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Larry Lucchino talks about Bobby Valentine, Jose Iglesias, and a possible six-man rotation

Mar 13, 2012|

President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, Larry Lucchino, chats with Dale and Gerry about Bobby Valentine’s aggressive managing style and Jose Iglesias’ outstanding defense. Larry also talks about the possibility of a six-man starting rotation at some point during this season.

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Yes the AT&T hotline is the president CEO of the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino good morning Larry. -- -- I am well -- in -- -- in Florida where this study shining in if you let Wilson -- so far so good. Warmer here you know I hear that that -- I think I'm completely Allah and enjoy the weather you're just bugs you that. -- Larry. Everything that we that we you know we have lots of questions about baseball but. We were gonna start I'll put this one has this weeks or since last week seniors about two weeks has Bobby Valentine invented anything new because he got -- Well I think he's working on some -- high tech stuff with a Google knows it is there. They woods was Bobby Valentine your idea. Yeah he it was an idea. Several people have and what became they came forward. He would -- somebody did. I was this impressed by what I that Miller before. But don't bet and I met him in Hartford -- -- here at the beginning of the search process actually took maybe two certainly have to search process began. And he was -- you that he can I think they have. A lot of the right characteristics. He was good and it particularly experienced and he did. He it was an intense intense. Competitor. And he looser -- -- -- we got down like Peter Wright -- right time and he's done a wonderful job and this in this subsidies and so forth. -- spring training. One of those things are working well with with then Carrington and now he's just been shot in the arm. Energy and in June. Q do you think 01 of the things he gets a lot of credit for his fundamentals we were down there when they were doing the cut off drills in the bumping and everything fly balls angles on pop ups. On the emphasis on fundamentals is a big deal do you think you neglected fundamentals for the last eight years. Now I would -- definitely. Yeah its very hesitant to compare it. Terry Francona to Bobby Valentine and assistant and then a couple occasions they just two different flavors of ice cream. They do things. Different ways you can like both. But. I don't particular -- Negligent with respect of fundamentals at all. I think that their bodies just. Super intense psych guy and yet. He will work side perhaps even more than most manager's -- in baseball I think that's a good thing. Telling me one of the few things you know and I agree on some of old fashioned. -- he works on -- the would you agree he does it he did it at least in a very public way while we were down he wants the world to know that they are emphasizing fundamentals this time. Well I think. That's -- -- but I think that reflects an underlying philosophy. I'm curious if there was an organizational philosophy in terms of baseball for instance. Sacrifice bunting of the so called money ball philosophy suggest that that's not. Up a good way to expanded out meant in an attempt to score run. And yet we've already seen Bobby Valentine show more of a propensity to bunt a couple of suicide squeeze is in an inning already. Is there a change from Bobby Valentine's philosophy is it different than the organization's philosophy. What Bobby Valentine's in adventure ten. Together -- that the organizational philosophy with respect to. Baseball tactics the manager in particular as this fundamental responsibility in the and in that area. So I think they'll be shift and that I think I think that that probably will be. Did Bobby does believe it's a little bit more in the running game and the media and the bunting game. This has been and they case under Terry Francona and -- us. But we'll see. You know days into spring training you know he -- someone that he had. Oh the Iglesias Billy Paul the second inning. The other day you know that this is -- and you know you did he did things like that. And so on both politically it was supposed to they'll. -- Somebody did you guys feel moment that was the suicide squeeze in the second inning. So it's spring training you try things you wanna see what you. What the capacity of various players can be so when the time comes then proceeded you know -- -- what your options are. So I would not agree to what you know it yet but I -- see a slight -- We while wanna get your your prediction on this one -- we. Went around the table on the last day of spring training on on down and for my as -- what unconventional thing Limbaugh we mount the doom and we had some. Interesting suggestions. Tom Karen had the best when he said he will go to a six man rotation. And Daisuke gets back it's what they do in Japan. I I think Iglesias starts opening day that doesn't seem so unconventional anymore did at the time nick of follows -- was Ryan -- and ways starting behind the plate. Do you have a guess on something unconventional we might see from Bobby like an off five man infield or something something weird somewhat. No I agree with the premise though I didn't think there will be some. Unexpected and unconventional things that does that W -- Employed this year. I don't know six man rotation I think is a very interesting -- because we've considered