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Karen Guregian from the Boston Herald talks about Peyton Manning, Mike Wallace, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Mar 17, 2012|

Karen joins Mustard and Johnson to talk about the Peyton Manning saga and where she thinks the superstar QB will end up. Karen also discusses how the Pats should still make a serious run at Mike Wallace even if they sign Brandon Lloyd and thinks BenJarvus Green-Ellis will go to the Bengals if they offer him more money.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Free agency as you know has that hit the National Football League be. Peyton Manning tour continues around. Denver and Tennessee game and now San Francisco. And who knows where but of course irritating me revisiting -- patron and also may be will be there in the patriot camp one of these days soon for an evaluation here to talk about that and so much more when it comes to matters. Of the National Football League is caring re Guillen of the Boston Herald hello Karen. I can I'm warming up my I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna be thrown about playing catch repeat shortly. I heard -- and we make sure we haven't -- -- to Super Bowl. I mean. The Super Bowl. Seems like ancient history doesn't it. Look let me start -- -- I let me start off with because you're very upbeat -- positive person. But so how how do you feel about this patent saga just seems to be going on economic these teams falling over themselves -- Not being sensitive at all to the quarterbacks they have on their roster right now. Does that bother you or is this just part of the game. You know Larry and it it is part -- part of the scene. But you know I've hit let knowledge and done it in six whoever it. The teams that they'll get them aren't going to be let. With the current news and C and and it is they have and Cisco doesn't get them but I do think they might. Is that gonna ask rebuilt Alex Smith. And basically trying to say I'm not yet there are guys who love you and and end what he's doing it. Same thing with Tim Tebow in Denver. The same in. With playing soccer are. Whoever. App that means Tennessee. You know what he actually piloted it Peyton Manning out there in the attic and -- got to try to get him. They get a house of -- marker sitting there when I just I don't know I I know with business. And I understand how that will let me ask you this we're would you like to see him go where if you could wave a magic -- Well at thirty past because. I you know I wrote as he last week with my major English we actually it. End I I wanted him in the AFC east I want to and twice a year I lot of resurrect the Brady tool. You know it. I I would have even been happy with it yet that would it. Atlanta that claimed that. -- -- That rival anymore but I knew that was -- -- so I would have been happy with the Miami that would have been. Yeah I think you and I agreed -- many other people did too we were if you can get your patriot -- -- -- some fans might have a difficulty with that but I know. Folks in the media always looking for the great story what better story could there'd be. Manning vs Brady a minimum of two times a year. That would be actually makes you never really happened if you remember the last year the colts were in the division. Was Brady's first years the quarterback. Brady had two great games against the colts after that the colts moved out of the division so it's been that yearly showdown sometimes in the post season but why how can you imagine that. Two times over the next three years six regular season matchups and who knows how many others in the post season. And you know pat of them walking up since the -- meaning you know in there and their later years as having. And mean again the fans look at it from the from the perspective. It's gonna get in there are ways in right obstacle. Again. From our view is like -- great he's great rivalry. You know -- for the drama. Capsules I also think to give a player this much power. In terms of going back and forth and -- teams to begging him to sign with them. I hate to be the coach because I don't I can't imagine how much authority you're gonna have to coach him. I'm with the team he's gonna have pretty much to do whatever he wants to do is make. Well it is that's different than the cops the cops dog is as patent not don't -- You know why -- that outlines in Indianapolis. And they intend -- badly. You know -- and and Larry are here and old fashioned guy you're always looking at the looking to the past alchemy isn't the way used to be paid the great quarterbacks in the days of your what they do they call the wrong play on directed the offense -- -- It was a guy one of the last guys really who called his own plays other than Manning if you look at it -- all the portables. So it. Yeah and and the patriots when they're running them now -- -- -- -- haven't met Ryan it's Tom Brady believe me I'll convert a lot of. I don't mind aperture Stillman with the coaches Karen what's your feeling about Manning. If he does indeed now looks like San Francisco suddenly emerged as the favorite. Dude does he automatically take the -- to the Super Bowl. Well you know barring you know injury that nothing is ever automatic guarantee. I mean -- a I don't necessarily think we got a picket picket at the football last term and we are beginning when. What the giants in the global last year either ever everywhere and -- -- they -- I don't think anything is ever automatic. But boy you'd have to love. Love chances to see it in next year means. -- it day in and not losing many people in terms free agency defense this box -- the last year. You know they're the main ingredient. What is a you know a more productive option. You'd have to believe that -- put eight meaning in the air over Alex list. That. Yeah it is a little better so yes on Paper. In theory that at the -- -- Although I'm looking at a Randy Moss Peyton Manning combination call me and I leave but. I just don't see how that's gonna -- Well. Yeah. And it did they do britney's career maybe not or it depends on what he's got in the paint. You know a lot of people -- curious what was happened. -- coming -- and it now if it was gonna met here and out and that kind of personality met here. -- -- -- -- Beyond the obvious. That's new and very simple Greensboro Smart intelligent -- and their reason why. That he he relates digging very very well relate to Brady and that way very very well. Karen let me interrupt you for a minute what is it. About the patriots passing offense it's so difficult for some of these like Galloway -- those type of plays the coming grasp. It's it's it's an expectation that what you're supposed to do I think gallantly -- or Ochocinco. Basically ran out route and their route right OC. With the patriots -- and the receivers. Captain