WEEI>On Demand>>DJ Bean, WEEI.com, talks about the Bruins goaltending issues and previews today’s matchup with the Flyers

DJ Bean, WEEI.com, talks about the Bruins goaltending issues and previews today’s matchup with the Flyers

Mar 17, 2012|

DJ joins Craig and Larry to talk about Tim Thomas’ struggles and whether or not the White House incident has anything to do with it. DJ also talks about the playoff availabilities of Tuukka Rask, Nathan Horton, and Rich Peverley, and previews today’s matchup with the rough and tough Philadelphia Flyers.

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What is gone wrong with the Bruins over the last a month month and a half for so is WEEI dot com's DJ being good morning DJ. Let you know I'm looking at your latest columns here the two headlines about a Bruins fan I would not wanna be. Looking at these columns too closely because that would be seriously depressed. First one from earlier in the wake seriously the Bruins are going to lose the division that's the headline for Europe march 14 column. And yesterday. Your latest post as the Bruins going from a slump. To a collapse. Is it really that bad DJ. And it. Pretty unbelievable actually just when you look at where they were in November and December I mean there are unbeatable liar remember the back to I think what the last game really before that cougar game. Where they. Is actually blew up the flame ignited -- at home and -- there was a sense of was there is nobody in this league you can relish this team again absolutely nobody. It's so for them all off as far as they have is absolutely astonishing. In getting back to the whole position thing. The what what tell the whole story of disparate collapse which is the collapsed told the whole story that. The senators are ten and then three over the last 23 game I didn't catch fire it's after the -- They've played OK hockey they continue to play OK -- he. -- they're starting goaltender hurt and they still caught these guys so it's I mean it's really astonishing off our the Bruins all. You know it's funny and you go -- to talk about it later on your piece but I always Reno's opening graphs of your piece about that I was thinking Red Sox in September. Wasn't as if the rays were on fire on Fuego in September just of the Red Sox were falling all over themselves. In the parallels pretty -- that -- Yeah I mean what that would it's -- is you know the injuries pile up and then. Losses pile up which is unfamiliar to the team and then from there they can't get the puck on their own zone without having to go up -- -- skate right in front of the net to. Too wide open for answers players so I mean it's. It's really been just a combination of everything. Then it's. The you do think that eventually the breakout -- but I don't think -- regarded -- -- as -- the division. Wow TJ. Good work on W -- dot com Marie just up all the time as well world's the other writers. Thomas is nine in nine. Right now since the all star break. Is it more I know they've got important so heavily I understand the injury factor and all teams go through that. Putting your opinion is this more fatigue or our chemistry issue with this team right now. I don't know that it's that it's the chemistry issue I think that when -- I think quote that yesterday you know when you start. To lose games and play the way that they have. You start to lose it -- right the I think that pretty much sums it up for perfectly when it comes comments I think that. Just given his -- there there will be that this factor fatigue but. I mean also to they've been so bad defensively in front of them yes they were really. I remember that I was on the right are we are talking about how how well to -- was playing earlier in the season. And one point that I hit on was. It with harvest in. Could you always have to have that after there that they have Zdeno Chara playing in front of them and having the best defenseman in -- playing in front review. Does wonders Burkle is save percentage and goals against average and the fact that -- has dropped off that. -- with a advocate Charles or chuck this is -- It is he can be and I mean when. You have some of the -- effect -- leak in the fall off the way they have the goaltending is not going to be there either so I think it's a combination of certainly the -- getting targets that they had to play and so much in The Who could blame the growing the way Terkel the other night. But I mean it had to play -- so much and I mean that the defense in front of them it's a pretty treacherous. Government we're so did you agree with bringing Thomas back right back to back games and we all know Turco was terrible the other night but we knew not almost take they hit. In order to give Thomas arrest. Or I didn't agree it was very promising for that eighteen minutes it had been argued against. -- I think that. It speaks volumes. And where they are in the standings in the realization that the in the midst of collapse that big East Point so badly it all down renouncing it bank. We got to put some promise and hope that maybe somehow be in the and that didn't support it