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Mike Doc Emrick joined Dale and Buckley to talk Bruins, NHL and more

Mar 14, 2012|

Doc Emrick talked hockey with Dale and Buckley, everything from the Boston Bruins struggles to the potential lockout and some new rule changes propsals at the GM meetings this week.

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Normally you would have John Dennis and Gerry Callahan this morning you have dale Arnold and Steve Buckley filling in joining us right now is some guy who I've told just the best hockey play by play announcer I've ever heard. On -- camera joins us on the AT&T hot line brought you by AT&T for chi LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three TAT and T rethink possible good morning -- And important to realize and understand from your producers seeing is that you have that same thought I did about all of the power. That was missing and the lights -- in the city today it was like escape from New York with colossal. I I I I was picturing a snake lets him. You know driving the -- it will hurt or you're. Bad news for other teams in the Eastern Conference because Sidney Crosby's gonna make his return. Tomorrow night against the New York Rangers and I think you guys have shifted things around so you're going to be doing the game right. Yeah I'm not sure -- -- -- not I think what we're doing is collapsed under the plan was to take the one of the existing -- rather than try to too I'd do that but. I'm not speaking officially for the network there I know that so far I haven't heard that -- to head into New York from here. And that what occurred there last night but he is going to be -- there are no NHL network is carrying it as well as. You know that they stations in Pittsburgh. And New York. -- can tell he's going to be playing between Matt -- And he Tyler Kennedy so that will be an interesting start when the question is where do you put a minute how blatant lineup. And I get the contrast that they're seeing between Pittsburgh and the Bruins is that. Despite all their injuries they keep rolling along and they won nine straight and I think injuries -- taken soul and the Bruins. In fact I I look at the job Dan vials and has done with that team without Sidney Crosby and I know he was coach of the year a year ago they should -- the Jack Adams trophy again here Ken Hitchcock this year. Yeah I think those -- the two that that are right up there and my mind that in and that's one of the rare things that we as broadcasters get to vote for we get to -- -- first second third five point three point one point those are two of my -- right now on the third and I'm undecided on that. I think -- let's not only going to be coach of the year. If if he's if he's second place it's got I don't think you have any qualms about that because I am not I kinda guy. But I think you'll be the next Olympic coach at the -- that the NHL players ago. Mike we've done a lot of talk of -- bruises morning especially in the wake of last night's disaster against Tampa Bay. We're talking about the local perspective on it is it is it Tim thomas' funk is it Nathan Horton being up apparently being out. And Thomas -- white nose was even raised with what is a national perspective on the Bruins right now from where you set. I think it's the injuries on you know and Thomas was playing really well and they were still losing games I think that's what it's been -- Not being able to put together three -- and since late in December of last year is is not really hanging on the goaltending -- the goaltending Iraq and Thomas was still strong enough to have grown one of the top five teams defensible in the league during a long stretch that aren't. So I think it is it can be hung there. And you know something they're able to survive it but I I think the Bruins into just don't have the same that. And I said that about other teams that when they're going through fox to. It's not a condemnation other guys were playing in Providence. But you make choices in September based on everybody of course -- -- at that time almost everybody. You make choices at that time based on the -- skills of the guys you have and the guys that are sent to prominent are sent there to get better. And some get better faster and the guys that you assign their back in the all of -- I think there are reasons that they didn't measure up to the NHL at that time when you have to rely on them. They have to really hurry to get their skills to the NHL level. Some are able to do it but when you have guys the caliper apparently an art and that are out and makes a huge difference in in your ability ago. And your ability to play the -- game that you do long awaited answers say -- had gone -- has little industry get during a lot of that. -- this is the old should Andre Dawson have been MVP when he is playing for the Chicago Cubs argument we saw Stephen stamp goes chorus fiftieth against the Bruins last night. Can a guy playing for a team that doesn't make the playoffs if that's what happens to the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the MVP in the late. Good question you know America was pretty close a couple of times. Are down but yeah it's really good question and they'll be left up to -- to decide that and not for -- It's an interesting debate that you're pointing whenever you you look at the play skills of guys that that Tampa Bay out. You know why are they not better well I guess they've -- that on to and they had a pretty serious and the difference in all of this I think is that you're not in the bruins' net in the playoffs today. You arts and why because the Bruins at that record November and December. I think Detroit has not only over the last eight years and make the playoffs every year. But I think their schedule going through Smart and I think part of the reason that they did they do so well as they get their points early part of the reason they do as that they play. A lot on games but more significantly they don't play a lot of back to accurately. They don't have