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Sean Casey, former Sox first baseman, on Bobby Valentine

Mar 13, 2012|

The Mayor talks about Bobby Valentine, the Sox lineup,Carl Crawford, and the rotation.

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And what's do you have -- her and motto is do your best and you'll only succeed. -- A Bobby Valentine always. With -- awaits -- Steve here on the show but -- 937 WEEI. Spending that time on the baseball Red Sox yankees tonight start the rivalry. Joining us on the AT&T hot line former red sock in -- and onto other teams now the MLB network -- Sean Casey the -- shot my little Mario. What's up all the -- go to AC law in Arizona hanging out -- you down a floater right now. I don't know I got a lot of Soledad and the other candidate would do well. -- that there with the rest recover they just put I put billion my little kid and energetic beautiful about that a little bit so the Bakken play Pittsburgh -- like sixty. -- -- But they're in Cincinnati now the -- cleared the idols and -- I you know I mean it's not. It's good to be out there and stuff like that that they let you know I I'm I'm all over the place where I'm aware of -- just told. You're all over the place and you know what it's funny you say it that way because a lot of people in these first couple weeks might say Bobby Valentine John. Is looking at all over the place and the manager of the Boston Red Sox are. Egg and LA go -- every manager played -- -- play for a guy like Bobby seems to have an answer for everything might be. -- the unorthodox when it comes to baseball some of the off field stuff. How big -- -- their Paper guy that really have got big guy. You know Jack McCain looked out of character you know great guy you always you always had some maybe off the -- it's just sometimes the media stopped by Democratic Party feel that. There's just a unique guy you know you -- -- -- after the game he really -- the -- experience over in Japan the only -- he's had some success here you know obviously. Stateside with the Mets -- -- and then Texas and you know I think it they can go there anyway nobody knows that he's you know he's -- master of all trades. Okay since a lot talking about the line up the you know he's saying why can't the -- leadoff -- have Ellsbury and second is a lot of chatter here really what he does spring training you want to guys -- all the plays that's fine but. Trying to explain a creatures of habit you know I just every day baseball's -- every single day in the importance of for some guys just in no way you law that comfort level. And I believe in that. I am delighted to idle. Well I'll buy -- the whole lot hey we gotta have matchup I think that's we start over manager Lou manage what you -- Part today we got this digital we got -- told the -- but -- elite not obligate elderly. With a mix and match right. I think as a guy who you play under -- game and you come to the park every day. You're creature have a -- look at today doesn't say I don't reconciling need to check the lineup I don't infected. You know for those guys in the middle of poppy got to go and do whatever is -- but they know whether it. The committee wants nobody to wait -- -- here that it if you teams -- -- a couple weeks he's just what makes a couple of bit. But they haven't run up every day Beckett let the cat -- that before I wanna know what's coming and so forth or fifth. And I thought I know that the check blunt about taking you can get a -- and -- make in the mix and match every day. Well -- there was no issue at the top of the order lecture Crawford was their a couple of games then after really three games. You got mowed down a body order -- never attorneys come up the straight -- -- Lou we talk with all the media down there. He wants to -- atop the order he hated. Batting 6789. Last year -- your ballot time. You put him there at the top of the order to a p.s and even though you know you got a guy Pedroia the combat second -- really have a problem with that top three or four last year. You know I mean I think one -- he's got -- you move outrageous you don't do that three. And maybe you know maybe talk confidently that's -- -- like an idiot to. You know I don't know if maybe if you could mean that certainly -- gotten out of order -- knew he would talk and Ortiz. You're talking you're glad you're talking -- the crowd tonight talking they've made it through the middle. That ordered that any of Carl Crawford you know I don't if they get this list can go back and mentally can get tactic to continue to -- our prudent thing here I know the peace that is under the -- have a good time until the game. And community hospital and opinions might stay in the dark about basic and we can about it coming you can kind of call -- do a little bit to move down I think and that's 78. -- -- lot of the debate about that money let improved proved that you know he's not a leadoff guy. And that's significant dividend pushed out brilliantly. No show won a big topics appear Boston as a kid Jose Iglesias to shortstop the phenom and and I I came out I've seen it go to work it out taking ground balls he can play a little bit. And I honestly do think that defensively I think he's the best shortstop in the game right now. I've I've heard about -- I'm gonna do Uganda and a couple of guys have done bad basically it is is flat out. What more do you want one of the best sort of in the game right now. But you know as well I don't Obama I think if you're -- -- inducted -- -- -- everyday shortstop Bartlett that that's the big question I mean. As we all love great defense until you're within two or four or. They're not the entertainers and to kill the rally that a little Gelman all the gamers on the so I -- I know defensively can do it but who -- particularly offensively that. Don't want to go out every. That's the thing I -- guys get the big leagues when they're ready offensively usually brilliant defense has to -- -- basically three at 380 and every single level you played -- -- god. They haven't had to -- if you look at your numbers. And then when you you know you're ready to hit the big leagues he come up this is unique in that. -- -- hill at 230 every parent or bad -- it's 230 ball. Most batters don't come up at the development stage he's -- you'll chase fueled Jayson Jayson more and I think is greatest is defensively we want seventy hitter of the game. There I think I think you're I think you have to be prepared to play at this level. Could take it at the big league level at every day you know I'm Indian and not have liked. Actually can confidently say okay. We'll look at the probably regarding not that great -- -- in the minors we're gonna bring that basically just pleasure great shortstop what you have the opportunity at 181 I'll keep that -- anybody good. I think. You know maybe -- developer with a bit more activist swing a little bit better and he can you can't teach experience what that little bit more