of the air routes. They have to know everybody else is routes they have to know what everybody else is doing have to know what the defense is doing because. Brady does quite a bit he changes things up quite a bit sometimes. -- switched and you know what there's cinco incentive being that why I asked him to be the black guy in so yet know if -- here no. All the elements of the play of the cents. And it is they switch them and he doesn't know. Directories is a lot that was that -- the runner Matt great Ocala. I mean at. Act life. I'm really has who would you rather have brand and Loria Mike Wallace. Like well why. Because. -- he's he's younger. Yup he's younger and he is a true partner down the field he's. He's a true the guy who absolutely. -- it -- and you can't guarantee. Safety help over the top he can't take if they see you pick it but he was cute he's the legitimate home run deep there. Here's my problem without excuse me Karen here's my only problem -- that is much is you know you like that talent and I would say five years ago that was great Randy Moss came in but -- Tom Brady have the arm strength I know that sounds crazy but you know that was not one of his. Is. For today's show we say. This past season and you could say well he does everybody wrote to whether or when I had the opportunity out when he had the operative throw the ball long. He didn't seem to possess that kind of arm strength anymore. Well I think it is it's more. Correct as bad as opposed that parents should. By the court. That guy is a year as opposed it and saying now. And if he's gonna get open. I think rate you'll get all that maybe they have to teen audience from Mike Wallace is no question about -- I mean this is no question about that effect in and out on the -- and start running down field. They cap the pay attention. And in that. That act as simple as good as they had to pay attention to nobody. Has -- idea I -- and all and again. You're game planning it's good that the patriots opt out so well it isn't in you know this all. You know over the middle pipes last offense yeah yeah if it weren't so well and France's. You know had a hard time stopping it but when we -- it's when you got against the better -- senses. They could defend you know they had -- -- -- -- and -- it because it wasn't they can't -- -- could care less about the -- Let me ask you that we've asked this question instead of Mike Wallace verses our brain and point in an ideal scenario what's more likely to happen is. Our law do you expect that happening within days and -- And will he pick up where you left off couple years ago reunite -- Josh McDaniels. What I say and mean -- -- mean the need independents to Brandon Lloyd is. He does pretty much know the option because it was you know there's then you know it has not as it. What the Patriots offense is -- -- and he'll pick up. And the terminology much quicker than Ochocinco -- been in and around it it's not gonna see. You know shock is -- system. So that's the beauty of -- and bring in -- is not going to be exploring country coming here and trying to figure out. Yen against the concept and the end what he'll have to know. And again being eager and talented guy see me he every saying -- and war. Beyond what Ochocinco he's gonna provide what Ochocinco was supposed to provide -- more. So yeah it is you can going to be great great signing it. Let me just -- a couple of names for you if you give me a quick comment on them Steve Gregory safety. Basically. I would say it. Well and good signing an -- that -- it is safe -- is so out at wide receivers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- it means he. Has very fact that and more on tactic that he's. Jonathan for Nene is he another Mike right. Yeah I I like yeah I I think that at this very -- signing. You know. As separate levels in your heart but I you know they work with him. He he can be very very good up front you can never have enough. Be upfront and I think -- is very very. Are they still kicking that ties with laundry. I act and act in Iraq last night. He supposedly had another stop was to get them and and a couple other -- But -- and I'd. Opt in in the in the secondary has been missing since Rodney Harrison the last. Do they have that much cap from left to. Do a couple of more signings and also quickly -- -- if they have any more room in the Caplan what's disinterest or broker. They have some room I mean they won't go crazy. Especially if they do on that line of work had to deal with while Perry and again I think his supporters saying that that why Brantley isn't signed yet. Aside from the fact that I'm content that is would be any content is a little busy week beginning right out. -- Peyton can wait. According to you we can't because you're like I was miserable way to for men and make the decision on. Don't -- sort of Barton. With Brandon Lloyd because it's again -- everything anymore and that's -- series again. You have to be -- act like -- like it was very important because it's gonna set a level ever or. And -- jumping off point. -- for Wes Welker he'll let fly they have to be very careful. Or what numbers they come in net with Brandon Lloyd said it will impact. Wes Welker. -- speaking of all these little lost salary cap issues is the salary cap hit on Ochocinco. The only reason why he's still around what what's the deal with with with -- YE's. Still officially a member of the patriots. That hit but outside is it that insight into it at all and it expects to see. Consciously go here much longer. Don't teasing me sit there and -- so we think Ben -- a -- back. Well and Mimi and and then the angles and I -- You know -- the bank -- block for him on the money and I'll need something back but this is. Reasonable money in the you know I've been an ongoing thing he'd seen without there. It without fear it into outrageous that -- be back. -- is as you know Cincinnati is way -- the capsule they have a lot of from the work with. Losing you are all time favorite. Football writer and we thank you for your work a real guitar to -- on the draft contract if you're covering it all. Maybe he'll come up and say yes. In your column every Sunday is appointment reading and we just thank you so much. I'm grateful I won't be there and then we'll have to chat with you as is -- All right Karen Karen have a good saint patty's day now at a my top of the morning and were after noon to six months. Does this mean YouTube -- you -- we are that we're data were hit by the way we're the official on sports talk show. Of that rapper from wells Maine I always got to make a -- -- new ASE is and your mother and a quite a comedy answers -- how many talk shows. On the irony where else can claim that there the official. -- show of all the -- supply is suppose -- Guam by some of his CD's.

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