a lot of heavy travel early. They like thirteen to settle in and start winning games and and I think the brunt of during November and and -- their December is that the point that you don't have to get right now at three and a half weeks left in the season that everybody else's desperate again. Can you can rest guys if you need to because you're not battling cursor Bible every day. How much time in your opinion as a player need when he comes back McCann -- there are all different I recognize that but Nathan Horton hasn't even begun skating. So given that he has even begun skating is that it kind of a dubious thought that -- that he's gonna bounce back in the players and help this team. Yeah I think it is because as you set you know if that's worst in the -- -- at work and see how you can targeted to that day and -- six. Everywhere skin that these -- you just watch its progression as it deals. But what concussions that two weeks two days two years you just now now. That's what made it so typical I think so trying to the penguin suit you know agonized with that on a daily basis at least in the media. You know when he tried to come back -- -- just can't put a target. I wish you cut because he was sure sure helped the -- and. -- you know how much fun it is to talk with Brendan Shanahan and we had a great conversation -- yesterday here on on Sports Radio because he's so much fun to talk to and and I I've talked to him about this I'm curious to get your take the think the league. In the way they've administered justice justice the suspensions to Marchand and Berenson Dellucci each in the Lucci chant of Ryan Miller. Has taken some of the physical edge away from the Bruins and taken away one of their strengths from earlier in the season. I think that happened with several teams and the Bruins are one of them. But on the other hand we we can't that we cannot relegate this game did it and touch and football because nobody I don't wanna they'd see it. The other side of it is that we do have to you. They hit that are within -- not accidental. And wind up hurting we do have to analyze. And I still think that games are far more important than money when it comes to -- Blame or something and punishing for something. I talked to a guy who had over 500 goals in the NHL and I said if you had the choice. Eight line. Or sitting out a gamer too which we dictate. He said. I have to Wear different cultures eat I can't practice with -- -- and I may not make my goal scoring bonuses. If I were told that I could write out a check. Perhaps a million dollars. And escape the suspension. I write it right away. Could seal the worst part about that is if you can't play episode the sportswriters at the ultimate Dick. That's right it's -- yeah -- and every once nobody gets more quotes well it was on I don't could not. Not cocky is the only sport with a humiliate the players at -- by making them sit with the sportswriters. Everywhere. It's the only sport that does that. I don't. All we -- my usual traditions that a guest there are that way because there that way. And basketball in basketball asserted throughout basketball you get to Wear a -- it's -- right the floor. Football you can Wear a top -- what the sidelines baseball you'd -- out of boxy so. In hockey you cool up to level nine and sit with Steve Buckley Steve Harrison Kevin DuPont that'll show you. Yeah you know I I enjoy those conversations with you guys that put my -- with it for all -- -- that that would mean that I lose my job. I think it made doc I'm curious what your take is on the the proposals that they are at least discussing at the general manager's meetings. I talked to grass about this last night the hybrid icing call that they're talking about. I would think there isn't a linesman in the NHL who thinks this is a good idea. That's right they thought that because it forces them in the making one more critical decision. However I think there are two things operating here and I think we found a reasonable compromise if it if it's adopted. And that is we need to see everybody just sort of well not even bother going back for our. Because they know what's gonna go over the line it's going to be icing so that -- take a little bit had to put that away from the game. And I'll tell it like the -- even though I hated the content they came from a sometimes and and guys' careers have ended on icing touch -- before so we don't want. That's represents. A compromise where there still -- -- on and where you can still have. You know that the team that shot the puck -- -- I still get their first and wipe out the icing. And the decision is made at the circle which means it's going to probably prevent all of -- -- -- -- -- got some time to adjust to that decision. So I'm in favor of it but. We need more and more on the -- man on the referees in the last ten years or so all of these -- changes that they have the decision to make. And I'm just amazed that they're guys that are still willing to wanna do it. With the preponderance of concussion issues in the league I know -- at least discussing the possibility of putting the Red Line back -- -- talked about the compromise the issue of putting the ring get line at the top of the circles and you have to be outside that line before you can make the two line past do you think they're ultimately gonna change this. I hope not but I I understand what's behind it and I understand that we can't have 66 or maybe it's about 67 guys out in action. During the course of the season we opened up ball flight search so there'd be more speed more content for the fans it's been a much better game I think that it -- before. That there at the knee jerk reaction I admit -- we start putting those those things back and are we going to wind up with more trapping team. I remember Bobby Clark whose team got beaten -- for the doubles a couple of times news general manager. Talk one night about the doubles in the trap. And he said it's not the pebbles because when they had it in in 2000 and they knocked us out of the playoffs. They