety corps with Stephen Gregory had LeRon Landry and for a visit last week he left. To continue to make his visits. Obviously the interest is here from the patriots perspective do you expect LaRon Landry could end up here. It could happen I mean another pitcher like -- term. And you know he was the first of which is nice you know gives an opportunity that. Our first impression all that -- you know he is taking all Ford is physically he plans to. That the jets. Either yesterday or today or both. -- -- I -- that sort of affectionate name and -- -- like and -- looked like incredible Hulk and it's pretty sharp pick any newly created a similar system. An adult you. That the patriots use. A look at the deal really. -- these carbon in the box playmate and tight safety. Like Patrick Chung is not a great great cover guy. And -- coverage they need help put by the kind Steve Gregory. He was starting all -- Patrick Chung -- -- -- -- The same player starting next week you know starting next of one another -- -- -- -- -- -- it based -- them and work out. I don't -- it can -- about it. When the Indianapolis Colts elected to not re sign Peyton Manning that's owned up tossed into the pond. And the ripples have been emanating away from that stone ever sense. Out we think. That Peyton Manning will declare his destination here with in the next 48 hours got a guy now that -- him but for the sake. Our discussion -- just for the fun of that let's say it's Denver as some people have theorized it's going to be. -- then would expect that John Elway couldn't trade Tim Tebow lot of their bass than. John Clayton over the weekend suggested the destination would be here does that make any sense at all -- No I really appreciate it when guys do that on recent. Shoot Clayton said that my email option might you know that Twitter account as you go and crazy. Just loving just throw it may not. You know it is possible -- anything's possible -- the picture. You know I'm sure -- talk to people so that they were possible station throughout the anger -- turnout to be funny but I can actually happen. I don't get it you know they have a quarterback in Tom Brady he's pretty good. They have a back up that they really like it -- order they have another -- -- -- really counted. Who Nikkei connect it to be really -- or may not they like him Ryan -- I know they talked a lot about -- people you know leading after the draft I know they like what kind of person years. He doesn't know how to throw -- rhythm any can't read it defense and not accurate soul. I don't hit -- hit at all. I didn't understand the whole the whole -- shipped prior to the draft anyway. I mean for -- checked it taken depressed or for dinner knowing full well that it was going to be and all Boston newspapers the next day indicated to me he wasn't trying to hide it I didn't understand what that was all about. Well you know Belichick it's. It's too bad rap sometimes because you know people see -- -- -- press conferences in the suit that -- is I think the reality is pretty nice guy. I think it was really nice city district can -- Best and worst free agent signings so far in your -- That hatred and ultimately in a leak. I think Maryland has been that. Even attacked. Even at the price. He is dynamic can build around him. And it legitimized the entire franchise in ticket sales in the -- who -- -- -- is doing in general. I thought at the quarterback didn't come socket in the last year. It would have been ER -- -- -- but there's truth is that in the jet which is actually kind of a big step. And as for the worse. I think Pierre Garcon might be a little worse. The redskin you know kind of -- unproven. Player who was really -- number two receiver took -- all that money. And that's what it doesn't quite make sense to me. Ian -- -- of the Boston Herald is with -- you can follow him on Twitter app rap sheet will be going to work for the NFL network beginning April 1. Let's let's talk about San Francisco 49ers and what could happen with them here. Apparently they've alienated their incumbent quarterback Alex Smith to such a degree he's reportedly negotiating with the Miami Dolphins right now. They if they don't end up with Peyton Manning you think Jim Harbaugh as ready for the beginning of the Colin -- Akira. It. I think they probably like fabric of the -- -- and fairly. And you know harper. He's a little. You know. Kind of -- could be sort of -- sometimes results were really Smart he had to know that this is out. And -- throughout that now. They're not putting up with being treated like that. You know like a second fiddle here I think that the cabinet. Will be. You know is definitely a possibility. I also think here it's. Let's say -- it's right. Well Matt Hasselbeck is out there to -- actually pretty good -- really a pretty good quarterback the better than an audit system. It can't predict is not ready -- on Hasselbeck. And go in for one year car bombs like QB who could work with them. I think the 49ers will be okay. What really scary is if they do get Manning was that the current and those receivers there will be the absolutely the best team in the -- And back in August figure Manning and contract. Do you think that there's any possibility. That the contract that he will eventually sign. Will be in any way teen friendly with regard to the protection of injury or is it going to be. All waded in and with the as if he -- a 100% healthy. I think will include desolate -- eighteen friendly aspect. Of her mother and there he he would recommend a lot of money. And -- whatever the number of break the sound like content. And -- can -- -- but how much going to be -- He gave up so much. Weighing political content control and you don't want to make it back. But I would be shocked if there's not a cause and there with a team couldn't believe it. You're not Altria to easily you know and it turns out -- can't -- -- something in me. You know no one would. Normally sell out like that and China quarterback with no protection. Act and. It's obvious based on what you said a moment ago that where he shouldn't go do you think his San Francisco. Look at your crystal ball and tell me where you think he will go. I think you'll goat and not -- I never bought Miami without that -- Denver I can understand. Although the -- -- bad and -- and the little. But everything else -- can pretty well. I think that Tennessee duke and best. The best way to replicate what a black. You know I thought. -- that the cardinals would be like -- last all of the titans are like Indy. Basically you know small town one newspaper. Where he can you know sort of dictate that you covered -- he's been doing his entire career and he will be behavior in the big -- in the franchise. It got a secret that pretty good at Portland in the rate. And nice leather and he played college football that the universe is an entry. I guess -- could get there but it can be given he could go to Denver ripped it from Romania. The media titans and they. All of these three finalists those so called finalists have a lot riding on this. But does anybody have more riding on a -- in John Elway -- Now now. And this year they really really bold move. You know he's basically said now that is going to get rid of conceit though it doesn't believe in others there's no going back for it tries to. -- after a dramatic incredible seasons he's got a rating and completion quarterback. So -- and yet Peyton Manning. I think your have to go to colonial. You know go get him maybe that back or. -- -- -- think he's great. But he's basically said that he's not entity and -- continue though. And he can have figured that it doesn't get paid. In we appreciate time is always best of luck to -- India in the job move as well. -- -- -- -- Talking you guys and he had to go forward -- I really appreciate the kind words and everything. Thanks -- and take care. That is in Rappaport at the Boston Herald at least for another couple weeks you can follow him on Twitter app rap sheet. And and I will say this then. Not to the point of -- laboring this but I think that via. The weather in Denver is overstated its actually yeah pretty temperate place yeah it at times can be you know a blizzard could get -- sometime tickets no opening dame baseball and at times it's 75 and in November you know. Yeah I don't think that the weather is necessarily a prohibitive factor when it comes to the to the Denver air out the optics I mean if if he was having to play in. New England buffalo. Philadelphia -- New York you -- -- 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Verizon cell phone users get a free call a pound WEEI. Bob Ryan was concerned about this when we come back I'll tell me exactly what times. Are the basketball games here at the TD garden in the east regional coming up this weekend. We'll get to all of that gets your calls as well Sports Radio WEE.

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