sort of the game when I mean that that was. Get in the way again have been going that was pretty far fetched and obviously what they realize that what can happen. They look back Terkel but I think the mistake there was -- -- in the first place I think that is bad as it is an active at its defeat there. Interest. Let Turco -- aware that one. And then then it would have been able to go back on the on Thursday with with much your eyebrows raised and articulate -- on this -- It was -- I think that's for the whole scene so really nothing nothing go to practice team right now. What is your prediction for today this is the last team you wanna have come in here who will knock your your your helmet offered this Philadelphia team. Where I think at this can be one of those -- and unfortunately to -- too many times there are of the early happened but. I think that this can view of the game that really lyrics about the it is the -- with another team and it really. I think that the desperation kicks and everything that should have been keeping it or the last harmony we took the last two plus months partly will take it. Maybe you see if you fight and that maybe gets the early going but. I mean could that's wishful thinking at this point is that I said before every time -- that. You know they have to realize where they are right now and -- -- to shake this off they don't. That being said and -- we talk about this all the time we just discussed that you know we know we certainly saw last year -- what third seed last year. And went to the Stanley Cup finals in one. As the underdog. Doesn't really matter. As long as the Bruins are playing fairly good hockey. At the end of the regular season to -- -- really matter is it that crucial that at least temporarily the Bruins fell out of the the second slot and and down into the seventh are we concerned at all where they end up in the regular season. It'll just because I think that. Should be concerned her record promote their mental health that they -- if they finished the season seventh place. Doesn't look like you'd be able to open he certainly doesn't look like they would be able followed playoffs but. I think when it comes to home ice advantage there -- two teams that. That where it needs port for playing on the road goes and that's the Rangers because Tim Thomas so long been not been -- those of those lights and I note you he said the other day and got a lot of flak for it but that you. He's been saying that for years he he really -- that like those lights in -- -- get to them. You know why each let's stop for second and it's funny you should say that because as a veteran observer of a lot of islander or ranger games in the 1980s. Anytime I went to the garden Madison Square Garden that is. It was a different atmosphere they -- the way they light that arena is different how do you perceive the difference and that lighting is compared to other NHL Arenas. No absolutely and you know last year. Lester for the the the first round against the Canadians. I was I was talking on the vote. The -- playing in this and the belt Saturn and just how hyped up but yet then to being booed all the time and at any of those things get to them. You're saying you know there's certain things -- each arena that I write up though. That did during the anthem the that the belt that are you really cannot exit all -- and find is that -- -- to be any mention there that you know but there -- different things about. Different during there. Whether it's the way the puck bounced off the boards or. Light and I etc. like like like Madison square garden and made -- -- to me like. You gotta be kidding me with those those sites like you know. So I mean it it's it's been noticeable difference and Thomas certainly has noticed over the years and obviously couple weeks ago. He cattle at the wrong. So he has a deer in headlight look. -- Right I mean it is it it is -- justice to the very noticeable difference so he. I mean I I can imagine that goaltender to have -- an issue with it but complaining about it -- and he did. Certainly wasn't that wasn't the right time. You -- a host Tim Thomas holding up hopefully the at this stage the White House controversy has -- a little bit. He holding up otherwise psychologically it's been a grind for him since the brouhaha from a couple months ago. Yeah I mean yeah. Want to go way down. In my mind it was forget about the White House out of starlets in Tavis is. That here's an agent goaltender. 