have one of the highest scoring teams in the league the trouble is that everybody else that. Couldn't score copied it and drag the game down and -- -- and that's exactly what happened. If we go back to that we have and the fifteen teams doing it again. I think it will take the impetus out of our game and and the excitement and and a lot of you know lot of the speed that we have. But I grew up as much as maker at all 57 in India and we have this we still have the two and a half mile local. And they still have time trials and they still have the rates on Memorial Day and when I was in high school it was a long time ago. A good. Time was a 140 mile an hour. That was a good time you could make the top 33 with that now we have the same mobile and the speeds -- cool way up there. And and a qualifying speed is now what and one Lebanese want eighty something like. So if you're going to do anything and I realized how hard that is -- all the various Arenas I think we ought to add a couple of feet across. -- history. But you know ET that same part did you I don't know the structure of these Arenas and whether the -- circuses are in the air -- not light to do that. I think that's the one thing that the -- picked efforts. -- do you think that the NHL players will be in in Russia for the Olympics. Today it's a top center for me again because they're so much that have to go on decline behind closed doors between now and then -- say that he that he had today. I'll hopefully can get be a better answered by later on in the playoffs this year on -- I think it's going to go. But -- there are some other issues besides that that are going to be shot across the ballot issues over the course of the summer. And we might go right up into the middle of September when this thing technically expire before we know one way or the other. I think there's an awful lot of discussion during the summertime and you know why I'm I'm not a great optimist when it comes to having done by the middle of September but that's just the way -- eagle today. And so that Selig I don't know. Final question there are some some brighter hockey minds than mine guys like Brian -- any. Right like Brian Burke and little Amarillo who think that there's the very real possibility of -- of another lockout do you agree. They're certainly that possibility yet so give me that I think in terms of and they said 5050 on the Olympics but I think that's one of one of the offense that. They're going to be discussing and had to -- the on the back burner the players are thoroughbreds they're like sources that rocket am. All they wanna do is compete. And you throw out -- all were in Sochi are you brought down at Madison Square Garden that make any difference what the puck drops they compete. But I can understand why the owners don't wanna yield their assets for seventeen straight days with the risk of losing them over there. And so I can understand both sides that the argument but. It's going to play at second fiddle with two or three other things that are gonna come up between now and the time that CPA gets finished -- -- -- realistic possibility and you know I think we might be you know negotiating this -- into the ball. Whether or miss games are not just cancer. -- it's always fun to talk cocky with you thank you so much. Yeah out in the end and Leonardo inspector -- like stump Merrill fine. I can't I can leave it on the inside curb balls I might have been able to play longer than idea that problem. -- -- Lot of my favorite stories in the end for further if you are listening that -- that don't know the connection between Dale Arnold -- Merrill may be one of those commercial breaks. When you come out of that thirty seconds before you and produce somebody else you can almost. Thanks doc they -- out of my arrogant on it there that is that -- -- Superb play by play whispering BC's sports as that used to be the voice of the doubles for a long long time -- just at a ceremony honoring him a couple of weeks ago. But he has gone onto the national stage in -- had to leave the doubles games behind was the former voice of Philadelphia Flyers as well and brought before with my first book. And wrote the forward speed but these first book which was with the real reason the -- wanted to have him on their animated no real reason was Mary -- The real reason I want I want to use them. Stump stump Bob stump was was are you Omar -- -- you know from Brunswick tops -- And and made it to AAA rated as far as reading Tripoli but you know for people in our area in -- that's a pretty big deal to make it that far. And -- Sixty and -- in the Padres in Tripoli -- I don't know -- -- I don't like reading to you -- com. He'd he'd coached managed it is the I don't know it's like coached at that level. American legion ball in Maine and all that stuff and and that that the talkie is that. And doc always. Frankly embellish is it when he tells it the whole idea was. You know stump Merrill and I had a discussion one time about about whether or not like it continue to play beyond the rather -- baseball player -- I was. And he said well -- you could probably field in the major leagues that day you'd run in the Major -- the day but I'm in particular at the Major League probably. You know spend your career riding around the minor leagues on a -- I became a broadcaster and spent seven years riding around the minor leagues on a bus. The truth that was such a good career out warming. But it was probably the right when San Diego Tripoli -- -- the -- all there it is I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you're. Through the Roger cook on book about the Utica blue so I did that mean outside packet in an email from -- to -- about two weeks ago feet and believed that. Spanish is awful thing. And be a -- Steve Buckley baseball whisper tick tick -- -- -- -- a quick break right back just the ball with Sports Radio W media. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- And Callahan Dennis and Callahan. Tournament.

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