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Danny Ainge Celtics GM discussing Trade deadline and if Rondo will be traded

Mar 15, 2012|

Danny Ainge was on with Dale and Kirk and discussed his work on deadline day, discussed the Tyler Hansbrough deal from last Friday and if Rondo will get moved today.

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-- joining us right now. General manager of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge brought to you by ARS restoration specialists call 8774611111. Or a RS serve dot com. And by SB allied dependable no nonsense like insurance at a price you can live with call 888 get SP ally or visit SP allied dot com. And by your local Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers. And the complete lineup of Mercedes-Benz format -- wheel drive vehicles call visit MB usaid dot com diskette it will. A test drive today. Lying about one Danny it's daily Kirk how are you. Don't -- -- it today again great deed that he would go to sleep the night before trade deadline day do you get up at 5 AM and start work and how does trade deadline day. We were up late last night I guess we were working in but we're also. Elections Celtics game with dances staff in the office. I gain -- course only -- so we were up. Late to the hour but yet a good thing. Obviously. With the unfortunate medical news on Chris Wilcox you you have a need on your team that needs to be filled. Are you optimistic you'll be able to address at least that need by the end of the day today. I hope so and not and not necessarily by the end of the day today in through trade but we'll have to get somebody eventually. And we'll see what goes on in in trade dispute any. Players -- size. Come away it's going to be really are -- you know I don't see away that would give them replace. Chris Wilcox. And Jermaine O'Neal or anybody they're all the through a trade and -- we give up something that we really value. That we won't you know one of our starting players. That's not gonna happen so we're gonna have to find a way to get. A service would be a serviceable big man. -- -- you care to confirm the Jack up my whole story from last Friday it's said that Larry Bird saying in his hands -- a first round pick for Ray Allen is -- the kind of stuff you're looking for for these veteran guys here by this deadline. Well I won't confirm -- that. Anything to talk about in trades -- she had other GMs confirm anything we're kind of thought into it. But. Yes I would say that that that you know we've we have I prize you know a young player meet Tyler Hansbrough is. I'm I'm not supposed to talk about any specific players but. The player mentioned Jonas. Off the bench players in the first round pick -- composers are realistic and fair expectation. Is that what your big is that what you're looking at with with just say for instance and -- regard is that that's that's the kind of thing you're looking yelling you're asking around that's sort of the starting. The started. Yeah I think so I mean I have no desire. To to move anybody. On our team. It's just. You know I have to look -- it and and so far I have not been. We don't have anything that we're really excited about. Right now and if somebody steps up and up there offers a you know who knows what might happen by the trade deadline that I'm prepared to be comfortable -- let -- this season played out -- if somebody wants to throw at first round draft pick -- if you know quality young players. You know that's have to we have to consider. Knowing that you can't and won't get into specifics out I'm I'm curious about a philosophical discussion in terms of trading you have a philosophical. Disagreement about the notion of trading. -- anybody -- your team to a team that you -- compete -- the Eastern Conference would -- avoid dealing with an Eastern Conference team in other words. -- I would do -- deal for with any team that if it helped that. I would you know I just think you have to -- data mean there's teams that prefer to deal -- But if there's a deal that helps us get to our goals. About it I'm not afraid of the competition mean -- You know and it at this trade deadline you know the team they're gonna want action type players might beat teams that are trying to contend. So were aware of that and but I would that would prevent me talking to anybody. It's fair to say that you have a couple of players at least with -- expiring contract who still have some basketball tread on the tires. Who would be very attractive options for other teams so is it fair to say that your fielding more phone calls the normal. Asking about guys off your roster. You know it's -- always a busy time this time a year that would exempt he'll be more. You know I think that because of the circumstances. That our roster is in. I think that it actually. Eliminates. Half the leak from being interest it. Because a lot of teams are young and building can use in. And you know preparing for the draft him you know he headed toward the lottery in an athlete is even involved in the discussions with the so I think that there's. He did different phases that they have different goals. And so I think that the circle of interest to small. Would you say daily Cuban. Even close. To pulling the trigger making we consider around here a big deal here so far during this process this year. Have not been have not been close just because. I don't feel like we need to do. And you know I don't want. The guys but if if it in I have to listen. And if there's something becomes available that -- which triggered by it's based on. -- the offers that we pad in the interest it's just not worth it. You know I think he -- Blakely had at the other day were you said you were not going to trade Rondo and I think. If you you know I would imagine the deal came across