38 years -- in I think next my third two months maybe. And -- yeah is this -- get after a lot of them because at the time to go down. Anton it's open assert then they're gonna have to call Michael let's say in and then suddenly -- our return though. Look within and we saw how bad. Turco was on Tuesday as good although to his credit he's actually very good. Against the penguins the pressure was off there but I mean this story with artists now is that this team is going to after reliant in a for the rest of the regular season. While both he and the team tries to get their bearings and try to hit their -- after the playoffs and beat her but this -- Entire city is expecting to be. Along are hoping exit date to be a long playoff run so. I mean with Thomas I think. I don't think there's spent more time to be putting up. Quote -- is released book agent thing about the White House and everything are currently no yet been -- vote via the White House stuff by the media. In quite some time really I think that what kind of put the what the got to put the act of pot shot and it. After that buffalo game I think that their immediate action pretty respectful in that regard that. I mean with -- to just come down to whether he can hold up physically and I mean definitely get -- now. So -- do you expect to get anything else on Tuukka Rask ME after the all star break keys keys oh -- three. In overtime loss like. He was complain that while before we got her. -- -- -- But I mean especially -- non cigarette -- that. In the year to you will be one of the difficult and gave you look at his stretch I think around. Late November incident late December. That was just as good media not better than Tom is October last year that that that October is ethical standards for for outstanding -- play. Difficult at a position around these parts so that this Duca was playing at that high level kind of going I noticed he was. You have leading the league in both save percentage and goals against average for a long time this season so he certainly dropped off this but that was also around the time. It that the defense -- drop off so. I think that if they get and -- the I'm assuming that. Well according to everything in the -- say I think that that he should be back no later than. -- the second round maybe come back a little earlier he would help deep for the restraint well but. I mean. This is this season where especially when you talk about how how he Thomas and getting the ball down. Hate to gain an unlikely that last year. Maybe that's maybe there -- that discussion of whether you'd give the game -- so we'll see what happens there you know to see that that the suited to get back to better. I think getting much help or production from their Providence. Team. Like I I know you mentioned a couple of the goalies and in they're not really that highly. Regatta and Alec. No you know. Yes certainly are consistent goaltending there is that there could barely felt that the UN HL level. But I mean they they have been able in the when they need to call -- McDermott her Carter camper or. Or cut back so they until he got. Heard the couple weeks ago what they need to sit down Providence to get a -- I've -- you game it generally has been with pretty decent results. I think that. Really what they need right now is for all their HL guys be going in doubt that hasn't it simply you look at Jordan -- speaking of Providence. -- -- crown prince and -- six senses he's and he's been their best player over the last week and a half. Yeah you guys are at last question from me what's the scouting report on this on and Hamilton Hamilton right. Yeah how's he doing. He's he's he's he's doing great that he's exactly suspended. Ten games very for a blind side hit which. When you wouldn't see that it can't jump so that you because. It yet that you think of about the Bruins and -- frequently they've been out published this about friendship and India which public the independence for for coughing without covering about. But -- -- you -- the lighting it up. I would within a couple of months this season he broke in the it is scenes. Single season record for points by defense in he's. You legit he's big -- to build body -- more. Yeah. You'd go -- the power play and like -- said he destructive but how to put it he's got a really good shot from the point then. What he's ready which I think that is assuming you build a body in little more weight I think that. I think that. Could be on the team next year I'm assuming that's the -- with. The Bruins. Given that joke or what and the failure to deal. But yet he could be a real difference maker. The other problem is if the Bruins keep playing defense the way they're playing that -- -- you'll be up. Right I mean. Yeah I think he finished this season and those guys turning it around will certainly -- new look for next season. All right DJ few games left on this season filled up three weeks left in the regular a year you say that unless something catastrophic happens the Bruins will. Unlike the Red Sox this slip into the playoffs and I heard a little optimism there when you said the second round of the playoffs may be. Eight target date for a Tuukka Rask to return so -- is -- the Bruins finally get together beginning today. They are better document the great work -- DJ Dino WEEI dot com. The state of the Bruins not particularly good but if you're talking sector -- out right now about the Boston Bruins with everything that transpired particularly down in Florida. Maybe there is a a bright side to the Bruins wife 6177790850. 18885250850. Can Texas and 85850. We'll get to some of your calls coming up after 92 break right here -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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