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Is Peyton Manning to the 49ers the Inevitable?

Mar 18, 2012|

Dale and Kirk talk about the latest in the Peyton Manning saga. Are all signs starting to point to the 49ers as the most logical destination for Peyton? Dale and Kirk think so - the recent signings of Moss and Manningham, great D, good running game, well coached and Super Bowl ready. Manning to the 49ers however, would prove a lot of so called NFL analysts wrong on a variety of levels.

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My friend Kara Henderson works for the NFL network tweeted this last week and I re -- and it -- she was exactly right. She said it will be fascinating to see. How the Peyton Manning signing affects not only the team who gets him but those who don't. And you got exhibit today where apparently Alex Smith who by the way is an unrestricted free eight. I'm restricted can go anywhere he wants team that -- to give up up a first round pick paid not to tender him at the first round level unrestricted free agent quarterback Alex. Well we had been led to believe. Was negotiating a deal with the San Francisco 49ers the 49ers were happy with Smith as their quarterback they're giving him some weapons now Randy Moss signed. Yesterday Mario Manningham sign and yet that was their goal was to keep Alex Smith well maybe not so much. -- we know there was a surprise team that came out of the hole Peyton Manning recruiting process and it was the San Francisco 49. Now that -- Alex Smith to conclude. Somewhat logically that maybe the 49ers weren't as fired up about retaining him is he thought that war. Maybe that they weren't quite as hot on the idea of returning as their quarterback is he thought. So today. At a shift ESPN. Is tweeting that. Alex Smith is on his way to Miami. Or -- is out of Miami Dolphins are already out of the Peyton -- week. Interestingly enough they've got a first year head coach in Joseph Philbin who knows Matt Flynn intimately. He was the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers Matt -- the backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers he knows Matt -- game inside now. -- that fired up about the bring in Matt Flynn down there. Yet seems to be consensus to Cleveland not to warm on -- and also it's strange in this thing now goes all over the -- Smith and Manning share the same agents on short. It was DC Alex has signed with Miami here today or tomorrow we think that Strom is now over. With the -- -- Manning's gonna wind up does that mean -- Cisco well. Let's play the game out OK I've -- -- I think that's where the interesting dilemma comes up here. You wonder why Alex Smith all of a sudden what seems to be the eleventh hour decides it's time to go to Miami right at the dolphins okay. I will point out to use that. Alex Smith's agent is a guy named Tom -- If the name sounds familiar he -- agent for quarterbacks stars hollow -- the league including dining Peyton Manning right. If there is anybody and there aren't many I don't think but if there is anyone who has some indication of where Peyton Manning is leaning what he's thinking. You would guess that it might beat Tom Condon Peyton Manning's agent you would think so. -- set aside the inherent conflict of interest for a moment the Tom Condon has. Representing both Alex Smith and Peyton -- And the erratically try to get Peyton Manning's contract done with the San Francisco 49ers. -- his other client out of a job. But if there is anybody. Who could make a phone called Alex Smith it would be as agent who would say listen. As an audience might be time. For us to take a look at some other options here -- -- might be time. -- to make a visit robotic we called Miami Dolphins if their interest that the quarterback you know don't wouldn't surprise me and we looked -- -- And we didn't think the 49ers were candy first. Now in the dead there in the next. The -- discussing what the -- -- perfect spot. For an all along I felt why we're surprised right that they didn't seem to be interest -- defense tons of weapons he says that more weapons now which he needed to read they -- Really lasts a wider seat right but they have a tight and as -- as almost I mean you know outside of outside broncos' -- maybe Ingram got a defense that's obviously super -- ready pretty good weather. Indoor running track and a really winnable division I mean this to me but I looked at that we look at the beginning booked all the possibilities San Cisco jumped out. That's why thank you so we're so surprise and we found out that late last week. They looked very simple what he's got up there he had asked. Not only did he look there while we found out is that he worked out for them right -- we know we go we're running through the list of things that the insiders told us with all crap. One of the things that the insiders told us which was apparently crap is that. These teams who were interested in patent were willing to sign him to wait big -- long term contract sight unseen. Need to take a physical because there legalities involved but he wouldn't even have to throw for he wouldn't even have to work out we'll take you which -- -- pay -- an honorable guy. Will still signed -- of the contract now not so much because all of the teams who were finalists in their supposedly just three left. I say supposedly because every single day. I learn something -- Didn't think about I thought I knew that I didn't know about -- and his -- and work -- somewhere -- week ago we -- find out Obama already not right that's that I mean we'll find out tomorrow who knows so supposedly. He has now thrown the ball worked out for all three of the finalists we knew we -- a secret. With the 49ers. We know that he did it for the Tennessee Titans. We have the whole follow the airplane across the country saga on Friday