you like you may do it thirty you gonna stick to that that there is no chance at Rondo will be traded today. We have in had discussions about Rick I don't even know where all this stuff goes me. He hasn't even been mentioned since the summer time. To -- talk Rondo with with any teams that started the season. No I mean well I've I've I've -- hall and there's been some interest because of all the media. Discussion. But I have not reached out to anybody. I ask -- this question last week about his relationship with Rajon Rondo and he told us that. But it's as good as it's ever -- how would you describe how would you characterize your relationship with Ron. You know I have a great relationship with -- Rondo. We talked often and you know -- different you know doc is sort of like the the disciplines father. And I'm sort of like the grandfather that's it's up there and you know comes in and tries to make peace. And you know doctors doing his job as a coach to push -- and expect a lot at a resort Dana day out and and and when things aren't going well I can amend -- try to home -- bit both down and and get him to see a bigger picture and I think that. Rondo and I have -- have a very good relationship. And I think -- and run those relationship has grown a great deal of the over this year. Do you get frustrated as spans do and I'll speak for myself here is the Celtics fan you get frustrated with lack of consistency issues with -- Rhonda. Oh listen -- LA I think that lack of consistency issues goes with everybody I think -- -- it. You know when you reached the all star level and I think it's your expectations become great. And you play every single night like adding Rondo is that playing extremely consistent but. The last night I don't think he he played all that well and I don't think it ray and Paul played all that well. People a KG and Brandon played fantastic last night which sort of speak the day. But I think that that's consistent is an issue for everybody. And not any more so for him than anybody else. He surprised. I am anyways are you surprised that Garnett is able play at this level stay healthy this season I thought -- play well from the played always played lately and he. There were given his age and the miles business tires -- remarkable. You know he started out the season -- and he's been playing fantastic. Glad nobody could've seen this coming. I think everybody was writing his obituary the first month of the season in and now he is playing really well and he looks young impression these PSE and you kind of handed to keep you mean he's a real pro the guy. Works extremely hard. India's very professional. I'm a big big fan and you know I was -- the same thing with with -- it all mean those guys. You know they can't get it done every night. But you know every now and then -- they have flashbacks. And they're pretty special. And the special people because of just what they've been able to accomplish in their careers but how they're able to still. Go out and outplay. Younger more athletic. Guys with their mind and there will. And they're in their skill level in this that I've I've been impressed by all three of those guys. So you say it's more likely from your perspective that. Allen and Garnett might be back next year with new deals that move somewhere else today efforts. Yeah you know what I I don't know. About next year I don't know where there heads are. -- of the the view of the free agents to be able to go to teams of their choice. We haven't discussed that. I mean there's been. Well actually we have discussed specifics that we have actually talked I've talked to both of them. In creepy tale about how they see their future. And everything else I mean I think that there's. -- you're there at the age where they're starting to prepare for life after basketball and I mean bill -- through all this I've been through this as a player and remember it vividly. And so -- but they haven't made any decisions on what they plan to do in the future. It's probably an indication of the character of the players on your roster right now that it's less of a problem for you and the Celtics than it is elsewhere. But as as as an observer. Some of us get the sense that some franchises are being held hostage by the players in their organization that. Mike and Tony has to resign because Carmelo Anthony doesn't wanted to be to coach anymore that. That Dwight Howard is told he can decide. That the coach and GM's fate if you'll just stay in Orlando. I times as an observer of the game and as a guy who works in the game do you think that the players have too much clout and too much say. -- listen there's there's a lot of people that can do my job. There's a lot of people that could be you might be and -- job. And there's you know very very few -- -- would -- Howard and in Carmelo Anthony they're there's special players. And -- -- -- and come to watch them perform. In the transcendent players and McCain are are what make successful franchise. It's nothing new Danny right West -- with an adjective -- it goes back. Right it it is nothing new I mean I think that. Let's listen every decision that I may. In this organization. Over the past five or six years. I've consulted with those guys for a couple of reasons first of all have a great deal of respect. For my players. And what they've accomplished and they know players and they know. What guys habits are and offseason and they know and they and they have a certain opinions of guys they play against. And I know as a player I it felt like I had a great feel for you know who every guy in the league was that I played against night in and night out. And so I console -- taller players now I'm gonna make the final decision. But I certainly seek their input and deals that I and values their opinions. And continued to do