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That's One Checkmark You Can Put on the Patriots Wishlist -- Dale and Kirk on the Signing of Brandon Lloyd

Mar 18, 2012|

The Patriots made it official yesterday with the signing of WR Brandon Lloyd. Dale and Kirk discuss what that means for the Pats and if it was a good signing. Looking at the money and the other options out there, it seems the Pats made out pretty well.

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See I asking you guys always come through with the information. The iron horse. Now last well -- or cannot there for one doubts are. And we party solved it quicker than I expected Brandon -- agent is and course. -- -- agents I'm content represents YouTube Bosnian in your negotiators and emits radio speaking and would -- negotiations yes and that just that just -- regular classes that you're 3% -- 3% cut from from your contract was the difference for sixteen dollars and fifty cents a month he's not he was able to put a pool in the back yard -- -- your country. Let's talk about Brandon Lloyd from all -- -- who has played for now six teams in nine years in the NFL will play for sixth team. In nine years. This is one of those things where for every problem child in the National Football League there's always a coach who can cure. It never fails there is a coach Yucatan and think back through the problem children. Randy -- Was brought in here with the patriots he was known as a problem child in the album and it was coach you worry Bill Belichick and take care this Bill Belichick handled this. Works. For a while Randy Moss was a model citizen. And then when the football wasn't quite as often in his direction and his contract -- coming up. He was worried about his next deal things are a little testy here and they cut they were or became big pro which is what they -- wise bustling sticker right -- guy appears to be and that's where it seems to -- the guy. And at some point Josh McDaniels sat across the desk from Bill Belichick -- you get him in here. I can work. And I think listen. Two I think to Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson would probably be more successful. With a patriots amber and would probably long term yet. We look at what gift to give up 56 Wallace they're case it's a burglar compact had a contract yes -- it's in Jackson which was how much guaranteed. Well it was 55 total idiot guarantor. Parties like 25 or so -- fifth of that guaranteed to Brandon -- maybe maybe maybe even less than that. I would make that deal every time I'd rather Lloyd last point seven games in the -- -- office coordinator 120 catches 2100 receiving yards and sixteen. I mean this is the guys are coming here presumably. As you -- best behavior I think at least for year one. This can be effective for -- -- -- its -- and no brainer rate contracts I credit you Brandon -- three years twelve million whatever it is guaranteed. Every day of the week they give this injects a ton of money Pierre Garcon a ton of money to Shawn Jackson -- but it's the the risk -- -- rewards and salute no brainer. Callahan wrote this and then ended up getting into Twitter war with him about it is this the end of Chad Ochocinco is time here -- -- patriots. Elements of interest. That was a bad word to say that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think so don't you mean yeah the identity and then -- does what's his role here I guess if you bring Lloyd. You bring these other guys and what is Ochocinco -- team. Well I yeah I do think Chad Ochocinco time -- over I think Brandon Lloyd. -- have a better grasp of the basic offensive scheme because he's been playing on the ball in Denver and in Saint Louis. -- maybe even some of the same terminology I don't know what mcdaniels was using in those two places but you get the sense that. His ability to assimilate the offense the offensive philosophy here is going to be much easier and apparently was for Chad Ochocinco. Like still -- knows where response to go yet -- I just didn't work everybody's okay actress and correct I think he tried his hardest and he's a pretty good soldier I just don't think again. And so it's. We had a I was never battle not a bad person he's a great -- by every count he was not a problem child at all do you deal with secretaries get -- deal with the -- I mean. Not a problem. Sometimes it just doesn't -- it didn't work right. And so you don't have a gigantic financial commitment you're you're able to walk away from it with minimum financial damage done. I think that's what they're about to do and it leads me to the Anthony Gonzales signed. Again one of those low risk high reward signings that the patriots have become famous for. If it works out great you've now got depth -- that slot receiver position that Wes Welker -- ably. If it doesn't work -- a big deal he allowed a -- you say thanks very much we appreciate the effort cut ties. Does it also mean. The permanent trance pearl of Julian Edelman from the offensive meeting room to the defense of meeting the -- Chris price -- that last night maybe. Possibly but again. Personally -- Gonzales to. Cycling usually he's only played like nine right the last -- a lot has happened for that to work output of consoles is healthy and playing well yeah. Although that might be the case and saw elements out of office of snaps go down a ton last year anyways. -- and you know what. Look pretty good as a defensive back very aggressive tackles well yes. Did not look out of place in coverage in the -- offseason full training camp you advocate to be probably sap is in training camp on the defensive side of all active defense apart in some interesting thing to look at but yet when you get back to. Lloyd Gonzales. But what the patriots have done here this past couple -- -- I would have to -- appropriate -- at the saint -- mission is a terrific addition -- Trevor Scott on the defensive line is probably -- replacement for Mark Anderson -- -- making visits now -- dolphins in the titans so -- probably already moved on in their meeting -- got to figure -- -- up and they said you know -- I -- I have that I does make sense -- -- too much -- risk that the that's the way they do things -- take a lot of swings you can say. Well buffalo game borrowings 55 million dollars guaranteed that's fine I'm sure he'll be effective player when he's healthy for me. I'd rather spend that 55 million dollars to 1415 swings of the bat and helped three or four guys in this state more sensible way of doing business. And then you've got the LeRon Landry court ship -- a guy but I think they like a lot and we would like here -- to his credit he was strong enough to say look I like yet. I'm still gonna make the other visits he's he's visiting with. Your favorite coach Rex Ryan in the New York Jets today column and then the question becomes now the patriots will not adjust their offer to Landry. It becomes back to -- -- -- effect -- -- -- talked the jets I really liked them but this is what they're willing to off from graduation that's exactly what they'd say congratulations we'll see a couple of times a year joint. I think that they'd like to have him here. I think it would add greatly to the depth at the safety position. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put the pressure on him and say it could be the new. Rodney Harrison because I'm not sure he could be but that's sort of the feel you have they're looking for that veteran guy. Who with peek at state healthy you know could commit and make an impact for a several seasons and that's exactly the way it worked out with Rodney. Much are looking this pictures and that's not all is -- runners -- what yeah I think you know again. I mean. This is the way they do that picking a -- -- see the text coming into Marco Galloway Torry Holt motorcycle it's true there are always going to be misses when you do because the -- Israel -- Gabriel -- Innings worth. They're always going to be misses but when you do. Spent a lot of money in these guys you bring -- networks so prime colors works out with Andre Carter. It works out with Britain Mark Anderson that's why Iowa you know is a -- if I'm a patriots fan of the way it does I do not want to spend money. On Vincent Jackson I don't wanna give -- rulings. -- million dollars no way it's not weapons of apostle. You almost wonder if the if -- landing spots are drying up for Mike Wallace -- to. -- 49ers needed a lot of help at wide receiver position got on got Randy Moscow Mario Manningham patriots needed help. Got Gonzales added Lloyd is the deep threat. Act which I'd never pictured the patriots giving up first round now for -- resign Mike -- they don't use first round picks to draft wide receivers why would they give up a first round pick -- a lot of money sang my walls for a lot of money and I was a look for Wes Welker. New Zealand did it makes absolutely no sense I would I would much rather have. On board with his history in this system for that kind ago that your first round pick up my bosses are better. The Brandon Roy dale it's all equal fine which erratic you what that money be good for tropic pay -- 34 times them I don't disagree with the at all. Oddly Bruins can't put the the train back on the tracks it'll -- briefly yesterday a much better effort start to finish. They had to go to a shoot out to beat Philadelphia Flyers for the flyers have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL going into yesterday's action Tim Thomas looked more like Tim Thomas. On the effort physically from the Bruins looked more like the Bruins. I'm not gonna say okay everything's salt here were all set now 'cause I got to see this happen a number of not nights in a row. And the Bruins are in an interesting position here because -- they've got the possibility of a little launch pat. They've got Phil -- on the Toronto Maple Leafs in here on Monday night. And let's be honest that's not a great hockey team although they did the Bruins a favor by beating Ottawa last night. And then you've got a quick three game West Coast road trip against three teams who at this moment are all out of the playoffs you play the LA kings. The -- San Jose sharks' first the LA kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Those are three very winnable hockey games and and for a team that. Started the day yesterday in seventh place in the Eastern Conference as we wake up this morning back in second. They have the possibility of putting a little -- together here where. They can right the ship pretty nicely making kind of get this thing back on track and and you know move forward from here they are still. Talent wise one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference sure they're not as good as Pittsburgh talent wise now. Might not be as good as the Rangers talent wise although the Rangers are falling back of the pack pretty quickly here as well. But they are they are as talented as most teams in the east that most -- easily when they play like they played yesterday they can play within. You know you were there I was I was watching on TV first question it sounded like. It was a playoff it was eight playoff atmosphere and so especially at the end write a whole shoot out I mean that played well. It was a desperation in the air it's saint Patrick's embossed with an attitude let's be honest OK that's fair it that they were they were pretty. Hi fi hi amp fueled when they got to the building and they were probably even more high -- fuel and left the building. But it wasn't a playoff atmosphere and I take away from the game as my big take it was it for especially the last couple minutes. That was in talks yes that's the Tim Thomas you have to see here in the postseason look confident. Still back it is that a little more than I'd like on a couple of plays. But he had the one glove save a blistering. Slap shot you know we're just so it. And it looked like casual guy I got this look like Tim Thomas. And it's fun to watch a guy and you know am I can't really speak with a lot of articulation where he ranks onion and each scale -- to what you guys -- blossom the stardom -- instilling. The goal he had yesterday at that was a big goal but the shootout goal you see guys that fast that shot you think this what this -- disease through the roof. 25 already this year yeah and heat easily. He had a stretch -- regained much of any bright he could easily BA forty -- score in his. And I think the Bruins long term. Ecstatic with what they've they've got with Tyler Sagan short term that like to see -- be a lot more consistent -- -- are gonna happen doesn't mean effort -- just turned twenty bright. -- nineteen -- for nineteen or twenty. A lot younger in January but my big -- definitely for me anyways for -- respect it was it was good to see. And Thomas -- in -- last 45 minutes of the games that sound about right when he you know all the last couple -- write a -- of regular regulation. He was spectacular again and Danny was really Tim Thomas right. Celtics lost in Denver they're not two and three on their eight game West Coast road trip still three games to go. I think when the trading deadline passed in the Celtics didn't do anything you kind of knew this was your lot this is who you law are they're going to be nights when. When those guys an effort is never -- question. They they try they work. They're going to be nights when they're gonna put together -- -- they're gonna look. And they're going to be nights for the -- put two and -- the and I've now gone to a three on this trip like I -- when that when the trip started I thought they'd be ecstatic if they could come home Warren for. They beat the railed if they could split this eight games. These eight games I'm not sure that's possible but they'd be thrilled if they -- -- But they've played 44 games they're 23 and 21 and Garnett. And Alan. And Pearson the most part have been really helped usher Gary yes suspension is not to yeah guys -- stayed pretty -- so this team. Is what is which can hope for this point is to get out that seventh spot. Maybe when it maybe when the series against relented and play the best she can get Chicago Miami if not there at seven. Or third eight -- it's seven -- New -- and catch the Milwaukee. They're gonna go out the first from the Miami Chicago and -- fast -- maybe they win two games but there's no chance in the world non. That this team beat the bulls that he it is not going.

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