pat balloons private jet going from Denver. Raleigh Durham and he was down there for them on Friday. So this hold valuable Simon. -- we know you can protest here here's the contract. None of them were gonna do -- didn't make sense than any -- would do lock -- -- spend that kind of money that kind of investment have a guy not that's that's nuts in Mikey said now we look back at. Week two weeks later. Even last week he goes to open two weeks removed the team until all these -- your spouse from all these expert. To get at the end of the day so often the case nobody knew. Every -- every single thing that the insiders told us. Every single thing has ultimately proven ball well these teams want a patent and he won't play in the NFC. -- Archie won't let him do that right because then he and -- I would have to meet a conference championship and the only time. Archie wants the two -- them to do football battle on the field is -- a super ball. Like the 49ers are suddenly. Which is why I probably be 49ers are topless I have no ID like to be take this in the wanna go to Tennessee all -- maybe wants to go to. You know that -- no idea who's gonna wait seemed like you said it's fascinating to see okay Manning -- old saying goes San Francisco. Alex Smith now goes to Miami to meet the demanding going to Miami was concerned for pages perspective I mean what he thought they were better worse the Miami was a concern because Alex Smith. Miami. Are you worried about Miami now is viable contender. Not so -- no absolutely not huge factor for the -- and even though the jets and -- -- -- a kind knocks them down. Buffalo -- during a Marlins but he really terrify them to media FC east still. Not think -- -- the pages you look at these other three transit post if you brought him in Miami or being concerned. Well it's funny too if you think about the money involved in the signing of Peyton Manning for the money Peyton Manning's right. How much money Peyton Manning made Mark Sanchez the about how much money Peyton Manning made Kevin -- -- because if he would batted his eyes -- Houston they were gonna give Cobb the roster bonus we're gonna cost Kevin -- eight million dollars. They of the money. I mean here's Alex Smith you know. If the 49ers were the only suitors at the table and he wanted to go back there and they wanted him back the amount of money that he might be able to get from them would be backs up. But if he's got a couple of suitors and now the dolphins are interest and all of a sudden. Money goes from X to Y. The money that Peyton Manning is making other people on the National Football League. Just by trying to figure out where he wants to play is amazing it's true and now you look at. And I look at this again the other thing we don't -- With -- and experts is would have been done. Always -- done by the start of the business right here on Tuesday because Payton wanted to make sure that whatever team he went to. Would be able to dive feet first into the free agency pool by the -- maybe they have. Maybe the 49ers have known all along maybe Haslem Randy Moss Manningham stuff was all about maybe maybe this that maybe this is all been done so why is Manning. -- shuttling the Broncos on planes around the country -- pro football because of the 49ers think that there the only fish in the pond. The price tag goes that. I mean he's got an agent who's a pretty Smart guy Tom Condon. Even if Payton says look I wanna go to San Francisco that's where I wanna go get the deal. Well Tom comments is okay but allow me. To do the best I can for you because might 3% goes up if your money goes up. Let me do the best I can do and then get a couple of teams play and off each other it's like Brandon Lloyd. Everybody looks at the contract he signed with the patriots yesterday and they say hey it's the Chad Ochocinco contract. Which I think means Chad Ochocinco. But be. That much money in the swinging swirling world of wide receiver on the got -- is our don't know you know why there was nobody else. He he had already batted his big brown eyes -- the patriots in a huge -- probably killing his agent when he did it. Would go -- he. He was going on local cable access and in rent them telling them that he wants to play for the patriot it was a good spot -- -- he was everywhere -- all I want to do is go to new England and play with them -- His agent I don't know who it is said that -- kilometer Brandon. But there was nobody else apparently interest right so his price tag went down a lot. Peyton can't just say arts the 49ers on -- what you have to do get it down with a 49ers. Tom comments and I'll do that. -- bring pat ball and across the country and work out for him let's let's all work out for the Tennessee Titans and why wouldn't. -- you know it's easy to do when your New England in Tennessee boy this franchise looks desperate this franchise looks desperate. There's the larger party having a franchise quarterback in place. You don't have to were able stuff that's why I'm such a fan of chaos. Right because it doesn't involve the team I wrote right it's such a larger right now to have this guy could say well the patriots do things right it made you do things right the past. For five days to -- example of why the pictures of the best run organizations professional football. They wait they way they wait and they attacked all the stuff happened first than me jumping bought. Be interesting to see if they didn't have Tom Brady. What did you think having a franchise quarterback completely changes the way did I bet they'd be pursuing Peyton Manning -- thanks so if if they didn't have Tom Brady here of their quarterly if their incumbent quarterback with Brian Hoyer share. I think they'd be shuttling Peyton Manning across country for a work out you need it of course.

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