editing Rondo the guidance very sharp. And he's been guided that observes the team and as a big fan of the game and watches others play. So yeah I think that I'm I'm not surprised I think it's blown out of proportion a little bit this is this has been going on for years I guarantee you when I was playing with the Celtics. Nothing happened and organization without Larry known about it. So just -- back Turk real quick and BP's so. The staff -- stuff I've been reading this all stuff the Westbrook stuff that's just. For Rondo that's all baloney -- not had any discussions none of that stuff has happened to start the season. Well you know so did just to clarify this that goes with all trades. There's -- you know. I'm not gonna confirm or deny any of that I'm just telling you I would never do those deals I'd never called it picked up and ask about the field but. I -- phone calls regularly. About Rondo and especially at the the rumor mill started happening people just we're assuming that it was all true and so I did get phone calls as a result of those rumors but. None of those conversations. I had second conversations are recorded conversations that were done. If I set the over under at 5050 that you make a deal by 3 PM today would you take the over the under. Yeah that's that's a tough -- I think it's 5050. You know immediate small deal and maybe. Not as exciting. As what people may expect but we're we're working hard work hard the rest of the day 2 of 3 o'clock. Are you someone who believes that that there can be a psychological. Benefit to a team to making a deal an indication that management and ownership. Is there to try to help them get over the hump. Yeah I think I think. There are times. Where I do believe that yes. Would this be one of those times. I don't think I I don't think so I think our team has great chemistry. In your team is maximizing it. It's -- -- I don't think that there's necessarily change that's needed. Other than we need to we need to bolster up front line dusted -- minutes of PG and -- Minutes. They did it's me -- -- -- Peter how are you today. I'm good thanks -- quiet I've never while not quite as we aren't as Microsoft. Today you know -- -- you're gonna concentrate -- -- -- Marquette BYU at noon. That'll be exciting you know what I've actually even forgot about that -- -- on -- it's tough for up against the deadline but it's the playoffs start today -- -- Miami. What's the -- Danny change game plan to beat that he. Well you know I mean you have to take care about basketball I mean it it all starts with that if you give them easy points in transition. You have no chance. And I think that that's where Miami they get their crowd going they keep themselves going when they meet easy baskets in transitions so. You've got to emphasize that you guys just take care of the basketball and ex teacher half court off -- he can keep. Turn -- in the single digits I think you have a chance against Miami but Miami is very special -- they have loaded team they have been shooting in and they have. You know to be lead -- -- game. Final question before we -- ago you mentioned that that you would always discussed deals with the the veteran guys on your team could he have such respect for them. Have at the veteran guys on your team ever talked you lot of betrayed. Well you know I don't really talk to them when I you know I talked to him about ideas and players and give in and the and it -- their feedback. Players that I may be should be looking at that I might not be look at. With the sort of gotten their feedback. You know I work out. -- -- the details of my staff we were carted to make things happen but it. I don't vilified and eighteen trade that I want to do at that stage in the -- talked me out of it. I think it's hugely at a different time of this of the trade process that I. Have a conversation with them. I guess I wondered if they tried to talk out of the Kendrick Perkins trade. -- did not know but we did we did. We talked about this many in order don't you don't know -- all I don't know why but sometimes people listening don't know the answer. And that's what I was wondering about. -- appreciate the time I know it's a busy day for at least I hope it's a busy day for you today besides watching NCAA basketball. I hope it's a hectic day for -- and that'll be fun for all of us. All right guys appreciate it thanks and thanks to that is Danny -- general manager via Boston Celtics. Who. Doesn't expect I don't think based on what he said a huge deal to come down the pike between around 3 o'clock well I mean yet tactically from that was he has not initiated or any talk about Chris John -- since the start of the season it's basically Chris -- -- he was absolutely. Unequivocal about that and and basically you said he did make an offer for rail for Hansbrough without saying he said was made as well. Just thinks other GMs should necessarily say that tough love not. A sense that it's frosty when he and Larry get together. A little bit maybe yes but you know there's not a competitive fires there's not a big manhunt going on Big Brother little brother thing that sort of thing like -- -- when Houston was in town. And and you know Kevin and Kevin McHale was here that you know the Indian Kevin probably had a big man -- -- the go to -- I'm Clinton wrote a -- has -- -- students go to straighter for romantic dinner but maybe not so much for -- I'm just guessing. The patriots apparently having another visit schedule we told earlier. Anthony Gonzales expected to arrive as early as tomorrow wide receiver from the colts to visit with the patriots. Ian Rapoport who apparently never sleeps never arrest. Has another visit that they have scheduled for this weekend will tell you about that we -- back.

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