experience bloody -- -- -- -- that sort you know it was one of the best players in the game. But let him get this swing door but a lot. If you start going down -- additionally you'll start going down ultimately put some points. You guys are called and Lewis called on the -- on the best defensive shortstop -- All right now why would you put it up but not get why that's how would you start back I Triplett to the best offender. I don't care. Seven -- I haven't -- up with a little bit so it kind of gets you ready to play article I think they don't. I don't think part of this new guy coming up there wouldn't be competitive on the great defender a little bit about the -- -- the city. But at the C -- with -- man it's always comes down to hitting and I know -- -- it dubious blended he could be them the best offensive players in the world. But if you DOT -- altered it 200 all those people that want this to happen welcome back it's a I can't hit -- automatic out get rid of Monica having just a ball or not it all comes back offense right. Yeah in this defensive play I don't ever want cash so let me included got a ticket anywhere you put that he rooted for the game -- I mean he obviously -- to turn out to be a backup technical capability level you know you know it could even -- that -- that -- got a big bell Atlantic dot com listen. It's incredibly efficient and -- You don't have simply because -- great defensive -- I don't believe that I don't look at the case you'll. Very forty years ago maybe we have to go but nowadays yeah you wanna put the WWW. They hit after bomb plot. Sean Casey MLB network is joining us always watch this spring training games right. What I -- to pay attention to you should I care about that should I care about the team wins -- losses as a band -- How should we kind of judge our team heading into the opener a couple weeks. Not you can't media in particular that became recruited stack to say oh they the oldest guys in the body of the guys didn't want -- we have been these guys to get ready for the season is that not better guys stepped -- the restaurant that nobody would like I'd be prepared to get great I was like I duplicate a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanted to get hot that last week -- like you know what I'm ready -- you can't do -- regardless of my stats are that he relevant you know I mean I just wanna block that. And they got a little bit I think we're -- a little bit it's -- it's not gonna win games even if splintering that's and I think that comes out of the rotation. And and some of the guys you -- and and that and that. Like I like the Red Cross is the matter what they do this spring trying to have a good grub. Case brother needle hits like get early out trying to make every -- -- -- I don't know I'll never. I was never comfortable like -- apparently. God knows what that. That you wouldn't -- going to be on the opposite. -- up a -- that data try to make some noise. It and eight we don't know god knows he's got a good office but pitching all comes down to magic you know and we -- but he -- -- a guy likely buckles but. Look at receive these -- -- Lester gets her to back Beckett gets -- all three of these guys -- the got to somehow find thirty it's thirty starts or so for all three of these guys. -- at the bottom line it at this level you've got to stay healthy and he got out it was a sloppy and you looked. You -- -- -- -- -- backup -- legit three had a monster right that those guys. Have to present -- the other -- And three years do you know yeah I like the Red -- -- I think Bardot. Hopefully you make that transition in the rotation he's got great stuff he's got experience of big league level notably leaders alike. I believe you -- -- -- these guys got to stay healthy if they stay off the idea I would that a -- happened -- can imagine they'll go back to the post season. Let's talk about speaking a postseason what your reaction was Shawna how you feel about MLB adding it wild card. Little one game playoff action here -- like get the hated. Unlike unlike the Blogosphere like. It is more than just look at laughter a lot of that is needed to get you've got. Those teams from the Red Sox Baltimore -- he got he got Tampa played Connecticut in. You got the blues in the exit garbled these guys try to get a lot at stake how much it was slow down that last bitty army everywhere blocking. Are those games if you happen and they brought others cities into the mix. And they -- I don't think it's great. It is important now when -- dependent. In the proceedings that the rocker and a division I can't let it. That was the postseason at the beginning of September and there's that new rotation and resting guys don't like that. Going to be here that you will play a -- into the first round when individual about that now I think it doesn't want senate. -- people in the game and I think Atlanta got a lot. The island case. I don't put to ugly allegation of -- -- of the rocket judge CNET. And then what's the. Hey I don't know implemented -- -- didn't have. That doesn't shock me that does not believe you're going to want to be honest guy I. He's not he's say they -- but dirty job market he hates that I don't think yeah. The I'd love the -- world opinion baloney hates it over you know it's okay. Do you dermatology. Unit. The race on a division I mean I think their party is more than any other sport coming. Other NBA it's the anti elites don't NBA at least every other team as a race for the division of the Minnesota Chicago Detroit they have to win that division to -- it -- card and to me put it ended because San Fran in 93 when a 102 games so. You put into it because the second best team could be that wild card team and now they admit the play eighteen. -- ten wins less than now Monday the with a one game playoff it's nice to 462. Can't settle that we've seen in the central but if it. 162 does settle at. Then he got two guys Jimmie there in the playoff -- wanna I want them to think about more case you wanted to kind of signal -- we -- next year try to figure out. The schedule wise so we can fit this in the dreaded gym and and that's all I -- are the most cities involved but I thought that could've waited on at all. I use seven bit I think just got to bring more interest is no doubt bring you -- -- the game -- People who follow baseball on September than they ever have. By Greg -- I think I think it's a good thing broke Wikipedia Iraq. -- -- That's the concept I do agree with more teams will be involved but I -- prediction wrestle mania can give it to me. And -- we had picked on the wrong for the biggest matches that are rapidly as we don't label. There it is though we need from the mayor. Sean and gotten that we we appreciate the baseball thought we love the wrestle -- cup we'll talk to you as we get -- in the regular season a couple weeks away of our front. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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