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Brad Marchand, Bruins Forward

Mar 14, 2012|

The Bruins forward touches on the recent struggles of the team, Tim Thomas, and a physical practice.

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We're talking Bruins who were tracked on our guy Brad Marchand joining us on the eighteenth the hotline brought to you by Brennan smoke shop and on the Ford and FW web. Raddatz but -- here Boston how -- They get very -- that arbitrarily. We'll speak at a practice were read some tweets and tell the reporters are practicing and and got a little physical they're practice that is that fair. There having the there are some aren't that. The -- without or right. With tickets inside the deadlock in the dressing room -- -- -- before the games after game is going to be. Frustrating because a play it's such a high level early in in its last 29 games really hasn't gone your way. Along here and claim that often you know but. We just finally get the energy up bitten. Have to review. We talk so much about early years at 37 start. Like that that Stanley Cup hangovers it is this sort of like another one as far as fatigue goes maybe mentally as much as maybe physically. I was there. North cup I endorse this. Right now if you injuries and then as both suffered in the you know it is convicted offers -- There I think if we shall we are getting back to basics and or environment where they are here and Middlebury. He said the basics -- what does that mean Q what are the things that you know your coaches is focusing. Your team on -- try to get you back to that point. All these leaders can't certainly too much there are not the folks aren't doing their job and make sure we keep it simple like your partner in and that. And are fortunate in miniature army these are very and that let me do written you know one inch monitor are over it. You know is that in. But there's. How hard is it to see your team fall behind in these games -- that's what the period three nothing here in the first period -- of a back to back games how -- he get out of that rot where you're constantly. Play an uphill hockey in the first period. Eight when if -- -- -- First. It's very -- about from going in the right here. We've got a new treatments round. Republika. It'll in the job and a few old you can pump out anybody mitigate client could they labeling it -- part in regard people that. There Asia are very excellent here that these too much -- and -- -- -- -- Thought about putting a binder area a couple of. We came in their last Friday at a buffalo way to look at guys kinda. Broke through when -- first back to back game in a while and and really that game. That look more like the team that we -- to see Ian to you guys picked up their net third period and had a good feeling before this third this three game losing streak. -- we. You know we we make sure we don't look for guys -- in the -- or who it is a bit TrueCrypt. Yet you shared on the but. In order -- on right now -- -- -- -- and tortured out so it yourself. All of wrote saying. Yeah I'm sure you look distracted a totally understand. I was stuck it up buffalo game and how well the guys that the next date probably felt about it ethic his fans and that's more -- the team we remember. Yeah that that we definitely game that. I would have played man in I don't know if you're in. Play good -- that what I meant to he brought if -- -- in -- right in -- finally get when that we will go to Puerto interest. It's within a thousand and refineries that. Brad Marchand joining us this team York team is big time no physical play. On the league came down you got suspended earlier and her parents got suspended. Anderson speculation that those suspensions or few guys maybe -- not play as physical do you believe that Brad what the league has done does that change the way you guys have had to play. It. Clearly. -- country more aware of the situation room you'll and it is a guy the different. North Korea suffers a situation where you'd be there. Find the the thing remind -- anywhere in the northern they are regardless. You know are entirely you'd be good to see where we are at Neiman. We're gonna win that -- -- so -- of the matter. In oil go to Leo we are similar. That that league and division right now is two points auto one game in hand. What do you guys look at that how important is that as far as being -- juicy possibly seventh -- are more port to kind of get guys right no matter what seed you are heading and. Del Rio we're really north. Prior they have -- seizes. And you shouldn't let out so that all my advantage in. You know -- make sure that. Not only neutral -- about a our -- general. -- -- game and respect I have great effort that we're going into the you know we should be able period that second spot but. We have a lot of work to do it and you know they said you guys are in my country right now all that at all so. Ice and that was parents basketball's little bit or trying to radio interview. -- a -- -- a Ferris goes on the morning show here so we need you to show him some pictures or whatever you're -- -- -- right now early next time he goes up on the morning show you get out there are -- it's still -- early brats like 838 -- even though. Yeah I remember my phone the primaries it. All right we appreciate you joining us after practice grab a -- talking next week. Various Brad Marchand joining us along with and your parents also part of the conversation. Our conversation -- Brad brought you -- -- and smoke -- the very best tobacco tobacco accessories at the very best prices in Massachusetts must be eighteen years of major role there. And by drug help for visit drug -- for dot com to view their inventory drop hill for its -- the drive you -- And by FW web selection expertise solutions we've got it. FW -- or break it to what's on tap big show 2 o'clock.

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