it talked about for the last several years at different times. But baseball is big game both her instinct people tend to do what other people do in the game. Infrequent it innovations. And when they happen if they are often replicated by the other clubs and equipment to conventional wisdom. But I do think in Bobby's case there will be something and yet you know I'm not -- -- to know what it may be to some of those ideas that you talked about. Has has -- -- deal. I a big Ryan -- marquise and I don't think he's going to be starting an opening day that I think he's. It's fun to watch rookies that it's really like turkeys and their career development. He is and he gave me -- yet made any city today he's got a big upside offensively. And -- worked real hard so. I think he did dusty could certainly help the team at some point this year but. Of the ideas he's on I think the six man rotation. Which kind of ironic isn't sitting here kind of signed for side you're attacking and -- -- so you don't know but tell you we will get something. Unpredictable we -- and we had a very intense competitive. Manager and I think he will come up with it's that old saying in and baseball I think it was. Of them to remember -- 1988 he is Palestinian. State -- for eight innings and I'll thickness of the. The -- Red Sox and yankees have always spent and spent a lot of money in and nobody can argue about the financial. Where with ball that both teams have had is it true though that under the terms of the new CBA there's incentive for both of those teams. To get under the luxury tax threshold because you might get some of your revenue money I revenue sharing money back if you if you both do that. Yes it is shooters -- every -- it's system. But it's more a little more complicated -- that. What is does it is. Turkey hand reform in this sense in the sense that it takes a -- revenue sharing away from large market clubs. Just -- teams. In baseball -- now ineligible for revenue sharing because there and the fifteenth largest markets in baseball and it seemed and appropriate time to subsidized to revenue sharing the largest markets in baseball. So revenue sharing them might otherwise have gone to large market clubs can't portions of that can be -- needed to take -- -- If they're attacks. That's compliant guests that that is the case. But -- quickly -- that. Directly as a Red Sox are over there -- -- here is that threshold this year operation essential that they luxury tax threshold. We're over that does this year we've been over that thresholds for the last. Three years so I think something like sit there six or seven of the last ten years we have been over it. So -- their world what we are now a little bit more mindful of that it is an opportunity to to win. And it requires us to go that's -- show we will. This morning Larry how are you -- Larry you're in Fort Myers -- hearts and Evansville tonight when Princeton plays Evansville in the CBI tournament and know that. Yeah him probably at a time and waited to watch that yes sure it will lot. This isn't you guys. The CBI. While CBI's the other BB not have a big CPI party pitcher that Chicago down. So I don't think so but I do have done by committee. That a lot of my teammates there is is that a little player Princeton Indians in Albert. Made -- all I've really -- -- -- -- Followed tables a little bit of pride. Hey Larry -- eyebrows raised yesterday and I notes is only it's only his first -- to an Andrew -- struggled with his velocity. Or maybe you're right terrorists are starting I was but prefer -- tanning -- It was good to see him back there it would be -- is that I think -- so it was good to see him come back out there but no no eyebrows raised its it. Staley at first test of march and I agree. You know -- other browser on individual performance -- until much later in the and the month. As I said you didn't think. LeBron where will be jumping on the play and opening debut say Iglesias wouldn't be is there still think there's a chance he'll be at shortstop batting ninth on opening day. I. Think there's -- remote chance. Remote chance I like him a lot he's he's another example of a rookie following the right that you rising star. It's fun to watch him play it's fun don't want to see the growth and development -- both physically and developmentally from. From the last a year or two and at least fun to watch and the next couple years but Micah Phillips was playing extremely well -- a couple of -- and again yesterday. I think that he is -- could be a key component of this team. This year but equally obvious that certainly jealousy as a rich future one that's gonna start. I can't be sure but there's no recent -- Why does the wall a jetBlue park forty feet high instead of 37 feet -- and -- people in the middle and. That's exactly. I don't compete Miguel and -- are there were valid point -- -- eloquent as the. We did some things differently the -- was is reminiscent of of the way it does create. The same way sense and seal it does create the bounces off deal. What we did we get a couple of things that are different you know there's. That -- field scoreboard is up it is -- -- -- placed behind deterrent for people to -- Can operated so they got to run out front and do a deal fashioned way it was kind of cute it. And then you've got. There -- several sections of seats right in the middle of the Green of the Green monster and of course you have but different seating section on top of the Green monster. So while there is a few fit differential. It. It makes for a -- -- asking. Experience on both the players' entrance and it's so and again it wasn't identical but closer. Larry fan should know they completely off then -- him which I've been doing every day on Red Sox are confident as I just want Jason Varitek. To not beat -- Carlton Fisk and at last check Jason Varitek was -- not fiscal -- is still leading Colorado have opted to battleship that it is. Mean thank you for mentioning that is we are gonna get get some good results out some of the early results you can vote for. -- pitcher's mound I think just this week the next couple weeks of focusing on her. A second baseman and third baseman and maybe. But but throughout the does this season until mid year you -- brits expect count. You cannot vote on now on they'll certainly team let me ask you do you think is the leaning right handed pitchers -- left handed pitchers so far. -- logical. Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro go left left identity and jokes are Jon Lester. But actually have you read that they -- most people say Roger Clemens the pages Kennedy and settled at least right now. And let them I looked it was a lefty grove. Lefty grove. -- what was the name. Yeah I thought we -- because he and how many people saw humble for Alex Gonzales is you shortstop Youkilis drew him and he was on. It I don't think that's going to be this collection on the same -- Is it Nomar is Nomar Nomar -- -- -- sure up voting again hasn't march 26. Memorized his guess in the wells is I would go with the -- Unfortunately have the result record just to when you vote doesn't give you the results so we just -- -- that time that's. It that's go to meter men. I guess you know most of us the results. Just show the results as it's going along it does that current Moreira. Competitive interest and it. Is friendly and beaten going to be Jacoby hills putting begins may -- Ellis Burks who was going to be -- final days ago them DiMaggio was going to be this on the field when -- got to be glamorized it would be for me I mean to but I think it's gonna be Ellsbury. It's just a real young kids vote all the kids yeah. It J. D. Drew was nominated right you're Jerry was that about that's just wrong -- -- list Larry got to be on the list but he's also got to get beaten out by Dwight Evans. Yes he does but at the moment down here we opened it just blew Barca would we had Evans and war battlefield with a lot of -- -- And we. Yes and now. Right admiration it was say it was a it was a great moment. Because replaced does look and feel like Fenway in -- -- -- -- legends blocking out there. And and we're gonna celebrate a lot of that this year during the end of 100 anniversary celebration and it's going to be a big deal because it's. Sitting that'd be a big deal Fenway is a big deal and a critical part of the Red Sox success. And identity for a hundred years so we are and who celebrated too. It brought back. Gator which was a nice -- the 1988. MVP American League MVP. I don't know what -- is get his trophy yet and it's silly to assume it's about time the games trophy but we love Gator. Larry we always appreciate time enjoy the sunny day in Florida which I'm sure you'll get again today. Well thank you get -- get pride for Mike might. Yanked my usual weekly clutch and I can handle. Ladies that's why we're here and about selling -- perhaps that was -- -- Critical part of the season for us this year certainly is April and may. And opening week we and so we still have tickets believe you cannot -- Flores. The games on the seventeenth and eighteenth and April against the defending American League champion Texas Rangers. So loved by now folks the this is going to be fascinating year it really is I think everyone agrees on that I have to do it's going to be an exciting year as well so. April 17 and eighteenth first -- games against the Texas -- there are available so pleased that put about -- stick. That's available to. And thanks for that plug guys that this probably -- Are putting up with Callahan -- twice. Thanks Larry and I take care -- that as -- Larry Lucchino president and CEO of the Boston Red Sox joining us from. Fort Myers will take quick break will open up lines you can respond to Brendan Shanahan and Larry Lucchino Odom. Peyton Manning of whatever else you -- to J. D. Drew in the lead right now and I mean that's just on the bus pulled Varitek in the column -- is -- you know to -- their problem is the young kids say they haven't -- -- -- -- lefty grove was leading among lefty pitchers I'm telling you they just went -- the next game -- -- if they don't know which are a little -- the year not. They know Jon Lester yet. I'm surprised -- -- the Chicago others just -- -- or shortstop fumble for a Rick Burleson overwhelming and Arizona street again. -- -- Rico its kind of short and third I don't know what do you think. Will form at this you know what because it -- -- vote at all for Wrigley tuck me in Burleson was a great player but he wasn't the most pleasant personality. And tumbled for a little -- Tarkanian with Mark Bell Hornets second. Just they don't even should even have a Bally's I don't think there's any doubt about with the second baseman right locked out glancing. I'm guessing up or Jeff -- am guessing that either of those guys 6177790852. All 3888 Rem dog -- -- run double during a little 8885250850. We'll get right to the calls we knew when we come back and just couple minutes it's DNC -- for -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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